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  1. Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW comic)

    I am very happy to see IDW creating a "new series" of Sonic the hedgehog comic. I love IDWs work so far on other ongoing comics such as Transformers or TMNT.
  2. ...Mega Man #55 where are you? ;_;

    1. Danny Felixe

      Danny Felixe

      It'll be here sometime

  3. Sad moments

    True.   Or when Knothole was destroyed because of Eggman in StH 175 and Sonic was like madness, run to a beach and then go back with his full speed power to knock off Eggman. We don't saw Sonic crying but we saw that he had a bad feeling-mixture between anger and sadness and that was one of the best and sad moments I've ever seen.   It doesn't belong to StH but I really cried there. Mega Man issue 53 when Quick Man made that choice to go offline and Mega Man wanted to rescue all and he see that the robots of MM2 have no longer a fuction with no fighting him.   
  4. Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!

    In my opinion it wouldn't be a shame or a loss of the storyline if Sticks wasn't in the crossover. Same goes for her two sidekids :/
  5. Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!

    Dude, don't sound so negative. I said "I think" and "I am really not sure" that doesn't mean I am right. With the break of the Mega Man Comics the cards are being reshuffled.
  6. Sonic Universe (Comic Series)

    I thought Xander x Silver was crazy....P:
  7. Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!

  8. Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!

    Totally. I wouldn't ruin the crossover with 16 issues and it would have given the characters and their different personalities more time to make running gags baised on their videogame-franchise. I think Flynn mentioned that these Crossovers are not just an event but an ongoing series. That was before they say that the Mega Man comics are going down. In my opinion if they do another crossover they just have to do it with all the SEGA characters and not with the Capcome ones. Capcom without Mega Man is....meh :/
  9. Sonic Universe (Comic Series)

    Oh I really love this german accent speaking guy. I hope he's not just in this one story Arc.