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  1. General Art Thread

    Hello I am back for... idk how long XD.  My first semester of art college is over and I can finally work on personal projects once again! Here is piece that I did not too long ago. Zhongli from Genshin Impact!
  2. Sonic the Hedgehog (2019 Movie)

    I’m very sad with how his model turned out. There is a post in Tumblr that I found that was amazing. I’ll link the post below http://neozoid.tumblr.com/post/183379590964/australet789-lennythereviewer-i-posted-this
  3. Non-Sonic Art Thread

    Here is one of my first digital drawings! As I as drawing it I was like, “Ooooooh this looking so goood....!” XD
  4. Non-Sonic Art Thread

    Yeah my animals tend to look that way lately.... My mom actually told me that what your drawing can relate to what your feeling, so maybe it’s cause I have to have surgery that it’s like that? :/ (It’s nothing big though. It’s just to help my mouth)
  5. Non-Sonic Art Thread

    Thank you! I thought so too. Drawing the ears is the most important part for me and also my favorite. It can really give the character some personality, like with scarred ears or flat ears, it helps give people kind of an idea of what they’ve been through or how they’re temperament might be.
  6. Non-Sonic Art Thread

    I tried scratch art for the first time today. It’s pretty small, but I like how it turned out.
  7. Non-Sonic Art Thread

    Stay warm out there!
  8. Non-Sonic Art Thread

    Thank you! As for the Japanese, it says Wisdom.
  9. Non-Sonic Art Thread

    I made this a little while back. Very happy with the way it turned out. Can anybody guess what the Japanese says? :3
  10. The Scanf Art contest

    Thanks! I was actually wondering that a little bit ago and was going to ask about it. XD
  11. Non-Sonic Art Thread

    Thank you!  I hope I can do more like this soon! >:)c
  12. Non-Sonic Art Thread

    I made a little comic with my Splatoon OCs for something called Splatfest in the game Splatoon 2. It’s a Halloween special splatfest so the square is doctorated with spooky stuff all over. It’s only my second little comic with them, but it came out better than I thought! (The teams for the “Splatoween” splatfest are Trick Vs. Treat)
  13. The Scanf Art contest

    Okay, Thank you!
  14. The Scanf Art contest

    Can it be a comic? Or does it have to be a drawing?
  15. The Scanf Art contest

    I’m up for the challenge! >:3