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  1. Sonic SCANF Youtube channel?

    With thanks to Shinomi for starting the ball rolling here. I guess most of you will have seen the status discussing starting making youtube videos.  Given that there is only limited space to reply there, and status' can soon be buried, I thought I'd open it out into a topic. Since the removal of the comics there has been discussions as to what to do with SCANF's future, and Let's Plays have been suggested, so a youtube channel for Let's Plays and other content could be a way forward.  And this would allow members of the community who want to produce videos to do so. There are some definite advantages of a collaboration channel as well.  First, it means the channel can have a decent amount of content without it being crazy for the creators.  Say for example, we get four people involved.  The channel could then put out, say, two videos a week, which is pretty good content wise, but each creator is just making one video a fortnight. Second, a subscription for one is a subscription for all, which will help boost the channel and get it noticed. And third, as a group, we'd have a support network with each other to ask for help if required. I'd say it'd pretty important to not rush into this.  Take it slowly and consider our options, do we really want to this, who would be interested, what could we make, etc etc.  But with luck, we can do something great here. So.... what are people's thoughts?  
  2. The sun was setting over the Fractured Mountains Enclave, located almost in the centre of the continent once known as Yurashia.  But despite its location, it was an Enclave nobody went to unless they had no other choice, and even then….  If some Enclaves were known for their lawlessness or corruption, Fractured Mountains would make them look like bastions of nobility by comparison. But in the tavern things were not as rowdy as you would expect.  They had been a few minutes ago, a few fights and a few drunks being forced to exit by doorway or window, but know a hush had descended. “I’m telling you!  It was one of those old bases for the Egg fellow!  All powered and working!  Just dusty!  Even the robots were still walking around!” Normally, such tales would be dismissed as the ramblings of a drunk.  But not from Old Bob.  The canine had been prospecting the land for decades, and everyone knew he’d found enough to leave Fractured Mountains if he wish.  Heck, he’d even discovered an old, but still working, saucer on his last trip.  So he had no need to lie.  Exaggeration; that you couldn’t rule out.  But lying, definitely not. And now he had a captive audience.  Almost everyone in the bar was listening, though some were starting to slip out quietly, ready to pass on which could be valuable information. “So go on, where is this base?” asked someone in the crowd. “It’s a fair trek from here, and hard to get to, I had to use my new saucer!” began Old Bob.  “But if you start from the old refinery….” Old Bob’s story was interrupted as the last unbroken window in the tavern smashed, a metal orb being hurled through it.  The bar patrons looked at it with confusion.  And at the stencilled smiling face with the prominent moustache printed on it.  The next moment red lights in the eyes blinked rapidly and a loud beeping filled the air. A second later it detonated, taking the tavern with it. ***** Hello and welcome to Sonic Cataclysm, a future of Mobius where things took a dark turn, and now the world is ruined cites and factories, pollution and monster filled forests, scarred landscapes, and a few pockets of civilisation.  And the gangs each trying to gain more power and territory for either themselves, or their masters.  With an old, but still functional Eggman base rumoured to have been discovered, this area will soon become hotly contested. This is basically a boardgame being played online, and as such will be a bit experimental.  If you’re interested in joining, just say so and we’ll help get you in.  If you’re wondering about the other topic on this subject, that one will be used for discussion about the rules and the setting, while this one is dedicated to this particular campaign.   Some of the rules and background have been modified from what is currently up on the other topic, so double check here before creating you gangs! At the moment, we’ll be looking to start sometime near the end of the month.  Backstory and Gangs  
  3. Mobius Reborn Season One: Rise of Robotnik ----- Episode 1 - The First Day   At first glance, the planet moving peacefully in its orbit could be mistaken for Earth.  But a closer look beneath the clouds showed a subtly different layout to the continents, as if the drift of the tectonic plates had somehow followed a slightly different course. In the darkness above the planet, a gargantuan shape blotted out the light from several of the stars.  The ship in orbit was massive, and as it orbited above the planet the underside began to slide open, revealing row upon row of silver pods. Aboard the craft an observation window looked down, providing a perfect view of planet Mobius.  A timer ticked down, the digital numbers reflected by the surface of the window as a red suited figure approached, his large appearance also partially reflected.  He regarded the world below with a twisted smile as one of his hands ran through his impressive moustache. Over the intercom, robotic voices began to report in. “Flying Battery Two in position.” “Flying Battery One in position.” “Flying Battery Five in position.” “Flying Battery Four in position.” “Flying Battery Three in position.” The twisted smile became wider as the large human allowed himself to savour the moment as the clock neared the end of the countdown.  His hand moved to open a channel to the other ships in orbit around the planet. “All craft...” he began.  The timer reached zero, and he threw out his arm in an exaggerated gesture.  “FIRE!” he bellowed. There was a series of dull thuds in the craft as clamps below the ship were released, dropping the pods onto the unsuspecting world below.  As they hit the atmosphere, the flames made them appear like an intense meteor shower. With an almost manic laugh, the human watched the trails of fire across the planet.  ------------- *Play Title Theme!* ------------- Tails, Sunset Valley Orphanage, 0000 hours Mobius Standard Time Atop the roof of the large, ornate building of the orphanage, a young fox gingerly began setting up his telescope.  Of course he wasn’t supposed to be up here, but none of the staff knew he’d managed to find a copy of the balcony key and then climb the rest of the way up.  Heights had never bothered him after all.  Besides, the roof was the best place for stargazing, as long as he made sure his telescope was secure and wouldn’t slid away.  Satisfied with his work, he leant over to look through the lens, his twin tails, a feature unique to him, but a target of torment for the other children, moved slowly behind him.  His brow furrowed with confusion as the star he was focusing on seemed to vanish, then the next second a bright flash through the scope caused him to leap back with a cry, rubbing his eye.  He gazed up at the sky and gasped, watching the streaks of light flash all across the night sky. “I’ve never seen a meteor shower like this,” he breathed to himself, watching transfixed as one meteor flew almost overhead, though its path took it several miles away.  As struck, the fox could only hear a faint boom after several seconds.  From the delay between the impact and the rumble, he calculated it was maybe… twenty miles away. The shower soon ended, leaving just the stars and the moon once more.  Grabbing his telescope, the fox slid off the roof carefully back onto the balcony and headed inside.  He made his room with a nameplate that read ‘Tails’, the somewhat unflattering name that had been given to him when he was found. Putting the telescope away, Tails drew out a map from a drawer on his desk, trying to pinpoint the location of where the meteor landed.  His finger tapped on the spot, feeling confident about his estimate.  Turning, Tails surveyed his room thoughtfully. “It’s a sign.  It’s time for me to leave,” he said firmly.  Nodding to himself, he grabbed a rucksack and started to pack. ------------- Sleet and Dingo, Great Mercian Opera Hall, 0014 hours MST At the back of the stage, three bird Mobians were sleeping uneasily, still wearing parts of the armour from the Battle Bird Armada.  The bulky figure of the polar bear mercenary they’d hired to protect them moved in the shadows, keeping watch over the doors. But it wasn’t the doors where the threat came, but the walls.  There was a thunderous crash as part of the wooden wall exploded out, an oversized orange furred Dingo charging through, straight into the mercenary.  The sound of the forceful entrance jolted the birds awake, and they scrambled for their weapons.  Only for a bolt of energy to slam between them.  Shocked, they looked up to see a thin, armoured wolf aiming a strange pistol weapon at them. “Make another move for those weapons, and the next bolt won’t miss,” spoke the wolf in a slightly nasally voice.  One of the birds disregarded the advice and snatched up his weapon.  But the wolf was as good as his word, and it was the last action the bird took as he slumped to the floor.  The others, in shock, held up their hands in defeat. “I got him Sleet!” called out the Dingo, holding up the unconscious polar bear.  From the injuries on the Dingo, it looked like it had been a close fight, but even now, those same wounds were rapidly healing. “Excellent work Dingo,” grinned Sleet.  “I’m sure the Armada will pay a nice bonus for someone who aided Rogues.” “You can’t take us back!” exclaimed one of the birds in horror. “If you don’t want to go back, you can join your friend on the floor,” Sleet replied with obvious menace and intent in his voice, indicating with his pistol.  The bird fell silent. “So good we all understand each other,” Sleet grinned.  “Dingo, drag them to the craft.  It’s time to get our payment. ------------- Skye Silverthorne, Feral Forest, 0057 hours MST “Wake up sleepyhead!” With a gasp, the wolf jolted awake in the back of the jeep, almost banging her head on the seat ahead.  The bear driving let out a laugh at the wolf’s shock.  But the Otter in the passenger seat looked back concerned. “Another nightmare Skye?” he asked gently.  The wolf nodded. “Past few days…. They’ve gotten worse again,” Skye sighed.  The nightmares had plagued her as a child; a dark figure, and crumbling cites.  But over the years they’d faded.  Until the past few months.  She glanced at her watch.  It was almost 8 in the evening, and she’d already been drifting off.  It showed just how much these nightmares were affecting her sleep. “Maybe it’s all this talk of abductions by big, pink men,” joked the bear.  “The aliens are sending you dreams!” “This isn’t funny Brian,” snapped the Otter.  Brain just shrugged. “Nightmares or not, we’ve a job to do.  The meteor landed somewhere in the forest near here, and the last thing we need is it starting a fire,” he pointed out.  “Once we get back, then we can worry about Skye having a few bad dreams.” Skye bristled a little at the dismissive tone in Brian’s voice, but turned to look out the jeep’s window.  The reflection looking back at her wasn’t that of a pure wolf, her muzzles was clearly more fox like, as was her tail.  She blinked, seeing movement in the distance. “Hold on, I think I see something,” Skye spoke up, but as she did so, she felt a wave of fear pass over her. ------------- Wave, Battle Bird Armada Airship above the Central Sea, 0632 hours MST The teenage Swallow slammed her fist down on the workbench, tearing the bulky helmet off her head.  “Do it this way, cause that’s how we’ve always done it,” she muttered angrily to herself.  “I’ve increased its flight time by almost fifty percent, but it’s too different so that bonehead says it’s all wrong.”  Wave looked down at the board lying on the work bench, the Extreme Gear she’d just repaired, and modified.  “No… I’m not breaking you down and losing all my hard work,” she said determinedly.  Then she caught the conversation between the guards outside. “Hey, you heard about those three that went Rogue?  We’ve got them already!” “Good.  Those traitors deserve what’s coming to them.  Why would anyone want to desert the Battle Bird Armada?” A sigh escaped Wave as she listened in.  The only way for her not to be stuck doing repetitive tasks over and over again for stubborn, old fashioned bosses would be to go Rogue.  And doing that wasn’t just risking punishment, but the Battlekukku’s new pet bounty hunters had swiftly brought back all the recent Rogues.  If she wanted to escape, she’d need the perfect plan, the perfect team…. Or the perfect opportunity.  Preferably all three. ------------- Tails, Deerwood Forest Train Station, 0746 hours MST “You’re travelling alone kid?  Where are you parents?” Tails jumped a little as the conductor spoke to him, he’d been distracted watching the countryside roll past from the train window.  But he’d already planned an answer for the question.  “They’re waiting for me at the station.”  The conductor just nodded, checked his ticket, the cost of which had pretty much been all of Tails’ pocket money, and moved on. The young fox’s eyes were downcast a little.  In truth, he had no parents.  He’d wondered how life might have been if he did.  Would he have the same problems in his life, or would they have supported him despite his differences.  His eyes glanced towards his twin tails.  Could that be the reason… rather than something happening to them... did they abandon him? His reverie was broken by the whine of the train pulling into the station.  Quickly he pulled his rucksack onto his back and almost ran off the train, looking around the station with a grin of excitement, mixed with some nervousness.  As Tails made his way towards the exit, he paused, hearing the broadcast over a radio in the station café. “…reports from all over Mobius report these strange meteors fell across the world in the same fifteen minutes.  Members of the public are being urged to stay away from any crash sites…” Tails brow furrowed.  “That can’t be right… a meteor shower can’t fall across the whole world at the same time…” He shook his head, they must have got their facts wrong.  With a deep breath, he strode out the station exit, towards his adventure.
  4. General Art Thread

    Looks really great!
  5. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022 Movie)

    Well... that does seem to answer the 'Will Tails have a significant role?' question.  Now the question is 'will they manage to avoid messing up his personality, unlike Sega?'
  6. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday and best wishes Shinomi!
  7. Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik

    Tails, Island The fox beamed at the compliment from Sonic.  First the first time, it felt like someone was truly appreciating him.  Tails resolved to make sure he’d never let Sonic down, to never betray that trust the Hedgehog had started to place in him. With a nod, Tails turned back to the aircraft.  “Let’s get in, I’m sure I can fly it,” he said, with a newfound confidence.  Which then faltered. “Her…. Name…?”  Tails’ namesakes bristled, for a moment he seemed tense, then suddenly relaxed.  “Oh… er.. I think it might be written here…” Reaching forward, the Vulpine wiped off some of the dust and grime off a section of the aircraft.  “Tor… Tornado.” ----------- Skye, Furville, Feral Forest “Careful, we don’t want to….. oh, nevermind…” exclaimed Skye as Mighty rushed into Furville.  At first glance, the town looked deserted and eerily quiet, aside from a few burning fires.  But then, in the centre for the village, Skye spotted the inhabitants.  Or rather, what was left of them.  Most were now encased in robotic suits, and the few who weren’t had been rounded up and led towards some Prison Pods. “Hey, wait…” she whispered, catching Mighty’s arm, spotting a school bus parked nearby as she did so.  “I’ve got an idea.  Create a distraction, and try to get those people free.  I’ll get that bus ready so we can all escape.”  ----------- Casino Night Zone While the robots still in combat continued to press the attack, the rest turned, marching in the direction where Rouge had taken Tekno. ----------- Sleet and Dingo, Wave,  Mobotropolis “Well, Princess, it looks as if we will be looking after you for some time,” said Sleet as he, Dingo and Sally headed towards the courtyard, a slight sneer in his voice.  “Do you Royal’s have some fancy mansion you hide in when things get difficult?” There was a slight darkening on the sky, and Sleet turned, seeing in the distance the approaching shape of the Wing Fortress and Flying Batteries.  “Hmm… here they come…” Someone else, out on the streets, also recognised the approaching silhouettes.  “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Wave muttered to herself. Back in the council room, King Max turned to his generals.  “We need to evacuate the city.”  The rest of the room looked to him in surprise. “Sire, you can’t mean…” one began to protest. “I do.  Every report we have is one of overpowering forces, often after our people.  We need to get them to safety.  Preferably without a panic, but it may be too late for that.  See to it,” Max insisted.  One of the generals saluted, turned and headed out of the room.  “While that is going on,” Max continued to another officer, “send out a message on the secure frequency.  Inform our agents and allies the New Mobotropolis is under attack, and that it’s citizens will soon need places to hide in safety.” Another salute, and the officer went to the radio to send the message as Johnny arrived in the room. “No time to stand on ceremony, my boy,” King Max replied to Johnny after his introduction, allowing himself a slight smile.  “I understand you told one of my soldiers you have connections with the…” he cleared his throat.  “With the leadership in Sandblast City.  If that is true, I need you to deliver a message to them.  I know we’ve had our differences in the past, but now it looks like we’ll all need to band together to take on these invaders.”  He held out a dossier.  “This is all the data we have on this ‘Robotnik’ and his forces.  Get to Sandblast city, give them the information, and tell them to preparer for war, and possibly for an influx of refugees.”
  8. Archie Sonic Online

    In the meantime, this is what I've started doing for ASO: For those of you who follow the ASO Tumblr, after a bit of a hiatus, character QnA’s are back. Obviously, there’s a bit of a backlog, so we have taken a random selection from the pile, and will continue to post a group of QnA’s every Friday. It will take us a while to get through the questions in our inbox, so for now we’ll be focusing on the questions we have. So please don’t send in any new questions for the moment. We’ll let you know when we’re caught up, and submissions are open again. Also, keep in mind we won’t answer every question, as some might be too spoiler heavy, and others might be answered already by in comic events. But you can check out the batch we answered this week on our blog right now! https://blog.archiesoniconline.com/
  9. Archie Sonic Online

    Thanks Chaos.  As for choosing stories, some are pre-determined (like the main story of that issue) but we're also free to pitch in ideas and whole stories, such as this one, which was all me. For the SU arc I'm writing, certain things I had to include, but the overall plot, events and even many of the characters were all up to me.
  10. Archie Sonic Online

    Sneak peek of a story I've been writing: https://twitter.com/Sonic_Online/status/1349071903655292930?s=20  
  11. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Jest!
  12. Fan Characters (Wanna see what ya made!)

    Wow... that is sweet!   I wonder where they do wrestling in Mobius... and how her daughter ended more more.... girly and into magic...
  13. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday!
  14. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Chaos!
  15. General Art Thread

    “Ah’ve been cursed, but Ah can control this power.” Bunnie Rabbot as a Hexblade Warlock.  Not the class you might expect at first, but she was actually the first one I came up with after Sally.  After all, what better for someone who has had unwanted power forced on them.  While Pact of the Blade would make the most sense for her powers, Pact of the Talisman would be interesting…
  16. General Art Thread

    “It appears the good people of Knothole have another quest worthy of our talents, Nicole.” “Very well, Mistress Sally.  If you MUST neglect your studies again.” Sally (And Nicole) as an Order of Scribes Wizard from D&D.  I wanted to do a bit of drawing practice, and I’ve not drawn Sally before.  Plus, when reading the new D&D Tasha’s book, the Order of Scribes subclass just jumped out at me as something to do if you wanted to have your own Nicole, so here we are. Not sure yet if this is a one off, or if I’ll do all 13 D&D classes.  
  17. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022 Movie)

    Given what Sega regards as 'staying true' that's not much comfort!
  18. Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik

    Tails, Island “Escape?  No, I…” They young fox shifted his feet nervously.  “I... grabbed onto one of the airships when it was filling with robots and it… took off.  I... fell off during the battle, but one of the birds caught me and… left me here...” Tails added, his voice getting a little weak.  The vulpine looked back up to Sonic.  “I… don’t know what happened to them after the crash.  It was pretty far out to sea.”  For all his rising despair, a smile crossed his face when Sonic agreed to be his friend, followed by surprise and amazement.  “You... want to know what I think we should do?  No one’s asked me that before because…” The fox caught him, and gazed out to sea. “If I was an evil man with a robot army… what would I do…” He murmured to himself.  “I’d… try to attack Mobotropolis!  It’s the capitol city of the biggest power, and they don’t have much air support... or so I’ve read.”  He turned back to face the blue Hedgehog.  “We need to go there, we have to warn them!”  Animated now, the fox spun around, looking at the now running aircraft.  “I think she can fly.” ----------- Robotnik, Wing Fortress “Excellent Omega,” grinned Robotnik.  “I will enjoy watching the devastation you’ll wrought.” The clang of Gamma’s foot caused Robotnik to start, then turn.  For a moment, he found at his robot, then his features broken into a grin.  “It seems your eager to join your brothers, Gamma,” his tone an odd mix of both pride and mocking.  “No, I can’t trust you to take part in the assault, yet.  But…” The Doctor turned to regard the operations map.  “It is taking too long to capture that Canary in Casino Night Zone.  Get down there and bring her back.  And don’t fail this time!” ----------- Skye, Feral Forest “I... don’t know… maybe?  He might not be dead.  The robots do heal the people inside to keep Doctor Eggman’s forces running,” Skye replied.  “Wait... Eggman?  Where did that name come from?” the wolf muttered to herself in confusion.  Then she felt her companion slow. “Like… who?” Skye asked somewhat confused as the Armadillo ground to a halt.  “What are you talking about?” she added, just as Mighty started running again.  With a shrug, she started running again.  “At least he’s moving,” she muttered again. As the came over a ridge, the village came into view.  But smoke was rising from it. ----------- Sleet and Dingo, Mobotropolis “When do you wish us to leave?” Sleet addressed the King.  The elderly squirrel turned his head to his daughter. “How quickly can you pack?” he asked his daughter. “I…” Sally began, looking close to protesting again, when another guard burst in. “SIRE!  Radar Sir, it’s… it’s picking up six craft… bigger than anything we’ve ever seen,” the guard exclaimed. “So… it’s beginning,” King Max breathed, getting to his feet.  “Sally, leave now.” “But,” the chipmunk began to protest. “NOW!  Please!  I have to know you’re safe,” King Max insisted.  “You,” he continued, addressing Sleet.  “If anything happens to her it will be the worse for you!” “Have no fear, your Majesty,” said Sleet with a bow.  “We’ve not failed on a mission yet.” Outside, the guard regarded Johnny’s words.  “I will report to the King.  Wait here,” he instructed, before disappearing inside the throne room.  As he opened the doors, Sleet and Dingo strode out, escorting a grumpy looking chipmunk between them.  Moments later, the guard returned, looking rather pale faced.  “The King… would like to speak with you.” (Is anyone wishing to play Sally?)
  19. Mobian mystery Dungeon: Nicole's story

    Trust Shadow... he'd likely do it anyway!
  20. Netflix's Sonic Series (2022?)

    Or some prankster getting into Netflix's account..
  21. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022 Movie)

    I... was also referring to the contents of the show... Okay, I've only seen the trailer, but nothing about it said 'star trek'...
  22. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022 Movie)

    That's not Star Trek.  That's a Rick and Morty character doing a cosplay! ;-p 
  23. General Mobile games thread

    So.... Fire Emblem Heroes has gone.... Steampunk???? Well... I think this is how it went down between me and Alfonse:
  24. MR: RoR OOC

    Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik OOC   The planet of Mobius.  A peaceful planet that will soon fall under the sway of a mechanically minded tyrant.  Yet heroes will rise up to oppose him.  Maybe this is a song that has played before.  But how will it play this time?   -----   Mobius Reborn is an alternate version of the Sonic universe, or more like an amalgamation.  Or a remix.  It takes elements of all the different versions, games, shows and comics, plus a few new ideas and sees how they all combine.  Because of this, the stories and characters might not be quite the same as you would expect.  This is also a reboot (or rebirth if you prefer! ) of an older RP of mine, Universal Anarchy.     Here, Mobius and Earth are seperate worlds.  The game begins on Mobius, just as a certain Doctor Robotnik begins his invasion.  The RP is split into TV show like terminology.  There will be five Seasons, each split into Episodes.  The first Season will revolve around Robotnik’s invasion of Mobius.  Because of its episodic nature, if players want to run their own stories, it’s easy enough to do so.   For more detailed information on the setting of this Mobius, they can be found here.  This will be updated as the game continues.  Certain details of the world can potentially be changed, but it will need to be discussed first.   And here’s a little something to help get you in the right mood!
  25. MR: RoR OOC