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Hello, I am Thire. Also know by as Thirethewarrior, Eriht, Mephiles, and sometimes Thire1986 if all those usernames are taken :P.

I am a casual gamer, I make Lego weapons, work at a greenhouse, competitive swimming assistant coach, a Black Belt (Sensei) in Goju Kai style Karate, and I love spicy food. I do lots of things. :) 

I have earned many titles throughout history; The Wind Waker Oracle, Hero of Twilight, Savior of Tyria, True Tekken God, Hero of the Skies, Knight of the Wind, and Destroyer of Calamity to name a few.

I am the sniper that picks off the guy about to stab you. I am skilled in many things but master of few I'm an Onion Knight...  . I charge in ahead of everyone and fight one-on-one with whatever beast that dares challenge us.

I have many friends here on the forums and I'd be a very lonely, sad, and boring person without them!

Unfortunately life keeps me away often so I don't get to stay here for very long as I recently landed a new job. 

I shall remain here with my friends, til' the very end!