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Skye Prower

Sonic Cataclysm: A Necromunda Fangame

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The sun was setting over the Fractured Mountains Enclave, located almost in the centre of the continent once known as Yurashia.  But despite its location, it was an Enclave nobody went to unless they had no other choice, and even then….  If some Enclaves were known for their lawlessness or corruption, Fractured Mountains would make them look like bastions of nobility by comparison.

But in the tavern things were not as rowdy as you would expect.  They had been a few minutes ago, a few fights and a few drunks being forced to exit by doorway or window, but know a hush had descended.

“I’m telling you!  It was one of those old bases for the Egg fellow!  All powered and working!  Just dusty!  Even the robots were still walking around!”

Normally, such tales would be dismissed as the ramblings of a drunk.  But not from Old Bob.  The canine had been prospecting the land for decades, and everyone knew he’d found enough to leave Fractured Mountains if he wish.  Heck, he’d even discovered an old, but still working, saucer on his last trip.  So he had no need to lie.  Exaggeration; that you couldn’t rule out.  But lying, definitely not.

And now he had a captive audience.  Almost everyone in the bar was listening, though some were starting to slip out quietly, ready to pass on which could be valuable information.

“So go on, where is this base?” asked someone in the crowd.

“It’s a fair trek from here, and hard to get to, I had to use my new saucer!” began Old Bob.  “But if you start from the old refinery….”

Old Bob’s story was interrupted as the last unbroken window in the tavern smashed, a metal orb being hurled through it.  The bar patrons looked at it with confusion.  And at the stencilled smiling face with the prominent moustache printed on it.  The next moment red lights in the eyes blinked rapidly and a loud beeping filled the air.

A second later it detonated, taking the tavern with it.


Hello and welcome to Sonic Cataclysm, a future of Mobius where things took a dark turn, and now the world is ruined cites and factories, pollution and monster filled forests, scarred landscapes, and a few pockets of civilisation.  And the gangs each trying to gain more power and territory for either themselves, or their masters.  With an old, but still functional Eggman base rumoured to have been discovered, this area will soon become hotly contested.

This is basically a boardgame being played online, and as such will be a bit experimental.  If you’re interested in joining, just say so and we’ll help get you in.  If you’re wondering about the other topic on this subject, that one will be used for discussion about the rules and the setting, while this one is dedicated to this particular campaign.   Some of the rules and background have been modified from what is currently up on the other topic, so double check here before creating you gangs!

At the moment, we’ll be looking to start sometime near the end of the month. 

Backstory and Gangs



In this timeline, Eggman was successful in his takeover of Mobius.  With his victory massive city complexes were rapidly constructed across the world, though often at the expense of the landscape.  But everything came to a crashing halt when Eggman suddenly and unexpectedly died.  At first most assumed he would return, having downloaded his mind into the computer mainframe or something similar, but it quickly became apparent that wasn’t the case.  The Grand Masters began fighter amongst themselves, and others rose up to try and take power for themselves, or throw off those who had it.  Chaos reigned, no, not the watery kind, the other kind, and the Empire swiftly crumbled. 




A century later the world is a wasteland of polluted landscapes and ruined massive cities, with mutated horrors and rogue badniks wandering the wastelands.  Civilisation does exist, of a sort, in the so called Empire Enclaves, solidly walled settlements scattered across the world.  Life in these Enclaves is harsh, and often oppressive, but for many, it’s preferable to living out in the wastes.








Feral Packs


For some life in the Enclaves is unbearable, so they head out into the wastes to try and make a living there.  Groups of these people band together to form small settlements, and claiming the territory around it.  Of course, out in the harsh wilderness, these settlements need defenders from threats, whether wild creatures or other gangs trying to take over their territory. 

Feral Packs count as House Goliath gangs, and use their Weapon List and Advancement Tables.

Feral Packs have access to a mix of ranged and Close Combat weapons, but their skill selections makes them most suited to crushing their foes in close combat.




Freedom Fighters


Even in these dark times some still cling to hope for a better world and strong ideals.  But to do so, usually means taking down the Enclaves.  Or perhaps just it’s corrupt leadership.  But either way, their beliefs force them outside the Enclaves.  Some groups of Freedom Fighters truly want to make the world a better place, others might be more cynical and simply trying to make the most of what they have, while others just want to set themselves up as dictators of their own small powerbase.  And the whole ‘Freedom Fighters don’t use guns’ rule; that was long ago dropped in the face of wasteland horror.

Freedom Fighters count as House Orlock gangs, and use their Weapon List and Advancement Tables.

Freedom Fighters are very much a Jack-of-all trades gang in both skills and weapon selection, allowing for varied and flexible tactics.  However, being a jack doesn’t necessarily prevent them from being Masters as is so often the case.






Followers of the Guardian ideals of old, the Guardians scour the wastes looking for relics and sanctuaries from before the Fall of the Eggman Empire.  And when they find some, they will protect it with all their strength.  Believing only they have the right to such relics, as well as their often brash and aggressive attitudes, will often put them in conflict with others in the wastes.  Especially if they try to claim ground already claimed by Feral Packs.

Guardians count as House Cawdor gangs, and use their Weapon List and Advancement Tables.

Guardians are another strong close combat gang, but can also be strong in short range firepower, given their easy access to flamer weapons.




Dragon Warriors


In the former Dragon Kingdom the Four Houses survived, but were forced to band together to survive.  The Enclaves in their lands are perhaps some of the safest and secure to live, if heavily regimented.  In fact, overpopulation is a potential problem, so groups of the younger generations, normally the second or third children of families, are sent out into the wilderness, either with a set goal, or to seek out land, artefacts, or just trade for the Enclave.  Those that return successful are treated as heroes, and having learned to live frugally, are less of a burden to the Enclave than they might have been.

Dragon Warriors count as House Escher gangs, and use their Weapon List and Advancement Tables.

Dragon Warriors are capable of quickly and sneakily closing with their foes with both the Agility and Stealth skill lists, before engaging them in close combat, their other strength.  They are the only ones with easy access to swords, giving them a further advantage in combat.






Following the Fall of the Empire, many of the Legion attempted to regain their former glory outside the control of Eggman.  Weakened in the wake of the collapse, rather than attempting to vie for control with the other Warlords, the Legion retreated to build up their forces and powerbase.  Patience is a virtue, and the Legion takes it to extreme.  Small groups are often sent out, looking for anything that could be of use for the Legion, from recruits, to lost technology, to a foothold to strike from when the time comes.

Legionaries count as House Van Saar gangs, and use their Weapon List and Advancement Tables.  Note: While most, if not all, Legionaries have cybernetic implants, these are cosmetic and have no in-game effect, unless they are acquired in the usual way from the Trading Posts or other means.

Legionaries focus on long range firepower, though the combat skill tree can give then a good edge close up.  Their access to Techno skills helps take the edge off some of the bad luck that can plague a gang, making them potentially easier and more reliable to play.






Many follow the Mercenary life as a way to make money.  Some work alone, others work in groups.  There’s always some job that needs doing ,so such groups are rarely short of work.  Exactly what motivates each group, or even each induvial merc, differs.  Maybe it’s all about the money, and they’ll do any act, even criminal ones, for coin.  For others it might be the thrill of the hunt or combat, or maybe some code of honour they adhere too.

Mercenaries count as House Delaque gangs, and use their Weapon List and Advancement Tables.

Mercenaries are the shooty version of the Dragon Warriors, having stealth and agility skills to move around the map, and the shooting skills and weapon choices to lay down firepower. 




Special Gangs


These gangs are more complex than the basic six gangs, so should be taken by more experienced players.





There are plenty of wild badniks in the wastes and ruins.  Most are not major threats, easily dealt with by gangs or Enclave security.  Most are even taken and reprogramed by Enclaves for protections.  But there are worse out there, badniks still programed to only follow Eggman’s commands; E-series, weaponised Robians, and the feared Metal Series.  And sometimes, these robots wake up.

Reactivated badniks count as and follow the rules for Spyrer gangs.  Only: each Spyrer is instead a different type of badnik, and Vows are considered to be Pre-Programed Orders.  And despite being robots, they can still be affected by moral conditions, gas or toxic attacks, and everything normal organic models are vulnerable to, due to somewhat faulty personality programing. 


GUN Remnant

When the rest of the world fell, not all of GUN was destroyed.  Much of it scattered to hidden outposts, forming a last ditch guerrilla movement.  Eggmans passing and the Empire’s collapse occurred before they were eradicated, instead, they often became the bastions that the survivors rallied around. 

At first, the squads at these outposts tries to both protect the civilians with them, and to rebuild.  But as time went on, with the harsh world Mobius now was many of these noble ideas were tossed aside, the commanders of each Outpost becoming more interesting in their own small power bases than trying to restore the world. 

GUN often provides security to the Empire Enclaves, as well as other duties.  Some Commanders and squads are still virtuous, but most are now power-obsessed bullies. 

GUN Remnant follow the same rules for Enforcer Squads, except the Cyber-mastiff is a repurposed GUN bot or Badnik.



Cult of Eggman


Despite his demise a century ago, there are those who believe Eggman will still return, some to fanatical levels.  These fanatics often band together, trying to gain influence to rebuild the Empire in Eggman’s name, even though it is an utterly hopeless task.  Keen to avoid the trouble then could bring, Enclaves often just pay such cults to stay away and work in the wastes, rooting out those that would seek to prevent Eggman’s return, and believing with their devotion they can find a way to bring him back and everyone under his sway, even if it means implanting every single person with an explosive charge.

Cults of Eggman count as and follow all the rules for Redemption Gangs, including both either Mobs or Crusades.  The differences are the donations the gangs receive are more bribes from Enclaves to stay away and not cause trouble, and the Priests Redeemer rule is less about making a convincing speech, and more the victim being implanted with a small explosive charge, which will be detonated if he does not agree to join the Cult.


For this game we’ll be using the Necromunda rules, 2003 edition, with a few tweaks to make them work on a top down map online.  Plus, some extra rules to give more flavour to the gangs, and to take into account all the different species.  There will be rules for Chaos Powers, but those will come later, once we’ve made sure the game is running smoothly. 

Rules for 2D Gameplay


Basic Rules for 2D gameplay

1 square on the map equals 1 inch.


Moving up, down right or left is 1 inch of movement, range works the same


Moving diagonally costs 1 inch of movement for the first diagonal, 2 inches for the second, 1 for the third and so on.  Range works the same.




Use the following areas for Blast, Gas and Flamer templates.




Rules for Mobius

A short series of special rules to make the six basic gangs feel a bit more unique.  These haven’t been play tested, so might be unbalanced.  Only the basic gangs get these rules, as the other three are unique enough already.


Feral Packs


Feral Packs start with an extra territory, which is always a Settlement, representing their home.  They can never lose this territory unless it is the only one left, and if it is lost then the Feral Park loses the campaign.  In addition, roll two dice to see if a free Juve can be recruited.  Note that only one free Juve can be recruited even if both roll a six.




Freedom Fighters


Against the odds:
Freedom fighters are used to unfair odds and succeeding.  If they have a lower Gang Rating than their opponent, they gain double the Experience from the Underdog bonus, and should they win, double the Credit reward from the Giant Slayer Bonus.






Treasure Hunters:
Used to hunting for hidden Treasures, Guardians have a knack for finding things others miss.  In any game EXCEPT where the Guardians are defending, their opponent MUST place d3 Relic Counters on the table.  Each must be 8 inches away from table edges and each other, but placed before any models are.  Relic Counters follow the same rules as Loot Counters in the Scavenger scenario, except that the other team (unless they are also Guardians) cannot pick them up as it seems like useless trash to them.  At the end of the game, each Loot Counter in the possession of a Guardian model, or on the ground if they are victorious, grants the Gang 1d6x5 credits, representing usual salvage, OR adds +1 to rolls to see how many Rare Items are offered, where they have found an old relic, but the cost is for repairing it to working condition.




Dragon Warriors


Training Regime:
Even out in the Wastes, Dragon Warriors have the discipline to focus their training, focusing on their strengths rather than relying on blind luck.  Whenever a Dragon Warrior gains a characteristic increase (5 to 9 on the advancement table) they may choose which of the two to take, rather than roll.  Also, ONE gang member per post-game who gains a skill advancement may re-roll the dice on the skill table, but must accept the result of the second roll.






Cyborg Forces:
Legionaries often have cybernetic implants and replacements, many of which enhance their abilities.  They can purchase any Bionics as if they were Common items, but not on their equipment list.  I.e. they can use one of their rare item offers to select a Bionic Arm, Leg or Eye, but before the rare item is rolled for.  They also do not pay the addiction variable cost on Bionics, and should they roll the Bionic result on the Rare Item chart, they may choose to re-roll.






Bounty Hunters:
There’s always someone willing to pay.  In any game the Mercenaries take part in, for any member of another gang who is killed, regardless of how, even if not caused by the Mercenaries gang, they receive 1d6x5 credits for a bounty. If there are multiple Mercenary gangs taking part, each rolls a dice, the highest receives the bounty for the first kill, the next highest the second and so on.  Also, if they wish, the may re-roll the dice when calculating the reward for bounties, either from kills, from handing over captured gang members, or from the bounty hunter’s special rules.  The second roll must be used, even if it is worse than the first.  After all, some people don’t like forceful haggling.




Further Mobius Rules


Each Gang Member can choose one of the following traits to represent their species.


Examples: Badniks

Bots are immune to gases and similar hazards and attacks, and cannot use Bio-boosters or Blindsnake Pouches.  They do not show up on Bio-scanners.  Needle weapons affect them normally, as it is assumed the weapon will be loaded with an acid round, EM charge or similar.

They also have a 5+ armour save.

Note: If these rules are being used, all member of Reactivated gangs are bots.


Examples: Chameleons

The Camouflage trait allows a unit to start with a skill from the Stealth tree.  Roll two dice and pick one result.

Examples: Foxes, Coyotes

Once per game, a Cunning unit can re-roll, or force the opponent to re-roll, one dice roll that affects them.  I.e. To hit rolls, wounds, armour saves etc.

Ferocious/Multiple Limbs
Examples: Tasmanian Devils, Spiders

Units with the Ferocious or Multiple Limbs trait have +1 A, and their maximum A is also risen by 1.

Examples: Bats, Bees, Flying Squirrels

Flyers are able to fly.  See the flying rules below.

Quick Reflexes
Examples: Hedgehogs, Small Cats

Units with the Quick Reflexes trait start with +1 I.  In addition, they avoid any attack from a template weapon on a 4+, as if they were only partially covered by the template.

Examples: Weasels, Humans

Units with the Sharpshooter trait have +1 BS, and their maximum BS is also risen by 1.

Examples: Echidnas, Crocodiles

Units with the Strong trait have +1 S, and their maximum S is also risen by 1.

Strong Willed
Examples: Squirrels, Rabbits

Units with the Strong Willed trait have +1 Ld, and their maximum Ld is also risen by 1.  Also, any unit within 2” can use this units Ld in place of it’s own, as long as this unit is not pinned, Down, or similar.

Examples: Walruses, Big Cats, Armadillo

Units with the Sharpshooter trait have +1 T, and their maximum T is also risen by 1.

Examples: Wolves, Dragon Kingdom Lynxes

Units with the Warrior trait have +1 WS, and their maximum WS is also risen by 1.






A unit with Flying may choose to fly during its movement, allowing it to bypass terrain and obstacles.  A flying unit is assumed to always be at least 1” off the ground, any less and it lands.  It takes 1” of movement to rise or drop 1” while in flight.  However, landing from 1” up is ‘free’. 

While in flight, you can be shot at by any units that can see you, even if you are not the closest target, as you are the most obvious one!  Unless the closest targets are within 4”, and cannot be ignored normally, in which case there are a much more immediate threat.

Flying units automatically pass jumping tests, unless the jump would be impossible via a roll.

A unit can spend up to two turns flying.  If it hasn’t landed at the end of the second turn airborne, it falls, with no chance to ‘Catch itself’ (see below).  A flying unit can also carry another unit, but in this case can only spend one turn airborne.  If a flying unit is Over-encumbered, i.e. carrying a heavy weapon, it also can only fly for one turn, and cannot carry another unit.

A Flying unit can ‘Catch Itself’ if it falls.  Roll a d6, if it is equal to or lower than the Units Initiative, it takes flight before it hits the ground, and can either land safely or stay airborne.  If it fails, it hits the ground as usual.


Gangs and Gang Creations

Creating a gang follows the same rules as per the Necromunda rulebook (or the supplements for the Special Gangs), with the exception that each gang member also has a Species, see the rules section above.   For each gang you’ll need a completed gang roster, and a little backstory to explain your gang’s involvement.  I’ve also added in a little couple sentence description for each gang member, this is completely optional, just adding a little extra flavour.

While I have created two gangs, I will only be using one for this campaign.  Which one?  Well…. I’m not sure yet.  I’ll wait to see what everyone else chooses.  I probi9bly prefer the Dragon Warrior Gang from a story point of view, but my Legionnaire gang would likely better suit my playstyle better.

Blank Roster Sheet



The Daughters of the Brides

The footsteps of Blood Zephyr echoed around the hall as she approached the throne and knelt before it.

“You summoned me Mother?” she asked, keeping her head bowed.  From the throne, the Bride regarded her third child.

“Yes, my daughter,” came the reply.  “It is time for your Journey.”

Blood Zephyr felt a rush of fear overtake her, but steeled herself not to let it show.  “I understand Mother.”

“But you will not do it alone.  You will be accompanied by members of the other Bride’s blood,” the Bride continued.

“WHAT?” Blood Zephyr looked up shocked.  “But….”

The Bride silenced her with a raised hand.  “Listen carefully, ancient relics of the past have been uncovered.  That is where you will be going on your Journey.  We cannot let the uncultured barbarians get their hands on them.  All the Houses have a stake in this mission.  But YOU are the one who will lead it.  Do not let me down Blood Zephyr.”

“Of course not Mother,” Blood Zephyr bowed her head again.  “I will succeed for our Clan.”

“Be careful.  It would not surprise me if others in the Clans tried to… take it for their own,” the Bride warned.

Blood Zephyr nodded in understanding, then rose to begin her Journey.


Blood Zephyr
The leader of the Daughters, so named because of her vicious weapon of choice.  Keen to prove herself, but a little paranoid.

The representative from the Gossamer Clan.  Doesn’t seem as interested in the mission as causing carnage in combat.

Daughter of the Yagyu’s Clan’s Bride.  Enjoys outsmarting her foes, and taunting them when she does.

From the Shinobi Clan, and feels being the second daughter of a Bride, she should be in charge as opposed to Blood Zephyr, who is the 3rd in her family.

Tranquil Fury
Blood Zephyr’s bodyguard.  While she keeps a mask of utter calm on the battlefield, inside she is all fury and destruction.

Kali’s handmaiden, and the one who keeps her focused on the missions as opposed to just slaughtering whoever is in Kali’s way.

An ice cold bat.  Unlike Tranquil Fury who just appears calm, Rin seems to feel utterly nothing.

A younger sister to Lilith.  Unlike her serious sister Septima is cheerful, bubbly and optimistic.  Even while striking a death blow on the foes.

Dancing Blade
Blood Zephyr’s youngest sister.  Wasn’t meant to be on this mission.

A trainee Yagyu who would simply organising the groups transportation, and didn’t mean to be roped into this.

A young fox who is a loyal servant to Lilith.



Strike Team Traveller

The Dark Legion maintains several Strike Teams ready to be deployed for important missions.  Most of their leaders are trusted by High Command, but not Thorkill.  Being a wolf from outside the Legion, he is regarded with suspicion.  Nevertheless, he has been sent on this important mission to secure the rumoured Eggman base for the Legion.  Thorkill knows he has everything riding on the success of this mission.  But even if Command doesn’t trust him, his squad does.  Like Thorkill, each has taking on a new name since being assigned to his squad.  Unlike Thorkill, their names are less… serious, often given to them by the other members.


Commander of the Strike Team, often looked down on by the Higher Ranks due to being a Wolf and not an Echidna.  Never shows his face from under his hood.  Cares for the lives of his men perhaps a little too much for a solider.

A rebuilt E-1000 series droid, outfitted with heavy weaponry.  And thanks to Torchy, reprogrammed for sarcasm.

This young fox is the teams main techy, and has an almost unhealthy obsession with plasma based weaponry.  A few accidents with such weapons have left him with a lot of burnt fur.

The team’s sharpshooter.  Quiet on a mission, the loudest away from it.

A hedgehog who likes mouthing off to the others.  Nevertheless is still a loyal member of the team.

When you need something blown up, call this guy.  This Armadillo likes explosions, as his putted shell proves.

The second in command of the team, and probably the most charismatic.  While the rest of the team tease about this Rabbit taking over, he has no inclination to go against Thorkill.

An unwelcome addition to the team, Snoop is an Echidna sent by Thorkill’s bosses to ‘observe and report’ back to them.

The younger sister of Deadeye, who joined the team rather than the bleak existence of working in a bar.  Is somewhat tense about the nickname she’s been given though.

The other young fox of the team.  So far he’s lived up to his name, time will tell if that luck holds.


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I like how things are shaping up, Skye! I can make a chat/voice chat on Discord just for this if you want.

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I thought Discord was the name Q went by when he wanted to bother ponies? :P 

In all serious that could be handy Thire, thanks.  (Though I have no idea about Discord beyond 'its a chat program thingy!')

Though.... given enthusiasm for this seems to have vanished, I'm not sure how necessary it will be...

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It can have separate channels for both text and voice chat within a group. As for the game... Er... I'd still like a go sometime. :) 

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That's pretty neat.

And I still hope it will happen too!

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I know it's a bit late for this, but that Discord reference was awesome! 

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Heh!  Thanks!

Though I have to ask, aside from Thire, are people still interested in this?  Just there hasn't been any other posters here.

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That's one! ;) 

If people are wanting help understanding the rules or making gangs or anything feel free to drop me a pm or somesuch.

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Due to lack of interest I think it's clear this game is DOA.

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What? WHY? NO! 

I was waiting to see how this went. I mean, I'm still interested on this, and while I'm not into tabletop wargames, I wanted to help.

Maybe this hasn't drawn enough attention? Does it need a little more time? 

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Cause at this stage it was almost ready to playtest, what was needed was some players making their own gangs, and then we could try a few games.

But there's been nothing at all on that front, so yeah, pretty dead.

And tbh, it's not gonna get any more attention, no matter how much more time you give it.

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honestly, this is by far one of the coolest and most creative games on here!

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