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  1. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 28: The Knight A figure was running through a thick forest, wearing all black clothing and a mask. They had a black Bow-Meow. A light shone from behind them. A blinding bright light. They jumped over a tree trunk as they continued running in panic. ;"RUN Remi!" Granny yelled. ;"I'm trying Granny!" Remington yelled back, as the light came closer and closer. Something big and loud was coming. ;"Go Granny!" Remington said throwing his Bow-Meow brother further away from the thing. ;"Remi!!!!" He yelped as light enveloped everything. Elsewhere our heroes were flying on the skeleton birds, tired from the long flight. ;"Maybe we should all rest for a few hours! We're all tired from flying for so long" Evangelyne suggested, but because of the wind and distance, the others could barely hear her. ;"What?? continue flying?? Shouldn't we rest for a little while?" Amalia asked confused. ;"What?! Fly for a few more hours? Are you mad??" Ruel asked angrily. Evangelyne flew closer to Percedal who was clearly worried for his Shushu friend, who hadn't spoken anything since the day he lost control over the stone clones, and went against Rushu himself by disobeying orders. When she raised her voice to talk to the others however Percedal accidentally dropped Rubilax. They landed on the ground for the night to rest up, but Percedal was too worried for Rubilax to enjoy the time off. ;"Rubi, why won't you say anything??" He asked the Shushu who remained silent. He then began hitting the sword against a rock repeatedly in order to get a reaction out of him, but there was none. Aeri wondered whether he'd be alright. ;"I'm sure your friend will come around eventually Percedal." She said to him. He seemed a bit more hopeful after that, but was still worried. They set up a camp for the night, and Amalia was telling them stories about her early life when a huge tree fell over the campfire. The heroes looked up to see something big, and bright. It came closer at a fast pace. They quickly jumped to the side only to see it was a huge train. Something flew from the side of it. A net, it caught all of them easily, and threw them into one of the carts. The train then began filling the cart with a sleeping gas, which our heroes couldn't resist. They soon fell asleep. The train took them to a tower, full of jail cells. Someone watched them from a little hatch on the side of the cart, as he placed them into the cell. When they awoke they were surprised to see a man in a golden shining armor standing outside the cell holding Rubilax in hand. Aeri had a special cuffs in hands which prevented her from moving. ;"Hey, why do I have THESE?" She asked confused. The man pointed the Sword at her. ;"Quiet you Shushu! No longer will you deceive anyone, with your clever disguise!" He declared. Aeri was utterly confused. ;"I'm not a Shushu! What are you even talking about??" She argued. ;"Then why did my radar detect YOU? It only works on Shushus." He said. Aeri thought about it and it must have been because of her Stasis powers. ;"I-..." she attempted to say but stayed quiet. Yugo went to comfort her. The man introduced himself as the Justice Knight, a hero who finds, and captures Shushus so they'll never again be of danger to others. He told them a story of how Rubilax had while in control of Percedal's body attacked the Justice Knight and his Father, whom he had lost in the battle against the Shushus and ghouls. ;"and that is why Justice will prevail!" He said leaving Rubilax stabbed through the balconys wooden part. Our Heroes tried to figure out a way out of the cell, as well as how to free Aeri, when they heard talking from a cell next to theirs. ;"Who's there?" Aeri asked. ;"I know that voice.." said a familiar voice. ;"Wait.. Granny?" Aeri asked. Evangelyne looked at her, ;"How do you know Granny Smisse?" She asked. ;"We met him in the Rubilaxia town, shortly" She explained. ;"Then that means.." Eva said. ;"Yes I'm here too my sweet archer." Said Remington. Percedal was about to say something but was interrupted: ;"Who's that?" Yugo asked. Evangelyne explained that she had ran into a couple of worst kind of Rogues in Rubilaxia. ;"Why don't we let bygones be bygones, and help each other escape this wretched place, before the idiot comes back?" Remington asked. ;"So you have a plan?" Ruel asked. ;"A good Rogue always has a plan." Remington said. ;"See that orb with eyeballs in front of your cell? That's the inhibitor, take it down and you can get out of your cell." He explained. ;"Oh I've seen these before." Aeri said. ;"We need something to cover the eyes!" She said. The boys began throwing pieces of their clothing one by one, but seemed to miss each time, they even used Shiro's cape but missed. They were down to two options: Either one of the girls uses a piece of clothing, or Yugo or Aeri uses their hat. Aeri held down to her hat embarrassed that someone would see her wings, so Yugo was the one to use his. He actually made it, and portaled outside to get the others out. They didn't have the keys to Aeri's specially made cuffs, so Shiro carried his sister in his arms. When they got Remington out, he nearly managed to throw Eva of the balcony! She fell, but was caught by Percedal, who in turn was caught by Yugo, Amalia and Ruel. ;"Now we're even." Remington said. ;"And because I'm such a gentleman I'll leave you a present." He said opening up another cell, which had a special sigil on it. It disappeared, letting whatever was inside break free. Out came a giant dog like creature with big strong arms, and black fur. It walked on two legs. ;"Thank you for freeing me. As a thanks I won't eat you." It said to Remington. "But your Bow-Meow on the other hand makes a tasty snack." It said, grabbing Granny, it's stomach opened up and it placed the poor cat inside, closing it's stomach soon after. Yugo tried to attack the being, who in turn used it's fist against him. It then looked at it's hand, and suddenly it could make portals similar to Aeri's in color. She got chills from it. ;"Oh no." She said. As the being attacked them using the newfound portal magic. Evangelyne tried to run up it's arm to hit it with her arrow, but was surrounded by portals, there was a big explosion of energy, and soon all of them were down for the count. Shiro had accidentally let go of Aeri, who was currently hanging off of the balcony. The being looked at her. ;"You. You smell familiar..." it said, reaching it's hand towards her, grabbing her by her cape. ;"Why do you smell like a Shushu?" It asked in it's low growling voice. ;"No matter, I'll take you with me." It said, easily breaking the cuffs placed on by Justice Knight. It then grabbed Aeri, smashing through the wall and outside the tower. Justice Knight had returned because of the commotion, and he wasn't happy to see the mess. ;"You let Anathar escape?! Do you have any idea what you've done?!" He yelled. "This will not do." He said. Gesturing for everyone involved following him. He brought them to a meeting room, ;"Anathar is the worst kind of Shushu, powerful and dangerous. He is also.. my Father. He had to use his Shushu to protect me from Rubilax, but was too weak to take back control, I then placed him inside a magical cell until I could figure out a solution." Yugo listened excitedly, as he thought the Knight was cool, Amalia on the other hand was smitten by him. ;"We must capture him, and bring him, the Bow-Meow and your friend back, we will call ourselves, The Justice Band!" He declared. Remington wasn't exactly into the plan but couldn't just leave his brother. Ruel thought he was just full on crazy calling a Bow-Meow his brother. They travelled by the train, radar showing both Aeri and Anathar's location. ;"This makes no sense." The Knight said. "According to this Anathar and your friend should be right in front of us!" He stopped the train. Him and Percedal guarded the sides of the train, Yugo, Amalia and Evangelyne the front, and Ruel and Remington the back. They saw a red light in the distance, and more portals opened up, but they weren't expecting Anathar to attack from above. He crushed the train easily, sending everyone flying, he held Aeri in his right hand tightly. She couldn't make any portals, but could feel her markings appearing again, slowly. The portals gave her an awful feeling, like they lead to another world which she didn't want to see. Oh how right she was. Black appendages appeared from the portals which turned into tiny arms and claws that attacked everyone. They bravely fought them off. Shiro attacked Anathar with fire, who quickly opened up a portal in front of him, the fire going inside of it. Anathar was very agile for his size. He easily jumped around when they tried to attack by arrows and plants, and shovels, and guns. There was a bigger portal behind him, the Justice Knight along with Percedal and Yugo tried to push Anathar in, while Shiro tried to make him let go of Aeri. The fight had been too much for Anathar, who spat out Justice Knight's Father, and opened up his stomach. Justice Knight immediately ran to his father's aid. ;"Dally please don't let him take me, it's Rushu's world in there!" Rubilax said panicked. ;"Remi!" Yelled Granny. Both Remington and Percedal tried to get what they had come for, pushing one another. ;"I'm not going home empty handed..." Anathar said, swinging his right arm, still holding Aeri, squeezing in Yugo, Percedal and Remington as well. As the portal closed them all inside of it, everyone watched in horror as it disappeared like it had never existed in the first place.  
  2. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Okay. Let me start by saying, that I do not own any of characters, except for my OC and her Dragon brother. All the other Characters belong to Ankama Games and to Ankama Animation. WARNING: Contains some major spoilers for the Wakfu animated series, so if you're currently watching, or plan on doing so, read at your own risk. If you're new to the series that's okay as well, the story will explain most of the important things. The story will contain non-canon things.   Prologue: The skies were dark, covered in endless smoke. A song of screams became louder and louder, each passing second. The smell of iron was strong, and the sounds of metal crushing bone was unbearable. A girl ran through the battlefield, in search of something she had lost. SOMEONE, she had lost. She wasn't even sure of what would be waiting for her at the end, she did not care. All she knew, was that she had to find him. She tried calling for his name, but the desperate cry drowned, to the sound of the metallic beings marching forward. They destroyed everything in sight, and it had become hard to breathe. Yet Aeri refused to flee. Not without her brother. He had to be there, somewhere in the burning sea of flames. The panic was setting in, her lungs were absolutely burning every breath of the way, and her legs had lost all feeling. She attempted to call for him again, only for a giant shadow to land on her, she turned to be met with two red burning dots, and black, cold, metallic armor. She had to back up, to see the being completely. Aeri had no strength left, she could only watch, as the robotic thing raised it's claw like arm, ready to strike down. Warm tears found their way on her cheeks, as she attempted to put up her arms in defense. The being came closer, and with great strength and speed, swung it's claw down at her. Aeri opened her eyes, only to be met with a familiar room. Her room. It was lightly colored, decent sized for two. She quickly turned to look to her side, seeing her brother Shiroazaad sleeping soundly, quiet murmurs sometimes escaping him. Aeri gave a deep, slow sigh. She had seen that same nightmare, for Goddess knows how many times. Yet it always seemed so vivid. So lifelike. So REAL. She wondered, if that was yet another thing, she had forgotten from her past lives. Things always seemed to come back at her, when she was most vulnerable. Although, it had become the new norm to her, it always took her by surprise. The only thing that stopped her from having yet another near anxiety attack, was her brother turning towards her. His steady breathing, and gently warm body heat, made her able to calm down. He was practically hugging her, not that she minded, but his spiky short hair, and a pair of small horns, were poking her cheek rather painfully. She tried to make more room for herself, by quietly shifting towards the edge, but due to his grip, was unable to. She made a silent vow to go talk about her nightmare, to another family member. As soon as she'd get out of this predicament.     
  3. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 27: Journey's Start While they were preparing to go on a journey to the Crimson Archipelago, the group were saying their Goodbyes to their families. Well except for Aeri and Shiroazaad who preferred "see you later." ;"It's too bad you can come with us Qilby." Aeri said. ;"I would love to accompany you, but I'm still too weak." He said looking somewhat ashamed. ;"What I Don't get is.. why does Shiro get to go, and I'm here playing dragon nanny?" Adamai asked, deadpanning. ;"Because you're the only one strong enough to tame this little beast." King Oakheart told him, petting Grougal, who soon spewed fire at him. Alibert didn't think he could take care of baby Chibi, but after he looked at his innocent face he was absolutely sold on it. When Qilby suggested to help with Chibi, and reached down to touch him, Grougaloragran spat fire at his direction. He said that Grougal is as jealous of a dragon as ever. Amalia was sad, because she hadn't gotten a permission to join Yugo and others on their journey. She nevertheless came to say Goodbyes. Yugo gave her a big hug, and she patted his head, she then ran away crying, as it all became too much for her. Ruel was telling some Sadida children how to play Gobbowl, while Evangelyne and Percedal had a talk with Armand. Ruel thought he has lost his Haven Bag, but his Drheller Junior brought it to him from the bushes. They waved to everyone who wished them goodluck on their journey and went through a Zaap portal. They ended up on a swamp, where Evangelyne went through their plan, to travel by a cable car through Pincher Pass, in order to avoid going by boat which made Percedal sick. Ruel told them a story about how he's grandma used to own a cable car back in the day. When they arrived to the scene, it turned out to actually be owned by none other than Ruel's grandma, who the rest of the family thought was dead. She had a bigger Drheller named Orifan. She was as much of a cheapskate as Ruel was, having made the prices ten times as big as they used to be. Ruel reminiscented about the days he used to spent with his Grandma, and cane to the conclusion she had always been as greedy as ever. The payment was 300 kamas per person making it whopping 2100 kamas. Ruel wasn't ready to pay that much, so Amalia ended up paying for everyone BUT him. It turned out that the cable car was pedal powered, Ruel's Grandma had to be very strong to move the entire thing. The group watched the scenery as the cable car slowly but surely made it's way over the pass. What they weren't expecting was five bandits coming their way on a skeleton birds with shadowy wings. Apparently Yugo and his friends had seen similar beings before, with a rider called the "Black Crow." Aeri readied herself as the bandits landed on the roof of the car. ;"Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! We're here to Rob you!" Said the leader of the bandits. The groups original leader and Ruel's Grandma had had a deal of them leaving her cable car alone, but the new leader didn't quite think so. "I'll be taking all of your kamas, this Cable car, and everything your passengers have." He said. His lackeys all cheered for him. Shiro made a low growl. The others readied themselves for battle, which the bandits weren't expecting. The leader shook in fear. They tried to make a run for it, once Ruel's Grandma fused with Orifan, to make an Enutrof/Drheller mash up. She had long yellow tusks and claws, with greyish fur, and partially blind eyes. The bandits were attempting to cut the cable of the car to make it fall into the ocean, but Yugo and his friends with the help of Aeri and Shiro decided to fight back. The cable car itself had a hidden weapon inside it. A potato gun, which the Grandma used to shoot the bandits with. Shiro grew his dragon wings and rose up into the sky to attack the bandits. Evangelyne used her bow to shoot them down, and Aeri used her Stasis blasts on them. Once they were weakened, Percedal jumped on one of the birds and stole the mount by kicking the rider off. Yugo stole another one by portaling behind the Leader and making the bird fly head first into the cable car. One by one the bandits were all taken care of. They tied them up, and continued their way through the pass, once on the other side, they left the bandits with Grandma, as it was HER car they attacked, it was only fair for her to decide their fate. The group took their mounts to save some time in travelling. Shiro travelled with Percedal, and Aeri with Evangelyne. Aeri tried to connect the dots. Qilby had been her teacher, as well as brother, so that must have meant HE was the one from her memories calling for her. He had always been in her visions, more than anyone else. Somehow he made her feel calm and safe. He had been there for her the entire time, and Aeri just couldn't remember. Coincidentally, Shiro was thinking about Shinonome, who was the other one who had been there for the twins whenever they needed someone to talk to, or when they needed advice on something. The two had always been most helpful. They felt bad that they couldn't remember them any better than that, as their memories were still jumbled. ;"Am I forgetting something important...?" Aeri mumbled to herself. ;"Did you say something?" Eva asked. She shook her head. ;"Oh, no it's nothing really!" She told her. She couldn't explain it, but she had a gut feeling that something wasn't right. She felt as if she should've stayed in Sadida Kingdom, with him and Adamai.  
  4. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 26: Family Reunion Once they made it to Sadida, Adamai wasn't happy. Apparently Yugo had left him behind when he was in a hurry to answer Evangelyne's recall arrow. It has transported him, Ruel and Amalia to her. He was however overjoyed when he saw Aeri and Shiroazaad. ;"Grougal told me a lot about you two!" He said. "Where have you been this entire time?" He asked. Aeri and Shiro laughed hugging and patting Adamai. ;"We've been travelling around, and training to become stronger. As well as looking for our Dofus, which is in a safe place for now." Aeri told him. Shiro continued. ;"We also made some new friends with a group if Rogues." Yugo and Adamai both listened, interested in the story. They told them all about their adventures, minus the little jailbreak and thieving parts. As well as their time in the convent, and how much they seemed to know of their culture. Adamai was amazed someone else but them knew anything about it. Yugo and Adamai in turn told them everything they knew of what Grougaloragran had told them, and about the Eliacube. After they were done Adamai happened to mention: ;"So we do HAVE the cube, but SOMEONE has been to afraid to use it to find our people." He said crossing his arms. Aeri looked at Yugo. ;"Well I'm sure he wants to Adamai, but maybe he isn't ready yet?" She said carefully. ;"WHEN will he be ready then? The Cube belongs to us, as does the Dofus, and they're keeping both of them under constant watch. WE should be able to use them as we see fit!" He spat. Aeri thought that Adamai WAS right, but you couldn't force anyone to use something they didn't want to. ;"So what do you suggest then?" Shiro asked his dragon brother. Adamai gave him a sly smile for an answer. Later in the evening, Adamai had asked to meet him and Yugo in the forest. Aeri and Shiro waited for them to show. Yugo came on time, but they had to wait for Adamai for a while. Once the small dragon emerged, he had a bag with him. In it were the Eliacube and Grougaloragran's Dofus. ;"Adamai! Did you steal those?" Aeri asked worriedly. ;"It's hardly stealing if you're taking back something that belongs to you." He said, and he did have a point. "I'll need your help if you're willing to that is." He said. ;"Of course we'll help you brother." Shiro said. ;"What're we doing anyway?" Yugo asked. ;"We're tapping into the Eliacube, and trying to find our family." Adamai told them. The three looked shocked, but understood the urgency of the situation. The four sat down on the ground, putting the Dofus and the Cube in the middle of them. They then began to insert their Wakfu and Stasis into the cube through the Dofus. It created an energy square around them, as they focused hard on what they wanted to happen. There was a big flash of light, and the four were sent backwards due to the energy wave that followed. The four were disoriented by this. Aeri looked around, her vision blurry from the light, she thought she saw a figure moving. ;"Yugo?" She asked, reaching towards him with her hand. She grabbed his hand. ;"Are you okay?" She asked him, until she realized it wasn't him. Light brown eyes looked back at her green ones behind glasses, he wore a white shirt and hat similar to Aeri's, and brown pants and shoes. His hair was light brown, with his beard. She stared at him for a while, he stared back, as if he had seen a ghost. ;"Is it really you...?" He asked, in a whispery tone, his mouth dry. Shiro heard a crying noise. He shook his head trying to balance himself, he looked to his side and saw an Eliatrope baby with a baby dragon on top of his head. ;"Grougal? Chibi?" He asked, kneeling in front of them. Yugo and Adamai both stared at them as well until they noticed the man talking to Aeri. ;"You're really here.." He said teary eyed, as he reached towards Aeri who instinctively moved back a bit. ;"Um Hello, who are you?" Yugo asked the man, who looked at him wide eyed, leaning back. ;"It's you!" He yelped ;"My name is Yugo.. Are you an Eliatrope as well?" They hadn't noticed but others had been looking for them, and were currently watching the scene from the bushes. The man seemed overwhelmed, as he tried to talk, he lost consciousness. Aeri took a good look at him, wondering how he knew her. They took him inside the Palace, and laid him on a bed, an Eniripsa was called to heal him. The four were currently having to hear a lecture over the use of Dofus and Eliacube without permission from Amalia's brother Prince Armand. ;"Do you have any idea what could've happened? What if it had gone horribly wrong??" He spat. Shiro mumbled: "But it didn't." As soon as he saw Armands expression he turned away from him. Chibi was given to Alibert to take care of for the moment as he was well versed in Eliatrope care. ;"How is he?" Aeri asked the Eniripsa as she left the room. ;"He's stable, but still very fragile, he keeps asking where he is, and doesn't make much sense.." she told her. ;"Can we see him?" Shiro asked quickly ignoring Armand. ;"Yes you can." The Eniripsa answered. The four entered the room. The man laid on the bed, looking at the ceiling, until he saw the four of them. ;"So it is really you." He said calmly. ;"My name is Yugo, this is Adamai, Shiroazaad and Aeri, who are you? Are you an Eliatrope too?" He asked. The man looked at him and Adamai and then at Shiro and Aeri. ;"So you don't remember anything?" He asked. The four shook their heads. ;"Well I remember somethings with Shiro, but.. they Don't make much sense." Aeri confessed. The man closed his eyes, remembering everything. ;"There is so much to tell." He said. "My name is Qilby, and yes, I am an Eliatrope like you." He said. Something inside Aeri's mind connected to the name. ;"Qilby..." she mumbled. "You were-, are my... teacher? Aren't you?" She asked him. Qilby nodded. ;"Yes, I am. And you're my favorite student." He smiled at her. "I must see what has become of the world." He said, as he got up from the bed. He walked outside to be greeted with luscious green colors everywhere, a Kingdom full of life. He stared, like he couldn't believe his eyes. He had to sit down for a while, Amalia made him a seat out of a flower. Aeri saw that he had no left arm as he sat down. ;"This world is very different from ours, but it looks nearly identical, to what it was when we first came here." Qilby explained. ;"When we came here? Are we not from this world?" Yugo asked. ;"No Yugo we're not. We're from a planet far, far away." Qilby explained. Alibert couldn't believe Yugo was actually from another planet. Qilby told everyone about the Eliatrope Dofus, and their relationship to the dragons as well as their former planet. ;"We formed a Council of seven, although I should say fourteen. Mina and Phaeris ended all conflict between their brothers and sisters, Glip and Baltazar taught the children the way of Wakfu. Chibi and Grougaloragran were the inventors. Nora and Efrim looked so innocent playing in the fields, Yugo and Adamai were the valiant protectors of our people, Aeri and Shiroazaad, you were like the embodiment of the Goddess and the Great Dragon themselves, and me and my dragon sister Shinonome were proud to be the King and Queen of our people." He explained. Aeri could remember spending a lot of time with Qilby and Shinonome especially. He told them about the war against Orgonax, and how the Eliatropes were forced to flee from their planet, and use other dead planets as fuel for their machine Zinit which they used to travel the Krozmos, until they came upon what is now know as the World of Twelve. Until Orgonax found them and attacked again, bringing war upon their people. "Many were lost in the war, but we managed to save the children and move them to a different dimension, and Yugo and Adamai, against my wishes you did the same to me. I do not know if it was because I was your King, or whether it was because I had lost my arm fighting against Orgonax and the Mechasms." He told them. "Aeri and Shiroazaad, you fought bravely against them, but even your powers weren't enough against them. We lost you two that day, and it breaks my heart I wasn't able to stop it." He said shedding a tear. He then fell asleep for a while, but awoke to Grougal smacking on his face, and nearly frying his beard. He explained that they would need his Dofus if they were to free the rest of their people, as it took one to get him back as well. He told them he could feel it far away. In a place called the Crimson Archipelago. ;"Then we must go and get it!" Yugo exclaimed. ;"Yes, We'll find it and bring it back" Aeri concured. ;"Eliatrope's promise!" Yugo said.  
  5. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 25: Warriors Way The group, after defeating the stone clones, had decided to head towards he Kingdom of Sadida, Amalia's home, where Adamai was waiting for Yugo to come back. Yugo on the other hand had told Aeri and Shiro all about their journey, and fight against the mad Xelor Nox, and about their quest to find Grougaloragran's Dofus which they now had, with the Eliacube. It sounded familiar to Aeri, for reasons she couldn't remember. She was just relieved that they had found the Dofus. After some time, Ruel, Yugo and Percedal started to complain about being hungry, this ended in a little lover's spat between Evangelyne and Percedal over grammar. Amalia suggested that they'd eat some berries which were all around them. They started eating them, until they noticed a small winged pig, which Amalia thought was adorable. But the guys had different plans for it. They stared at it ravenously. Even Shiro licked his lips in hunger. They ended up roasting it. Evangelyne helped comforting Amalia who grieved for a while over the pig, but ended up giving in on hunger herself and eating it. The others of course ate as well. Ruel told them a story about a great Dragon Pig and the group thanked it for the meal. Unbeknownst to them, they had just awakened the REAL Dragon Pig underground who was angry at them for eating a smaller piglet. When Ruel went to 'answer natures call' He never returned. The group got worried about him and went to check on him, but they couldn't find him anywhere. What they DID find was an entrance to an underground cave, with stone carvings of the Dragon Pig, as well as a map of the place. ;"Oh! Oh! I know these symbols!" Percedal said excitedly studying the map carefully. ;"Yes, Yes, that's great and all Dally but we have to move if we want to save Ruel." Evangelyne told him. ;"But Eva, dungeons are MY SPECIALITY. I know them better than anyone else on this group." He argued. ;"You two haven't been to any dungeons have you?" He asked Shiro and Aeri who shook their heads. "SEE? I know my way around a dungeon or two and this mark clearly indicates-" he started to monologue but Eva, Amalia, Yugo and Shiro went ahead and entered the cave. Aeri stayed behind to comfort Percedal. ;"I'm sure they know you're the expert, they're just worried about their friend." She told him placing a hand on his shoulder. The Iop felt a bit better hearing that. There was a loud sound, and some unknown gas came out of the cave, and out came four little Dragon Piglets. Percedal and Aeri looked at them in confusion. ;"Eva??" He asked. The piglet made a sound as a "yes." ;"Amalia, Yugo.. Shiro??" Aeri asked the three others who made a small whine as a yes. They looked at each other and then back at the piglets. ;"SEE?? THIS is why you follow the Dungeon pro!" Percedal said. "This mark right here means DANGER" He pointed at the mark on the map. He sighed. "Guess I have to lead this expasi- expison- this time!" He said marching onward. Aeri grabbed his brother to a carry and followed Percedal. Thet both covered their mouths as to not breathe in the gas that turned the others to piglets. They ran hurriedly through the room, and into another one. This one had disappearing and reappearing markings on the floor. They had to jump on the marked tiles and follow the rhythm. It was all going well until Amalia took a closer look at her from accidentally stepping on another tile which in turn triggered the traps. They ran dodging swirly blades coming from walls and the floor. Then they had to try and not get flattened by stones in the next room which moved horizontally and vertically. They came to a bigger room which seemed to have a pile of garbage on the floor, but as they stepped in the pile started to move. It created a metallic pig. ;"This must be the mini boss!" Percedal said. "I'll handle this one!" He continued rushing in to attack it with his sword. It went down rather easily, but Eva was still impressed by his moves. Shiro was ready to fight it even in his new pig form, but there was little he could do. Finally they made their way into the last room where they saw Ruel in a big cauldron with vegetables in it. ;"Listen you don't want to eat me without the right seasoning. I'll taste bad." He told the Dragon Pig who was adding different spices in. The Pig turned around upon hearing Percedal and crew coming in, and he growled at them, cracking his knuckles. Percedal readied his sword. ;"The big guy's mine!" He declared. Aeri nodded understanding. ;"Be careful." She said. ;"Iops aren't careful, they go into the fight head first!" He yelled, running towards the pig, attempting to cut it, but The Pig uppercuted him instead. Percedal landed on the ground, quickly recovering from the blow attacking The Pig again, this time he used his head against his. Repeatedly. The Pig tried to shake him off, but wasn't expecting Evangelyne to bite his tail. He screamed and kicked Eva to the ground. That angered Percedal, he started landing punch after punch on The Pig, and finally he kneed it's stomach. The Pig grabbed his leg and threw him against a supporting pillar. The two then began a fist fight against each other. They both hit each other in the face as hard as they could, falling to the ground, then they started laughing like old friends. They both had respect towards one another as warriors. And because of it, The Pig let Ruel go, on one condition, they were to never eat Dragon Piglets again. Which they promised. Amalia, Yugo, Evangelyne and Shiroazaad were all turned back to normal, thanks to the Dragon Pigs' magic. The group then continued their way, but once again the boys started to complain of hunger. ;"Well boy's you don't need to go hungry anymore." Amalia said. ;"Because we're here. At the Kingdom of Sadida." She said, and truly before them laid the beautiful botanical paradise.
  6. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 24: Someone Familiar Leaving Bonta, and the Lightnings, the two followed the Wakfu of Yugo and Adamai. It was a bit difficult since their Wakfu seemed to move from place to place. They had to switch direction a few times on the way. Once it stopped, it was an easy way over. What was waiting for them in that direction was a weird mass of a town. It was a ball which had bits and pieces of a town in it, it wasn't moving now, but it had been before. It was late in the evening when they got there. In the middle of the town was a huge tower, which looked like it would belong to a count or something. They jumped from rooftop to rooftop as they closed in on it. They could feel someone elses Wakfu as well, there were multiple people there. What made Aeri stop was a sound she heard close by. She followed it, jumping on the bits and pieces of the buildings. She heard the voice coming closer. It was so close, she couldn't see anyone but their voice was so clear, so loud. Then she reached out her arms, and something fell on them. Something fluffy and big. A black bow-meow. She held it in her hands and looked extremely confused. She was sure she had heard someone yelling. ;"A Bow-Meow?" She said to herself. ;"Who're you calling a Bow-Meow!?" It said. It could talk. Aeri was surprised by this but didn't let go of it. There was a long way down. ;"Let me go you stupid girl!" It demanded. Aeri looked down and then back at it. ;"Are you sure about that?" She asked. When the Bow-Meow saw what a drop it was, it clinged to her arm. ;"M-maybe don't drop this little kitty?" It asked nicely. Aeri looked at it amused. When Shiro caught up to her, he stared at the cat. ;"What's the poor little thing doing out here all alone?" He asked. The cat looked annoyed. ;"Who's a POOR LITTLE THING You dumb boy?!" It spat. Shiro immediately deadpanned. ;"Drop the thing Aeri." He said. ;"He's just a poor little, sassy kitty." She said petting him a little. ;"My name is Granny Smisse! And I'm NOT a cat." He said. The two looked at each other and then back at him. ;"Sure", "Of course." They said, not believing a word he told them. Aeri put the cat down, letting it go it's way. ;"Be careful, these buildings are not as sound as they look!" She said after him. They wouldn't have known but they would see that Bow-Meow again some day soon. They made their way to the tower, only to be greeted by a group of people. A big group if ghouls, and three people they didn't know. Fourth one of them however, was familiar. He wore similar hat to Aeri's but blue. He had a sand colored hair and brown eyes, and he wore an orange tank top, blue shorts, and brown and blue shoes. Besides him there were three others, a young Sadida girl, a Iop Knight, and an older Enutrof man. They seemed to be... hugging? While the ghouls were slowly making their way towards them. The Iop Knight stolen the shadows of the Enutrof and Sadida, turning them into ghouls as well. Aeri and Shiro quickly made their way through the window, Shiro blew fire at the ghouls, while Aeri made a portal, dropping the Sadida girl and Enutrof further away from Yugo. She couldn't see Adamai anywhere, but she felt his Wakfu further away. 'He must be elsewhere.' She thought. ;"Sorry it took so long little brother." Aeri said looking at Yugo's direction. He looked back at her. ;"Who are you-?" He asked before it dawned on him who she must be. ;"NOW what is this?? More intruders?! How many friends do you have Yugo??" The Iop asked angrily. He was wearing a ring with a Shushu in it, his eyes were white and he had black markings on his body. ;"Rubilax! What have you done with Dally!?" Yugo yelled. ;"Dally?" Aeri asked. ;"He's our friend who Rubilax the Shushu is currently inhabiting." Aeri and Shiro seemed to got the picture. ;"So all we have to do is to beat him then?" She asked. Yugo nodded. The ghouls seemed to be able to jump through the firewall Shiro created, as they came to view unharmed. ;"Not these guys again!" Shiro said annoyedly.  The ghouls surrounded them. ;"And now my slaves, captured them!" Rubilax commanded. Shiro started tossing the ghouls around as soon as they jumped towards him, and Aeri blasted them with her Stasis powers. Yugo tried to portal away from them but they grabbed him. ;"Yugo!" Aeri yelped. That bit of distraction gave the ghouls the chance to grab her too as well as Shiro. And they couldn't blast Yugo's friends. Rubilax the Shushu currently in hold of Sir Percedal's body took the three with him underground to the mines, which were full of stone clones of Rubilax' current body. He walked them up to a big mirror, telling the others to back up, as he was going to contact the King of Shushus, Rushu with it. Yugo, Aeri and Shiro were told to kneel in front of him. Aeri and Shiro did so begrudgingly. When Rushu himself came to view on the other side of the mirror, something inside Aeri snapped. She could feel nothing but awful dread towards him. She wanted to run away and hide. But she couldn't move. She missed most of the conversation, but she heard about the part of making a portal for Rushu, in order to escape his prison dimension using an Eliatrope, or two. Along with getting a new dragon for a pet. Aeri could feel the cold sweat fall down her temples. She was visibly shaking. Shiro looked at her worriedly. ;"Sis?" He asked. Aeri felt the red markings appearing on her skin, as she lifted her hand towards the mirror where the Shushu was talking to. Just then another interruption happened, when a Cra girl appeared from the elevator to the mines. Aeri seemed to snap out of it. ;"Another friend of yours Yugo?" She asked her nodded. ;"Evangelyne." He said. The girl seemed to talk about how the Shushu Rubilax wasn't as bad as he let on, and that he didn't need to work for Rushu. The Shushu seemed conflicted about this, he broke the mirror and stopped the communication with his Lord, releasing the body of Percedal and taking his place inside a small sword Percedal carried with him. The Sadida Girl and the Enutrof got their shadows back as well, turning back to normal. The stone clones having released from their master went berserk attacking the people who used to be ghouls, and Yugo and his friends, as well as Aeri and Shiro. Everyone attacked them, Enutrof Ruel with his trusty shovel, Sadida Amalia with her plant powers, Evanglyne the Cra with her bow, Percedal the Iop with his sword Rubilax, Shiro with his dragon powers and Yugo and Aeri with their portal powers. The stone clones broke one by one, but by each shot, the earth began to rumble more and more, forcing the people to flee to safety. Aeri and Shiro's priority was Yugo's safety. Once they were sure he was okay, they could flee themselves. Two of Yugo's friends were left underground, and Yugo was worried he wouldn't see them again. But they emerged from the waters nearby as the town began to sank down, into a mess without a Master to control the ground. They watched the Sun rise from the shore near by. Aeri hugged Yugo, and Shiro joined in on it. ;"It's nice to finally meet you little brother." She said smiling. Yugo's friends watched the scene dumbfounded. They had no idea there would be any more Eliatropes, or Dragons around, that weren't inside a Dofus. But they seemed happy that everyone was alright for now.  
  7. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 23: Jailbreak  Getting even in front of the prisons gates was risky, but getting to the building itself without anyone noticing would be nearly impossible. The guards made their rounds in and outside the building, changing shifts for the night. The Seven Lightnings group was hiding behind the corner, ready to knock the outern guards down cold. Lightning nodded as a signal, and two Rogues quickly and silently ran towards them. Both of them took one of the guards, covered their mouths, and hit their head against each other, they fell unconscious instantly. Shiro put his ear on the gate door and listened to the footsteps. While the gates were closed one couldn't SEE inside, but one could HEAR clearly, if they had any dragon powers that is. He listened carefully as the guards marched left and right, until there was a shifted change inside. He gestured Aeri to make a portal, when the guards moved to the side. She quickly made a portal big enough to let everyone in. They only had a small squad of Rogues with them, but it was enough to have some muscle on their team. They made it safely to the other side, but they quickly made their way inside the building, as they didn't want to risk getting caught. There were many jailcells around, with many different people, inprisoned for many many crimes. There was an inhibitor on the ceiling, stopping anyone from using magical powers. It's eyes followed them as they walked to the right cell door. Inside Aeri couldn't make any portals, and Shiro couldn't shapeshift. ;"I'm afraid YOU will have to break him out." Aeri said to Lightning, pointing on the cell. Lightning spat on both of his hands, before he started banging on the door with his fists. Truly his hits WERE like his name suggested. Fast and powerful. The door was taking damage, and it was quickly broken inwards. Lightning Feet was surprised that a cell door could even fly that fast. ;"Wow man, are you TRYING, to get the guards after you?" LF said, peeking from the cell. Lightning immediately grabbed him and gave him a noogie. ;"Awww you worry wart you. We can take a few guards. Or few hundred." Lightning said. LF just rolled is eyes. ;"Yea right, I couldn't even take seven." He said. ;"Hello!" Said Aeri waving at LF, who in turn waved back at her. ;"Who's the girl? And the boy glaring at me?" He said pointing at Shiro. ;"You'll love em'. They're great." Lightning said nudging at LF's side. The alarm went off, as they got Lightning Feet out from his jail cell. Some guard came around with spears in hand, and Lightning quickly rammed right into them Storm Cloud and Thunder in tow. The others attacked the guards quickly, taking their weapons, and incapacitating them. They all quickly ran through the halls, where even more guards showed up, Shiro quickly spar fire at them, which surprised all of the guards, who ran at each other as a result. They weren't hurt but startled. The group made their way towards the door, Lightning carrying LF on his side. ;You know I can run on my own!" He remarked. ;"Not right now buddy!" Lightning said, running at a high speed. Once they made it outside, the lights from the towers turned to them. The guards then began shooting arrows at them. They dodged the best they could as the rain of arrows rained down upon them. Aeri made portals to try and send the arrows back at them. The more they sent, the more they got back. Shiro ran to cover for Aeri, who quickly made a portal to get past the gate. The group jumped in coming out of the other side, but after that, Aeri was too tired to use her powers and nearly fell down. Shiroazaad took her and carried her on his back. She was practically unconscious when they made it back to the hideout. She saw a glimpse of memory, a memory of her and a man in white robes. He seemed to be teaching her. His glasses shone in the sunlight. He seemed nice and gentle. ;"Aeri, I know you have worries about your powers. But you must learn a way to let it out in a healthy way." He explained. Aeri looked older in this memory, like an adult. She held his hands as they sat across each other. "Now I want you to focus on my voice, and my voice only." He said. Aeri did as told. "Now make yourself completely relaxed, we're going to awake your Stasis power." He continued. Her red power surrounded the two, as they breathed in and out slowly. The room rumbled for a moment, but soon the red color spread around quietly, and neatly. Red markings covered her hands, but they weren't sparking at all. They were more stable, and spread more evenly unlike hers. "Good. That's very good. Now try and make an energy orb with your Stasis." He adviced. Aeri waved her hands in a circular motion, making a small ball of energy appear above her hands. ;"Good. Now try and put it out without destroying anything." His smooth calm voice said. She put pressure on the orb, pressing it from both sides, as it turned into a disc, and then into nothingness. ;"Very good Aeri. It seems you've made it stable." He said. She smiled gently. ;"Aeri there's... Something else I wanted to talk about with you." He said, it seemed important, but she was waking up. 'No, just a little longer! Please!' She thought. And then, she woke up. ;"Kid! Are you alright??" Lightning asked. Aeri rolled over to her side. ;"I think I'll live." She said jokingly. She got up from the small bed in the corner and walked to the table. ;"Hey guys, what did I miss?" She asked groggily. The others turned to look at her. ;"Hey she's awake!" Thunder said happily. The others surrounded her giving her pats on the back, and everything. ;"Is Lightning Feet okay?" She asked. Lightning pointed to a Sram eating vigorously. "Seems like it." She said. "Now what are you you going to do, that you have him back? More crimes? GATHERING THE OTHER LIGHTNINGS??" She asked excitedly, starry-eyed. Lightning laughed. ;"That WAS the idea." He said. "We've been apart for too long in my opinion. And we just got this guy back!" He said, taking Lightning Feet under his arm. "Time to get the rest back too!" He said raising his arm up. Aeri was interested. ;"I want to meet them some day!" She said making a fist. ;"And you definitely will! I bet the others would love you two." He said looking at her and then at Shiro who was standing in the corner. ;"But you have your own mission don't you kid?" He said crossing his arms, and leaning on the table. Aeri nodded. ;"We must get back to our siblings. I can sense their Wakfu now." She said. "I just hope they'll be as excited to meet me as I am of them." She said quietly. Shiro walked to her. ;"I bet they will be." He said, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Guess this is a goodbye- I mean see you later." He continued. Lightning nodded. ;"Too bad you can't stay for long. But goodluck on your mission." He told the two. "If you ever need help Red Lightning, you know who to ask for." He continued. Aeri rolled her eyes jokingly. ;"Just Aeri." She said smiling.  
  8. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 22: Back To Bonta Having finally finished their training, the twins were saying their bye-bye's to the convents people. They had been most hospitable to them during these years, and they truly appreciated it. Palani was the one to see them off. ;"Your training is now complete. I.. I'm going to miss having the two of you around." She said. Aeri gave her a hug. ;"This isn't a goodbye. It's a see you later. We'll come visit when we can!" She told Palani. She seemed reassured to hear that. Shiroazaad concured as well. The two had grown up physically during their training, they now looked like young adults. ;"You two have truly grown." She said teary eyed. The two then left, heading towards Bonta and to Lightning. The journey was long and they had to resort to trusting some kind folks for a ride. They got to ride on their hay wagon. ;"So where are ya two from?" The man had asked. The two couldn't really tell the truth so they had said ;"From far away." Giving their best smile they could muster. The man seemed nice, but telling him you're from a long line of Demigods, who're not even from this planet, seemed kind of excessive. Once they arrived to Bonta they quickly noticed something was wrong. For one, they had a new wanted poster. It depicted Aeri in the crudely drawn way and it said: WANTED: RED LIGHTNING, 5000 kamas. Aeri stood there shocked. Had someone seen her during the night of the heist? Who? When?? Why was she named 'Red Lightning??' She was utterly confused. Shiro seemed to think it was hilarious, but was still concerned for his Sisters well being. After all it might send the bounty hunters after them. Aeri and Shiro headed towards Lightning's hideout. It was the same as ever, if not a bit better. It had gotten a new coat of paint over it. It seemed more homey. They knocked on the door, but no one seemed to answer. Obviously, no self respecting Rogue would unless they were expecting visitors. Aeri made a small portal inside and jumped through it, she looked around the room, which was dimly lit. Soon enough someone jumped from the shadows and right at her. ;"Who do you think you are, setting a foot on the Seven Lightnings turf?!" Someone yelled. Aeri, blasted them, sending them backwards into a pile of boxes. ;"Relax! It's me! Aeri!" She yelled. The attacker seemed to stop for a moment. ;"Kid?" They said, rolling over. They came to the view. His bushy beard was the first thing she saw. ;"Lightning?" She asked. ;"It IS YOU!" He took her for a bear hug. She could feel the air escape from her lungs. "EVERYONE C'MON OVER! RED LIGHTNING IS BACK." He yelled. ;"Not you too, it's just Aeri." She tried to say. Soon Rogue after Rogue came to view. ;"Hey it's them!" Storm Cloud said. ;"They've grown so much!" Cried Thunder. ;"Please, you two stop it." Lightning said, feeling slightly ashamed. "Rogues don't cry for something like this." He continued, wiping away a single tear. Everyone got out or hiding surrounding the two. ;"So you kids have grown up, about time too." Lightning teased. ;"And you got old...er." Aeri said right back at him. Both of them smiled at each other. ;"Listen, there's something you ought to know" Lightning said rubbing his neck. Aeri looked at him worried. ;"What is it?" She asked. ;"One of us.. actually got caught." He said. "He was taken to prison." He continued. Aeri looked at him wide eyed. ;"Who??" She asked. ;"Lightning Feet." Lightning said. Aeri wasn't ready for that. She started laughing. ;"Lightning Feet?? Really??" She said giggling. Shiro had a hard time keeping neutral look. ;"I thought we were over this..." Lightning said. Aeri snickered ;"You'd think so but no." She said smiling. ;"Anyway, the guards got him, and we would really appreciate if you could help us out with that kid." Lightning explained. ;"Soooo, a jailbreak??" Aeri said excitedly. ;"A jailbreak." Lightning said, making finger guns. They sat down to tell the story in completion. Apparently, Lightning Feet got captured, while he was trying to take a priceless vase from a well known shop during night. They had doubled the guards since their little escapade, so he was easily caught by them. He was then taken to highly guarded prison in Bonta's more rougher area. No one had heard anything from him since. And it happened 5 months ago. They had been planning a prison break eversince. Aeri listened the story interested. Shiro was a little bit suspicious of it, since he still didn't very much enjoy being surrounded by Rogues, despite this group being very much kind towards them. It must have been the masks. Covering one's face without showing who you really were, was something Shiro did not like. ;"So basically all I need you to do is to use your powers, and bring our boy home. It's easy. Just in and out." Lightning explained. "Of course we would be with you the whole time." He continued, explaining the plan step by step. "So first we camp out outside the prison walls, and take out the guards outside. Then, we use your portal powers to get inside, and we'll handle any "interferences" you may get while working. And THEN, We break out Lightning Feet and fly off to the night on your dragon brothers back!" He said victoriously. Shiro gave an annoyed huff as a response to this. ;"Who said I was with you on this one?" He asked. Aeri looked at Shiro, ;"But he's our friends' friend!" She argued. ;"who's a criminal." Shiro said deadpanning,, crossing his arms. Aeri gave him a begging look. ;"Please brother. They're our friends aren't they?" She asked. The Rogues all looked at Shiro who felt embarrassed, hiding his face with his cape from below. ;"Yes." He said. ;"And friends help each other in time of need do they not?" Aeri asked. Shiro glanced at her and sighed. ;"Yes... But I am NOT letting anyone on my back alright??" He said angrily. Aeri smiled at him brightly. ;"It's a deal." She said.  
  9. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 21: A Father's Goodbye While the twins were training to try and master their powers, as much as they could, they couldn't have known about the things that took place down in the World of Twelve. They occasionally could feel a difference in the Wakfu of the world when something big happened, but they were too high up to see exactly what that something was. They tried as hard as they could, to try and learn everything, so that they could go and tell Grougaloragran, how their journey had been so far. It had been twelve years since they had actually seen each other. The two missed the old man, who was like a father to them. His grouchy appearance but his caring heart behind all of it. The way he taught them everything he knew during the time they spent on Oma Island. He had kept them safe for hundreds of years before they got to go out on a journey. That's how overprotective he was, but, they still loved him for that. He may not have told them HOW he got their Dofus in the first place, but he had kept then safe for all of these years, and for that they were truly thankful. Aeri and Shiroazaad could feel the distrubance with Wakfu due to Nox collecting it from everywhere, but they had no idea what it was. Nox was a Xelor who tried to collect Wakfu for the Eliacube, in order to turn back time to get back to his family, but he would soon be stopped by Yugo and his new friends. During their days of training, and Nox' rampage, Aeri and Shiroazaad could feel something. Something BIG which would change their lives forever. They felt something happening to Grougaloragran's Wakfu. First it was there as usual, and suddenly without a sign, it was gone. The twins fell on their knees, teary eyed. ;"Grougal..." Aeri said silently. Shiro was hiding his face with his hands. The Huppermages couldn't figure out what was going on. ;"Aeri, Shiroazaad. Are you alright?" Palani had asked. Neither of them had answered. That night Aeri had a dream. Dream about Grougaloragran. He stood at the edge of a field, his robe flowing in the wind, he was watching the sky. Aeri quickly ran to hug him ;"Grougal! I thought you were-" She tried to say sniffling. Grougaloragran patted her head. ;"Fear not little sister, Grougaloragran is here for you." He said. Aeri wiped her tears away. ;"But.. We felt your Wakfu... It disappeared!" She said worriedly. Grougal's expression changed to a sorrowful one. "Oh... So it really happened.. but why are you here? How?" Aeri asked. Grougaloragran gave her a reassuring smile, ;"Because Grougaloragran needs you to know that you'll be fine, even without me." He said. Aeri started to cry. ;"But I need you, WE need you!" She cried out. Grougal laughed. ;"And yet you've gone so far on your own." He said. Aeri knew he was right, but she refused to say goodbye. She hated Goodbyes. They were the hardest thing she ever had to say. ;"It won't be the same without you." She said, feeling her heart break in two. Grougaloragran hugged her. ;"Grougaloragran knows this, but you must go on, even if you don't feel like it. You and your brother are stronger than you think. You will do incredible things together." He said calmly. "So it's a goodbye for no little sister." He said. Aeri tried to stop her tears, but she couldn't. ;"I will not say goodbye to you!" She said. "I will only say: see you later, Grougal." She forced a smile on. And that seemed to be enough for him. Soon after he turned into light, into Wakfu, and with the wind he was gone. She woke up crying. Shiroazaad quickly hugged her for comfort. ;"I know. Me too." He said. Aeri hugged him back. The two spent the night like that. Comforting each other. The next day, the two were low on energy, and low on feelings. They couldn't focus on the training at all. ;"I'm sorry." Was all Aeri had said to Palani when she asked about it. She could see her eyes were red and puffy from crying. ;"Did something happen? You know you can tell me anything." She said. Aeri looked at the ground her 'ears' flopping down. ;"Our brother Grougaloragran. He's gone." She said silently. Palani offered her condolences. But to Aeri everything felt numb. Sure she knew he'd come back after some time, but it still didn't change the fact that he was gone for now. Truly gone, and who knows how long it would take till he'd be ready to be reborn again. Theirs took thousands of years. She felt so alone, despite Shiro being there for her, but Grougal was the closest thing to a father she had in this life. She owed everything to him, and so did he. She knew her twin would agree with her. She tried to focus on the training, but forcing out portal after portal just ended up with her burning out sooner than expected. She laid on the ground motionless. ;"I'm sorry, I don't think I can do this today." She said. Walking to her room, Shiro close behind her. The Huppermages were truly worried of them, during the years they had become something of a family to them. And their unfortune was hurting them too. Aeri sat on the edge of the bed, head held down low, Shiroazaad entered the room making noise so she'd know he was there. She didn't turn to look. She was sniffling alone. ;"I know, how hard it is to move on sister." He said placing a hand on her shoulder reassuringly. "But we have to. This happens to our kind but we always come back from it." He said. Aeri looked at him ;"It still doesn't mean I can't mourn his death." She said. Shiro shook his head. ;"Of course it doesn't. But I'm saying, we must be strong, so that we can meet him next time our heads held up high." He said. Aeri knew he was right, he was always right. Aeri gave him a warm hug in response. ;"I'll try." She said, wiping her tears away.  
  10. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 20: Safe Haven The twins coming back from the volcano with a Dofus in hand, was a great inspiration to others. The Huppermage students clapped their hands together when they came to view. When they landed, they were quickly flooded with a sea of questions. ;"Are you two okay?", ;"How was it?", ;"Where did you go?", it was like your entire family just came to greet you after a journey. Palani made her way to them calmly, the students got our of the way as she approached. ;"So you've found what you were looking for?" She asked. Aeri showed the Dofus to her. She seemed teary eyed, but happy for them. "It's wonderful." She said. "I've never seen anything like it." She confessed. The twins smiled together, as more and more Huppermage students surrounded them, each wanting to have a look at the dragon egg. ;"We've decided on a safe place for our Dofus." Shiroazaad said. ;"It should prove useful if we ever have the need for our Dofus again." Aeri continued. "We have decided to let the dragon of the Mountain guard it, as it would be far too risky to keep it here. Otherwise the convent might get attacked by greedy humans." Shiro explained. Palani nodded. ;"That would be for the best, yes. We wouldn't want anyone to get their hands on your Dofus." She said calmly. "Will you be staying with us to complete your training?" She asked the twins who gave a nod in confirmation. ;"Yes and afterwards, it's time for us to get back home." Shiroazaad said. Palani seemed pleased. The twins made their way to the mountain top where the dragon lived. Aeri approached it gently. ;"Hello again. I know we just left you with a Dofus.. But, is there any way for you to guard ours as well?" She asked it. The dragon looked surprised to see the two again, it studied the Dofus in their hand, and after a while it coiled it's tail around it to protect it, and placed it with the other egg in it's nest. ;"I suppose that is a yes." She said. "Thank you." She continued, placing a hand on the dragon's snout, who gave a little huff in response. Maybe it was because they were closely related to the dragons, but Aeri felt a sort of kinship with this one. Just like she had with Grougaloragran and Shiroazaad, and how she was probably going to, with Yugo and Adamai once they'd be born. "Never let anyone take it." She said patting the dragon. They returned to the convent to finish their training. This time it was multiple Elementals against them. The students split to teams of two, to have a better chance at fighting each of the beings. Shiroazaad and Aeri were of course a team. They went towards the Earth elemental at first. It had a sigil on it's back giving it Wakfu. It was the easiest to take down. Shiro sent flames at it, breaking the sigil on the back, it turned into a pile of dust as soon as it happened. The Water elemental was, difficult to say the least. You couldn't touch it, neither could you the Air or Fire elementals. But it could easily use it's water powers to make a bubble around you, which would slowly but surely drown you. Aeri thought about it for a moment. "Shiro! Get the Fire elemental to go after you!" She said. Shiroazaad did as instructed, making the firey being go after him. It roared as it flew towards him at an extreme speed. Aeri waved in front of the Water elemental making it angry. It followed her when she dashed towards Shiro. The two beings both close on their tail, attacked sending fire and water at the two. Aeri made two portals, one for her and one for her brother. They both jumped through them, as the two Elementals collided they destroyed each other. The two then shared a high five. ;"And that's how you do it!" She said. The other teams destroyed the Air being easily. They then took their places in the row, waiting for their teacher to speak, and judge their performance. ;"What a wonderful display. I'm very proud of you all, you've done well." Palani said clapping her hands. She made her way down to the students she gave each of them a mark for beating the beings. They each bowed as it was given to them. Palani turned to Shiro and Aeri. ;"I believe we still have some training to do for you two today." She said holding her hands together. The two nodded. They then followed her to another room. ;"This is the room where we train our older Huppermages. It is a great honor to be here." She explained. "You two have clearly made progress with your Stasis training, which is why I've chosen the two of you." She continued. "This last part of your training.. I'm not going to lie to you. It might take decades. Are you still going to continue?" Palani asked them. The two changed glances. ;"Yes." They both said determinedly. The two had decided to see it through. During that time, something incredible would happen, Unbeknownst to them. While they were training, their siblings would be born. Adamai and Yugo would be separated at birth to keep them safe. Yugo would be handed to Alibert, a kind Enutrof who would become his adoptive father, and Yugo himself would go on to many adventures with his friends. Adamai would be raised by Grougaloragran just as Aeri and Shiroazaad had been. The twins did not know of the things brewing in Bonta either. Especially in Lightning's group. There would be a surprise in store for them. But for now, they were content having found their Dofus, and continuing their training which would take years for them to master. They would meet Yugo and the others, but not in a long while. For now the convent would be the place they would call "home."
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  12. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 19: Getting Stronger The twins had learned under Palani's guidance how to fight against the Elementals, and they had learned things about their own culture long forgotten. Some memories of Aeri's had started to make sense. She still couldn't remember the faces of her family members, but she had a good idea on how they used to be with her. She had learned to control Stasis power so she wouldn't crash and burn immediately. Her brother had learned to do some more shapeshifting, in order to help his sister in fight better. The two had became a sort of inspiration for the Huppermage students in training, and they'd gladly help them out with anything they needed. They had tried to locate their Dofus with their powers with a little success. They has learned a lot of useful skills though, along with sensing others' Wakfu, they could see much further even with their eyes closed. Just like Grougaloragran could despite being blind. Aeri had of course trained hard with imaginative lessons to control her anger and power, which she could to a point now control, although she still had problems with getting angry. As in she wouldn't allow herself to feel that way at all in order to minimize the effect of Stasis. Shiro had taken part of her training as well. The two had gotten far with it. ;"I still can't find our Dofus." Aeri said sadly, closing her eyes and concentrating. "It's like it doesn't even exist, yet it has to be somewhere." She wondered. Shiro tried to help reassure her that they'd find it, but she had gotten her hopes up before and it didn't lead anywhere. "Shiro, maybe.. We should go back. To Grougaloragran. At least we'd have our siblings with us. Even if our training here isn't quite done yet." She said. ;"But sister, we've gone so far. We have learned so much. It'd be a waste." He argued. Aeri felt disheartened. She should've been able to do this already, yet her powers took a long time to work. She felt like such a late bloomer for an Eliatrope. She was sure her siblings had gotten these things way before she had. Shiro's help had provided little reassurance. ;"I just don't think I can do this right.." Aeri said sadly, holding her face. Shiro bumped his head against hers ;"Of course you can. You're my sister. You can do anything you set your heart to." He said. Aeri still wasn't sure, but she tried again to locate their Dofus. It took a while, but this time, there was a response. Somewhere far. ;"I can feel it!" She said excitedly. "I can feel our Dofus. It's somewhere far, somewhere warm." She explained. "It's in... a volcano! Our egg is inside a volcano!" She exclaimed. "We must retrieve it immediately!" Aeri said worriedly. Shiro nodded ;"I agree the longer it stays there, the more the risk of someone finding it grows." He said. Both of them went to talk with Palani. ;"And that is why we think we should go retrieve our Dofus before we finish our training. We hope you understand." Aeri told Palani. She nodded. ;"Of course, your Dofus comes first. But please be careful, you're still in the middle of your training and we wouldn't want anything bad happening to you two." She continued. The two nodded, understanding the risk. The two packed what little they had brought with them and left the convent. Palani watched as the two left, her teal eyes full of worry. The two travelled by air on one of Shiro's many forms. He had taken the form of a giant crane. It was the safest way to travel considering all or the hindrances down below. The volcano was far away and it would take a lot of energy from Shiro to fly all that time, so the two had to land on an unknown island for the night. It was small, uninhabited island full of life, and animals, but no people to bother them in their natural habitat. The two could easily rest up there and continue their journey tomorrow. Or so they thought, turns out the island WAS inhabited after all, and not just by people but Kanniboules. They were quick to leave the island, since they were going to become their next meal. The flew up high, as the Kanniboules tried to catch them using their plant magic. But thankfully they were out of the range by then. The two then continued their journey tired but relieved they didn't turn out to become food for crazed people. The volcano came into view. The hotness was unbearable, but they had to manage in order to find their Dofus. They landed on the base of the volcano, making their way up, there was an entrance near the top which they took to get inside. They wandered for a while, trying to locate the egg. It took more than imagined as the volcano had many, many routes and caves inside of it. They closed their eyes and concentrated on their Wakfu. It was as if they saw an invisible line of life energy floating in the air, they followed it to a cave which lead them further and further in. At the end there was a big room, with lots of depictions of dragons and Eliatropes. This must have been a place of great worship. The two noticed the egg standing on a stone pedestal at the center of the room. Aeri glanced around, no way it was as simple as just taking it. She didn't see any traps or holes on the ground or the  walls, which was a good sign. But that meant that the pedestal itself was going to be booby trapped. Aeri signaled Shiroazaad, who dashed to the other end of the room, while she herself went towards the Dofus. She was near enough to touch it. As she grabbed it by her two hands there was a CLICK. She quickly tossed the Dofus to her brother who immediately caught it from the air. The pedestal went downwards and into the floor. One of the stone dragons on the walls started moving. It's eyes glowed red with anger, and it could spit fire. Aeri jumped out of the way, just as it spat out fire at her. She quickly made a portal above the stone dragon and jumped in from another, she then created a second portal on top of it making a Stasis blast happen, it crushed the stone head of the Dragon, but it was still moving. Aeri could see a fire sigil inside of it. This was truly going to be a problem. She'd have to either jump in ans remove or destroy the sigil, or send Shiroazaad to do it. Either way one of them would get scorched. Aeri decided it was her rather than her brother. She made a row of portals leading inside the being, as she blasted once again with the power of Stasis. The core was showing but it wasn't damaged enough. Shiro held the Dofus close, watching his sister fight, frustrated he couldn't do anything to help. The being spat fire again, this time hitting the mark, she came from the portal slightly singed from her arm. She held it in pain, Shiro grew his wings as he dashed towards the being with Dofus in hand. He spat his own fire at it's core, but it wasn't enough. The being was dent tumbling backwards, and it was clearly a bit disoriented. But it was still moving. Aeri made portal after portal, leading to the core, as she jumped in, moving fast like a flash of light inside them. She made her way to the very core of the being where she reached her hand, and clutched whatever her hand landed on as tightly as she could, crushing it effectively. Afterwards she was trying to stop her hand from burning, it was in flames. Thanks to Shiroazaad she finally got it to stop. And there it was. Their very own Dofus. Ruby red, and as beautiful as ever. Both of them hugged it tight, giving each other a hug as well. ;"We did it. We finally found it!" She said. Shiro nodded happily ;"We sure did. But... Now where do we put it? We can't keep it in our person all the time, that's too risky. And we can't leave it here either." Shiro said. Aeri wondered for a moment. ;"I think I know a place." She said smiling.
  13. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 18: To Calm Stasis Aeri anxiously waited for her private lessons with Palani, she had previously trained under Grougaloragran but even he had had a hard time trying to teach her use of Stasis. Wakfu was the complete opposite of it, so trying to teach Stasis was like putting oil in fire. It could easily go wrong. He had so far only thought about inhibiting that power, by telling Aeri some helpful exercises in keeping her mind calm and steady. She had never actually learned to harness it even after all these years. Her brother was the same as they shared that power. Neither knew the full extent of their powers, and they had hoped to get some guidance on it. Maybe now they'd finally get it. Starting with Aeri. Palani opened the door with a smile, inviting Aeri in to her room. It had a somewhat earthly scent of wood, trees and some plants were used as decorations. The room had big windows letting the Sun come in as much a possible. Palani sat on a pillow on the floor, Aeri sat down opposite  her, crossing her legs. ;"I was hoping you might be able to help me with Mt erhm.. problem?" Aeri started. Palani listened patiently. "I have this power which manifests when I'm mad or incredibly upset about something, and I can't control it. It's destructive and really powerful.. I'm afraid I'll hurt someone if this keeps up." She explained worriedly, holding her head. Palani thought about it for a moment.  ;"The power of Stasis I presume?" She asked her. She nodded. "It's a tricky power to have, and to fully control one, well, that's a completely different matter entirely." She explained, placing her hands in her lap. ;"So.. Can you help me?" Aeri asked hesitantly. Palani didn't exactly say a yes or a no. ;"I can only help controlling it, not how to harness it I'm afraid. I've never had to work with a power like that, and I'm afraid I'm not exactly the type of person to help in fighting. I'm more of a defender." She explained. Aeri seemed disheartened. Yet again there was no one who'd teach her in actually USING her power. "But I'll do what I can." She said placing her hand in Aeri's, giving a reassuring look. Aeri doubted it would help much but decided to go with it still. ;"Now first I need you to be completely relaxed." Palani said. Aeri nodded. "I'm sorry to ask this but can you take off your hat?" She asked pointing at it. It was a sore spot for her, while she couldn't remember EVERYTHING, she could easily recall all the ridicule she had gotten from her wings over the years. ;"I can try." She said quietly, looking at the ground, she slowly lifted her hat, letting her red Stasis wings out. They spread neatly to the sides, but still had that signature devilish look about them. Aeri felt stupid for getting worked up over such a tiny thing, but also couldn't help it. Palani took a good long hard look at the wings, giving them a slight touch, they were very sensitive. She saw her uneasiness. ;"They're beautiful." Palani said. Aeri blushed a little, no one had said something like that except for few people her brother and.. someone from her past. "Now I want you to imagine a place where you can be fully relaxed in your mind." She continued. Aeri did as told and imagined a beautiful vast field, she laid on the ground of it, looking at the sky, completely at peace. "And now, while keeping that place in mind I'm going to ask you to think of something uncomfortable. Then returning to that happy place. Can you do that?" She instructed her. Aeri nodded. She thought of the times others had insulted her because of her uniqueness, because she wasn't like others. Tiny red marks appeared on her skin. She started to remember... something bad. The skies were darknened, a metallic sound whirred in the air, something big was coming closer. ;"Aeri?" Palani asked her. Cold sweat fell down her forehead as she stayed in that memory. Screams could be heard everywhere, there was so much smoke in the air. Someone called for her name, but she couldn't quite see who it was or where the voice was coming from. "Aeri!?" Palani yelled, desperately. She grabbed her shoulders, shaking her a little. "Please wake up!" She yelled. Shiro heard the commotion outside the room, kicking tye door in he entered. ;"What's wrong??" He asked. Palani gestured at Aeri. ;"She can't hear me, and won't wake up from her trance." She said. Shiro saw the Red markings on her skin spread. ;"This is bad. Aeri! Sis! Wake up!" He yelled. Aeri remembered how people were running to every direction trying to get away, she remembered the giant black being. Her breathing became heavy and ragged. The markings were now around her arms as well. Shiro was panicking, Palani was worried. Not knowing anything else to do, Shiro hugged her sister. At first it seemed to have no effect, but then her breathing slowed down. Steadied, and the markings disappeared a little. Aeri remembered all the good times she had had with her brother, with other Eliatropes, with her family. She remembered the beautifully colored skies, the vast oceans, the giant fields of flowers. She could almost remember THEM. A single tear formed from her eye and down her cheek. She was smiling. Shiro finally let go when the markings and little bursts of energy stopped from around her. ;"W-what happened?" She asked. Palani looked relieved. ;"You went in a trance and we couldn't get you to wake up, it was only after your brother came in did you finally calm down." She explained. Aeri looked extremely sorry and embarrassed. ;"Oh, I'm so sorry. I- I didn't break anything did I?" She asked. Palani shook her head. ;"Don't worry, everything is alright, though next time, we're having your brother with you during private lessons okay?" She said. Aeri nodded. While she was glad she was able to return to normal, she was embarrassed that it wasn't with her own strength. Once again she had to rely on her brother. Which she didn't mind, but she wanted to things By herself without having to rely on others for help. She made a mental note of Palani's happy place training, and decided to try that for herself. While everyone slept, Aeri got to work. She sat down, legs crossed, imagining her happy place. This time she was at a library, a big beautiful, silent library full of all sorts of books on topics she knew and those she didn't quite yet understand. She was at peace, and she wasn't alone, someone was with her, it wasn't her brother. It was another Eliatrope! A man, with glasses, and a friendly smiling face. When he read he sometimes stroked his beard instinctively. Aeri felt like she knew him very well, but couldn't quite remember what he looked like, nor his name. She tried to remember something, an argument with someone, a smaller man, with a cane, what they were fighting about she couldn't remember but she could feel the uncomfortableness of the situation. Small markings appeared on her cheeks, letting out bursts of energy. She remember being separated from the former man from the library and crying hard about it, why? She couldn't recall. But she felt the sadness. More markings began to appear. She remembered a presence, of something or someone.. bad. Very bad. The feeling of helplessness, and panic growing inside her. Even if it was only for a moment. Sparks started to fly from the markings on her skin. She tried to calm down by thinking about happy stuff. Her first hat, the first race she'd ever won, her family. Her brother and all his great jokes, the markings started to disappear one by one slowly but surely. ;"Hey sis!" She heard someone say. She was startled by this and accidentally sent out some burst of Stasis energy. Breaking a flower pot in their room. The flower died instantly. ;"Um... Maybe we DON'T tell Palani, that just happened?" Aeri asked her brother who concured.  
  14. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 17: Preparing For Battle Once they had gotten used to the convent, could they truly begin training. Palani served as their guide and as their tutor. Teaching the children of Goddess Eliatrope and The Great Dragon, was truly an honor for her. The other Huppermage's watched in awe as the two long awaited children came to view. Aeri and Shiro felt weird since neither one was used to being the center of attention. It was nice, but in an off way. They got many handshakes and "thank you's" on the way to the arena, where the main training took place. Some younger Huppermage's starting their training joined in on them. They seemed really interested in Aeri and Shiro. Especially the latter, one even trying to grab his little nubs of horns which he quickly shooed away. Aeri had her own problems trying to keep her hat on, when a few students wanted to see her wings. Palani clapped her hands together as a sign of starting the lesson. The students quickly took their places, Shiro and Aeri close to each other. ;"Today, we have the privilege to have Goddess Eliatropes children take part in our humble little convent. We welcome them with open arms, to take part in our training against the elementals." Palani announced. The Huppermage children took their stances for summoning different elementals powers. While Shiro and Aeri weren't quite sure what was coming for them, they as well took a fighting stance. Palani clapped her hands once again, creating wind from nothing. She made a gigantic being consisting of her powers, which took the form of a lizard. It growled as it made it's way towards the students. They all quickly evaded it. Shiro and Aeri jumped to the side as the being dashed from the middle. It's breath created something like fire and sent it towards the students. Some used water magic to take out the flames, some used wind magic to take the oxygen from it. Aeri used her portals to fling it around the room, sending it flying to the walls. The being screeched loudly. Shiroazaad saw something inside the being. A dim glow of sorts. He dashed towards it creating his own fire, blasting it to it. The being swallowed his flames, and sent them back at him. He took it head on. It didn't burn him as one would think, for it was his own dragonic flame. Aeri created portals coming closer to the being. She too saw the dim glow, and jumped right towards the wind being. It didn't even try to move away. She jumped right through it, and onto the ground. ;'How can I win against something I can't even touch?' She thought. But as she had learned from Grougaloragran, EVERYTHING and EVERYONE has a weakness. She clenched her fist, readying next batch of portals. The dim glow she saw became clearer just for a moment. It was in the beings stomach. Some students tried to beat wind with their own, and by controlling it, but it was of no use. Shiro jumped over it, this time the being kept it's form. ;"Sis! This way!" Shiroazaad yelled, forcing the being's mouth open. Aeri made portals row by row, and into the being. The others looked at the scene curiously. Aeri dashed portal to portal, until she was in the being itself. She reached towards the weird glow. And caught whatever was making it. She clenched it in her hand. And suddenly the being was gone, like it had never existed in the first place. When Aeri looked what she was holding, she saw a shiny see-through rock. It had a sigil drawn on it. Palani seemed pleased.  She clapped. Everyone else did the same as well. Aeri handed the rock back to Palani. ;"Thank you." She said, giving a small bow. Aeri was sure she'd never get quite used to being treated this way. Like they had waited for an eternity for their arrival. She didn't exactly FEEL that special. Shiroazaad maybe but her? She just couldn't quite believe it. ;"That ends our lesson for today" Palani announced. "As you may have noticed this elemental was artificially made by me. Some of them might have a similar power source, but most of them won't be as passive as that being. They will attack relentlessly." She explained. "Find, where their Wakfu is coming from, and you'll find the core. Destroy the core, or take it out of the being, and the Elemental will disappear." She explained. The students took a note of this, nodding and murmuring amongst themselves. Aeri had met an elemental before. Made out of water, although she didn't know of it's weakenss at the time. She wondered what else she had yet to learn. 'Maybe, we can learn about those things here.' She thought. Their mission was to find their Dofus, but they weren't strong enough yet to be able to tell it's location quite yet. She'd need more time, more training to get to that point. Grougaloragran had helped a lot in that point, but from here on out, it was her own duty to do so. To become strong enough, by using her Wakfu and Shiroazaad.. He had given up his chance with training another dragon to follow her on her journey. He could've left her alone, but he felt it was his own duty, to take care of his sister. For that Aeri truly felt bad, but was glad her brother had decided to come with her to find their egg. But before they could do so, they'd need to know as much about their people as they could. From their past, and seeing how much the people loved theirs, it seemed that this convent truly knew almost everything there was to know about them. Besides her own memories of course, which she could still barely have any access to. She'd need a good teacher, and it seemed like Palani might've been just what she was looking for.
  15. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 16: The Dragonic Dance Fleeing from Brakmar was surprisingly easy for the two, even without using Shiro's dragon form. No one even tried to stop them at the gates to charge a fee. They were free. Now they only needed to find a safe place for the little Dofus they had taken with them. Aeri thought about dragons, and their nests, and decided the best place for one would be the mountains. It'd take some time to get there, but maybe that high up no one would think to go look for a dragon egg. The two set for a journey high up to the mountains. They'd use normal means to get there, since using Shiroazaad's powers would be too... flashy. The two journeyed far, accepting help from kind strangers while hiding the Dofus. It was far too valuable and important to lose to betrayal, and they knew from Grougaloragran's stories just how willing humans were to do so for what they wanted. At least that what was they were told, and they had seen it first hand themselves so they couldn't afford any risks. Once they were close enough to the mountains, they continued afoot. The climb to the mountains was tough and tiresome. Aeri made it bearable with her portal powers, but even that started to become too much, when the air got thinner. They decided to rest for the night, in a small near by cave and continue the climb higher tomorrow. Aeri hug the Dofus close to her body to keep it warm, Shiro held it close from his side as well. When the morning came they could see better than when they started the climb. It was a nice cloudless day. Aeri placed the Dofus in a small bag she had on her person, and began the climb. They were slowly but steadily getting closer to the peak. Shiro seemed to notice something, signaling his sister to stop. Aeri looked at him ;"What is it brother? Danger?" She asked worriedly. Shiro looked up with his dragon gaze. ;"I'm not sure. But be very careful. It could be anything." He said in a low whispery tone. Once they made it to a plateau, they stopped to look around. It was quiet. A bit too quiet for their liking. Occassional gust of wind kept them company. Aeri sensed something. Something BIG. Shiro saw it. And immediately grabbed his sister and ducked. A dragon flew by them just high enough, as to not touch them. But low enough to give them the message, that they were not welcomed. Shiro grabbed Aeri's hand to run, she held the bag as close to her as possible. The dragon spun around in the air and started it's descend towards them readying it's sharp claws. Aeri made a portal big enough for it to go through, sending it to the other direction from them. The dragon seemed confused at first, but quickly understood what it was up against. It let out a growl. Shiro answered to it with his own. Changing form to a big black and white dragon to protect Aeri. He charged at the other dragon flames coming from his mouth. The other dragon did the same. They clashed, kicking and biting each other. Aeri watched the scene horrified, clutching onto the Dofus inside the Bag. She noticed a cave, quite possibly the nest of the red dragon. She ran towards it. The dragon took a note of this, dashing right at her. But Shiro came from the side, forcing the dragon to hit the side of the Mountain instead. ;"Leave my sister alone!" He roared. Aeri looked around for anything to use but couldn't find a thing. All she saw was an empty nest of the Dragon, she took the Dofus from the bag holding it close. ;"Maybe..." she said. The dragon fought fiercely against Shiro, twisting and turning it's long body around him to keep him in hold. He yelled in pain. ;"Shiro!" Aeri felt his pain. She quickly ran outside. "HEY DRAGON! OVER HERE!" She yelled at it. The dragon quickly moved to follow her, Releasing Shiroazaad. It flew towards her, as she ran into the cave. It was close on her tail. But then it stopped. It stared something intently. The shining of the red Dofus had gotten it mesmerised. Aeri held it up near it's face. "Here. We think this might be the perfect place for them." She said, giving the egg to the dragon, who gladly accepted it, quickly coiling it's tail around it to keep it safe. "I bet they'll be much happier with someone of their own kind." She said. The Dragon made a cat like purring noise, as Aeri tapped it's snout. She quickly made her way to her brother who had once again taken his human form, he was just smoothing his hair, dusting himself off. ;"How'd it go?" He asked worriedly. Aeri smiled. ;"It went well, and I think the dragon just got much more happier." She answered. "Are YOU okay though? You took a nasty hit.." she asked checking for any wounds. Shiro laughed. ;"It takes more than a few bites to defeat me." He said. Aeri lightly hit his arm. ;"And I bet it takes much more to defeat your sister as well." A voice said. A robed figure stood near them. Shiro immediately went to defensive Mode. "Please. I'm not here to fight the two of you. I wish to help you." They said. The twins gave each other glances of suspicion. But heard them out anyway. ;"My name is Palani, I'm a Huppermage. I live in a convent near by." They said, removing their hood. "And I wish to teach the two of you." She said. ;"Teach us what..?" Aeri asked doubting. ;"How to defeat beings like Dragons, as well as other elementals. Although this fight you may have won, there are far more dangerous creatures and elementals out there." She explained. "Please follow me." She asked of them. The two carefully followed her as she lead the way. Half way thought she pointed upwards. ;"The convent is up there." She explained. "No one without wind magic, or wings can enter. And I know you two have them." She said. Aeri was quick to touch the tips of his hat. Shiro wondered whether they could truly trust her. Shiro turned to his dragon form and Aeri hopped onto his back, they flew up high until they could see it. A flying convent high above the sky. You couldn't even see it from the ground. Let alone from the Mountain top. It was well hidden. They landed on the ground as they followed Palani, who used wind magic to get there. The convent itself was huge dome shaped building. It was made from stone. It had four pillars around it, supposedly supported by wind magic, making it fly. The walls were filled with paintings depicting the story of Huppermages. But.. As well as Eliatropes. Aeri was confused. How could they know? Their existence was supposed to be long forgotten by everyone. But they clearly knew of them. Aeri traced her hand on the wall. She couldn't remember much from her previous lives, but she knew something bad had happened to her family a long time ago. Palani seemed to understand this she gave her a reassuring smile. They made their way to the center of the hall, there seemed to be some Huppermages in training. They all turned to look at them. Aeri instinctively went behind her brother to hide. She felt embarrassed somehow. ;"It's really them!" One of them whispered. ;"A real Eliatrope and a Dragon!" The other one said. Both twins felt uncomfortable by this, but decided to put on a brave face anyway. ;"We've known about your kind for a long time." Palani explained. Gesturing to the wall paintings. ;"We've kept your kind as a secret from others as well. We only wish to help you." She said. She gave them the grand tour of the place. It was much bigger than it looked inside. It was full if Eliatrope history, as well as dragon history. ;"You sure do know us, and we know so little about you.." Aeri said. Palani laughed. ;"I will tell you anything you wish to know about us." She said. And so started the life of Aeri and Shiro at the convent.
  16. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 15: The City of Sin Since the swamp was a bust, the two decided to continue on their journey yet to another city, with a very well known image. Brakmar. Former enemy of Bonta, the city of darkness. They say the most ruthless cut-throat people live there. If they were to get a clue, of any kind of shady business involving a Dofus, that was the place. The road to Brakmar was easy but the entrance was shady at best. There was an entrance fee you had to pay to get into the city, and it wasn't cheap even for two people. Shiro stayed especially close to Aeri, holding her hand as to not get lost in the sea of people walking about. Both of them took extra care for their baggage, as no one could be fully trusted in the dark city. The two made their way to a local restaurant where they asked around whether anyone knew of any Dofus or not. When there didn't seem to be anyone who knew, they became disheartened. That is until they heard a voice: ;"A Dofus eh? I might know something." A Sram man said in the corner of the establishment. He kept his feet on the table and Had a very nonchalant attitude. "But it's going to cost you." He continued. They had no choice than to give almost half of their stash to him. After all He might have valuable info. "Now you didn't hear this from me, but apparently they're holding a very SPECIAL auction at the center of the city. One with incredibly rare items. Of MAGICAL kind." He explained. "If I were you I'd find another way in though... only those with wealth and power may enter, and no offence but you have neither." He continued snickering. They nodded, understanding, giving each other a look of determination, before they headed towards the city's center. Weapon shops and small stalls full of potions of varying kinds filled the square. There were only a few well looking buildings. Soon the two found the most brilliant one. It had big doors with two guards in front guarding it. Surely they couldn't just waltz in. They watched as two well dressed gentlemen entered the building with paying an entrance fee. They could not pay their way in, so they'd have to be clever about it. Shiro noticed someone selling magical potions, Shapeshifting potions. As long as you didn't say a certain codeword "Gobbowl", you'd keep your disguise. With what little they had, they paid for one potion. Shiro hurriedly drank it, turning into an adult looking human. He kept Aeri hidden under his robes. He confidently walked over to the guards. Shiro kept his head up high, silently praying this would all end well. He gulped silently, and went over his role. He was going to pretend to be a Duke from Brakmar's greatest enemy turned friend Bonta. So with the best snobby attitude he looked at the guards like he was better than them, and said. ;"Gentlemen. If you were so kind as to let me in." He stated. ;"Entrance fee?" One of the guards asked holding out their hand. Shiro gasped. ;"Did you not receive my entrance fee from Bonta? DO YOU KNOW who I am?" He stated raising his voice so that a few people turned their heads. The guards gave each other a confused look. ;"I am SIR Siemur the Third. THE Duke of Bonta." He explained to them raising his finger up in the air, looking down at them. "Now you can either let me in, or explain to your boss why I wasn't let in because of YOUR little mistake. I am a well known man, who has donated money to keep this little "house" up and running for YEARS." He clapsed his hands together with a deadpan look. The guards were sweating, with a fearful look. ;"O-of course Sir Siemur! We got your entrance fee months ago!" One of them stated. The other quickly followed ;"Y-yes there is no need to mix our boss in this. Everything is in order, please, come on in! We hope you enjoy your stay!" They hurriedly opened the door letting Shiro pass, as he held his head high making his best displeased face. ;"Yes. So it seems" He muttered, walking in carefully as to not get Aeri noticed. Fooling a few guards was easy, but now, he'd need to fool actual aristocrats, and other people of great wealth and power, while completely penniless! ;"So far so good." He sighed. He then changed his expression to that of calm and slightly unimpressed. He took everything in, the whole building was as grand on the inside as it was outside. Tapestries on the walls, with Golden trims, long red carpet on the floor, and a grand staircase in front of him. Butlers and maids hurried everywhere to serve the men and women inside, who were busy laughing at their own jokes and others unfortune to notice him. Aeri peeked a look quickly, she silently wowed at the sight. ;"Anything to drink sir?" One of the butlers asked holding out a tray of different colored liquids. He took one of them and nodded at the butler who hurried to others, while he was old enough, Shiro had never actually drank alcohol before. He took a small sip before silently cringing at the taste. ;'And people drink THIS for fun??' He wondered, his ears lowering in disgust. When he noticed someone staring at him, he quickly composed himself. ;"Hm yes, this is...adequate... But nothing compared to the drinks I've tasted in Bonta." He said, the person then looking away from him. Shiroazaad had never wanted something to start as much as he did now. All he'd have to do was to outbid the others, then scram with the Dofus and Aeri, before anyone would even understand what was happening. He wasn't exactly a party type of person, or people kind of person, and this little gathering was giving him unwanted stress. ;"Shiro, calm down, you've got this!" Aeri said giving him a thumbs up. This seemed to help him as he took a deep breath.  A hand landed on his shoulder. He shivered. ;"So sonny where are you from?" A old Sacrier man asked him. Shiro shyly answered: ;"B-Bonta." Before composing himself again. "Bonta. I'm from the Southern parts." He explained to him. ;"Really? That's a coincidence! I just met a young man over there who is also from Bonta. Small world huh?" He said. ;"Y-yeah, small world." Shiro nodded. The man called the younger man from Bonta over, and Shiro Cursed under his breath for ever opening his big mouth. That is when a bell rang. ;"Ladies and Gentlemen, if you would be so kind as to follow me to the auction room, the event will soon commence." A servant explained, leading the group of people to the auction room. Shiro managed to slip away with the crowd. He sat himself in the middle row, not too close or too far from the main stage. He was then given a wooden sign to hold and show whenever he needed to bid. Shiro noticed the former Sacrier man sitting not too far from him, and he tried to hide his face from him with little success. But he couldn't possibly try and approach Shiro so he could finally calm down. There were many items on a list, given to him, but so far none of them seemed "magical" like a Dofus would be. The others were bidding back and forth while Shiroazaad sat quietly giving a small bid here and there as to not raise suspicion. There were only few items left when there was a small announcement: "Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for your patience and all the bids so far. I'm here to announce that there will be a bit unusual item not found in the list, you're all very lucky for it is rarest of the rare kind. I'll give you... A Dragon egg. Also known as The Dofus." The announcer said, wheeling in an egg with red pattern, on a silver stand. Everyone went "Oooh!" And "Aaah" upon seeing it. It was truly beautiful. ;"We will begin the auction of this item at 20 000 kamas." The announcer said. People soon began bidding higher and higher, although they had no real money, Shiro needed to make sure his bid was the highest. ;" 30 000 kamas!" Someone yelled, ;"50 000!" Another one said. Shiro started to lost count on how high the bid was so he did the next logical thing: ;"200 000 kamas!" He yelled. Everyone stopped. The announcer quickly hit the hammer. ;"Sold to the Duke of Bonta!" He exclaimed. Everyone clapped. Shiro silently wished the payment wouldn't come to their minds at first. When the auction was done, Shiro quickly made his way to the storage room where they kept the items sold. He scanned the room for anyone else. So far he was the only one there, he saw the Dofus on the stand. Making his way towards it. He gestured Aeri to come on out from hiding she did as instructed. She studied the Dofus, holding it close. It felt familiar, yet somehow... different. ;"This.. This isn't ours." She said sadly. "It IS a Dofus but, not one of ours." She continued. That was when the servant entered the room. ;"Hello, may I help you in any way-" he attempted to say until he saw Aeri holding the Dofus and Shiro. "GUARDS!!" He yelled. Aeri quickly made a portal, taking Shiro and the Dofus with her. They got into the lobby, when the guards arrived. ;"Uuh... Freeze I have the Duke as a hostage?!" Aeri attempted to fool them. Buuut it didn't seem to work on them. "Darn." She said, taking Shiro's hand and running. Both of them got out of the auction house, with the Dofus. ;"Now where do we go??" Shiro asked panicking. ;"We go in crowd." Aeri said diving into the sea of people as the guards followed them, they soon lost their trail. As the two ran Aeri wondered where it would be safe to leave such a thing. A Dofus was no toy, you couldn't just leave it out in the open, especially since this one housed a dragon. The two continued their way to the city's border, and once they were over it, they had truly gotten away. Now all they needed to do was to find a suitable home for their new friend.
  17. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 14: The Swamp of Horrors Having gotten then information necessary the three returned to the base of the Rogues. Some were surprised they even made it back, let alone in one piece. ;"Now we're even kids. What are you going to do now?" Smisse asked them curiously. ;"We're going to that place that the Enutrof told us about. That's our only lead so far, and it sounds like the Dofus Grougaloragran told us about." Aeri explained. Shiro gave a huff in response. ;"You sure about that? You could just stay here and become a Rogue you know. You have the stuff for it." Lightning said. Both Aeri and Shiroazaad shook their head slightly. ;"Thanks, but no thanks. Finding our family comes first." She explained. Smisse stroked her head lightly. ;"Well, just know that the deal still applies if you change your minds." He told them. The other Rogues concured. "If you ever need help around Bonta, know that we're here for you guys, alright?" He continued. She nodded. The two bid farewell to the Rogues, and headed towards the direction the Enutrof had previously told them about. Because Shiroazaad was unable to turn into his dragon form, due to there being too many people around, they had to go by foot. For some way they got a ride from a nice man on a wagon, on the way out of the city. He however refused to take them all the way to the swamp, as it was notorious from getting people lost, and for them to never return. The pair continued onward together. The Swamp was dark, and damp, filled with thick greenish fog. The water was dark and murky, you couldn't see the bottom. The air felt heavy, and a sense of dread loomed. Whisper-like sounds could be heard in the distance as they walked hand in hand, and unknown hissing sound was made by some creature deep within the swamp. Crows filled the branches of the trees, watching the two. Shiroazaad growled lowly at them, they seemed to get the message, as some of them flew away in fear. Something slithered it's way up a tree in a hurry as if to hide. Aeri sensed SOMETHING's Wakfu around them, but couldn't pin point where it was. It felt big and strong, but it was as if it was all around them. They hopped from portal to portal to avoid walking in the murky unknown waters. The entire swamp felt... suspiciously calm. They hadn't even noticed any bugs flying through the air, nor had They actually SEEN any other life besides the crows on the trees. The uncertainty in the children's hearts weighed heavy, but their excitement if finding their Dofus helped them forward. They moved deeper and deeper into the ever darkening forest, soon it was too dark to even see your own hands, the only thing glowing was the portals Aeri created, and her red wings. Good thing that they both could see the Wakfu of any living being which helped them navigate through the darkness. For some time there was nothing, but then, there was a dim reddish glow. It grew bigger and bigger the closer they got. And there, on a tree trunk, it was. A brilliant red, Ruby colored Dofus. It seemed easy. Too easy. No one, nothing guarding one. Aeri hesitated to approach it. Shiroazaad felt the same. ;"Are you sure about this sister?" He asked her. She gulped and nodded in response. She took a step, then another forward. Once she was sure nothing happened, was she bravely moving on. Step by step until she was at the stump. She reached her hands towards the Dofus. Slowly but surely. Aeri moved it a little to test the waters, then more, and then she took it in her hands holding it. The soft and warm glow enveloped her. It felt familiar yet different from what she had imagined. Yet she couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. Very wrong. Suddenly something shot out of the waters. Or rather the water itself shot upwards into a giant snake like being. It dashed towards Aeri who barely had enough time to jump backwards away from the being. It then quickly maneuvered itself towards her. She created a portal big enough for the creature to go through, it took quite a lot of her strength. Shiroazaad quickly ran to her sister, taking a form of a dragon to protect her. The being, a little confused from the portal trip, quickly turned itself back towards the two. It moved quickly through the trees and branches, it WAS mostly consisting of water after all. Aeri and Shiro both jumped to different directions to confuse the creature, but it went after Aeri instead. ;"Why is it only attacking ME?" She yelped. The water creature splashed against her body, taking a hold of Aeri. She hung helplessly with the Dofus in her arms. "Let. Me. Go!" She yelled, making a Wakfu blast at the creature, cutting it in half. The bring however quickly recovered from this, becoming whole once more, as the Eliatrope ran creating portals with her free hand, jumping through as quickly as she could. The being wasn't far behind her. Shiro spat fire at it, only for the creature's head to evaporate and taking form again. It slammed it's body against Shiro who was sent flying to the water. ;"Brother!" Aeri yelled in despair. The being slammed it's tail against Aeri this time, who fell to the ground still clutching to the Dofus. The creature watched as she got back up only for it to slam her down once again, and again. Shiroazaad flew at the creature who didn't even bother to attack him. It just let him flew through it's body as it did no damage. As many times as it hit her, she clutched more and more tightly at the egg. Finally she got up, and was immediately sent flying upwards, that's when she noticed something strange about the Dofus. It had changed color to more faded red. She stared at it before it hit her: ;"This isn't ours." She said. Once she managed to land safely, she quickly held up the egg at the creature. ;"There has been a mistake! We thought this Dofus was one of ours. But it turns out it's not. You must be the guardian of this place... Please forgive us!" She told it bowing down. The creature gently took the Dofus from her, placing it back onto the tree trunk it had formerly been, then it turned back into normal swamp water. ;"Now what do we do then?" Shiro asked holding his arm. ;"I don't know. This was our only lead." Aeri said sadly. "We can't even sense our Dofus. Nor the others." She continued. Both of them looked at each other. Both of them disheartened.
  18. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 13: Dark Market Aeri hesitated. She had never shown her wings outside the family. Not only that, but she knew the world had not seen someone like her and Shiro. She didn't fully trust Lightning Fist yet, but something about Lord really didn't sit right with her. Explaining herself would be complicated, but if it meant getting their Dofus, it would have to be done. She nervously shifted her gaze between Lord and Lightning, and finally to Shiro. Both children gulped. Aeri slowly revealed her Wakfu wings. Lord's eyes lit up upon seeing this. ;"Fascinating." He whispered. Lightning looked shocked. ;"Wings? Growing from your head? What are you??" He felt panic setting in. Aeri quickly put her hat back on after seeing how Lord was staring at her, she still felt uneasy. Shiro stood up, flames engulfing his form turning from a child into a dragon. ;"A dragon?!" Lord exclaimed. "No one has seen one in hundreds of years!" He continued. "Just who are you two?" He wondered. Aeri hesitated to say: "I am an Eliatrope. And yes my brother is a Dragon" The Lord pondered this for a bit before walking over to his desk, taking some sort of old text out. ;"An Eliatrope? How curious. Your kind hasn't been seen since the dawn of time." He said turning to the two smiling. ;"Yes well, we aren't exactly... New here..." Aeri said. Lord slapped his hands together. ;"For such a valuable info, I might just have to help you two find that Dofus. Who knows? Might be fun too." He mused. The two gave each other a look. "So it's settled. I'll help you get your egg, and you'll tell me more about yourselves. Deal?" Lord said extending his hand for her to shake. She did just that. ;"Alright. You have a deal." The Ecalfip took some necessary equipment from around the shop with him to take to the Dark Market, as well as a map and some spare kamas. ;"Now that we're all ready. Let us go to the Dark Market. Stay close by now. Wouldn't want anyone to kidnap you guys." Lord snickered. The team made their way to the darkest most shadiest part of the city, long forgotten by the others. Even in a bountiful, sparkling city like Bonta, there laid a darkness unlike any other. The Dark Market, where no good citizen dared to set a foot, in fear of what waited on the other side. This place nearly rivalred the darkness of Bonta's most hated foe Brakmar. Although the were at peace now, back in the day they used to be most fiercest enemies. The Market was bustling with life, lowlife if you will. Murderers and crooks as far as the eye could see. Even the vendors were shady at best. Weapons,  Poisons,Curses, Stolen Treasure... They had it all. But nothing that seemed like a Dofus. Not at least where they could see. Shiro stuck to Aeri like glue, and Aeri on the other hand was taking a hold of Lightnings black cape to make sure they wouldn't be separated in the bustle and hustle. The further they walked the darker it seemed to get. Even the friendly Bow-meows looked more crooked around here. Lord stopped in front of a "friendly" looking Feca who was just supplying his goods for a Xelor with a hooded face. ;"Hello good Sir. Would you be so kind as to tell me where I can find "The One and Only?" He asked the older man. He seemed to be taken aback by this question as his eyes widened for just a moment. ;"Who wants to know Ecaflip?" He asked grunting. ;"Oh you know, no one at all. Just.. The Lord." The Ecaflip answered nonchalantly, glancing at the Feca who immediately recognized the name. ;"I beg you pardon good sir. I did not recognize you without uh..." He tried to explain. ;"Oh don't worry. Last time I still had my full tail left." Lord joked. The Feca looked left and right before gesturing for the group to follow. He punched a tile on the wall, opening up a secret door just behind his little stall. The way went downwards underground. ;"Must be Enutrof made tunnels" Lightning said, looking around at the dimly lit, dark, twisted, seemingly endless tunnels. Finally they came to a halt at the very end. Few wild Drhellers were digging through the ground as an old and sneaky looking Enutrof sat on one of them. ;"Who has come to see me?" He asked without turning to face the group. The Ecaflip was the first to greet him. ;"Lanrac! How nice to see you after all this time my friend." He went in for a hug but was stopped by the Enutrof. ;"Lord, my old pal. Whenever you come here troubles seem to follow close behind." The man said. The Ecaflip sat opposite of the man. ;"I'll get straight to the point old chap, I need your information about a certain Dofus, and I KNOW for certain you have it. You've been dying to get your greedy hands on one for years." He said. Aeri wasn't sure if she truly trusted either one of them. ;"Oh you know me, once I set my sight on something I'll see it through." The Enutrof said. "Why do YOU need such information anyway? You never were interested in the Dofus in the first place." He inquired. ;"Oh the information is not for ME. But rather, for THEM." The Ecaflip pointed at the two. "C'mon children. Tell the nice man what you told me." He adviced. Shiro stepped forward. ;"The Dofus.. It belongs to our people. We need to find it, so we can guard it." He explained. The Enutrof looked skeptical. He looked at both of them from head to toe. Then back at Lord who nodded at him. ;"So I'm assuming you two aren't just any kids from the slums then?" He asked. Shiro nodded. Lord spoke for them: ;"Ohohoho. These two are something VERY special indeed." He told the man patting Aeri's head a bit. He seemed to understand what this meant, as his eyes gleamed with excitement. The Enutrof nodded In agreement. ;"Very well I'll tell you where you may find your Dofus." He told them. They all sat down to listen to his tale.  "In a dark forest far from Bonta, there lies a swamp. Deep in there, stands a tall tree. Under it, guarded by the Spirit of the Swamp, is a brilliant red Dofus. I have seen it with my own eyes but never gotten close enough to actually touch it." He explained. "Oh what I wouldn't do to get it in my hands.." He continued. The man went on and on about the Dofus, but the children had already gotten most of what they had wanted. ;"And in which direction does the forest happen to be in?" Aeri asked curiously. The man stopped for a moment to take in the question: ;"Oh just South-East from here. Easy to see do not worry. But it's not like you have to think about it too much anyway." He told them. ;"How so?" Shiro asked him. His eyes gleamed again. ;"Because you won't be leaving here." He said clapping his hands together. The wild Drhellers stopped digging, surrounding them. ;"Hey! What the-?!" Aeri yelped. ;"Lord what is this?! This isn't what we agreed on!" She yelled. ;"No, but finding kids as rare as you is too much of a good opportunity to pass up." He smiled. The Enutrof tossing him a bag of kamas. "Was nice seeing you though!" Lord said before disappearing into the tunnels. Both children glared at Lightning Fist. ;"Hey- I didn't know He made a deal with this guy!" He said surprised. "I was not in on it!" He told them. The Drhellers growled at the three, as the old man snapped his fingers to give them a signal to attack, Aeri quickly made a portal in front of her throwing another one backwards jumping in to the one closest to her disappearing and re-appearing further away. Shiro quickly made a wall of smoke by exhaling deeply enough. Running after Aeri. Lightning Fist punched one of the Dhrellers in face before running after the children himself. ;"Get them!" The Enutrof yelled. More and more creatures appearing from the tunnels blocking their way out. Aeri zapped them with her Wakfu energy sending them flying haphazardly in all directions. The three made their way in the tunnels despite not knowing which one took them outside. All the tunnels looked the same. ;"Well kids you know what they say: if there is no door..." Smisse started. "MAKE ONE!" He yelled punching a wall, huge sparks emitting from his hand to it, successfully punching through it with ease. Shiro smelled the air, picking up scents from the Market. Aeri made row after row of portals moving the three quickly out the way Shiro instructed. They appeared at the center of the Marketplace, falling down on the ground with great speed. ;"Next time.. we don't trust your friends okay?" Aeri said. ;"Fair enough." Lightning answered. 
  19. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 12: The Dofus Aeri spent a good while trying to make sense of what she had just seen in her mind. None of it made any sense. Were those her memories? But from a different time? From a different reincarnation? She has heard about this being possible from Grougaloragran, but didn't know it was possible to REMEMBER her past lives. Being born a Demigod sure had it's upsides, despite her never thinking much of it. To her she was just a child looking, yet mature...ish Eliatrope with her Dragon sibling. And these two were looking for a Dofus. An Eliatrope Dofus if their luck would have it. They couldn't sense them besides of their own, since they were connected to it, so finding any of the Seven Dofus would be like finding a needle from a haystack. Of course once they'd be close enough to see one they could easily recognize is as one of their own. Finding all Seven of them would be a hassle, so for now they decided to look for a very specific one. Their own. A brilliant Ruby Red Dofus. They weren't exactly common in big cities, but Aeri knew people would sometimes smuggle rare objects and items In cities much like this one. And now they had met a group who would know a thing or two about it. Not only that they had helped them get a great haul of treasure. And it was time for them to pay up. ;Lightning Fist." Aeri tried to say without laughing at his name. It proved to be hard. ;"Yeah kid? You fine now?" The Rogue asked. ;"Yes. Now. I need information, about the Dofus? Like we agreed. You got your treasure so.." she told him. He laughed. ;"Okay then kid, man you must be fun at parties... I'm telling this to you straight 'cause I like you okay?" He asked her. She raised an eyebrow. ;"Okay...?" The Rogue stood up, crossing his arms. ;"We don't have any." He bluntly told her. ;"Any..?" She questioned. ;"Any information about any Dofus." He continued. She stopped completely. What did she just hear. ;"You mean to tell us we went through all that trouble... FOR NOTHING?" Shiro asked in an irritated tone, his eyes lighting up, glowing in a hauntingly beautiful blue color. Aeri couldn't believe what she just heard, a mix of frustration and disappointment deep inside started to grow. ;"So you had us do your dirty work, KNOWING you had nothing to offer us in return?" She asked, looking at the Rogue in the eyes. A reddish glow appearing in hers. The man laughed. ;"Well it's not like you asked any of us whether we knew or not kid." The others joined in on the laughter. Aeri felt... ridiculed. She didn't know what came over her. She jumped up, grabbing his collar, pulling him with her onto the ground. His chin hit the floor and he bit his tongue. She pointed her right hand at him and her hand glowed red. Markings appeared on her face. Of similar red color. She was ready to blast him right in the face with a painful force. ;"Sis-!" Shiro yelled. She didn't listen. The Rogue looked up at her tear filled eyes.;"H-hey kid?! What's gotten into you?!" He asked panicking. She was furious. ;"YOU. YOU don't get to call me THAT. You have no right to-!" She attempted to say, until she saw his frightened face. He was shaking. The other Rogues had already surrounded her trying to think of what to do. They had guns ready, but none of them actually had the guts to shoot a little girl. Even if this WAS acting... like a scary monster. She lowered her hand, markings disappearing from her body. Her eyes turning regular green color. Shiro ran past the Rogues to her. He grabbed her shoulders, and gestured her to take a deep breath. Aeri did as instructed. The rest of the glow disappearing.  Smisse got up from the ground dusting himself off. ;"Well THAT sure was something.. Don't see that every day." He said. Aeri glared at him. He flinched instinctively. ;"Let's go Shiro. We don't have any more time to spend with lowlife crooks." She told him, walking outside. He followed her taking last glance at the leader of the Rogues disappointedly. They were half way on the alley when he yelled after them: ;"Hey kids wait up!" Lightning Fist called. The two turned to look at him. ;"What? Wanted to gloat some more?" Aeri asked spitefully. He felt that one. ;"N-no? I was GOING to say, until you attempted to off me- WE have no information about the Dofus." The two were unimpressed. "BUT. We might know someone who DOES." The two gave each other the look of "Do we really trust this guy?" She sighed. ;"Who is this person?" She asked him. He flashed a smile at them. ;"They call him 'The Lord', and he knows EVERYTHING there is to know about the Dark Market." She smiled determinedly. Shiro gave a deep sigh. ;"Here we go again. Dealing with the bad guys.." Lightning Fist raised his index finger. ;"Bad Guys who are HELPING two lost children to find what they need. If you'd please." He continued. He poofed a small smoke Cloud out of his mouth still unsure about all of this. But if his sister was going, he was sure to follow her anywhere.  The walk there wasn't too long, they took the most shady looking alleyways and followed Lightning Fist close by. They got a few looks from other thieves and crooks here and there, some probably thought they had been kidnapped or were going to be sold of somewhere. Aeri thought about running a couple of times, after all they barely knew Fist! What if this was just an elaborate trap? And what about this Lord? They knew nothing about him but his name! They could always fight them, but not without getting the attention of authorities, and they really didn't have the time nor energy to try and explain why they were technically not even children nor why they hung out with Rogues of Bonta. They stopped at the end of the alleyway. An old looking abandoned shop that simply said: "FLOWERS." The Letters were barely seeable, nearly all faded, and the old sign was turned as 'closed'. Lightning gave three rapid knocks on the glass of the door, and four on the wood part of it. It was nearly rhytmical. The door opened up just slightly. ;"Yes? Who is looking for me?" A sly voice said. Lightning straightened his back and said: ;"The early robin sings." There was a shuffling sound inside. ;"Until the bow-meow strikes." Said the voice. "Lightning, it has been too long." The door opened up all the way, revealing a rather young brown furred Ecaflip with a missing eye, and stubby little tail. "I didn't know you were into human trafficking." The Ecaflip said looking down at Aeri and Shiro. "Or... are you perhaps babysitting?" Both men looked at each other, before bursting to laughter. "No, but these little ones need your expertise." He gestured for them to go inside. The Ecaflip watched them both closely with his one yellow eye as they entered. Both of them felt a sort of pressure while inside. What if this really WAS a trap? The door shut after all four entered the shop. It was pitch black. Shiro's small fire breaths were the only thing lighting up the room a bit. Otherwise it was dark, and stuffed. Until a small light was lit up by the Ecaflip. A small desk under a pile of books and maps appeared in front of them. To their right stood a row of pots and unused vases. A single flower in one of them. To their left was a pile of treasure chests, possibly filled to the brim with gold and jewels. Behind the Ecaflip was a smaller room protected by a thin tattered curtain. He gestured for them to follow. There were stairs leading downwards. The two gulped and followed him hesitantly. The room was less stuffy, but it smelled like... catmint? On the wall was the World's Map, as well as smaller map of Bonta. Varying sizes of cat toys decorated the floor. At the end of the room was a big ball of yarn with a well used scratching post. Guess they had found The Lord's own personal room. The Ecaflip took a seat on the yarn ball and gestured the others to do the same on others. ;"So... you're looking for what exactly?" He asked streching hid arms. ;"A Dofus." Said Aeri. His only eye glowed. ;"Oh? A Dofus? And what, prey tell would a couple of kids like you do with such a... POWERFUL, not to say RARE item?" He purred. ;"That is for US to know and for you to find out." Aeri sassed. He meowed. ;"Ha! I like this kid. She's..  Fun. How about you small boy? Are you fun as well?" He asked Shiro, who only gave a huff as a response. "Lovely kid." He stated flatly. "If you want to find a Dofus I'd suggest looking through the Dark Market. Lots of important things go missing, you'll most likely find them there. I have some.. 'FRIENDS' there. I could help you. For a price that is." Aeri readied herself. ;"Name your Price." She said determinedly. Lord glanced at her smiling deviously. ;"Well first my dear.. you need to tell me just WHAT are you REALLY?" He asked looking at her from head to toe. Shiro braced himself to go help her if needed. Aeri shook her head to him. She was pondering whether it was worth it. But to find their own Dofus, it wasn't too steep of a price. She gestured to her hat. ;"Alright. But when I show you, promise you won't scream." She said.
  20. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 11: Memories Aeri saw what looked like an Eliatrope girl, a bit older than her. She was wearing all pink clothing matching her hair. She was waving at her. ;"Aeri! C'mon! Let's go!" She called her. With her was a thin dragon With fluorescent wings shining with all the colors of the rainbow. Aeri felt as if she knew them. She had a warm feeling in her chest. She had never met these two before but somehow she knew. ;"Who are you? How do you know me?" She asked the girl. The girl didn't answer. Aeri heard someone else calling for her name, a man this time. It was like the entire world was spinning. The scene changed. Now she was in a small room full of mountains of books. Some vials of unknown liquid were neatly placed on the table, a man poured some red liquid into a vial of blue liquid and it changed color. She couldn't see his face but she felt as if she knew him too. ;"So Aeri, are you ready for today's lesson?" He asked her without turning away from the vials. She tried to remember his name, but it didn't come to her mind. A voice however answered to him ;"You know I am!" Said an older Eliatrope dressed in red. Her hair and eyes were the same as Aeri's. ;'Is that...me?' She wondered. The girl smiled brightly at the man in front of the desk. Her hands glowed red with the energy of Stasis. ;"You seem to be working hard as usual. Could you tell me what you're working on this time?" The woman asked. ;"I would my dear, but that would ruin the surprise." The man said finally turning around. But before she had any time to see his face, the world spun once again.  This time there were several people. Eliatropes. Although she couldn't see them very well, she knew they were there. She heard their voices. ;"...and do you really think we should do that ____?" One voice said. A gentle, calm one. ;"But what if there's another way ____, you can't possibly suggest..." another one said an older, more intense voice. She saw shadows, no, dragons. Many of them, one of them looked like Shiroazaad but bigger. Black markings covering his otherwise white body. Piercing blue eyes. ;"Aeri, what do you think? She's close with you, do you think...?" The man from before said. Suddenly visions filled her head. They were fast, and like lights they blinked on and off from her mind. Visions of metallic beings, Visions of a planet she didn't know, of people she had never met. And finally a crystal clear scene. Of herself. She was on top of a flying ship, talking to someone, something flashed in the distance, and was sent towards her. A zap from a weapon. It hit her chest. She fell down off of the ship, someone jumped in after her, an Eliatrope perhaps? A dragon flew after her as well. Shiro. He managed to save her. Warm, red blood filled the ground. Shiroazaad took his human form to hold her. He was calling her name. The scene became more and more clear. She could almost see the Eliatrope near her. Aeri tried to get a look, but she was starting to feel dizzy. All of the Visions had taken everything out of her. Everything became blurry. She was losing consciousness? No, she was waking up. She needed a moment. Just few seconds to see who it was. She needed to know. But yet again someone was calling for her. From somewhere distant. ;"Aeri...Aeri! Aeri!!" The voice became clearer as the scene blackened out completely. And then, she opened her eyes. Shiroazaad stared at her waking sister. He was lightly shaking her. ;"Sister please wake up!" He yelled, when finally she opened her eyes, looking back at him. He hugged her. ;"I thought for a moment that you wouldn't-" He tried to say tears filling his eyes. ;"He wouldn't stop pestering us about it either." Lightning Fist said angrily. He stood in the corner looking at the loot they had stolen. The others congratulated each other on a job well done. Some where prematurely drinking beer and partying. ;"So feeling any better now?" Smisse asked nonchalantly. She got up wobbly, taking support from her brother. ;"Kind of...? I feel... weird. I saw... A weird dream.." she held her head. "I think I saw someone I knew? But I have never met them before?" She explained. Smisse turned to look at her. ;"Okay then... So you hit your head HOW hard?" He asked worriedly. "We can't have you going all crazy now Okay?" He continued. "So just lay down, and gather your thoughts." He adviced. ;"I'm fine! I'm just saying, I saw some things and people, and I think I know them! At least... I FEEL like it." She explained. "I'm not sure WHAT it was exactly but.." she said. Smisse put his hands on her shoulder. ;"You're really not making any sense here kid, but whatever it is you think you saw, really messed you up. I'm telling you, to gather yourself. Just Relax, we got what we wanted, and you'll get your info on the Dofus." He said to her. She wondered ;'But I'm not so sure it was just a dream...' But she couldn't say it out loud. 
  21. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 10: The Heist Sneaking to Bonta's most secured museum was no easy task, gladly, Aeri had more ways than one to get a group of Seven in. Any more than that would attract unwanted attention. There was Lighting Fist himself, Storm Cloud and Thunder, Shiro and Aeri as well as Lightning Bolt and Storm. The rest of the group had done some light reconnaissance about the surroundings. They would need to create a distraction if they wanted an opening and past the guards. So with everything she got, Aeri took a deep breath, and screamed: ;"SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! THEY'RE GETTING AWAY! PLEASE!" She teleported from spot to spot confusing the guards enough for them to take a few minutes checking where the source of the sound was coming. With that the rest of the group sneaked in, Shiro melting the lock lightly on the front. Aeri regrouped with them soon after. ;"You sure have pipes kid." The Ecaflip complimented, She gave him a toothy grin as a response.  Now Inside, they would need to be on their toes to avoid all and any security measures there may be. Rumor was that the most greedy, and paranoid Enutrof's had helped creating most of the museums security. Meaning, it'd be extremely hard to stop the alarms if they went off. The GOOD thing about this. If the old men went THIS FAR protecting something, it would definitely be of great value. This made the Rogues feel giddy inside like kids on Kwismas. So much to steal, so little time. They kept to the walls avoiding the center of the room. Some of the tiles on the ground were slightly elevated. The Lightning Storm took a kama coin out of his pocket, throwing it on one of the tiles, as a spear appeared quickly, stabbing through the coin like hot butter. ;"Okay, so that's a no go..." Fist quietly said. Aeri pondered about teleporting everyone from room to room, but that'd take way too much power from her side. Shiro couldn't change into his dragon form without stepping on the wrong tiles either. Lightning Bolt looked up to the ceiling there was a stone roof pillar up above. ;"We can use that. Watch closely now kid. We're going to show what us Rogues can do." She said to Aeri, latter giving a deep sigh. ;"I'm actually not a-" She tried to argue when the woman Rogue grabbed her from the waist and used a grappling hook to get up on top of the pillar. Aeri gave a silent scream as they quickly ascended, the rest of the group following in suit. They then balanced their way to the next room, where their objective was. There laid the many, MANY gemstones of Bonta on velvety pillows under the glass containers, breaking the glass would be easy, but getting out with the alarms ringing would be tricky. They COULD break through the Windows but who's to say there wouldn't be an army of Feca's out front waiting? They were known protectors. ;"Give me the sack, I can probably steal all the stuff for you." Aeri said, Shiro glaring daggers at his sister. ;"You sure kid? This is the BIG leagues. If you get caught or send off the alarms we won't come to help you. You're on your own, and we never even met." She nodded ;"I know. I won't mess this up." She said determinedly. Thunder handed her the sack, as she jumped down and softly landed on the glass container. Making a small portal inside to get the gemstones without breaking the glass she one by one took them out. Never did she think she'd use her powers for stealing, but if she was to find the rest of her family, helping these guys was her only option. She noticed a big golden vault at the end of the room, she gave a quick glance to the group, who in turn gave a quick head shook as a response. ;"But there could be more valuable treasure inside!" She whisper yelled at them. ;"Do not take the risk! This place is already heavily secured, you'd never make it back!" Fist yelled back. She tossed the sack at him, hopping from one container to another, towards the vault. ;"What kind of Rogue, takes no risk?!" She said as she made a portal to go through the golden door. She was now Inside the vault. She could see golden items everywhere. Swords, coins, chalices, more gemstones, pieces of art.. and at the center of it all laid an golden  colored egg. Adorned by various gems. Aeri stared at it. ;"Just like a Dofus... but made of Gold?" She studied it for a while, but when she learned it indeed contained no life within, she picked it up. ;'This could be good for them.' She thought. She glanced at the door. 'I Don't think I can use my portals to ALL of this treasure but maybe...Just this one..?' She attempted to make a portal, but only a small one came out. "Already? I haven't used THAT much power. Oh.. now how do I get out of here..?" She panicked. Aeri tried to look for a way out but the vault was airtight. That's when she heard noises from outside. BANG. BANG. BANG. in a rhytmical way. Until the door gave in. There stood Lightning Fist himself. Covered in sweat. ;"Don't ever make me do that again kid." He said. Aeri smiled. ;"You came for m-" he stopped her. ;"I came because THIS ONE threatened to burn this place to the ground if I hadn't." He pointed at Shiroazaad who gave a slight huff in response creating smoke as he did. Now that Aeri looked closely Lightning's clothes were slightly singed. She presented them the golden egg. ;"I just thought you'd want something like this on your resume." He looked at her then the egg, taking it from her he laughed. ;"Not bad kid. Maybe you COULD be a Rogue one day... But now... We gotta scram, before anyone noticed we were here. Take what you can carry, and we're outta here!" He ordered. His men did as told, taking whatever they could. That's when the alarm went off. ;"And of course... The door itself has an alarm on it. Just my luck." Fist sighed. ;"EVERYONE RUN!"  The group ran as fast as they could trying to avoid the elevated tiles on the floor someone every now and then accidentally stepping on one, a fire emerging from the ground or a battle axe nearly chopping someone's head off. They were nearly at the front door when they heard noises. ;"TEAM A WITH ME, TEAM B TO THE BACK DOOR, DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY!" a guard yelled. They were going to be surrounded! ;"I knew this was a bad idea! Kid! This is on you!" Lightning yelled. Aeri quickly tried to create a portal, but again only a small one emerged from the tips of her fingers. ;"I have to- somehow- hng- just... WORK ALREADY!" She tried with all of her might to make a properly sized portal. But nothing came out of it. She was sweating bullets. ;"Please.. If I can't Do this everyone's gonna be in trouble.." Shiro placed a hand on her shoulder comfortingly. A spark of light appeared from his fingertips. Aeri saw this. ;"Maybe I can't do this alone but... Shiro please brother lend me your power!" She pleaded grabbing his hands with her own. He nodded ;"Alright, but only this once. I wanted nothing to do with this anyway" they both focused, pressing their foreheads together. More sparks emerged, light enveloped the two, as Aeri put her arms in front, making a waving motion, as a portal appeared, just before the guards ran in, they had gone through it. ;"Remind me to never EVER, do that again sister." Shiro said in a tired voice as the portal closed behind them. ;"Ehheh... Sorry brother. I swear... not to ever.." she tried to explain, her vision becoming blurry, her words becoming a slur. She lost consciousness, hitting the ground softly, and then.. She saw her.
  22. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 9: Rogues of Bonta The children decided to stay out of the open, to walk the alleys and streets with fewer people. The two were different in many ways, the people wouldn't understand their existence. It was then that they saw something they weren't expecting. A group of bandits trying to Rob an old man's stand. ;"Give it up old timer. No one defies the Seven Lightnings!" A scrawny looking Sacrier declared, while a thin Osamodas with long horns was busy ransacking anything he saw. Their leader stood proudly, tall, on the side grinning from ear to ear. It was at that moment that Aeri's blood boiled. She dashed forward, creating a portal under the two goons busy robbing the poor man blind, the two falling in yelping in surprise. She made them re-appear above a near by river. The splash reached their boss' furcoat, he looked displeased, but as soon as he saw who did it, he began to laugh. ;"Shouldn't children like you be off playing tag elsewhere?" He asked. Aeri grunted. ;"I may look like it, but I'm not a child." She told him. He looked confused but brushed it off. "Shouldn't Rogues such as yourselves be off robbing banks or jewelery stores? Instead of old men?" She argued back smiling. The big guy gritted his teeth. ;"I'd prefer not to fight children." He said baring his fangs. Aeri smiled. ;" Me neither, bit guess I have to make an exception." She giggled. The man ran towards her, she jumped above him, like leap-a-frog, bouncing off of his head. He fell backwards on his bottom. She quickly made a portal next to herself and another before him to disarm him of the dagger he had concealed. She only singed his hand. He threw the dagger at her. Shiroazaad caught it with his mouth half way, biting down hard enough to break it in two. ;"Cheap tricks won't help you now Rogue." He said. The big guy visibly angered made a fist ;"My name is "Lightning Fist" Smisse! You will not beat my group." The children were quiet. Then they laughed. "LIGHTNING FIST?! That's your name?? I'm sorry but- why would you choose that??" Aeri giggled. "That's really bad. Just... Extemely bad." Shiro concured. Smisse did not believe so. ;"It's a cool name okay?! What would you two know anyhow?!" He pouted. "THUNDER!, STORM CLOUD! Get out of the river and FIGHT!" The Osamodas and Sacrier both did as asked. They charged at the two little heroes, but Shiro quickly stopped them with a small flame wall. ;"Ho-oh! What!? Fire?! What are you??" Thunder explaimed. ;"The only beings capable of such are.. Dragons!" Storm Cloud said. Both the leader and his co-worker looked at the Sacrier in disbelief. "What? I read history..Sometimes.." He told them embarrassed. Shiro kicked him in the shin, angered. ;"OW! Why you little-" SC tried to catch him, Aeri sent an energy beam at him, hitting him bullseye in the face. ;"Brother, there is a DRAGON, We can't win this fight-" Thunder argued. Smisse caught him by the collar. :"Either you fight, or you're out of the Seven Lightnings." He told him. Scared, The Osamodas did as 'asked of him' trying to get a hit on the small dragon, who smacked him in the face with his tail. It angered Smisse, but these two kids were beating his men 6-0. ;"Retreat!" He told them the three then ran yelling: "We'll remember this children!!!" Our Heroes then helped the old Feca gather his things, putting them to place. Aeri thought: 'Those guys won't just let this be.. We have to find their base..'  Gladly the shop keeper was willing to help, he had seen them previously entering in an old abandoned art gallery, which they now kept as their base of operations, though they had not been doing many big time heists since the change in command. Apparently, they had since done only little, small time crimes, not even robbing a bank. Smisse was the name of a well known Rogue family name. Yet Lightning Fist seemed to have sullied that name. No real Smisse would ever settle for second rate crimes. So what was it that made him decide so? Not enough men? Fear? Guards? Whatever it was, she would find out. The two silently snuck inside the abandoned gallery through the roof, walking on the balcony as carefully and quietly as they could. ;"BEATEN BY CHILDREN?? ME?!  A Smisse?!" The leader of the Rogues yelled, throwing an old vase to the wall. Many quickly hid behind some boxes and stolen goods, no one dared to say anything back. "What are we?! Gobballs prancing in the fields?! NO. WE'RE ROGUES. Where was our fighting spirit for Sram's sake!?" He seemed to lecture. Aeri jumped down in front of the group. ;"Guess even your God doesn't appreciate your 'heists' if they can be called that" She told them. ;"YOU-?! You DARE infiltrate our base?!" Smisse barked. She didn't even flinch. ;"My brother told me stories about the great Rogue clans... They could steal anything, anytime, anywhere! Yet here you are, stealing from elderly? Fighting children? Oh how the mighty have fallen." She smirked. He tried to punch her, his fist covered in blue electricity as he did it. She ducked and rolled between his legs as his fist hit the wall leaving a nasty crack on it. ;"You kids do not get to lecture us." He told them. ;"Then become better!" Shiroazaad said. "Become the Legendary Rogues your God can proudly look at from the Inglorium." He continued. Sad to say, but the two heroes were right, they WERE pathetic. Small time pick pockets had better haul than they did. ;"Yeah! Take risks! Take chances!" Aeri encouraged. Had someone told her they'd one day be lecturing thieves, she would've told then they were insane. Yet here she was. Out of pity? Out or generosity? She didn't know. But the group of 15 Rogues looked like they needed it. Some hope. ;"So... uh.. who are the 7 Lightings out of you?" She asked, pointing at them one by one. Smisse scratched his head answering: "Three of them are here. There is me, then there's Lightning Bolt, and Lightning Storm over there." He pointed at a female Rogue and a male Ecaflip sitting in a corner, playing with their knives. "The rest have left the group to spread their wings. We Haven't been the same since. Being beaten by someone like you.." He said embarrassed. Aeri while a little hurt by the comment walked to him. ;"Hey, I bet if you had all come at me at the same time we wouldn't have stood a chance." She patted his back comfortingly. He said nothing but grunted. "I mean.. you still have your base. Your treasure... I bet you could all make a nice big heist if you'd put your mind to it." She told them. Some seemed touched by her words, some rather pessimistic. ;"and you would help us why..?" One of them asked. Aeri smiled. ;"Because I need information. About a certain Dofus." She said.
  23. Dogtanian and The Three Musketeers: The Other Musketeer

    Chapter 1: Onwards To Adventure As Viviette grew up, she kept to her word, of wanting to become a musketeer. Much to her Teacher's Mrs.Vedeers dismay. The middle-aged, newly widowed black furred pug, scoffed at the young teenager, pretending to be a man. In her opinion it was the most unbecoming for a young lady to wave a sword around. Mrs.Vedeer was in charge of teaching the poor girl some 'manners', sewing and etiquette. Although Viviette would sneak out of the back window of her house as soon as she saw the boys training. This day was no different, other than she was riding a horse. Her horse of course. Blanco ran through the streets Viviette and Gifford on his back. ;"Sorry Mrs.Vedeer!" She yelled after her. "I'll be back as soon as I'm done with my sword training!" She was fuming. ;"Humph! That- that- CHILD doesn't know what's best for her! Why do I even bother..." she wondered to herself, feeling lightheaded. ;"Whoo-hoohoo! Faster Vivi! Faster!" Gifford yelled in excitement, holding onto his hat as they nearly flew past the town onto the nearby fields to train with Harbin and Jullien. The two arrived in the middle of the other two swinging their swords around. Harbin surprisingly made a good opponent despite training being a blacksmith. Jullien of course had the upper hand, as soon as Harbin's sword flew from his hand it was over. The terrier decided to play along with the scene: ;"Oh noooo, you got me! GAH! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel..." He played as he carefully laid down on the ground, plopped his tongue out and closed his eyes. Gifford hopped off of the horse and ran to him. ;"Hey, it's not a challenge if you're not bringing your best on the battlefield Har." He lightly kicked his boot with his. The terrier opened his eye to look at his slightly disappointed companion ready to debate with him, but he was stopped by Viviette. ;"Guys we came here to TRAIN. And as I see it, it's my turn with Jullien." She said with a determined face. The two started their training fight, at first it seemed as if she had the upper hand, but Jullien quickly spun around to clang his sword against hers, causing her to lose balance, making it easy for him to send her sword flying back. ;"Whoaah! Jullien actually did it! We finally have a champion!" Gifford celebrated, as Harbin elbowed him in the gut, telling him to read the mood. Viviette picked up her sword, gritting her teeth. It was embarrassing to lose to someone you had been equals with, but she refused to cry in front of them. She turned around with a smiling face. ;"Good training session Jul." She said shaking his hand. Although she said nothing, he knew how she felt. Both of them did take being a musketeer seriously, and they knew one would sooner or later best the other, Viviette just didn't think it would be this soon. It was evening when she returned on Blanco, head hung low from the loss. Mrs.Vedeer was ready to scold her, but as she saw her sad little face attempting to hide tears, she couldn't find it in her heart to do so. Instead she decided to let her go straight home. Any other day she would've let her have a piece of her mind (which was nearly every day) she returned Blanco to his stable feeling him, as she sat down next to the steed. ;"Guess we finally know who's the better fit for musketeer. Not that I'm not happy for him but- I just kinda hoped we'd both be equals till the end you know?" She asked the horse, who neigh'ed in response. "Yeah I know I shouldn't feel bad for it." She sighed. "YOU always DO know what to say Blanco." As she returned inside she was met with her parents waiting. They both looked serious. ;"Whatever Mrs.Vedeer said I did, I DIDN'T. I SWEAR!" She immediately held up her hands. ;"Sit." Her father said. She did so without hesitation. The mood was clearly different. But different how? Bad? Good? Oh it must have been bad, her mother kept avoiding eye contact. "We know you've been missing your classes, because of sword training." He started. She gulped. She was definitely in trouble. "You've mentioned wanting to become a Musketeer since you were little, I thought at first it'd be a phase, but clearly I was wrong." Her father explained. Her ears turned downwards as she hung her head low. ;"You're right father. Please don't be too mad at me, it's just... being a "proper lady" isn't me! I know what Mrs.Vedeer does is important work, and she is respected in high society. But, I can never be that! So.. please.." she argued. Her father made eye contact. ;"You've certainly made your point which is why.." He started, standing up. He looked very intimidating looking down on her sitting daughter. "I've made you, your own sword." He told her, bringing her a new, shiny rapier. She was dumbfounded. ;"W-w-wait you're giving me a sword that YOU MADE?!" She looked at him, then at her smiling mother. Her smile went up to her ears as she went to hug him. "THANK YOU THANK YOU Thank You! I love it!" She exclaimed. ;"I have a gift for you too." Her mother said, holding out a red coat with Golden colored trims and buttons. She was ecstatic about it. Immediately trying it on. It covered most of her, with her hat you could barely see her face, but she always liked the mysterious aura. Her father Approached her. ;"Your mother and I, think you should go to Paris, to the best Musketeer trainer there is, Monsieur De Treville. If anyone can train you to become a full fledged Musketeer, it's him. You're old enough to travel on your own. You may leave tomorrow if you so wish. The decision is yours." He told her. She looked at him starry eyed. ;"I, absolutely will! I promise I will make you proud, father! Mother!" Oh, how she couldn't wait for tomorrow. Her own sword, new coat, going to PARIS to become a Musketeer. The guys would be soooo jealous! The next morning Viviette Rose early, making sure she had everything she needed before heading out where her friends were waiting for her. Gifford was in tears. ;"You're just going to leave us like this? To go to Paris? Like some big shot??" Harbin smacked him in the back of the head. ;"Like you and Jullien Aren't going to head on out soon enough." He said. Viviette curiously looked at them ;"You are? Are you going to come to Paris too Jul?" She asked rather timidly. She thought of this as a new opportunity to shine among the other cadets. ;"Not yet. I'm going to train with my uncle in another city first before I'm done." He told her. ;"and Gifford?" The Beagle jumped up and down ;"I'm joining a crew to become a sailor!" He told her grinning from ear to ear. ;"Harbin? What about you?" The Terrier only motioned at her father. ;"I'm studying under him for now. Maybe head on out to a big city when I'm done to the big leagues." He told her smiling. The four of them put their hands together in a group. ;"You all promise we'll meet again some day? Maybe in Paris if we have good fortune?" Viviette asked them. ;"It's a promise!" The three said in unison. And so, with Blanco as her trusty steed, she left Marseille, towards Paris and new Adventures.
  24. Okay so I decided to explain some things before starting. So basically Dogtanian is 80's cartoon from the makers of "Around The World with Willy Fog". It takes place on the 17th century, (Well in the years 1844 to be exact, like the story Three Musketeers) Except in this version (of course) Everyone is anthropomorphic animal. (Mostly dogs, but there are also birds, pigs, cats etc.) The show follows the story of young Dogtanian, but this fanfic (as the name might give away) follows a different character, my Oc Viviette. I will introduce all the known characters from the show as the story goes on, (Since it's from my Character's point of view, some things will be way different from the show if you have watched it.) I should probably already mention that in this show, for some reason Porthos and Athos' personalities were switched, and so Athos is the big one who loves drinking and Porthos is the leader of the Three Musketeers. (and Milady is a cat. Probably due to her personality) The fanfic doesn't really have that much violence, I try not to involve anything too dramatic, or gory (as it was not the shows intention either). So basically this is about Viviette's journey before and after going to Paris, and of course trying to join the musketeers, but of course at that time it was impossible for a woman to join in anything as dangerous as that. (Which WILL be told in the fanfic maaany times, due to the unbelieving people.)  So here are the main characters from the show: Dogtanian (and his trusty horse Sandy)     So there's pretty much then main characters that will be involved in the fanfic sooner or later. There will be other characters too (non canon), and few new villains. Thank you and get ready for the upcoming prologue.  
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