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  1. Anyone else picking up Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice today?

    1. Thire


      I don't have a 3DS, so I won't be able to get it.

    2. BrayPlays (Formerly CyDra)

      BrayPlays (Formerly CyDra)

      During October most likely is when i'm getting it.

    3. Skye Prower

      Skye Prower

      Alas most of my gaming budget right now has gone on the new lego dimensions wave, so Sonic will have to wait.

  2. The new Ghostbusters Movie

    I've been a huge Ghostbusters fan since I was little so I've been really wanting to see this. I'm glad to hear you liked it and I'll report back once I finally get to see it. Also, Ghostbusters: The video game is amazing. Just sayin'
  3. Off-Topic Thread

    With all these Pokemon around here...none of you know CUT? That'll take care of those bushes!
  4. The Happy Birthday Thread

    I'm a little late on some of these... But Happy Birthday Skye and Seviper!
  5. Yes. The remixes of this for Sonic Generations and Sonic Racing Transformed are sooo good too!
  6. Thoughts on Sonic 06?

    Everyone hates on 06 but I always have to say the music was amazing! The zebrahead version of Sonic's theme is easily one of my top.
  7. A Skype chat wouldn't be bad!
  8. Last to post wins v3.0

    I agree
  9. Happy Birthday Sonic! ... Can you guys announce the 25th anniversary game now? Please?

  10. Games that you recently finished

    I bought that game when it came out and still have yet to compete it.   As for me, I finally got around to playing through both Bayonetta games. They are so ridiculous but so so much fun! 
  11. Games that you recently got

    I paid for it like 3 years ago... But finally time for some Mighty No. 9!
  12. The latest e3 footages of this game looks promising. I reserved it and will definitely be picking it up day one! (But I do that for all Sonic games because I'm a sucker lol)
  13. Sonic Runners (2015, Smartphone)

    It's too bad they are shutting it down. I actually really like the game play. I'd pay for an offline version where I could unlock all the characters by playing the game in a heartbeat.
  14. Helloooo everyone! Long time, no see?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Device


      I'm Snake Man of course! 


      And thanks Dylan! Work has kept me away and I got a pile of Sonic comics to catch up on... But I'm back!

    3. Skye Prower

      Skye Prower

      Welcome back Device. ood to see you again!

    4. Thire


      Salutations Device! Glad to see you around.