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  1. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    I had to use all of the 235 orbs I saved for the New Years banner. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. So did I get him? After 50 I got Gunnthrá and went on to get pity broken by Ares, Male Morgan, Flier Nino (yep a green pity breaker cause I apparently don't want Fjorm...) and Brave Celica.
    I got down to my last 10 orbs, at this point I gave up, but I went on to press summon, 2 red orbs appeared. First one was a 3 star Olivia. I had no hope for the last red but tried anyway.
    So who did I get? Well I got...
    But the pain was worth it! He's perfect IV's! +Def - HP! I'm so happy I got my festive Hubby! Not sure if I should try for Fjorm and Laevatein or go for more Hríd to merge with my perfect IV Hríd
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  2. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    I was right about the Renais twins getting Christmas alts! I struggled to get them and Christmas Chrom, overall took over 500 orbs... but I got on another account and have started saving up orbs and got the twins this time in 17 orbs! Haven't tried Chrom yet. but forget Chrom! 
    Our December legendary is Azura, the banner is pretty cool but i'm skipping it. 
    Now for the biggest thing, our new years alts that were revealed a few hours ago! They are....
    Fjorm Gunnthra LaegjarnLaevateinHridAs you could probably guess, I nearly screamed the second I saw Hrid among the new years units! in my exact words, I said "No one can beat Christmas Ephraim!" Oh boy I was wrong! and we just got normal Hrid a month ago! I expected Fjorm, and the others were no surprise, BUT HRID?! Also we have Fjorm as a green bow flier, Gunnthra and Hrid was red sword fliers, Laevatein is a clear healer cavalry and Laegjarn is a blue lance cavalry! Also Laegjarn is the free Tempest Trial unit. Welp Rip my orbs, I'll likely struggle to get Hrid... Also everyone's srtworks is beautiful! Fjorm is the only one with their original artist. 
    So is anyone going for the legendary banner or saving for new years? Who are your targets?
    Oh almost forgot, I'm really liking book 3 and Eir so far, glad to have finally met Gustav and finally be introduced to Alfonse and Sharena's mother, Henriette! Also I don't want Sharena to die...  
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  3. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    GG Team Ylgr with the win! My team may have ended up in 4th but I'm now cheering her team to beat Fjorm in the finals! I found it hilarious that she defeated the only nice "mister monster guy" (doesn't call him that but wanted to reference the name xD) from Múspell then she defeated her brother. 
    Also there is a Feh channel on Tuesday morning! (Monday for most people) and book 3 and 3.0 is confirmed to be coming afterwards too after a 5 hour maintence! Time to join the hype train!
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  4. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    Well the title of shortest Voting Gauntlet is this one xD All the Nifl siblings are in round 2! Now it's a battle for the title of best Nifl sibling! xD 
    RIP... I ended up with 4 Hríd. I'm currently trying for a +10 Surtr
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  5. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    Yeah we got some backstory in Forging Bonds but other then finding out Hríd gave Fjorm Leiptr and is her mentor, nothing else major. Oh wait and the fact that they all have the dream ability but not as experienced as Gunnthrà
    Tried for one last Hríd before the banner ended but ended up with 2 Ryoma... guess the games telling me to go back to Fates since he's my partner in the game xD 
    Also the Voting Gauntlet is very close! The battles between Surtr and Fjorm and Hríd and Laegjarn are so close none have a multiplier! 
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  6. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    Never thought of this until now but one of my friends mentioned that there is a major possibility that the Nifl siblings are Manakete's or half Manakete, like Ninian and Nils. They have mentioned being the "children of the ice dragon Nifl" but I thought that was some royalty thing. Their father is never mentioned, so it could be that the ice dragon Nifl is actually their father... Well guess we'll wait to see if we get alts of them which have them transform.
    Also the Voting Gauntlet starts tonight! Let's go team Hríd!
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  7. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    I'm not really sure when it comes to popularity with Múspell, Helbindi I'd say is popular but Ylgr is too. I think Fjorm may be more popular then Surtr but who knows, I'm only very certain that Hríd and Gunnthrà will be in round 2, Gunnthrà has won a VG before (princes vs princesses?) And Hríd is very popular
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  8. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    Round 1 of the Voting Gauntlet is Fjorm vs Surtr, Gunnthrà vs Laevatein, Hríd vs Laegjarn and Ylgr vs Helbindi. If we're going by popularity I'm guessing finals will be Surtr vs Hríd, though it will be cool (or hot? Hehe) if it's a Nifl final of Múspell final. 
    RIP. Good luck! I got lucky and got my 2nd Hríd
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  9. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    Sadly didn't have the best of luck with the Legendary Hero banner,with 300 orbs I got 4 Kana,and 1 Laevatein, Ryoma, Summer Innes, Gunnthrà and finally the most important, Hríd. 
    The Forging Bonds event on the other hand I really liked it's a prelude to book 2 but we do learn a few new interesting facts about the siblings!
    Firstly they all have the dream ability Gunnthrà has, but Gunnthrà has more training and ability most likely because of age, although we do not know the age gap between Gunnthrà and Hríd, but Hríd almost seems to be a beginner like Fjorm. Also Gunnthrà uses the Rite of Dreams to talk to the Summoner and that's how she is able to talk to us through dreams in book 2.
    Another major thing is in the B scene. This scene is Fjorm and Hríd talking about the upcoming war and training but there was one thing revealed. Hríd gave Fjorm Leiptr, after it had been sealed and not used for generations. Definitely an interesting little fact! Another thing from the scene makes the whole chapter 11 scene sadder though... Hríd says "If I fall in battle, make sure Mother and our sister's are safe." Before Fjorm immediately objects. Of course if you remember,in chapter 11,Hríd was on the verge of dying when we saved him and Fjorm was clearly very stressed but relieved her brother was alive. 
    Also the Voting Gauntlet is confirmed to be Nifl vs Múspell. Come on Team Hríd!
    Oh yeah I don't know how I did it but my Hríd has 63 Atk xD I do have him S Supported with the Summoner and Gunnthrà
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  10. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    Finally, after several long and disapointing month's, our beloved Prince of Ice has arrived! Hríd is our legendary hero for November!  
    So he is not a infantry or armoured red sword water element, he is actually a cavalry red sword wind unit! He has distant counter so he can counter attack at range like Fjorm, and has a C Ability like Gunnthrà but is Res instead of Def! Also can't forget his ice pun xD 
    So once again, my only targets of this banner are brother and sister. However knowing my luck, I'll get a million Ryoma and Laevatein but no Hríd. Actually Laevatein pity broke me on my free summon of the Vantage banner xD so the game was trying to tell me to Dave my orbs instead of trying for Ylgr and Surtr!
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  11. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    Okay I'm having 0 luck with the Fire and ice banner... I'm trying to +10 Ylgr (will do with her siblings too) I have used over 300 orbs, so far only 3 Ylgr, 2 blue pity breakers and 1 green pity breaker the game doesn't even want me to have Surtr! 
    Neither of the blue pity breakers were even Ephraim! They were Linde and Olwen and the green was Deirdre...
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  12. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    Okay I want to cry scream and run around like crazy. Why? THEY RELEASED HRÍD'S VOICE CLIPS! Many people say he sounds like a nerd xD I love the calm, not deep voice he has! He was serious for most of Book 2 but still showed a caring side towards Fjorm, so I never imagined him with a deep voice like Ike and Ephraim.
    Also do I hear Xander Mobus?!   Hríd is the smash announcer confirmed xD But he does also voice Innes and Darios
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  13. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    Datamined is out and the Grand Hero Battle is Gharnaf or whatever his name is from Marth's game. 
    If that didn't hit Hríd fans like me hard then the fact that there also a Bound Hero Battle with Helbindi and Ylgr puts the icing on the cake xD Helbindi is Ylgr's new big brother confirmed. 
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  14. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    Yeah I don't think I'll go for Surtr either, not too interested about him but I will definitely go for Ylgr since I want a full team of the Nifl siblings.
    Speaking of which people are suggesting that the upcoming forging bonds may be the siblings, I personally think it will be Surtr, Ylgr, Bruno / normal Vernica and Hríd. It will be very interesting what Surtr's supports will be xD 
    The datamine is just a few hours away and it will reveal who the GHB will be, again, very likely Hríd due to the fire and ice banner and the next banner will most likely be winter based, and GHB's released with banners always have a connection with the ones they are released with or the one after.
    Although it could easily be Bruno 
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  15. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    Alright who's idea was it to give a little girl knives?! xD But my prediction of it being a Heroes OC's banner was correct! 
    People are probably thinking me of all people would be upset at IS not putting Hríd on this banner but I'm actually not! Why? Because I knew Ylgr was not going to be a legendary hero like her sister's and most likely her brother. 
    So this now leaves only 2 book 1 OC's and just 1 book 2 OC. With the release of all of the other book 2 characters I think this guarantees Hríd is going to be summonable in the next few weeks, or he is the Grand Hero Battle we are getting tomorrow. 
    At least we can also reunite Helbindi and Ylgr. I'm interested on what Surtr's dialogue is like. Also we have a forging bonds coming up, I wonder who will be in it?
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