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    My turn! 
    Got Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart on launch day! Had a blast going through it. 
    100% the main game and collectables within 5 days after launch!
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    Elias Acorn, Casino Night Zone 
         After a long battle in the streets, Elias now found himself up against his best friend who was turned into a robot. 
    "Doug, if you're in there, you've gotta snap out of it!" Elias attempted to call to him, but there was no response. He was devoid of emotions and swung and chased after Elias like a lifeless husk. Elias couldn't bear to hurt him, so he only used his sword in defense by blocking and deflecting  attacks. Unfortunately he was already worn out from the previous battles. 
    "I can't keep going on like this… I need to get away!" Left with little options, Elias decided to cripple the robot by taking out one of it's legs. It swung in a huge overhead smash downward toward Elias. He noticed the wind-up attack and dodged by rolling around to the back of the bot, then did an upward slash on it's right leg. The robot couldn't support its weight on one leg and toppled over. All it could do was swing it's arms around and stare at Elias. 
    "I… I'm sorry… my friend." 
    "You did what you had to." A voice came from behind Elias. He quickly spun around with his sword and stopped just shy of the voice's neck. 
    "Do not fear." He said with his hands up. 
    "I am not an enemy." The deep voice came from a slender black wolf, dressed in a black cloak with deep gray minor highlights. Armed with a sword of his own and other hidden weapons.
    "No, but you don't hesitate to kill, Semileph." 
    "I completed my bounties as instructed however the methods were never specified, Elias." 
    "Sure… I bet those innocents you murdered felt different." He said as he lowered his sword.
    "I could not have any witnesses. Regardless of how you think of me, we must escape." 
    "No! We need to help those people in the streets! Get them to safety!" 
    "There is no one left! After you were separated from your group, they fell apart one by one. Not even I could help them without risking myself to those infernal machines." 
    "Wha- but… no…" Elias staggered backwards with the shock of so many people lost in a matter of minutes. A clanking march was heard in the distance. 
    "They are coming for us. We must leave now." 
    "R-right… there's a secret passage out of the city that I know of. Just in that building." He pointed to what was left of 'Doug's Digs'. 
    "Excellent, we must go." 
    With that, they headed inside the building's ruins. As they entered, an old radio Doug had on a countertop was playing a message...
    Chuck and Josh, Knothole 
         "Uncle Chuck, do you possibly have any other 'toys' around here?" Josh hinted at Chuck. 
    "Nothing special really, at least anything that you would be interested in." 
    Suddenly, an old CB radio activates and starts playing a message. 
    "Urgent communique from his majesty's secure frequency to any and all agents and allies of The Kingdom of Acorn. New Mobotropolis is under siege. I repeat, New Mobotropolis is under siege. An overwhelmingly large force that has invaded Casino Night Zone and other locations has invaded here as well. The king has called for an evacuation of the city. The status of the princess is safe for now. Nearby units are requested to aid the citizens in evacuation or shelter. Repeat message." The radio then begins to replay the message. 
    "Hmm, that happened a lot faster than I'd hoped. Josh, I don't think we'll be able to finish our journey to Downunda." 
    "D-do you think we're safe here?" 
    "For now, I believe so." 
    "Wait, what about Larry and Ian? Would they be safe?" 
    "I doubt Ian took Larry anywhere near the city. They should be okay as well. Fortunately this place is too small to be of any tactical importance. I doubt anyone could even see it with how thick the brush is here." 
    "What's up, kiddo?" 
    "It's just… maybe we should go and help them? Or maybe try to get people to safety?" 
    "That's a big risk we'd be taking, there's no telling what danger lay in store for us if we get into the fray." 
    "Yes but… I'd feel terrible if I knew there was something I could do to help but I just stayed back and left them on their own." 
    "Now you sound just like your father! Well if you really want to, I suppose they probably need all the help they can get. Problem is, I'm no fighter. I wouldn't be much help at all. But you can make a difference. I should see if I can contact Ian first so we're all in the know." 
    Chuck grabs the long range walkie talkie and then begins sending a message.
    "Charles to Ian, we've received a signal from the Kingdom of Acorn. They're preparing for a siege from this army that attacked Casino Night Zone. We are going to the city to help in any way we can. I'm not sure if you'll get this, but stay safe. Charles out."
    Shard, New Mobotropolis
         Finally arrived at the city. And it's a good thing there's plenty of cover because holy smokes, that's a huge invasion force! Looks like they're almost here... It appears people are evacuating the city, and the guardsmen are setting up positions. Waitasec, the database identifies that chipmunk as Princess Sally Acorn. Seems like she's being escorted out as well. Well hopefully she makes it to safety because this is going to be an interesting battle… 
    Elias and Semileph, Casino Night Zone 
         "...repeat message." The old CB radio on the countertop begins replaying the same message sent out by the Kingdom of Acorn. 
    "So now the Kingdom is next… I wonder how a radio like this managed to pick up a secret frequency such as this. Unless your friend knew more than you thought." Speculated Semileph. 
    "Oh shut up. Right now we need to escape, right?" Retorted Elias. 
    "Well, what do you have in mind?" 
    "I don't know… maybe we should go help them. If there's anything we can do to prevent something like what happened here…" 
    "You mean YOU can help them. It would be for the better if I did not show my face there again. Not after the last time I did a job in the capital." 
    "What possibly compels you to be so heartless and cold? For someone like you, I'm sure they'd pay you to help and not come back." 
    "I do not work for money, boy. I live for the hunt." 
    "Whatever, you cold-blooded monster. I'm going to see what I can do for the greater good. I don't expect you to understand what that could possibly mean." With that, Elias grabs the radio and some gear, and makes his way to the back of the counter through a secret passage out the city. 
    "What a jerk… thinking only about himself. I swear he lives only to kill. Well, I guess now's a good time to see if Doug's brother George might actually be in Knothole like Doug said…"
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    Merry Birthmas Shinomi!
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    Shard, port town for the Kingdom of Acorn
    Finally arriving at the port town, Shard snuck out of the cargo hold and stealthily got out of the town. 
    GPS: Activate
    Using a vantage point and cross-referencing the area with a map it obtained, Shard began planning it's route to Mobotropolis. It wasn't too far from where it is now thankfully, but hopefully it can start uncovering it's purpose soon. This is getting annoying...
    Josh and Chuck, Chuck's Lab, Knothole Village 
    "Woah! This place is awesome!" Exclaimed Josh as he and Chuck entered his secret lab. 
    "It ain't much but it's an honest workplace. Now, let's see if we can find what I came here for..." Replied a half-distracted Chuck. His old lab was about the size of a small warehouse, set up almost like one too scattered with all his old projects. 
    "What's this?" Josh picked up a light blue bangle and slid it on his arm. "What'cha think Uncle Chuck? Am I styling now?" Chuck turns and chuckles. (*chuckle*) 
    "Took you long enough to realize you looked drab! Hahaha! Try clenching your fist, Josh." Replied Chuck. As Josh closed his fist, a beam of light came out from the bottom of the wrist forming a blade of light extending a small ways from his fist. 
    "Hahahaha... I figured you might like it. Prototype weapon designed to increase mobility yet maintain effectiveness. It was originally intended for stealth but as you can see, the sound and light kinda give it away." 
    "Regardless, this thing would be 'handy' to have!" 
    Chuck simply gives him a blank stare, prompting Josh to deactivate it.
    "Er... Right..." 
    Chuck walks over to Josh and motions for him to sit down next to him. "So what do you know about your father?" 
    "Well... Aside from the fact that he traveled a lot when he was younger, mom always said that he was a navigator of a cargo ship for the Kingdom of Acorn." 
    "She always thought that he should've stayed home and not gotten involved with his old job again. Which reminds me, I have something here for you. Your father wanted you to have this when you were old enough, but your mother wouldn't allow it."  Chuck puts a metal cylinder in Josh's hands.
    "What is it?"
    Asked Josh as he picked it up and pressed the button on it. A light blue blade of light came out of the top, slightly less than a meter in length, it made a distinct sound upon activation and hummed quietly. "T-th-this...this thing... It is beautiful..." 
    "This is your father's 'Photon Saber'. It was the weapon of a brave man serving the Kingdom. Not as Clumsy or random as a gun. An elegant weapon, for a more civilized time."
    Elias, Casino Night Zone
    Still trying to defend themselves, the fight continues on. Elias had cut through at least two dozen? No, more like four dozen bots already. 
    "Not good Vector! We've got more company!" As Elias steeled himself ahead, a small motobug rushed towards him. 
    "Oh, you're approaching me?" He confidently remarked. A blow from the back caught him off guard however, but Elias quickly recovered and turned to see a large robot in time for it to smack him off a distance away into the "Per Schin Rug Store". Thankfully it wasn't a hard landing, but Elias was concerned as he drew his eyes front was the large robot. He knew exactly who that was. 
    "Well frick. If they got him then… no… no way she'd let them take their son." Elias recognized it as Doug. Anger was building up in Elias. He had to defend himself but he didn't want to hurt his old friend. Left with no choice, he drew his sword and prepared to try and escape and outrun the machine.
    Larry and Ian, Mobian Badlands
    "D-d-defend myself? But...but… I can't fight! I don't… I can't… it's just…" Larry was distraught with what Ian said. He always hated violence but after the incident at the lake, maybe self defense wouldn't be a bad thing to know. 
    "I was really hoping things would go back to normal. Like when it was peaceful again. Mom and Dad would walk through the door and we would be happy again. I know Josh wants that too but he seems like he was actually prepared in a way for something like this to happen. Was he really just prepared to protect me? He's never scared, he's always brave, he's so strong. Maybe… maybe I want to be that strong someday too!" 
    Finding a bit of resolve, he grabs the sword. But uh… he has a hard time lifting it. He tries getting it up to rest it on his shoulder but it tips over every time he gets close. Poor guy hadn't lifted many things before so he never really built any arm strength.
    "Jeez Mr. St. John, why'd you give me the heaviest branch off the tree?" He strained to say as he hefted the practice sword. 
    “Heh, my boy was swinging that sword since he was 6 years old!” Replied Ian. 
    “6?! What did you feed him growing up?!” Larry replied in disbelief. 
    “A balanced meal! And he wasn’t soft like some people!” Retorted Ian. 
    “What’s that supposed to mean?!” Questioned Larry as he turned to face Ian with the sword.
    “Anyways, start by finding the balanced center-point of the hilt. Once you find that, take your other hand and support your lead hand just below it on the hilt. This should help you lift the blade. Now, how I trained and used it is purely one-handed. You’re not going to be able to do that yet so for now, build up your strength then work your way up from there. Eventually you will be strong enough to find your own style.” Ian instructed Larry.
    “Okay Mr. St. John, I’ll try!” Confidently remarked Larry as he tried once more to lift the sword, this time with his guidance. He manages to lift the sword up and in a better position where he can keep it up. 
    “Hey I did it! Thanks Mr. St. John!” 
    “Very good, now you must find your resolve and call upon it to guide the blade if you intend to protect anything! Remember resolve is measured by results so do not neglect your training. Now keep at it Larry, I’ll be back shortly.” He leaves Larry with some words of wisdom before heading further inside.
    Sally Acorn, Mobotropolis 
    "I still can't believe he wants me to leave… we prepared for this day to come but… something about this Robotnik has Daddy freaking out. He hides it well but I can tell." Sally thought to herself as she was being escorted out of the palace. "I know it's what we've planned but it just doesn't feel right..." 
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    Merry Birthmas Clay!
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    Here we go!
    Name: Shard the Metal
    Age: N/a
    Gender: Male voice programming
    Species: Robot
    Appearance: As previously seen in the comics.
    Alignment: N/a
    Profession: Experimental Badnik
    Powers/Abilities: Experimental Power gem on his chest negates the need for animal-power. Has a rocket booster on his back for flight. Various vision enhancements.
    Weapons/Equipment: Left arm cannon, programmed with the knowledge of combat and such tactics.
    Personality: Currently in pieces, but originally without one.
    Background: An attempt by Doctor Robotnik to remove the need of animals for power in Badniks. An accident at a secret bunker left the concept and prototype in ruins, only for it “fight to survive” and attempt to escape. Unfortunately the power gem was shattered and Shard was left to rust. TBR later in the plot line.
    Name: Charles “Uncle Chuck” The Hedgehog
    Age: 55
    Gender: Male
    Species: Hedgehog
    Appearance: Latest comic appearance
    Alignment: Good
    Profession: Inventor
    Powers/Abilities: Incredibly smart, knows his way around machines and tools
    Weapons/Equipment: No weapons, has an array of tools used in his hobbies
    Personality: Kind but has a slight temper, not one for slow things (are all hedgehogs like this?)
    Background: An inventor in Mercia, Chuck is the one that everyone knows and goes to for knowledge (hence the name ‘Uncle Chuck’). He’s been living in Mercia all his life and isn’t one for traveling. Because experimenting is something he loves, and kids love “toys”, he’s part of the reason Ian St John is always having to fix things around town, but has been friends with him since he moved in. He also took a liking to a certain orphaned boy.
    Name: Josh Eirwright (OC)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: Lynx
    Alignment: Good
    Profession: None/is trying to find his place in the world
    Powers/Abilities: Watches too many Bruce Chi (play off Bruce Lee ) movies, has none.
    Weapons/Equipment: Self taught martial arts, a necklace with a gem he’s had as long as he can remember.
    Personality: Adventurous, curious, quiet except to people he knows
    Background: Josh is a Lynx living with Larry Lynx, someone who he considers his brother. He’s been in Mercia most of his life and loves an adventure which means he ends up sneaking out quite often. With his parents missing since a trip to the Kingdom of Acorn Josh has been taking care of Larry as a way to honor them. Because he really has nothing better to do with his time he watches perhaps too many Bruce Chi films and has started “training” himself, usually ending up breaking something or hurting himself. 
    Name: Larry Lynx
    Age: 10
    Gender: Male
    Species: Lynx
    Appearance: As seen in his latest comic appearance (sans jumpsuit of course)
    Alignment: Good
    Profession: None
    Powers/Abilities: Super jinx powers
    Weapons/Equipment: None
    Personality: Timid, self kept, quiet except to those he knows
    Background: Larry is a young Lynx living with Josh in Mercia. Found as a baby, he originally was living under the care of the orphanage, but being cursed with bad luck and jinx powers left him alone from most of the orphans, until Josh’s parents decided to take him in. He hangs out around a park area most of the time musing to himself: “If only I didn’t mess everything up, maybe other kids would like me” he’d think everyday, hoping his adoptive parents would return someday.
    Name: Mephiles the Dark
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male by the sound of it’s voice
    Species: Hedgehog-shaped spirit/demon
    Appearance: As seen in Sonic 06 (first phase)
    Alignment: Evil
    Profession: N/a
    Powers/Abilities: Flight, Manipulation, energy projection.
    Weapons/Equipment: None
    Personality: Cold, calculating, manipulative, tactical
    Background: Mephiles is one of the seven forms sent to reclaim the Sol Emeralds. He is the intelligence of Solaris and the representation of the Shadow element. Has a personal grudge against Infinite. More to be revealed as we progress.
    ------------------Name: Elias (Acorn)
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Species: Squirrel
    Light and dark brown fur with dark auburn hair and blue eyes. Wears tan shorts and t-shirt with an auburn neckerchief and dark brown boots.Alignment: Neutral
    Profession: Adventurer/mercenary for hire
    Powers/Abilities: Skilled swordsman, experienced adventurer
    Weapons/Equipment: Pair of knives and a machete.
    Personality: Ambitious, witty, courageous.
    Background: Elias is more or less an archeologist for hire, but unfortunately not many people are still interested in that area. He took up the job of merc to bring in more income his previous hobby couldn’t. Unbeknownst to him, he’s actually related to the House of Acorn. He currently is looking for a job in the Casino Night Zone.
    Name: Sally Acorn
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Species: Chipmunk
    Appearance:  Her fur is a light and dark brown coloration with a dark auburn stripe down the back, her hair color is dark auburn and she has light blue eyes.
         Royal Dress:
    Alignment: Good
    Profession: Princess of House Acorn Royalty
    Powers/Abilities: Some self-defense training, leadership and tactician skills
    Weapons/Equipment: None...yet
    Personality: Strong-minded and very opinionated, often logical and focused with a playful side and prefers to plan ahead in almost all situations. A bit of a "tomboy", not hesitating to get into rough or messy situations if needed.
    Background: Princess Sally Acorn is the daughter of Maximilian Acorn and former Queen Alicia Acorn. The tomboyishly beautiful daughter of king and queen, she was born the first female heir to the House of Acorn and is training to one day rule as the Queen. She's had many lessons in strategizing, tactics, and all the "fun" duties of being a princess, though her favorite part of it all was the one-on-one training she'd get with her dad. Sometimes it was about the lineage's history, other times it was self defense training. She loves her dad and the Kingdom and hopes that as queen, she can eventually rule as her father does.
    Name: Tabby the Koala
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Species: Koala
    Appearance: Grey fur with white patches, wears a red cap and red T-shirt
    Alignment: Good-Neutral
    Profession: Pilot
    Powers/Abilities: Avionics, good sense of direction
    Weapons/Equipment: None
    Personality: Easy going, calm, not one to fuss over anything (unless he knows it’s bad)
    Background: Tabby has been a pilot most all his life, after his own father. At one point he was a private pilot for company called “Valentine’s gifts”, a soap producer. Unfortunately, he occasionally missed his scheduled times of arrival and was “fired” in a way. He now lives as a crop duster.
    Name: Clay (callsign “Barron”)
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Caucasian. Clay colored hair and trimmed beard with agate eyes. Slightly built and tall (6’4”) body.
    Surplus military boots, pants, and misc gear, with a tan T-shirt.
    Alignment: Good-Neutral
    Profession: Has ventured in several different professions, but none of them ever stuck. Currently doing odd jobs.
    Powers/Abilities: Trained in martial arts and firearms. Has a degree in science, and has basic mechanical knowledge.
    Weapons/Equipment: The environment and his combat knife.
    Personality: Calm and collected, but knows how to have some fun. Pride of his heritage.
    Background: Growing up Clay took a interest in martial arts and science, which later helped in his life. His knowledge of mechanics comes from the fact that he always helped out on his grandparents farm, though he was a farmboy didn’t stop him from attending college and getting a degree in science. After college he wandered from job to occupation in an attempt to find what worked from him; though it continues to this day, he acquired an array of valuable skills and knowledge. Clay is currently in Pennsylvania finishing up a job.
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    Merry Birthmas Chaos!
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    Josh and Uncle Chuck, Knothole Village 
    Arriving at the entrance to the village, Josh and Chuck were greeted by an elderly squirrel. 
    "Well well, if it isn't Sir Charles. I haven't seen you in years." Said the old man.
    "Hey there Tom. How's things going on here?" 
    "Slow and steady, just the way you hate it. Heheheh." They both let out a small chuckle.
    "What brings you back here, Chuck?" 
    "Just some old mementos and things I left at my old house. It's still standing right?" 
    "Hah, you'll have to chat with the residents about that!" As they started walking down the path, Josh had to ask Chuck about what he heard. 
    "So, Sir Charles, what was that all about?" 
    "Whaddya mean? And don't call me Sir, makes me feel old." 
    "Well I was going to ask about that but I guess now I'll ask about the house still standing part?" 
    "Heh, well let's just say while this is an old village, there's lots of 'new' houses." Chuck answered as they arrived to a modest looking home. Rather than knocking on the door, Chuck walked right by the house towards a large oak tree in the back of the house. 
    "Uh Chuck? I think we missed the house." Pointed out Josh. 
    "Nothing important is in there. You think I'd leave things somewhere random people can get to?" Chuck retorted as he opened a panel on the tree and entered in a code. "Have you seen a secret lair before?" 
    The tree then opens up to reveal an elevator leading down. 
    "Would you like to?"
    Elias Acorn, Casino Night Zone 
    More robots had spotted Elias and his group and began approaching. If they didn't retreat, they would likely be overrun very quickly. 
    "We need to get out of here! There's too many of them to fend off for long. I might know a place that has escape tunnels leading out of the city., but we need to fight our way right through them!" 
    Elias said as he cut some robots to protect the injured and vulnerable. 
    "Are we able to carry the injured?"
    Larry and Ian, Mobian Badlands  
    Hiking away from the Airstrip at Kearney, Ian had stuck up a conversation with Larry. 
    "You know Larry, my son puts his everything into helping people with nothing feel like they belong somewhere. You found that yourself through Josh and now we are on this strange adventure. How exactly are are you coping with all this?"  Asked Ian. 
    "Well sir, I'll be honest and say I'm a little scared. I never thought I'd be doing anything like this! Your son and my brother both taught me that it's okay to be scared sometimes, but you have to put on a brave face so you can do what you need to do. Your son is an awesome friend to have, he's helped me through a lot even though I never... Never really said thank you..." A small tear rolls down from his eye. "But the thought of possibly finding out what happened to mom and dad is what's really driving me forward. What about you, Mr. Ian?" 
    Shard, still stuck in a crate on a boat to Mobotropolis...  
    It's been at least a few days... Maybe? The rhythmic rocking doesn't help. Could try digging into the database again to see if anything can be defraged. 
    Log ---8 

    Interesting, but there must be more. Try again... 

    Even more has been uncovered in this story... But when or where did this happen? More questions than answers again, but that'll have to wait as it sounds like the ship has finally arrived... 
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    Happy birthday to our local crazy serpentine!
    Make sure you keep that tail of yours out of trouble! XD 
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    Hey happy birthday Skye!
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    I agree! 
    Although there’s only one thing that bothered me about the movie...
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    And here I am, still playing Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia... 
    That and Pokémon GO. 
    ...my dad, sister, and I need friends... XD 

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    Not as late as I am! 
    ...anyways, a big belated Happy Birthday to Geoffrey and CT! 
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    Speaking of Final Fantasy, I’m working away at grinding in FFXIII. 
    Picked it up again recently and I’m working on finishing all the CP boards and Cie’th Stones before thrusting myself into chapter 12. 
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    I totally did not see that there was a second page... 
    Talk with Matilda looks to be a good option.
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    I guess I’ll join the majority and go with warn Shadow.
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    So I’ve gotten a bunch of games since I last shared on here. 
    Big news first is I finally got a 3DS! Sooooo many games I can finally play that I’ve never tried before! Including my very first Pokémon game: Omega Ruby! Loving it so far. 
    Other game acquisitions include Good Job! for the Switch, SCVI for PC, Beat Saber for my HTC Vive, and lots of other games for my 3DS so if anyone would like to linkup and play something, shoot me a pm. 
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    Oooo nice! 
    Speaking of, I should be making more art through the CaS on SCVI...
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    Elias Acorn and the Crimes of the Fallen (A Mobius Reborn story)
    I bring forth a product of imagination in the form of a backstory to one of my characters in an RP: Mobius Reborn. It takes place a year before the RP begins.
    This is more of a side story with some small details to my character rather than a full on origin story. It’s just meant to have some fun! 
    Casino Night Zone 
    It’s a hot summer’s day. A busy day in the marketplace of the CNZ for today is part of a week long event. Many vendors enjoy the annual an open air bazaar setting where their customers can freely walk around and browse their wares. Many merchants offering produce or cooked food, many offering clothes or other fashion like jewelry, and some selling valuable treasures brought from other lands.
    We find Elias walking down the bazaar glancing at all the vendors. Until something catches his eyes. A golden chain and bracket adorned with jewels. 
    “Like what you see, eh friend? This is a priceless piece I picked up not too long ago, found it in a cave with several other explorers... but only I escaped! For the cave was cursed! And it’s treasure forbidden! But I escaped with some of it’s treasures! Like this small chest full of gold and beautiful gems! Interested in this as well, friend?” 

    Elias looked at the chest closely, then looked at the gilded chain. After a few moments he finally looked up to the merchant. 
    “The prison bracket of the legendary Watcher Zasalamel... said to have been lost for centuries after his final disappearance... where did you say you found it?” 
    “Eh? Oh...uh...in Afrika!” 
    “Do you know where in Afrika? That’s a big continent.” 
    “Look man, the place was cursed and I barely escaped with my life from there!” 
    Elias begins to walk away. 
    “Hey wait! Does that mean you’re not interested in cursed treasure!” 
    Elias turns around and looks at him. 
    “I’m not interested in forgeries...” 
    He continues down the bazaar, reaching into his satchel. He pulls out a golden chain that looked almost exactly like the merchant’s one. Admiring it for a moment, he puts it back and continues on. 
    “But I will find the prison of Zasalamel...”
    Cue theme song! https://youtu.be/IeSU4FAWxfU
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    Chapter 1: Just asking nicely
    Continuing through the bazaar, Elias made his way to a building called “Doug’s Digs”. He was recommended by a friend of his for gear and provisions made for journeys away from civilization. 
    He took a quick glance at the hours of business before entering the store. 
    “Eyy, welcome ta Doug’s Digs! Yous must be dat Elias fella Cliff was talkin’ bout. Barked a large dog. He was the owner of the store, cleaning some gear when Elias walked in.

    He came up and gave him a firm handshake. “Hello, you must be Doug. I see Clifford came by here before me. He tell you what he plans on doing?” 

    “Eh, I don’t think he’s da kind of guy ta reveal his ‘Masta Plan’ so soon. But, he’s always lookin’ for da real deal wheneva it comes ta Archeology. Yous musta found somethin’ valuable.” 

    Right as Elias was about to say what he had, three Mobians came through the door. There was a bear, a lizard, and a vulture, and all of them were wearing semi-formal clothes with a small insignia on the shoulder. 
    “Heyo, welcome ta Doug’s Digs! If ya guys wanna take a look around for a moment, I’ll be right with ya.” Greeted Doug as he gestured a wave towards them. 
    “Uh... yes. Of course.” Replied the vulture as they all split up looking at his wares. 
    “Now, as I was sayin’, whatcha got dat Cliff’d wanna go all da way t-” 
    Elias raised his hand up for a moment in a way that only Doug could see, then quickly made a hand motion pointing at one of the customers. Doug noticed that the bear is staying close by the door, while the lizard and vulture were both slightly eying Elias’ satchel. Doug nodded his head and closed his eyes for a moment, making an “ahhh gotcha” motion. 
    “Alrighty then, I’m sure I’ve got some of da good rope over in dis section. Follow me.” Doug motioned his hand over the rope section towards the back of the building and put his hand on Elias’ back guiding him over. As they we making their way, the customers turned and started to make their way over while trying to remain inconspicuous by looking at his items. 
    As the lizard neared Elias, Doug quickly spun around with a haymaker on the bear, instantly flooring him. Elias turned around in time to block a couple jabs from the lizard. He quickly retaliated with one-two combo and a kick to the gut, but the lizard got back up swiftly and assumed a fighting stance.

    The vulture charged at Doug and leapt with a drill kick, hitting Doug in the chest and knocking him back into the wall. Some of the equipment was knocked down and fell on top of his head incapacitating him. It was now a two-on-one fight. The lizard attempted a roundhouse aimed at his ribs, but Elias caught it and spun him around into his comrade. They both tried to get up off of each other while Elias went to check on Doug. 
    ”Hey! Doug get up!” He yelled trying to wake him with shaking and pushing, but Doug only moaned. He turned his head just in time to see a punt kick come to his gut. He fell to the ground and received another kick from the lizard. He tried to get up but he was still recovering from the kicks when they grabbed his satchel and dug around in it. They pulled out the chain and looked at each other for a moment before bolting towards the door. 
    When they got to the door however, they couldn’t open it no matter how hard they pulled or pushed. 
    ”You think you can just beat up my husband and walk away?!” Elias and the two men turned to the back of the store to see what appeared to be Doug’s wife. A Labrador of small stature had pulled a lever then went towards the men. She opened up with spinning roundhouse right to the surprised vulture’s head. The lizard then attempted to land a blow with a flurry of jabs but she deftly blocked or evaded every one, then retaliated with leaping uppercut, incapacitating him. 
    The vulture got up and tried to do two leaping kicks at her, but she easily dodged both. He had one more trick up his sleeve though, he grabbed the chain and lashed at her with it, keeping her at bay.
    Elias however took opportunity of the moment while he was focused on her and grabbed one of the rope bundles. He quickly tied a lasso and threw it at the vulture, ensnaring him. The dog then unloads on the vulture with a viciously fast combo: a knee to the gut, a jab to the face, a roundhouse to the ribs, and a final roundhouse to the head while he was recoiled in pain, effectively downing the vulture.
    With all of them down for the count, she turns her attention to the slowly waking Doug. 
    “Das some sick moves honey...” he loosely puts together a sentence while regaining his consciousness. 
    “sigh What kind of trouble came in the door this time, Doug?” She retorted. 
    “I dunno, neva seen ‘em before.” 
    “Douglas, you know what happened last time you dealt with shady people. I told you that Clifford fellow was just going to bring trouble to the family.” 
    “Hun, I told ya dis is da last time I’d do a job like dis. Then I’m done and be da family man.” The husband and wife going back and forth brought a small smile to Elias’ face. 
    “So this is your wife, Doug? She held her own in a fight better than you did!” he laughed. Doug quickly turned with a reply. “Now see here, I took one out with a single swing. Whaddya think a dat?” 

    “Now, now boys, save the fighting for later. I’m sure you both did what you could before I saved your butts.” Joked Doug’s wife. “Anyways, you boys do your business. Love you hun.” She gives Doug a kiss on the cheek before heading to the back room. 
    “Right, I wonder who hired them and what they knew about this?” Elias pondered while picking up the chain. “Dat’s what they was after? A golden chain?” 
    “Yep, but this chain has a long history to it. That’s what Clifford hired me to recover for his dig site. Said something about it being the final piece of the puzzle.” 
    ”Right then, let’s tie up these goons and see what they know.” 
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    I’ve heard great things about it surprisingly! I may be going to go see it at some point soon as well!
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  22. Thire added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (2019 Movie)   

    I have cousins who are interested in seeing it so I may be dragged along... not that I wouldn’t mind too much.
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    Got Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Games as a Christmas gift to my cousins and myself! So far I think it’s the best one since the 2010 Vancouver games!
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    Reviving yet another topic, I come to you today with a fan game that debuted back in SAGE 2019: Sonic Smackdown!! 
    If anyone is a fan of 1v1 fighting games, then this is right up your alley! Based on the fast-paced combo system of Marvel Vs. Capcom, it feels like the Sonic fighting game we never officially got, but always wanted.
    Check it out here!
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    Here I am again bringing old/dead topics back to life! 
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