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    Dang that looks amazing! Can't wait for it. Absolutely pumped
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    Chapter 3: Memories, Like Dreams
    Aeri was standing on a tall cliffside, looking at the view, way down below. The water was so clear, you could easily see the very bottom of the ocean, all the different creatures swimming around, peacefully, harmoniously. She streched her limbs, sitting down to wait. A dragon flew high in the blue sky. Had he not had his black markings all over his body, one could've easily mistaken him for a cloud. His big wings made huge gusts of wind, as he landed near the Eliatrope. Lowering his head, bending his tall neck down toward her, the dragon opened his eyes, gazing at his sibling. Deep Blue eyes staring into Shamrock Green ones. Aeri gently stroke the snout of the big dragon, getting a satisfied huff in response. The Sun would soon be setting, sky turning in hue, to a lovely shade of red.
    Taking in the fresh air, before she'd have to return home. Suddenly, an odd sound echoed through the air, becoming louder every passing second. The sky seemed to darken in an instant. Ominous black clouds creating a vortex like shape in the sky. Thick smoke began spreading rapidly. Screams filled the air. Sounds of heavy machinery became louder and louder, as a giant dark shadow appeared above. Roaring metallic monsters landed, shaking the planet. Aeri quickly jumped on her dragon brothers back, the two taking off in a flash. The closer they got, the heavier the air got. The smoke was filling their vision, burning sensation hurting their eyes. Trying not to breath it in too much, they scanned the area of any Eliatropes and Dragons.
    While it seemed like most of them had gotten out of the worst war zone, some were still in the thick of it. Fleeing for their lives, or trying to fight the monstrous invaders, it all ended the same. A beam of light came down from the sky, a huge explosion following soon after. Once the dust settled, there was nothing left, but burnt pieces of cloth. The siblings couldn't find their family from the eye of the storm, assuming they were already aboard the ship. A few Eliatropes tried their hardest to destroy, or at the very least slow down their attackers. Shiroazaad breath fire at the closest enemies, blocking their pathway, while his sister lead the remaining citizens to Zinit. 
    When she was sure everyone was on-board, Aeri gave Shiro a signal to retreat. All she could see was their now destroyed home, and a giant being in the middle of it. It's red eyes and glowing energy core instilled fear. Just before their ship took off, she heard something. A voice. It was sudden, but she was sure of it. It was child's cry. While Aeri couldn't tell exactly where the noise came from, before she even realized it, she was already running back. 
    Creating portals at a fast pace, Aeri flew through the air, avoiding the dangerous beams of light, which were falling like raindrops. Using the front of her poncho she managed to somehow, not faint because of the smoke. Thundering booming noises were all around her, she could hardly focus on trying to hear the near silent cries of a child, lost in the chaos. When she found the Eliatrope in question, Aeri quickly saw another problem. Not only was the child too young to be able to control his wakfu, but he seemed to have hurt his arm. Portaling through the smoke was already difficult, but with a small kid who was wounded... There was no error for mistakes, or they would both end up dead. Sure she could reincarnate after some time, but the child with her was different. Not only that, the chances of his parents both being on-board Zinit were 50-50. Depending on where they had been during the attack. 
    She couldn't stop second guessing, but picked up the small kid anyway. Attempting to create a portal, while holding smaller Eliatrope, proved to be harder than she initially thought. So the other option had to be used. She ran as fast as she could, jumping past, over and sliding under the beams the best she could. Covering the child's face with her poncho, while trying to predict the movements of the enemy was incredibly hard, she had no idea if she was running the right way, and trying to focus in the middle of it all was impossible. She could only silently pray, that her family would be able to sense her distress. 
    It seemed like her prayers were answered, a dragon's roar made it's way to her ears. Aeri squinted her eyes, seeing the figure of her brother changing from Dragon, to more human looking. When she reached him, she gave the child to him. ;"Please take him to Zinit. I'll distract the metal giant." She told him. Shiro had no time to even attempt to talk his sister out of it, when she already created a red portal, hopping through it. Making another near the being, she landed directly behind it, giving her the element of surprise. Soon, above the metallic monster, were three similar red portals, which she then used, to send an energy blast right in it's face. That seemed to get it's attention, but now it was REALLY mad. Dashing toward Aeri, she barely avoided it's claws. It rip through some of the fabric, but not deep enough to cut the skin, not just yet. Quickly trying to make another portal to go into, she waved her hand in a circular motion, but her other one was grabbed by a giant hand. She felt herself being lift off of the ground, grabbed by her collar, and her body colliding with the hard ground, in the blink of an eye.
    Everything around her was spinning, the back of her head hurt like hell, and her limbs were heavy as lead. She got up, wobbling, trying to locate the beast, only to be hit to the chest, and sent flying into the air. Dusty, cold ground broke her fall. She tried to turn to her side. Cold liquid fell down from the side of her head, falling on the ground when she stood up. Red was covering her body, cuts all over her. Aeri knew she couldn't win against the being on her own, not in that condition, and not here. Gritting her teeth, ignoring most of the pain, she ran. She tried to call for her sibling. There was no answer. Sounds of the metallic being chasing her echoed in her ears. She attempted to yell for Shiroazaad, anyone. All she could hear coming from her mouth, was a tired wheeze. Her legs were already giving up on her. She could barely see the blue light coming from Zinit. She was close. With the last of her power, she panicking trying to force a portal. Energy came from her hand, but half way forming the portal it disappeared. 
    She gave out frustrated tears, hitting the ground. Attempting to stand straight, ended up in her falling back on her knees. She had no energy left. A shadow loomed over her, turning to see the giant metal being raising it's claw, Aeri could do nothing but close her eyes, waiting for it to be over. And then, there was pain, burning sensation spread through her entire being, but she had no more energy left to even let out a scream. Then, it became so cold, and finally, there was nothing but endless darkness.
    Aeri gave out a gasp when she woke up. Her heart racing like crazy. Cold sweat covering her body. She looked around. She was safe. In her room. With his brother. Just like usual. She hugged her knees, taking a few deep breaths. "Alright Aeri. You're fine. You're home. It was only a dream. Well a... vision of past? A vision dream?" She said to herself, turning to take a look at her silently snoring twin brother, who had somehow managed to poke holes in his blanket with his horns. "We have to find you a hat brother.." she quietly said, poking the small black horns, growing from his head. She laid back down on her bed, staring at the ceiling. 'How many times have I seen that dream now? Why is it always about THAT day?' She thought. 
    She was soon brought back from her trance, when there was a Knock on the door. Jumping out from the bed, and checking her hat was still on, she opened the door. It was her little sister Nora. ;"Aeri! Aeri! Aeri!" She beamed. ;"What is it? Isn't it too early for you to get out of the class? Did you sneak out again?" Aeri questioned. Nora shook her head ;"Nononono! Nothing like that! Actually this is HUUUUGE news!" She practically jumped in place. Aeri gave a questioning look as an answer to that, raising her eyebrow. "I'm going to have my trials to become part of the Council soon!" Nora smiled. ;"And you woke ME up because...?" Aeri asked, rubbing her tired eyes. Nora grabbed her hand: ;"Obviously, because I want YOU to be there, to see me off!" She said excitedly. This woke Shiro up, as the young dragon attempted to stand up, his hair a total mess, and one of his horns stuck in a pillow. Nora gave a look at him. "Of course, Shiroazaad should be there too!" She continued. He gave her a tired wave as a response, before walking to the dresser. 
    Aeri's mind was still jumbled because of the nightmare. But despite all of it, she wanted to be there, for her little sisters special day. Her head was pounding, she tried to gather her thoughts. All she saw were flashes of light. Like a film, everything that had happened, came in like a tidal wave. Flashes of previous lives. The planets they had visited, seen, and lived on. So, so many years of travelling, all in order to get away from the threat, that once nearly killed their civilization. So many years of knowledge, suddenly hitting her head all at once. She felt sick. The world was spinning. She barely heard what Nora tried to say to her. All she saw, was the form of her brother, barely catching her in time. And then She lost consciousness. 
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    Chapter 2: My Family, My Kind
    Aeri quickly lost the track of time, as she realised she had spent hours talking with Qilby. She quickly dashed out, saying her apologies as she left the lab. She soon found her dragon brother half awake, trying his best to put his robes on, finding it difficult due to his horns being in the way. Shiro muttered something under his breath, which sounded like a curse, only stopping after Aeri helped him with his clothes. He scratched the back of his head, yawning out loud, using his slightly shorter twin as a head rest. That is how the two walked down the halls, and outside. 
    Shiro gave a small hiss, when the Sun light hit his face. The dragon had never been a fan of bright Sunny days, and to be honest, neither was his sister, both of their reasons being different. Shiro adored the evenings, to the cloudless nights, as the stars shone in the night sky, the Moon looking down at them. Something about it, felt oddly calming. Aeri on the other hand, was glad since most Eliatropes were sleeping, leaving her and a selected few, to their nightly routines. Mostly consisting of night flights on their twins' backs, watching the stars twinkle silently, to just watching their family work on their personal projects. The only reason Aeri actually tolerated daytime, was because of her little sister Nora, and her twin dragon Efrim. They were inseparable. Shiroazaad and Aeri would often make silly bets with the two, like: Who can get on top of the mountain fastest? Who teleports to safety fifirst during free fall? It was so much fun. Since Aeri didn't exactly have a appointed job during the time of peace, she had more free time than the rest of the family. Chibi and Grougaloragran were busy creating ways to help their people better, Glip and Baltazar were busy reaching the young children proper Wakfu control techniques, Mina and Phaeris were busy solving conflicts amongst their people, King Yugo and Adamai were busy ruling over their Kingdom, leaving the Youngest siblings, and the 5th born twins to do whatever they pleased, when they weren't training of course. 
    While Aeri had pleaded for her older siblings to let her and Shiro explore the land, and uncharted territory, they were quick to deny her of it. She was certainly OLD enough for adventuring on her own, but her power was the problem. Since it was far too unpredictable for now, she would have to stay somewhere close to the rest of the Council. She felt like a powerless child. Sure she had a name and status, as the rest of the family, but she had no FREEDOM, nor say in what she was to do. She was extremely limited in her movements, and sometimes, she felt as if she was dragging a huge boulder on her shoulders. She understood the others' worries, and knew they had no ill will towards her or her brother, yet she couldn't shake the feeling of uncertainty. 
    As soon as she saw her little siblings smiling faces, all the bad things felt like a silly dream. She ran to her, creating a small portal in front of her, and another farther away, jumping in. She reappeared right in front of Nora, grabbing her to a hug. She returned the gesture. She was a younger Eliatrope, teenaged one at that, with tanned skin, and chocolate brown eyes. She wore a darker pink colored hat, short jumpsuit, with matching boots and fingerless gloves. Her pink fluffy hair reminded Aeri from the clouds floating peacefully in the sky. Efrim was a seagreen dragon, with see-through wings, and a fluffy mane. While he was definitely one of the smaller dragon's, he was one of the fastest too. His wings made almost no sound at all, as he dashed from the other side of the field towards Shiro and Aeri. ;"Nora! Did your lesson with Glip end already?" Aeri asked, taking a look at her excited little sister, who was jumping up and down in her place. ;"Yes it did! But besides that- I have to show you something I just learned! Watch!" Nora replied, placing her left hand in front, making a small circular motion, as if creating a simple portal, she quickly moved her arm close to her side, clenched it making a fist, and as quickly as she could, punched the air, causing a mid sized energy blast fly far, FAR to the fields, making an after blast soon after. Aeri held onto her hat, as the after blast hit, wind howling around them for few seconds. Aeri gave a whistle in admiration, ;"Wow.. For a first class in Wakfung, I'd say you're doing GREAT!" She told her sister, as she gave a few pats on her head. ;"Pfft. I'm sure you did better when you were my age." Nora said, waving her hand in disagreement. Aeri flinched, quickly glancing on the ground, twirling her thumbs before answering rather quietly: ;"Actually.. I was never taught anything like that, when I was your age.." she told her. Shiro sensed his sisters feelings, placing a hand on her shoulder. Nora cocked her head to the side in confusion, ;"But.. Whyever not? You're an adult Eliatrope. Part of the Council. Shouldn't you know how to fight and protect the people?" She asked sincerely. ;"Oh uhm.. Glip told me that I should focus on... Other aspects, of using my Wakfu... Said I wouldn't, gain anything from training Wakfung." Aeri told her. Nora seemed to understand what she meant, despite her trying to mask it. "BUT Don't worry! I have learned lots of protection techniques, tracking, becoming one with the planet, meditation... That sort of stuff!" Aeri said, giving a forced smile, to reassure her sister. 
    Nora, Efrim, Shiroazaad and Aeri, spent some time, playing in the fields. Nora seemed extatic, showing her skills, while her brother showed flight skills, turns and loops. Aeri clapped at her little sisters' skills. She really preferred seeing the Youngest twins like this. Happy, free, not a worry in the world. She wished she had had the opportunity, to learn what other Eliatropes have. Not that she was ungrateful, or anything. She was happy she got taught anything at all, let alone useful techniques. It seemed as if her own family wanted to keep her close. Like she was a Threat. She shook her head. 'No no. You shouldn't think like that Aeri. Your family loves you, you love them. They want YOU to be safe.' She thought to herself, as the day kept going.
    After playing with the Youngest twins, came probably the hardest part of the day: How to sneak into the Great Library, without Glip seeing Aeri or Shiroazaad. Glip had always said, that the books were EXTREMELY fragile, and knowing Aeri's powers, she was not permitted to go in without 'Supervision.' She was having NONE OF IT. While she didn't LOOK, like one, she was an adult Eliatrope, just like the others, and shouldn't be treated like some monster. So instead of using the door like a normal person, she, and her dear brother, decided to use the window like some kind of uninvited guests.
    Hopping from bookshelf to bookshelf. As soon as Aeri heard snoring, she knew they were close to Baltazar. He usually took naps beside a large pile of books he had just finished reading. They were only a few shelves away, when they heard talking. Familiar voices. The twins stopped, crouching down on the shelf, looking down towards the sound. There they saw Mina and Chibi talking to each other, without their dragon brothers. Though there was something about the way they talked, which seemed almost.. intimate? Sure they had both talked during any and all meetings, but never like that. ;"Dearest I know you want your invention finished as soon as possible.." Mina told Chibi, gently placing her tan hand on his. Chibi gave a heavy sigh, looking into Mina's eyes with gentle, yet apologetic look. She moved some white strands of hair, behind his ear, as Chibi placed his hand on hers as she did so. ;"I know, I should take a break. I haven't been able to spend time with you.. Or the others for that matter. This was supposed to be a lucky break for me. Yet you're the one who has to come get me. Forgive me Mina."
    Aeri watched the scene, wondering why neither of them had ever spoken up about this. It wasn't as if this was forbidden. She found it rather cute. As Aeri tried backing up on the shelf, a part of it fell down. Her heart started racing, and her throat closed up. She quickly made a portal downwards, behind the shelf they were on, as Mina and Chibi were on the front. Grabbing Shiro's hand the two jumped in, reappeared close to Baltazar, nearly startling the poor dragon. Mina and Chibi looked upwards, but shrugged it off since they sensed no danger, nor familiar Wakfu nearby.
    Baltazar stared down at the two. The big red dragon blinked a few times, giving a big yawn, stretching his back. ;"Children, did you need something? I was just... uh.. Resting my eyes. Yes. That." He tried to explain, his pile of books and pillows telling another story. Aeri patted his snout apologetically. ;"Sorry for the sudden awakening Balty, I just needed to borrow some books from you again... Please Don't tell your brother about this?" She asked, giving him her best puppy eyes. Baltazar sat up giving out a snort. ;"Please, no need to use your cuteness against me little sister. I think anyone willing to learn, the library should be a safe haven to." The wise dragon explained, using his magic, to choose three different books, giving them to Aeri and Shiro to carry. "I trust that you'll return these in perfect condition as always. I hope they're of use to you." He continued, patting her head instead, with his tail. Aeri gave him a genuine smile. ;"Thank you, Balty." Shiro simply nodded in return, as they used portals to go back to home.
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    Chapter 1: Those Years I Lost
    Once Aeri finally managed to escape, from the embrace of her twin brother, she decided to get ready for the day. She took one long look at herself from the mirror, stopping to think. She took a quick glance at her brothers slowly waking form. His hair was a total mess, and for once, he had not poked a hole to his pillow, with his horns. Usually, it looked like a pin cushion without any needles in it. ;"Morning sister.." Shiroazaad said in a sleepy voice, his dry throat holding in most of his voice. ;"Morning Shiro." Aeri answered, giving him a small forced smile. Shiro took a note of this, making sure to give a lot of thought, for what he should say next. ;"Y'know it's not as bad as you think, you shouldn't feel bad for looking different from them." He said, in a hushed tone. A hit of sadness fully noticeable. Aeri looked back in the mirror. A pair of green eyes looking back at her. She looked at her head, a pair of red energy wings growing out of it. The wings had a tattered look to them, almost demonic. She had never liked them, despite all of the Eliatropes having similar ones. Even amongst her own siblings, she was an exception. She was the only one to harness different type of life energy. Different kind of wakfu. Not only was the color red, instead of the usual blue symbolising balance, hers symbolised chaos. The stasis.
    Every Eliatrope knew about the story of Goddess Eliatrope, and the Great Dragon. The two powerful beings, in the beginning of everything. Balance and Chaos, brought together, creating harmony, creating LIFE, and the Krozmos itself. From their dance alone everything began, and the 7 first born Eliatropes were born, along with their dragon twins. Sharing the same egg. Same dofus. Aeri was one of them. They differentiated from the usual people, having longer life expectancy and reincarnation. Not only did the First Borns age much, much slower than the others, but if they were to die, their wakfu would simply return into their dofus, waiting for their twin to join them, to be born anew. Of course Aeri too, had lived many many lives before this one, and while usually they would not retain any memories from their past lives, some of them came to her, in the form of dreams, or flashes in her head. She didn't know when or where though, it never had a pattern. Of course, she could always ask from her brother Qilby about them. Him and his dragon sister Shinonome, remembered all of their lives. All those years and moments etched to their minds. While it sometimes sounded like a lot to deal with, right now, Aeri couldn't care less. She wanted to remember hers, like they did. The moments she had once shared with her sisters and brothers. While they shared no biological tie between the other Eliatrope and Dragon twins, they all called each other brothers and sisters, as they were all made by the Goddess and The Great Dragon's power. And despite all that, she was not in fact, a full Eliatrope. Not anymore.
    During her very first life, before she was born with Shiroazaad, there was an accident. The Eliatropes could use the power of wakfu, to create something called zaap portals. For short, and long distance travelling. When a group of Eliatrope scientists were testing even longer reaching portals, they opened a gateway for.. Something. To come through. That something was one of the powerful demonic beings known as Shushu. A king of sorts. Called simply: Rushu. He had attempted to come through, but only managed to force his arm through the portal. Aeri, and Shiro's dofus had been in the room while this happened. Rushu taking interest in the white-and-red colored egg. It was shining, pure, and he wanted to destroy it. That's what his kind did. Destroy everything they could. Just for the fun of it. He hadn't gotten far enough to grab the dofus, but his long sharp nail had managed to scratch the surface of the dofus, allowing HIS power to go through, and the unborn Eliatrope child, had unwillingly taken it, becoming one with it. The portal was closed, Rushu successfully pushed back to where he came from, but the dofus, was hurt. It color turned into darker shade of red, mixing with inky black, a darker aura surrounding it. Qilby, thankfully had sealed the small crack on the egg with his own Wakfu, stabilising it. The color turning lighter, ominous aura gone. While there were no complications when the twins were born, even a blind person could see, that the baby girl looked off. Nothing seemed to be wrong on the outside with the dragon baby, but it's temper was short, and would not allow anyone to come close to its sibling, especially if they said anything about her wings. 
    Since Qilby was the one who had fixed their dofus, it was decided that the man would become the child's mentor, once she'd grow old enough to start training her powers. While there were certain incidents, regarding other Eliatrope children, whenever Aeri would spend time with her twin, or other First Borns, she acted just like any other young child would. Happy-go-lucky, curious, energetic even. But the others were worried about her, she had no other friends besides her brother that were her age. She was shunned because of the power she didn't even want. That she could not change. Most of the time, she would refuse to use her wings, even if it was for training purposes. Only when she was indoors near her siblings, would she take her hat off to train. Qilby mainly was the one to teach her about her powers, and how to use them. While Shiroazaad was taught by Shinonome. Aeri quickly took a liking for Qilby and his sister. Soon, visiting them became the norm. Whether it was for lessons, or just checking up on them, it didn't matter. It wasn't as if they did not love their other family, they absolutely did. But being with the two of them, felt so relaxed, so freeing. It felt like they truly understood them.
    Aeri put on her hat, a red one which had a long tail like part on the back, white fur on the tip, and two ear like appendages with a white stitch work on them, for the wings. All Eliatropes wore them from very young age. She made her way towards Qilby's lab, her 'ears' bouncing up and down every step of the way. Shiro knew she needed this time to talk with her mentor alone, and decided instead to make his way towards the kitchen. Had anyone seen these two, not knowing either of them, they wouldn't have been able to guess that they're indeed siblings. They looked nothing alike! Aeri had short sand colored hair, green eyes and pale skin. While Shiro had completely white skin, covered in black markings, blue eyes, and short pointy black hair. The only similarities for the moment, were that they looked human, and both of them had pointy ears, and sharp looking teeth.
    Once she reached the lab's entrance, she knocked on the door politely waiting for an answer. ;"Come in Aeri!" Qilby answered soon after, Aeri doing so, walking up to his work desk. The middle aged looking man was currently working on, what seemed to be a concoction of sorts. Beautiful purple colored liquid in a vial glimmered before his eyes, as he took a beaker, and poured some of it inside, the color mixing with a green colored liquid, the solution making a small cloud rise up. "Hmm.. fascinating. This could be useful.." He murmured, taking notes of this reaction. He soon finished, tidying up his desk, putting everything in place. "So.." He started, turning to face Aeri. "Why is my favorite pupil, rushing to my doorstep first thing in the morning, at such an early hour?" He asked her, a warm smile greeting her. ;"I had another.. um.. memory-dream?" She answered shyly, looking up at the tall, lanky man, her ears drooping. "It was... about a war of some sorts.. there were these machines..." she explained him, painful look on her face, as she held her arm reminiscing the awful moments, dream still fresh on her mind. Qilby's ears perked up a bit, adjusting his small glasses, his expression became completely stoic. ;"Machines you say?" he stated, stroking his beard, one hand behind his back. He paced in front of her for a moments, before giving a heavy sigh. "No wonder you were so worked up about this. That.. Is not a memory I like to return to. Of course I don't get much of a choice." Qilby explained, his brown eyes locking for a moment with hers, showing a pained, hurt expression. He gently placed his hands on her shoulders, bending down to her level.
    "Aeri, what you saw. Was the war between our people, and the beings known as Mechasms." He continued. She nodded as an answer. "That all happened. On our original home planet. We had to flee from them, to look for a new home. And after many, many years, we found this one. Setting up a colony here. Far away from those dangerous, evil beings who were jealous of our technology, and our scientific leaps." He continued. "We lost so much that day, so many good people. So much history..." He said standing back up, turning away from her. "And we lost.. You." He finished, a quiet whsiper towards the end, a single tear fell on his cheek, remembering that moment, but he soon recomposed himself. "I am so sorry you had to relive that. But this means, that you're remembering more of your past. More of our people, our beautiful home, everything! Oh, how I pray that you may only remember the good moments from now on. You shouldn't have to see all that pain. But if you ever do, I'm here for you. My door is always open. Hehe, as long as you don't barge right in during the night." Qilby told her, that familiar, friendly smile finding it's way on his face. Aeri, despite feeling so down just a moment ago, felt as if that nightmare had never even happened in the first place.
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    CHAPTER IX: The Monsters
    I walked for what seemed like hours, which probably in reality, were but mere minutes. I caught up with Kidman, who was waiting for me near the stairs. I don't know, whether the look she was giving me was full of anger, or pity. Either way I did not like it one bit. I could end it all here, I knew I could. It would all be so easy. Just by simply doing something against that organization. That way I could probably escape it all. There was nothing for me in the outside world. No family, no friends, no home, not even a pet.
     I wondered what it was, that I had been doing up to this point. Was it called having fun? With others expense. I couldn't even remember what it felt like, to stay there. In that cell for months. With... who was it again? I couldn't remember her name, nor her face. She wasn't important to me in the slightest. No one was. The only ones I DID remember were out of pure hate. I despised those people. They reminded me of that man. He was the reason I was there to begin with. If it had only been me and my aunt, maybe none of this would've ever happened in the first place? Or was it because of me? Was it because I had these "powers?" Was it because I was crazy? Should I not have been born? Should I have died back then, instead of them? Was anything I did up to this point, even somehow relevant to anything? Maybe not. Probably not.
    It looked like she wanted to say something to me, but she held back instead. I walked downwards before her, she loaded her gun, and checked for the necessary supplies. The more we walked, the more darker it got. I had almost forgot I still had that "device" whatever it was. I still didn't know what it did, and I doubt my dear miss detective would tell me anything, she didn't deem necessary. (Which was about half of the important stuff anyway) As we went deeper to the building and, what I think was the basement floor, the more I could hear all sorts of whispers. I couldn't hear what they said exactly, but there were many different voices speaking at the same time. I glanced at Kidman, and it seemed as if she was oblivious to the noise. I decided not to bring it up. But the closer we got to the source, the more my head started to hurt. Everything was spinning around me, I lost balance. It wasn't that much of a fall, but hitting the cold hard ground still hurt a bit. We were at the end of the stairs. Kidman knelt down next to me, trying to help me up, and I suppose checked me for any damage. There wasn't any. But I felt so sick. Like I was going to throw up. My head hurt, and it felt it was going to split open. Then it stopped.
    I looked around the room, It was dark, rusty, and had dried up blood and ink all around. Some writing equipment had been thrown around with chairs, and vials. The different scents mixing together made a horrible smell. It was like rotten corpse in a dump. A rotten BURNING corpse. In fact, that's what was missing from this picture. CORPSES. Where were they? I saw lots of blood, but no bodies lying on the ground. Nothing. There should've been SOMETHING. But no matter how me and Kidman tried to look, for any signs of someone moving the bodies, or burning them, we found nothing.
     That's when, I heard a sound coming from the hallway. It was like shuffling. The smell of burnt corpses became unbearable. I clicked on my flashlight to see what was making the noise. The light hit something. Something that looked like a big bag of something on fire. It was attached to someone, something. No, it wasn't a bag, that was swollen skin. It was charcoal black, and it was moving up and down, to the beat of that THINGS breathing. The whole stomach of the thing was glowing yellow. It was on all fours, like an animal. I saw something poking out, of the sides of the thing... Was that bone? It didn't seem to react to the light. Kidman pulled out her gun at it, she stepped out to the hallway, and moved towards the creature.
    I noticed two other ones on the other end of the hallway, swarming around something. The swollen part of their stomachs glowed red. It looked like they were ripping something apart. Then all of a sudden, an explosion. First one of the red glowing creatures exploded, it causing a chain reaction, making all of them explode. Kidman startled by this looked back, as the creature before her changed it's color from yellow, to red. It bolted right towards her. She reacted quickly however, and shot it. It screeched loudly, and fell on the ground, it's stomach swelled even worse than before, and it too exploded, blood and entrails going everywhere. Then silence. I silently walked to the hallway, and watched the whole scene.
     It was so odd, I suppose I would have had to feel something, but I didn't really feel anything. Kidman looked at my blank reaction and told me to stay close to her. Those creatures, just died. Just like that. I had no idea what they were, they were humans right? Or experiments? 
    I wonder why they had become like that. They looked to be in pain, their bones sticking out, their skin burnt, and black, no eyes, and they seemed to navigate by sound and touch alone. Were there going to be more of those things? Was Natalia a monster too? Or did she still have part of her, that was human? She seemed to react to my talking, she didn't attack me. She could've. Why didn't she? Was the agent just going to kill her too, if she appeared again before us?
     For some reason that thought made me feel extremely sad, and angry? I don't want her to suffer anymore than she already has, Natalia didn't do anything. She didn't want to become like that, it's not her fault, it is NOT her fault. I clenched my fist because of the thought. I just wanted this all to end already. But I couldn't do that. Wait, why couldn't I? I had no reason to go on. I could do it, all I had to do, was to refuse to help Kidman. That's right. If I did that, this would all be over in a second. I could do that, I SHOULD do that. Then, why am I not doing it? My body won't do it, I can't open my mouth. I don't know what's wrong with me anymore. Or.. Was there anything right about me to begin with?
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    CHAPTER VIII: The Truth
    The elevator ride felt like years. I didn't know what to think. Kidman reloaded her gun, keeping an eye on the door, she didn't say anything. I kept staring at the floor. It all made sense somehow. I hadn't seen Natalia in a while, and then that thing appeared. Besides the fact it didn't seem hostile, at least at first. But.. the monster didn't seem to try to hurt me, rather it hurt Muntz. It didn't even hesitate. SHE didn't even hesitate. Why? Why would she hurt him? I mean besides looking like a giant gorilla, I couldn't figure out any reason for it. I glanced at Kidman again, who was still facing the door, as soon as we'd get to the bottom floor, she'd go all Rambo on.. whatever it was down there.
    ;"...Did you know about it?" I asked, still looking at the floor. ;"Did I know what?" Kidman answered FINALLY facing towards me. ;"Did you know what happened to Natalia?" I continued, looking into her eyes. If she was going to lie, I'd know. If she did that, I wouldn't be happy about it. In fact, I might even be slightly mad. I didn't understand, but I was... Upset? I guess that's the word. But why would I be? I didn't know Natalia THAT well. It's not like we were best friends either, or even gossip friends. I didn't really know anything about her either, and she only knew, what was written in the files. But for some reason.. I felt kind of bad, as if I was going to break down. I felt sick, I wanted to throw up
    ;"I did know about it, what happened to her I mean." Kidman said in a calm, yet somehow cold tone. I stared at her for the longest time in silence. ;"What did you people to do her exactly?" I asked as calmly as possible, given the situation I felt like punching something, or breaking something. I clenched my fists, biting my teeth together, trying not say some very colorful words. "Are you people the reason why she became like that?" I continued. ;"No. Were not the reason for THAT. She did that to herself." She said, placing her hand on her hip ;"How exactly does a human, suddenly become like that?! If anything, whatever it is you people made her do, must have affected her!" I yelled pointing a finger at Kidman, who didn't even seem slightly guilty about it. 
    ;"It is no secret, that the system we were testing, was highly experimental at the time when we asked for your help.." she started. ;"You mean tried to kidnap me, and make me do whatever it was you were planning?" I said crossing my arms. ;"...Anyway. Since you didn't seem to be the least bit cooperative, we asked if anyone else would be willing to... 'help the government'. As my boss put it. Natalia then recommended herself. The other patients didn't prove to be too...Intelligent for the job. I did explain, that the job was very dangerous, and it would've been best if someone more "unique", like you were to test it instead." She explained. ;"Wow. Flattering." I said with a HINT of sarcasm. ;"Natalia herself insisted that we'd use her, instead of you. So we did. However... she failed the job. We're not too sure what it was that happened, probably a bug in the system, but after her disappearance, we sent someone to check the system... But they never came back, the last thing we ever heard from them, was about a strange monster. Now we know what it is." I couldn't sense even a bit of guilt in her voice, or empathy.
    I couldn't understand, just what was this woman? She was supposed to be an agent, not a god damn iron wall. Then again, her personality would match one. "My guess is that she was attacked, during the mission, and corrupted as well." she continued, looking as uninterested as ever. ;"That can happen?" I asked her. ;"Under certain circumstances, yes. It can happen. But that's not going to happen to you." She said placing her hand on my shoulder, which I quickly removed. ;"If you think I'd do anything for you, or your boss after all this, then you're mistak-" I started, suddenly feeling ill. My head was killing me. It felt like someone was trying to rip it open. I fell on my knees to the floor, holding my head in pain. "What..is this?" I looked at Kidman, who didn't seem very surprised at all. ;"That would be the little chip in your head. Didn't you hear when boss said, "it'd be messy if you don't do as told? I'm really not trying to be your enemy here. I'm just doing what I was paid to do, I don't let the emotional stuff get to me, and neither should you. The sooner we finish this little task, the sooner both of us can get out of here." She said offering her hand. I took it mumbling a few curses, which I hoped she didn't hear, as most of them were meant for her.
    We finally arrived to the bottom floor which led to the basement. We both stepped out of the elevator. "Now, we should check every room for possible clues.." Kidman suggested. I got the feeling like she wasn't telling me something. Something very important, but I couldn't figure out why. ;"I'll go check the bathrooms, and the office on the left then.." I said walking to the said direction, not even looking back at her. I really had no intention on playing friends with her, especially not now. As I entered the women's bathroom I immediately ran in to the closest stall, locked it, and fell down on the floor. I didn't know what was wrong with me, but I couldn't keep the feelings in anymore. I broke down. I cried for the longest time. I just kept calling for her name, even though I knew no one would answer.
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    CHAPTER VII: The Return To The Hospital
    I can't exactly remember what happened then. I knew I was no longer in the office nor even the facility I had been brought before, I was in a different place.. It was much more dark and.. old. I woke up from what looked like the storage of the mental hospital, except this one was clearly covered in rust and dirt. I was apparently sitting on a chair, with a needle stuck to my arm. My head hurt like hell, and my legs felt heavy, as I slowly got up and removed the needle. I didn't see the detective or "my bodyguard" anywhere. I DID however find a flashlight. I couldn't hear any sounds from the outside, so I opened up the old door, which made an awful sound, and was quite heavy despite the appearance. I looked around to see if anyone else was there besides me. Besides a black cat, I didn't see anyone. Nor did I sense anyone either. The whole place looked like someone had dropped a nuclear bomb on it, but somehow the main exist wouldn't open. I was stuck, inside the hospital I despised so much. It was a bonus that there were no guards or nurses around, but now who was I supposed to torment with my witty comments, and my powers?
    I walked for, what seemed like forever around the entire hospital first floor, and to my surprise, I actually met someone. There was a man standing in the hallway, he was breathing heavily, and he was standing his back towards me, in front of a room which seemed awfully familiar to me. It was Leslie's room. I walked towards the guy cautiously, holding the flashlight towards him: ;"Excuse me... um... Do you know how I could get out of here...?" I asked the guy, who didn't even turn to look at me. He continued breathing heavily for a while, and making some low grunting noises. Only when I was about 5 meters away I noticed... a certain smell. It was awful, like a mix of blood and sewer water combined... Like.. a corpse or something. I slowly walked to his side, and pointed the light directly to his face. He turned his head towards me. I stared at him for way too long but I couldn't look away. Half of his head was missing, his skin was grey, and rotting, he still had a kitchen knife stuck to his side (not that he seemed to notice), and I could see part of his skull and other bones sticking out from the skin. Now normal people would've probably ran away screaming, while the thing would chase them down, and eat their brains or whatever.. But I didn't do that. He didn't seem threatening to me, but more.. sad. He wasn't doing anything either, he did see me, but right after he'd turn back looking at Leslie's room. It was empty. The man stared at the empty room, like he knew who it belonged to, I would say he's eyes were filled with sadness.. But since they were mostly melted goop by now, it was kind of difficult. I felt like I was supposed to say something to him, but I wasn't sure what to say. What DO you normally say to a dead guy anyway? Would he even understand me anymore?
    I was just about to leave, when I felt something touch my shoulder. It was a hand. I don't think I've ever reacted as fast as I did to that. I swung the flashlight towards the person as hard as I could, but my attack was stopped. I saw a big guy with sunglasses holding my arm in a tight grip. "Whooops. Sorry Munch, I thought you were a zombie or something." I was partly relieved there was someone else who was alive besides me, but I was angry that the two people who were SUPPOSED to be with me and protect me decided to go on a freaking picnic or something! (also the dude totally ruined my good attack.) "So... where's Kidman?" I asked him. Much pointed towards an elevator. "...Top floor?" I asked. He shook his head. "Let me guess.. the basement floor?" He nodded. (OF COURSE it had to be the basement.) "You know it's rude not to answer to a lady." I pointed out. ;"Well good thing you're not a lady." he answered. (ouch. My first burn.)
    We were just about to leave, to where Kidman was, when we heard footsteps. They came closer, and closer. My flashlight must have ran out of batteries, since it suddenly stopped working. We heard a low gurgle sound. It sounded so familiar to me, but I couldn't quite remember,  where I had heard it before. Munch took out his gun, and pointed it towards the sound. Just then a bright red light shone towards us. It was too bright to look at. The footsteps became louder and louder, as I saw what was coming running towards us. It was the lantern headed monster. It screamed again, it was unbearable. I quickly covered my ears, but Munch didn't have the time. The next thing I saw, was the thing, heel kicking him right to the stomach, as he fell on the ground, with a bit of blood coming out from him. The monster didn't hesitate, jumping on top of him, revealing sharp teeth, before sinking them to his throat. I didn't have any time to react or to help him. Then.. He stopped moving. That lantern headed thing was now EATING him.
    Then it stopped. It turned to look at me, it's light changing to a light blue one. ;"...P..a..ti..en..t?" it asked me. I nodded without thinking. The monster stood back up, walked up to me, twitching it's head, closing it's 'mouth'. I backed away, towards the elevator door. It was now uncomfortably close to me, I could smell the blood, on the monsters clothes. I was ready for the worst. Then, the elevator doors suddenly opened. I saw a gun pointed towards the monster, and I heard gunshots, and screaming. I was pulled inside the elevator, as the doors closed, I saw something, the light from the elevator shone towards the thing, I saw a name tag on the 'uniform' if you can call it that. It read: "Natalia."
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    CHAPTER VI: The Meeting With The Devil
    I woke up in a small black car. I was laying on the backseat, trying to remember what had happened. I couldn't remember much, other than the fact, that someone was going to pay for drugging me. AGAIN. I looked forward to see the driver. ;"Hey. Where are we going exactly? and WHO exactly are you?" I asked holding my head. MAN I HATE when they give me weird stuff. It always gives me a headache, and makes me tired. Besides, it blocks my powers. I LIKE my powers. I tried to focus, and make the world around me stop spinning so much. I started to see things more clearly. 
    The driver didn't seem to listen to me at all, but there was someone else besides them in the car, a big bald guy with sunglasses. The guy looked at my direction. Or at least I think he was? It's hard to tell, when you can't see his eyes behind the sunglasses. He kinda looked like the type, who has probably killed at least 10 guys by breaking their necks. I looked back at the driver, and I immediately saw who she was. It was Juli. "Hey! It's my favorite creep detective!" I said happily. She seemed irritated by it for some reason, though the big guy seemed to understand my humor, as I heard him trying to hold in the laughter. It didn't work. ;"Shut it Muntz." she ordered him. So the big guy was called Muntz, huh? I thought it was something else like Fist or Killer? ;"So who is he exactly? Your new boyfriend or..?" I asked Juli. ;"He's your bodyguard." she answered me, emotionless. I stared at the guy quite a while before I spoke again: ;"Sweet! Does that mean I can ask him to kill my enemies or just shoot someone?" I asked her excitedly. He turned his head towards me and with a low voice he simply answered: "No." I sat there legs crossed and mumbled: "Well, you're no fun." Just for that I decided to call him 'Munch' instead. It sounded more appropriate, to me at least.
    We arrived to an unknown facility, I had no idea where we were, since I was either too bored, to take any interest in what was going on outside the car, or I was simply napping. Juli covered my eyes with a cloth tied around my head, and led me inside. I heard various noises around me, such as machinery, some people talking about an experiment, and some even seemed to be interested in who I was. That's a first. We arrived to this small room I guess? I couldn't hear anything. Juli removed the cloth, and Munch sat on a chair near the door. I couldn't exactly see much, the lighting in the room sucked. I barely saw the 'big man' himself sitting opposite me on his chair, behind the desk. I couldn't even tell whether he was looking at me, or away from me.
    ;"So. YOU'RE the one I've heard SO MUCH about." The man said. I smirked and answered: ;"So YOU'RE the one I've heard NOTHING about!" , "Nice place you got here, does it come with lighting, or are you just shy about your looks?" I asked sarcastically. I heard silent laughing. ;"You truly are a little problem aren't you?" he asked in a creepily polite manner. ;"I try my best." I answered proudly. This guy.. I had never actually SEEN him, but I had HEARD him speaking bs, about me behind my back in the cellar. But if I was going to learn more about him and his little project, what better way doing it, than pretend working FOR him? Besides I was interested about this guy.. Ruben. Who was he? and where was he exactly? Somewhere around here? I HAD TO get answers.
    ;"So, why did you suddenly change your mind, young lady? I heard from Kidman that you weren't exactly... cooperative." He said putting his hands on the desk. If I could SEE something, I bet he was making this smug rich guy face, right about now. ;"My FRIEND, Helped me decide." (and I got bored) but as if I'd tell them that. "and I know about the system." I continued. I saw him twitch slightly. I bet he wasn't expecting that. "and.. about RUBEN." at this point everyone in the room stared at me, I was proud of myself. Only 10 minutes in, and already I seem like a potential threat. Good day. Of course, I really had no idea what the system is, or who the heck was Ruben, or what he was doing, but hey, messing with people is what I do best.
    ;"But you don't know why we need you, do you?" He asked, sounding almost little TOO confident. I froze. Completely. I had thought about it, but if they needed me, there was no chance they'd hurt me or study me right? Because I absolutely DESPISE, that kind of behavior. It reminded me of the Shrink BEFORE, the "accident", and before he became part of the red carpet in his room. ;"No... But I'm sure your highness will tell me." I said, trying to sound like calm. I knew nothing about this guy, besides the fact I truly hated him. He could do ANYTHING.
     He stood up from his desk, and walked towards me. I tried to back away, but Munch blocked the exit. The man stopped right in front of me, and reached his hand towards me. I closed my eyes, and waited. When nothing happened I opened my eyes, and saw that he was giving something to me, a small device. ;"I need you, to take this with you, to the STEM-System. You only need to find the main control room, and plant this device on the main computer. Understood?" He said with a monotone voice. I nodded and took the device. ;"So.. What does it do exactly?" I asked scratching my head a bit. ;"You don't need to know that. Detective Kidman will join you, with Mr.Muntz. They will make sure you'll be safe, and that you will do your mission as promised." He stated coldly, walking back towards his desk. ;"...And.. what if I CAN'T do that? For some reason?" I asked. He glanced at me. ;"That would be... very unfortunate.. For you." He said. I didn't really understand what he meant. "You see.. while you were sleeping, we took the liberty, to plant a little chip in your head. Now IF you succeed, we will remove it. But if you fail.. Well. Let's just say it will be messy." I bet he smiled. I was so angry. 
    ;"So.. How do I get to the STEM-System anyway?" I asked holding in all of the rage. ;"Oh I'm so glad you asked." He said. I was confused, until.. I felt a sharp pain on the right side of my neck, and I saw a needle. ;"Son of a-" I said, as I fell on the floor, and passed out AGAIN.
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     CHAPTER V: The Decision and Frustration
    It had only been days since that little 'accident' with the shrink. Of course, I was the first suspect. I mean who else would they blame of it? I always hated them, disobeyed their rules, questioned their system, and insulted the staff. In short: the feeling of hate was mutual. They had hired more guards, and tightened the security in the hospital. They even went as far as to give me my own little special cell. They were being extra careful. They weren't going to take any chances with me anymore. At first I was at worst, an annoyance to the nurses, and possibly to other patients. But now, I was a real threat to them. If I even looked at them funny, they'd give me an injection. I would wake up after few hours, groggy, weak,  with a terrible headache and dizziness. I hated that. I hated them. I hated the hospital. I hated EVERYTHING. There were still no signs of Natalia coming back, and.. as weird as it was, I was beginning to, WORRY about her. I didn't understand why, and that made me even more angry. I couldn't use my powers because of the stuff they gave me, though they still wouldn't even consider giving me any other medicine, which was good, I would've ripped off their arms if they had tried that. They still hadn't bring back Emily. I missed her too. Wherever she was, it couldn't be any worse than stuck here.
    I was starting to get bored, the guards wouldn't answer to my questions, or flinch when I kicked the cell door. They gave no reaction what-so-ever, so I sometimes wondered if they were robots. The worst thing wasn't that I was locked in a cell, heck I could get out whenever I wanted to.. The absolute WORST thing was, that whenever I did try getting out, I'd get shot with a tranquilizer. Now that really cramps my style. In more ways than one. I couldn't even drink coffee in peace anymore! I stared at the ceiling quietly. Every passing minute the, the ceiling looked like it was getting closer, at times I kinda hoped it was. This cell was dull. It was completely gray, only one window, and heavy metal door keeping me in. I had a bed though, but it's sheets were boring, dark gray color.
     I hadn't been this bored since the day my aunt died. I had nothing to do, even my time in 'the play room' had been shortened By a half an hour, and they wouldn't give me any sharp objects, not even a simple pencil. Every time I would try and make a conversation with the other patient despite them being in their own special place in their heads, and not noticing me at all  the nurses would call the security to keep me away. Really now? Now I would NEVER kill off my fellow patients. No, never. Maybe a few guards if they get in my way, but definitely not the patients. It always nice to see when one of them tries to climb the wall like a chameleon. Or when one of them goes all psycho on the nurses, because they tried to take away their baby which was nothing more than a doll, but still.
     Now I couldn't do that anymore either. All thanks to Mr.Bleach Skin. Okay it was amusing to see the shrink almost soil himself, but by killing him off, he made my life even more difficult.The only lucky break from my isolation, was when another patient Lesile, had gone a bit too wild once again, and he was put in the same cell as me, due to the lack of rooms. He was kinda like Emily, but more silent. He was just shivering in the corner, holding his legs. I sat next to him, but he didn't seem to notice me. I waved my hand in front of his face, still nothing. ;".... Yo. Les? Les? Are you alive?" I tried poking his forehead. Nothing. I remembered the monster that had visited me some time ago, which had called for him. "... Leslie. Do you happen to know anything about... a nurse with a lamp for a head?" He stopped moving. I couldn't really tell what he was thinking, but he was looking at me this time. 
    Neither of us said anything for a while, we just continued our staring contest, until Leslie finally said something: ;"STEM-system..." I stared at him in awe, how did he know that word? Did that mean he knew about the cellar? Without thinking, I grabbed his shoulders, not even realizing I was shaking him: ;"Leslie, How do you know that word?? Do you know what's going on? Please tell me!" He held his head looking at the floor, he was slowly swinging back and forth. ;"No.. Can't tell... Ruvik mean." He was mumbling bunch of weird stuff again. He was like a fragile child really, if he was my brother or something, I would definitely be the first one to protect him. Well he was still my cellmate, but he was an oddball. I wondered if he had been in an accident, which had caused him to stay mentally at a child's level. I wondered if I would've been like that too if I hadn't.. Well. It was only guessing. Not much point thinking about it now. Leslie fell on the ground, shaking violently. Good for me, since I HAD TO get out of here.
    I punched the door repeatedly, wishing the guards would get fed up with it and open the hatch to see what was going on. Lucky for me they did! ;"Be quiet in there! Don't force us to use the tranquilizers again!" The guard named John said. I didn't actually know their names, nor did I even care... But they looked like John and Josh for me so.. ;"Oh sorry Mr.Guard. I was just going to inform you, that Leslie is having one of his seizures again, and needs immediate help. Unless of course.. You want to live with the fact, that you let a patient die. That won't look good in your resume." I smiled at him. He opened the door as soon as he saw Leslie, his mouth foaming, and shaking violently on the floor, and that was just the diversion I needed. I pushed John aside, kicking Josh right between the legs. They REALLY didn't think this through, now did they? I ran as quickly as I could towards the exit from the 'Special' Ward, and took a turn to the left, towards the shrink's office. It WAS off limits... but I wasn't one to follow rules anyway. I heard the alarm go off, and I knew I only had few minutes to find what I was looking for.
     I finally found the papers, with a certain someone's phone number. I rushed out from the room, knocking down nurses, who had been going for Leslie. I ran to the reception desk, and dialed the number. ;"C'mon, c'mon.. Pick up....." I wished out loud. I heard the footsteps coming closer, and closer. Finally I heard a voice from the otherside of the line.
    ;"KCPD, Detective Kidman speaking, who is this?" For once I was GLAD to hear her voice. ;"Hey Detective! It's me, the kid from the Beacon Mental Hospital you visited!" I couldn't see her face then, but I was SURE it was hilarious. ;"What?! How did you get this number??" I saw one of the guards coming too close to me, so I quickly ducked under the table, taking the phone with me. ;"Does it matter? I- I'm kind of in a hurry so I'll get to the point. You said your boss would like to meet me right??? Well I've changed my mind! I want to meet him!" The line went quiet for a moment, but I heard her voice again soon. ;"Why the sudden change of heart?" She questioned me. ;"... Let's just say.. That a friend of mine helped me to decide... But anyway I- " I felt someone yanking the phone ;" I want to take whatever job it is he needs me to do!" I yelled, while trying to get the phone back. ;"Kid?! Are you okay??" I heard Juli ask. ;"JUST GET.ME.OUT.OF.HERE!" I managed to yell, before the phone was taken away from me, and I started feeling sleepy.
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    CHAPTER IV: The Shrinks
    So apparently after having "a few" sleepless nights due to the nurse..monster.. thingy visiting me, the nurses thought I needed to see Shrink McCreeps again. As usual, they tried to force the straight jacket on me. It didn't go well. For THEM. As soon as the first one approached me, I immediately clenched my fists, and waited till she was near enough, and then.. I punched her right on the chin. She fell down, I jumped towards the other nurse, but I did not know she had quite the grip, when she managed to grab my right arm. Then that other bi- beautiful nurse, injected some weird medicine in my arm. 
    The next thing I knew was that I was sitting on a chair, opposite the shrink. ;"And how are we feeling today sleepyhead?" He started. I already wanted to kick his stupid bearded face. ;"Oh I'm just FABULOUS Mr.Shrink. I think I'm aaaaaaaaaall better now. Please do come closer, so I can shake your hand- oh wait. No. I can't. Because I'm in a freaking straight jacket!" I yelled and, started squirming out of it. ;"Now now, there's no need to get all worked up, the jacket is for your protection." The shrink said. ;"Don't you mean, for YOUR protection? Because we both know what would happen to YOU. If I were to break free." I said. I saw the fear in his eyes. He was trying to act all calm and professional, but I knew he was afraid. He was ALWAYS afraid. Especially during our meetings. 
    There were always certain conditions that had to be fulfilled before, I could meet him. 1. There were to be at least 4 guards ready outside the door at all times, in case I tried something. 2. They needed to make sure I couldn't move around freely, whether it was by giving me some weird drugs, or forcing me wear the straight jacket didn't matter. 3. I needed to sit on the 'special chair.'
    It was a normal chair, that was bolted to the floor. It was connected to certain wires, which made sure that if I ever tried anything the meeting would become... Quite SHOCKING. Those rules were added, ever since I broke the window in the room, as well as the shrink's glasses. They had to use stitches on the wounds, given by the sharp pieces of glass in his face. Not to brag.. But that was one of my best works so far.
      ;"So Mr.Hitler. What are we discussing about today? How my life was so terrible? How I FEEL? As if you'd care about it. I know what you REALLY think of me anyway." I said smiling innocently. He looked nervous. Even more than usual. I'm sure he was ready to ran to his desk, and push the red alarm button. Or to call the security. He even thought of using the special chair. But he didn't. I stared at him. He didn't move. He seemed to be in a shock. "So... What now? Silent treatment?... Heart attack?" I asked, making myself as comfortable as I could in the jacket. I looked at the shrink bored, when I saw no reaction. But I realized something. He wasn't looking at ME. He was looking next to me. 
    I turned my head, and a pair of unknown eyes stared back in mine. I did not recognize him, but an older looking man, was standing next to my seat. He wore a white cloak, his skin was completely white. As if he was a ghost. He had odd scars on his face and hands, when he walked, it looked like the shadows in the room were following him. I couldn't help but stare, I thought he was pretty cool, with that shadow trick of his. He walked towards the shrink's chair, stopping inches away from him. I looked at the two, curious of what was going on. It looked like Mr.Hitler knew the guy, a bit too well even. He tried desperately to get out of the chair, but it was like the man's shadow was holding him still. I have to admit, it was far better than any movie I've ever seen. The man suddenly turned to look at me, and I immediately felt my heart beating faster. For a second, I thought he was going to kill me or something. He then raised his hand, and snapped his fingers. I felt something fly right past my face. When I opened my eyes, I saw my jacket was cut in two. I was free. I looked up, and the man smiled at me. "Who are you?" I asked him.
    ;"You don't need to know that now, for my name does not matter." He said with a low voice. "Worry not young one. We will meet again, in another place. For now.. Let me get rid of any 'obstacles' you might have here. Think of it as a gift." He continued. He turned back towards the shrink, raised his hand once again, and made an invisible cut through the air. I felt a powerful wave of air rushing through the room, right towards shrink's chair. It went right through the chair. and through HIM.
     Next thing I noticed, was a puddle of blood around his chair. I couldn't do anything at the moment. I just stared, at his dead body.. Well.. at least the parts, that hadn't gone flying to the other side of the room. I stared in awe, as the strange man walked through the wall, disappearing. All I could hear was his voice: "See you again." About a minute later, when a nurse came into the room, she screamed like there was no tomorrow. I simply walked past her, due to her shock she couldn't stop me. ;"Hey! How come you're free?? What happened there?!" A security guard asked me, grabbing my shoulder. I glared at him, and pointed my finger towards him, he had about 0.5 seconds to react, before he flew across the hall right into the wall. ;"Mr.Shrink is taking a nap. An eternal one." I said, as I walked to my room. I closed the door behind me, and sat on my bed. I couldn't help it. It's not like I wanted to. But I couldn't stop laughing.
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    CHAPTER III: The Nurse
    After the incident with the detective, Natalia visited me less and less. I didn't know what was going on, but I certainly didn't like it. It didn't help much that Emily tried to bite people. She was very active. She had been given more sedatives lately, and to be honest, that made her pretty boring. She mumbled less and less, and wasn't all tense like usual, but now she was sometimes shivering.. Like she was afraid of something. I tried not to care, but it proved to be impossible after a certain little 'incident.'
    We usually had some free time out of our rooms, and in a secured 'play room.' I usually sat down somewhere near the tv, and drew things I saw, or I sometimes tried changing the channel on the guards little tv, which was in his booth, not too far away, it was funny seeing him getting all confused. Emily would usually fight for the place on this really comfortable armchair, near the window.. But now thanks to the sedatives she was just calmly sitting in the corner, heck, she didn't even TRY to bite the nurse's leg like usual. I was getting pretty bored, watching her wabble back and forth in the corner. So I walked up to her, and sat down next to her. Usually she wouldn't want to come anywhere near me, NOW she didn't even seem to notice. I waved my hand in front of her face, but she didn't react. ;"Yo Em. Emily? Emilyyyy? Anybody home?" I said tapping her head with my finger. She didn't react. "... EM!" I yelled right into her ear. She slowly turned her head towards me, it was kind of creepy. She had this odd, almost empty look in her eyes, even I had to back away from that. That's.. When she grabbed my shoulders. She looked straight into my eyes, and whispered: ;"Help.. You have to help me, you can see them too right? The THINGS? You can hear them too can't you???" She asked, with an oddly normal tone. ;"The things? Em, what in the world are you-?" I tried to ask, before she covered my mouth. ;"There's no time to explain, You have to help me! Please! Don't let her see me!" She said, shivering and scared. ;"Don't let WHO see you??" I asked confused, trying to back away. ;"The NURSE! If she sees me I'm done for!" She whisper yelled in panic, now almost crying. She was pleading for her life, I couldn't do anything but stare in confusion, before some of the nurses came and dragged her away for 'violent behaviour.' I sat there for a long time. I couldn't move, I couldn't think, I just sat there looking at nothing.
    I was on my bed, in the familiar room, with the familiar walls. Emily had been moved to a "special" room, because of her behavior. I can't believe those idiots did that to her, after all it was partly THEIR fault, for giving her sedatives, that make her act all paranoid. Not that she wasn't already but.. I missed her. She was the only one to keep me company, besides Natalia. Who hadn't come to visit, in almost a week now. I had a talk earlier that day, with Mr.Shrink, who asked me about my 'feelings' and 'how my day had been', I responded with a glare. I hated, I so much HATED shrinks. I had to go to meet one before coming to the Beacon Mental Hospital, and it was awful. Especially since my Aunt didn't even TRY, to defend me back then... I laid down on my bed, and thought about my past, what Emily had said, and who was going to be my next visitor. For the first time I actually TRIED to sleep. I was just about to, when I saw a bright light, coming from the hallway. I thought it must be one of the nurses, or the guards making their rounds, but I ditched that idea, after I heard an odd static like sound. I sat up, and stared at the hallway. I saw a big shadow closing in, and I heard footsteps. They became louder and louder every minute, and the static sound was almost unbearable. Then I saw IT.
     It being very tall figure, wearing shredded long white coat on it, a big lantern as it's head, and a red shredded dress with high heels. If I didn't know better I would've said, that the thing used to be a nurse, at some point at least... It walked oddly, every time it took a step, it looked like it was going to fall. Maybe it's head was too heavy for it? It's voice was inhuman. It was half static sounds and half speaking. It crouched every time it took a step, and it didn't seem to have any arms. It didn't have any mouth either so I wondered, how exactly was it speaking. It spoke with almost whispering voice: ;"Leslie..." the voice itself sounded like dried leaves rustling in the wind. It walked down the hall, it's lantern showing it the way. Then, it suddenly stopped. Right in front of my room.
    My room had a glass door bullet proof of course. It WAS the room for unnatural cases. The thing turned. To look at ME. It's lantern shone bright light, right towards me. It made an odd clicking sound, and what sounded like an old plank squeaking, before walking to the door. It stopped, and hit it's head against the glass, with full force. I backed away, towards the back wall, and continued watching it curious and confused. The thing's lantern turned off, but it held it's head against the door. It then backed away, and tried to kick the door with it's heels. I don't know what it wanted, but it was desperately trying to get in. When it failed, it let out a high pitched scream, giving ME a headache. I had to cover my ears, to be able to stand the sound. Then it stopped. It held it's head down. It didn't move. It didn't breath. Nothing. I stepped down on the floor, and slowly walked to the door. I put my hand against the glass, and gave a good long look at the thing. It was unnaturally tall, and I'm pretty sure, It's neck wasn't supposed to be turned half way around the back. It was breathing heavily. As if it was struggling to do so. ;"... What are you?" I asked. The thing's neck snapped towards me, and it turned it's head. ;"...P..a..tient...?" It asked me. I nodded, my eyes glued to it, trying to figure out, how or if, it was still "alive." It walked towards the door handle.
     It was much taller than me, almost up to two and a half meter. It's lantern's light turned on again. A light blue light shone down, at me. The thing turned it's head, as if trying to recognize me. It crouched down looking directly at me. Suddenly, it started shaking. The light in the middle started spinning, I backed away and got ready, to whatever it was trying to do. I covered my face with my hands, and waited. I didn't hear anything. I didn't dare to look, so I took two steps forward, my hand touched something. Like a cloth. I opened my left eye, and I saw the thing standing mere inches away from me.
    I felt it's breathing, but I wondered where it came from, it had no mouth. Or so I thought, I put my hands down and stared at it, The part from it's stomach looked weird, it looked like it had a huge scar vertically cut, starting from it's throat and down to the stomach. I looked closely... and I saw teeth. Three rows of big sharp teeth... It had a mouth at where it's stomach was supposed to be. I stared at it for a while before saying: "... Guess it's difficult for you to brush your teeth huh?" I panicked. I was pretty darn scared at the moment, but my usual thing was to lighten the mood with sarcasm. It didn't seem to respond, but few moments later it made a sound similar to giggling. ;"Um.. My name is ×××× Who are you?" I asked it. The thing looked at me, as if it had never heard a question before. ;"××...××?" It tried to say. ;"Almost." I answered.
     The thing looked around the room. After it didn't seem to find, whatever it was looking for, it walked out. That was when I noticed a huge hole in the middle of the door. It was like it had created a doorway, for itself. The thing showed the light towards the door, and just like that, the door was whole once again. The thing did the same thing to a near by wall, and a door appeared, with an oddly familiar looking symbol on it. A star at the corner of the door. It walked in, and the door closed behind it, and later disappeared. I had no idea, that the thing would be my nightly guest from now on.
    (So as you may have seen, I took some ideas from the game, that may or may not be fully canon, but I hope that you have enjoyed my story so far)
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    CHAPTER II: The Detective
    I couldn't stop thinking about Ruben and the STEM-System. What was Stem? Why were they testing it with possible patients? and how did they know I was 'special' case... and who was that man? The sponsor. I needed answers, but I couldn't do anything without Natalia knowing about it. I didn't want her to get involved with this. I didn't want to hurt her either, but she can not come in my way.
    I had to go back there. To the basement. I needed to explore it more, maybe I would find something. I was pretty sure no one around here would know about it anyway.
    I looked at Emily. She was shivering on her bed, rocking herself back and forth for no apparent reason, mumbling about something. That's when the door opened.
    I supposed it was time for the medicine so I showed my: 'Do not get any closer, or you will be scarred mentally' look. I even did that in Natalia's case. She might be a friend, but there is no way in hell, that I'm going to take any medicine here. It only weakens me, and I can't have that.
    When the nurse came in, I noticed two things: 1. She wasn't Natalia. 2. She had way too expensive shoes, to be just a nurse. All shiny and new. Otherwise she looked normal. Hair tied back in a bun, normal clothes, though she didn't have any nail polish, like almost all the other nurses.
    Hey, they might work with lunatics, but damn it they have the right to look better, than us!.. Is what I thought they must be thinking. She walked towards me, with the medicine on a tray as usual, that's when I noticed the gun she was carrying.
    I lift my arms behind my head, and took a more comfortable position, while sitting on my bed legs crossed. I then said: "Nice outfit. Though do you really think it suits an agent such as yourself?"
    She stopped. She stood perfectly still and stared at me. ;"The gun gave it away, didn't it?" she started. ;"Nope. The shoes." I said. "Now, I have seen some PROUD nurses around here, but none of them, could afford shoes like THAT, agent. I doubt the police would go this far either, so agent is a safe bet." I said saluting her mockingly, sticking my tongue out at her. "So... Why ARE you here? It's not like the nurses gave up on me for the first time. What you gonna do now? Shoot me if I don't take my medicine? Because if so, then go right ahead!" I said pointing to my head, as if I was holding a gun, making 'bang' sound, before 'dying' getting back up when she didn't seem to react.
    ;"They did say you were a difficult patient." She said laughing a bit. ;"I'll take that as a compliment. It is my sworn duty to make their lives miserable, and more complicated." I said smiling. She looked puzzled. I think she must have been trying to decide, whether I was being serious or kidding, and I absolutely loved it. Confusing people was always nice, especially if it was someone 'better'  than you. ;"Anyway.." She started, "I need to ask few questions from you.. about this place. Is that okay?" She asked. I stared at her for a while. ;"Why are you acting like you care about what I WANT? No one does that. Why are YOU?" I said. She looked shocked. ;"I don't know what you have gone through kid.. But I know you ARE a person that matters. Everyone does. Even the crazy ones." She said. I followed her to an office. While on our way there, I saw some nurses and doctors staring at me, like they'd just seen something disgusting. I gave them a wide smile, and immediately they looked away. As soon as we entered the room, I sat on a couch, and the detective introduced herself. Her name was apparently Juli Kidman. She and her partners had been working on a case, about some secret organization. She asked the usual questions. ;"Do you know anything about this group?", "have you seen anything strange lately?", "have you heard or seen anyone suspicious?", ;"Who WOULDN'T be suspicious looking here?" I asked from her. She seemed nice. For a detective. 
    Once we were ready, I was heading towards the door, but Kidman stopped me from going out. "There's on more thing I must do." She said with a serious tone looking directly at me. I simply nodded. ;"I must ask, that you come with me. My employer seems to be VERY eager to meet you." That's when I understood that the Sponsor, and this detective were connected. I looked at Kidman,  and managed to give her headache, bad enough for her to almost lose her balance. So I ran out the door, and into the hallway. "Do not make me use force!" She yelled after me. I didn't listen, but I kept running. My only hope was to lose her, but it turned out to be a lot harder, than I had imagined. I ran and ran for what seemed like hours. When I finally made a sharp right turn, I bumped into someone."Natalia! You have to get out of here! Quickly! Otherwise she will-" I didn't have any time to finish the sentence, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. ;"Got you kid. Now let's go." Kidman said. Natalia stepped forward. ;"Excuse me, but where do you think you're taking that patient?" She said strictly. Of course Kidman tried showing her badge to Natalia, thank god she did not care about it. "I'll let you know, that this girl is a patient here at the Beacon Hospital, and you can't just drag her along with you how you please. First of all there are rules that deny it, and I don't suppose you have the acceptance of the manager?" She asked her. Kidman didn't say anything but looked rather pissed off. "I didn't think so. The door is right over there, now please LEAVE." Natalia told her. The detective left, but I had a feeling this wouldn't be the end of it. ;"Thanks for helping me.." I mumbled to Natalia. ;"You're welcome. Isn't it our job to keep patients like you safe? After all, like the manager said, YOU especially need more rules, and strict surveillance." She told me, as she showed me the way back to my room. Emily was there to welcome me, of course. Mumbling something about a monster or something like that.. Little did I know that Emily here, for once was right.. and that I wouldn't be sleeping well anymore. EVER.
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    CHAPTER I: The System
    The new nurse was called Natalia, she usually stopped by my room, to talk about various things. Mostly about life, future, hobbies and all that, I didn't answer to the questions she asked, but she didn't seem to mind. It was only a few weeks after, that I heard about this odd rumor.. About some odd experiments going on at the basement level.
    I had noticed some patients had gone missing, but I never thought much of it. I usually stayed in my room until it was time for my: "Happier and better life with Mr.Shrink!" sessions. They usually lasted about and half an hour, but to me, it was all far too annoying. I once gave him a headache, and a bad nosebleed, by concentrating enough. Obviously he had to cancel the days session. Needless to say I was happy. One night, I decided I would go explore the basement level. I knew how to open my rooms door, but I only did it when I was sure no one else, but Emily would see it, after all she's crazy enough. They wouldn't believe her, even if she WAS telling the truth. I lifted my hand pointed the door and moved it left. I heard a clicking sound, I walked to the door, and quietly opened it. I gestured Emily to keep quiet and leaved the room.I walked bare foot, since I didn't want to attract any unnecessary attention. There were about four nurses at the night shift, so it was quite easy to sneak past them.
     The difficult part, was to steal the keys needed, to open the door to the staircases, leading down to the basement. They were usually hanging behind the reception desk, in a small stand. But there was no way to sneak there, without being noticed... Or so they thought. I picked up an empty soda can from the trash, lift it up with my powers, and shot it to the back of the hallway. The nurse on duty went to check, as I sneaked to take the key, then I quietly walked towards the staircases door. It was old rusty looking door, like something straight out of a horror movie. It made an awful creaking sound, but I managed to open it quietly enough without distracting the nurse again. She wouldn't notice that key was gone, she didn't even notice the time I went to the cafeteria, to get some coffee after midnight. That time I wasn't even trying to be quiet. I knew I had more than enough time, so I walked down the ice cold stone stairs, getting closer to the basement floor, as I smelled something awful, like a corpse rotting. wouldn't surprise me, since the basement was used as an old morgue, the disturbing part was, that it was one 20-years ago. There shouldn't be a smell like that anymore.
    I opened the door, and entered the room. It looked like a laboratory, used recently. I saw some blood on the floor, it was still wet.I followed the blood trails behind a curtain, and what I saw, was a body hanging from a hook. There were cut marks on it's head. I noticed a weird jar on the table, I guessed that must have been the rest of him. I heard someone coming in, and quiet talking. Two men. I didn't have much time to hide, so I quickly climbed on one of the beds and under the blanket, where the next 'quest' was. The smell was awful, but I knew my powers wouldn't help much, since I had already used them too many times, for one night. I could hear some words from the passing conversation: "The last test failed...", "We need better samples.", "Ruben should prove to be useful...", "The STEM-system is still only a prototype..."I had no idea what they meant, but I had heard about some patient called 'Ruben', but I had never met him. Apparently he was another 'special' case, like me. So either they forgot him, and dumped him to the darkest corner of the hospital, or they kept him as secret, because of his violent behavior. In my case it was 50/50. The STEM-system however, was new to me. I had heard something from some detectives, who came to take a look at the 'Wonderful Place of Happiness' as I sometimes called the place. I also heard something very disturbing from the other guy, who I assumed was the one, who sponsored the doctors 'Little hobby' down in the basement. ;"What about the girl who came here three months ago? You said she was... special." I knew they were talking about me. ;"But she is only a mere brat compared to Ruben's level!" The doctor interrupted. ;"Could be, but if something goes wrong, we'll need someone to 'test' the system, now don't we?" The sponsor finished. "Besides she's a complete nutcase! No one would miss her, and from what I read, she doesn't have any relatives. We'll just say it was an accident. Those have been reported a LOT lately..." He continued.That was the first time I knew, I wasn't going to like the guy. Or to put it nicely: 'If he was to fall and break his neck, I would laugh and dance on his grave.'
    I quietly sneaked back upstairs and towards my room. As I was about to open the door, I felt a hand on my shoulder. ;"Why are YOU sneaking around so late?" I heard directly behind me. Surprisingly I didn't hear a negative tone. I turned around and saw Natalia. "You shouldn't be here. How did you get out from your room?" I put my head down in shame. She opened the door to my room, and let me in. I quietly walked in, as she closed the door and said: "May I also have the reception's keys back? They will be suspicious of things, if they're not back." I slid the keys from under the door. How did she notice? She was WAY too smart for a nurse. But she was a friend. No doubt about it.
    (I know this is not what goes on in the game, but I hope this story is so far alright, comments and such are appreciated)
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    The Evil Within: The Invisible Patient
    The first time I came to the Beacon Mental Hospital, I had just lost my aunt and uncle. I was about 17-years old at the time. The doctors didn't quite understand why the police brought me there, until they showed the reports of my interrogation. They thought there was something wrong with me, just because I did not cry, when I saw the dead bodies of my aunt, and uncle. They also suspected I was the one who pulled the trigger.
    In reality my uncle was the one to put the gun on his temple and shot himself, right after beating my aunt to death. I just assisted him a bit.
    I knew I wasn't really 'normal'. Ever since I was 7-years old I knew how to move objects without touching them, or break windows and other stuff just by looking at them. I could even start a fire if I was able to concentrate enough. I only trained my powers, when others were sleeping, that way no one noticed a thing, or so I thought.
    My parents died in a car accident when I was little, I ended up at my aunt's house. She was nice to me, and treated me well.. Unfortunately my uncle didn't. He loved to drink, and whenever someone disagreed with him, he'd beat them up. No exceptions. So of course, being a stupid kid I was, I just had to argue with him. He never used his fists to beat me up though, he'd much rather use the belt buckle for that.My aunt tried to help me, only to get beaten up by him.
    She was scared, I understand that, but she let him beat me up as many times as he wanted. That, I could not forgive. So when he finally snapped one night, and beat my aunt to death, I stood there. I didn't do anything, I just stared at the scene quietly. After he was done, he took out a gun and pointed it at me. I stared at the gun. I wasn't scared, I wasn't even surprised. I actually waited this day to come. I only wished it would have come sooner. So I concentrated. More than ever. I looked at the gun in his hand, I managed to control it. So I moved my hand towards my head, He did the same. I pointed at my fingers at my temple as if I was holding the gun, and he followed. He tried to speak, but he was too horrified and confused of what was happening. So then, I pretended to hold the gun, and pulled the trigger.
    There was a loud 'bang' sound, and his body fell on the ground. I walked up to my aunt and stared at her for a few minutes before calling an ambulance. I didn't know why I did that, she was clearly dead, I just felt like I should.When the paramedics came in, they saw them laying on the ground, and me, sitting quietly in the corner hugging my knees. I didn't feel sorry. I always hated my uncle, and I despised my aunt, for leaving me with him. She'd either look the other way, or pretend like nothing happened. The paramedics called the police, naturally. They asked me questions and I answered.The next thing I knew was, that I was being taken to a mental hospital. I didn't really care. Anywhere was better, I had no relatives to live with anyway.I was forced to go see this psychiatrist daily. I didn't like him. Always the same questions over and over again: "How do you feel about your aunts death?", "Why would your uncle do something like that?", "Was he always violent?", "Do you think it was because he had a drinking problem?" I never answered to him. I crossed my arms, and sat there, until the time was up.
    I had to share a room, with another patient called Emily. I never remembered her last name it started with a W.. "Watson? Weston? Washington...? No, no that wasn't it..." We always stayed on our own sides of the room. She was constantly mumbling something, and REALLY paranoid. She always had to wear a straight jacket, otherwise she would've attacked the nurse, who brought our medicine.
    I didn't trust the nurse either, that was pretty much the only thing me, and Emily seemed to agree on. The nurse didn't like me either, mostly because I never ate the medicine she brought me, I either hid it under my tongue or 'accidentally' flushed it down the toilet. They had to hire a new nurse, every time the former one got tired of me. I didn't mind. At least I got to keep my usual clothes, instead of the ones in the hospital.If they ever tried to force me to wear the hospital's clothes, I usually got pretty aggressive. Once I almost bit someone's ear off. So they decided, it wasn't worth it. What can I say? I just love my own hoodie, and sweat pants.Whenever I wasn't a prisoner in my own room, I'd either draw or practice my skills. I learned how to see few minutes to the future, quick flashes happened in my head. I knew when the nurse would come to take me to see 'Mr.Shrink McCreepy', or when it was time for Emily to 'cool off'. It was useful. It gave me some time to prepare for that.Now I liked Emily, she didn't ask much questions, she stayed on her side and didn't try anything stupid, like attack me at night, or try to take away the necklace, my mother gave me as a birthday present when I was 5-years old. It was a small stone ring, but to me it was a treasure.There was one exception, one person who I could trust. 
    She was also a nurse hired after the three first ones quit. I thought she'd be like others, forcing me to take the medicine, but surprisingly, she didn't. She actually wanted to hear my story. She came to talk to me, and asked how I got there, so I explained. I asked: "are you afraid of me?" Instead of showing any signs of disgust, she hugged me. I don't know why, but for some reason I started crying, like the day when my parents died. I hadn't cried after that. She told me that "everything would be okay", that I "would sooner or later get out and be able to live a normal life." I don't understand why, but I believed her.
    Before she came to work at the hospital, none of the workers had ever shown any compassion to me, well not like that at least. Besides I usually knew what they thought anyway. But her thoughts were sincere. She actually said "you matter", unlike the others, who clearly hated me, and I them. But that was okay. If I had one friend, one person on my side, I would be able to go through this hell.
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    Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope
    Okay. Let me start by saying, that I do not own any of characters, except for my OC and her Dragon brother. All the other Characters belong to Ankama Games and to Ankama Animation.
    WARNING: Contains some major spoilers for the Wakfu animated series, so if you're currently watching, or plan on doing so, read at your own risk. If you're new to the series that's okay as well, the story will explain most of the important things. The story will contain some non-canon things.
    The skies were dark, covered in endless smoke. A song of screams became louder and louder, each passing second. The smell of iron was strong, and the sounds of metal crushing bone was unbearable. A girl ran through the battlefield, in search of something she had lost. SOMEONE, she had lost. She wasn't even sure of what would be waiting for her at the end, she did not care. All she knew, was that she had to find him. She tried calling for his name, but the desperate cry drowned, to the sound of the metallic beings marching forward. They destroyed everything in sight, and it had become hard to breathe. Yet Aeri refused to flee. Not without her brother. He had to be there, somewhere in the burning sea of flames. The panic was setting in, her lungs were absolutely burning every breath of the way, and her legs had lost all feeling. She attempted to call for him again, only for a giant shadow to land on her, she turned to be met with two red burning dots, and black, cold, metallic armor. She had to back up, to see the being completely. Aeri had no strength left, she could only watch, as the robotic thing raised it's claw like arm, ready to strike down. Warm tears found their way on her cheeks, as she attempted to put up her arms in defense. The being came closer, and with great strength and speed, swung it's claw down at her.
    Aeri opened her eyes, only to be met with a familiar room. Her room. It was lightly colored, decent sized for two. She quickly turned to look to her side, seeing her brother Shiroazaad sleeping soundly, quiet murmurs sometimes escaping him. Aeri gave a deep, slow sigh. She had seen that same nightmare, for Goddess knows how many times. Yet it always seemed so vivid. So lifelike. So REAL. She wondered, if that was yet another thing, she had forgotten from her past lives. Things always seemed to come back at her, when she was most vulnerable. Although, it had become the new norm to her, it always took her by surprise. The only thing that stopped her from having yet another near anxiety attack, was her brother turning towards her. His steady breathing, and gently warm body heat, made her able to calm down. He was practically hugging her, not that she minded, but his spiky short hair, and a pair of small horns, were poking her cheek rather painfully. She tried to make more room for herself, by quietly shifting towards the edge, but due to his grip, was unable to. She made a silent vow to go talk about her nightmare, to another family member. As soon as she'd get out of this predicament. 
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    Here I thought they couldn't make Knux seem more amazing... I was wrong o_o. I...I might need a moment. 
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    God. If Black Knight, Secret of The Rings, Colors, Lost World ever comes on playstation, I would be over the frigging Moon. I never had the chance to play those due to not owning Wii. I would love to. For the story. Even if the gameplay would be garbage I wish I could play those.
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    Heck yes! Ya need an island to film at? USE AN ACTUAL ISLAND Duh.
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    Thank you! I did
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    It's NEVER too late bud bud! (Thank you) 
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    better late than never my friend! 

    Thank you everyone! (Merry Birthmas to you tooThire pretty sure I've missed some Birthday wishes)
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    Aww. You have no idea how much that means to me. 
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    Oh you softie. Thank you c:
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    Yeah a series based off of IDW would be too soon, since we don't have enough material to go with. It could have like the first two arcs, but I assume this was announced way earlier than when the earlier arcs were completed.
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    Well I get that. I mean modern IS what the kids these days are familiar with, so it'd make sense to stick with something that's familiar. Plus ya know, Classic didn't talk? I mean yes you can make short eps like Mania Adventures did. But a full length series without any speaking might get difficult? 
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