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  1. Ben 10 reboot is out!

      Hey guys, sorry I haven't been more active here since life got more busy, so I thought I could drop by and have more time to spread awareness and post it here! Also, I forgot to post this here before. Also, I wanna know what people think of Ben 10 series and the Ben 10 reboot.
  2. Do you prefer to be orphan or relative?

    If you are an orphan, and if you loved your relatives but hate your adoptive family, would you rather want to be a relative? Or if you're a relative and hate your family, would you rather be an orphan?
  3. What is your favorite humor?

    ^Oh joy, someone who loves slapstick! Sounds like you'll easily enjoy Sonic Oddshow and Sonic Oddball crackups that way too. And Rayman.
  4. What are your favorite condiments?

    Those tags are what I mean by condiments. I prefer Ketchup and Mayonaise. I don't remember any other condiements I prefer.
  5. What is your favorite humor?

    I don't know anything much about Undertale yet, but I guess that's a clear example.
  6. What is your favorite humor?

    For puns, you mean something like, "Know your blows, then blow your nose"?
  7. Introduction Thread

    Sorry I did not notice this thread. I am the one and only, Mazefire the ?>@*~+. It has been 3 years that I have never responded to the forums in forever until now. Simply because I had to get tons of stuff out the way to have time for the forums already...Now I can finally do what I can in here. I don't just only play Sonic, but Mario, Rayman, Megaman, Assassin's Creed, Zelda, and sometimes I focus more on the other games I've played back in the past (Like Persona, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, etc.).
  8. What is your favorite humor?

    Or which methods do you usually use for communication? Like, sarcasm (It's a lot easier to do if you let that feeling feel more natural to you. It makes shitposting easier if you end up being smart alecky too since it's like another form of sarcasm), puns, surreal, wordplay, slapstick, parody, dark, realism, etc.?