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  1. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    Well GG I'm done with FEH xD I got Halloween Myrrh in not even 20 orbs! I may go for the others but I got a pity breaker Julia
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  2. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    Roy may end up being the remaining Fire or Earth element Legendary Hero, I don't really see him being one of the 2 remaining water element heroes since I think that will be Corrin and Hríd and Ylgr will be the remaining Wind element hero. But hey did anyone expect Tiki? There's over 300 heroes so I may be wrong. 
    I won't be surprised if not really happy if Hríd and Ylgr do end up being the next 2 legendary heroes. I say that every month but when you really think about it, we have 2 more legendary heroes between now and when Winter banners will start coming, and an obvious choice for a banner would be a banner with the Nifl siblings since Nifl is known as the kingdom and ice and Fjorm and Hríd being having the titles of  Princess and Prince of Ice, giving us a chance to get Gunnthrá again and having a full team with team of them. We will also be getting book 3 soon so it will be good to finish releasing book 2 characters before starting to release book 3 characters
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  3. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    Yeah I do like Fates but it's getting too repetitive... there's still quite a few main characters without seasonal alts yet (*cough*RenaisTwins*cough*) But I guess now is to wait for Winter season unless I'm forgetting another holiday? It will be interesting to see who they do for Christmas... Santa Ephraim anyone?
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  4. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    So the Halloween seasonal banner trailer was released. I have mixed feelings, at least we have a variety of games in this banner unlike last year when we had Awakening and Fates only. This time we have Kagero and Niles from Fates (1 Nohr 1 Hoshido) Mia from Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn...? And finally Myrrh from The Sacred Stones! 
    Glad we finally got another Sacred Stones seasonal alt, if I'm correct I think we have so far only had a seasonal alt of Tana and Innes...? I was hoping for Eirika but oh well. 
    Probably will only go for Myrrh in this banner and save up for this month's Legendary Hero.
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  5. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    I had horrible luck with the Músspell banner xD Well not exactly but the pain of getting Helbindi was horrible! I ended up with the following 5 stars:
    Laegjern ×2
    Laevatein x2
    Male Morgan
    Took over 300 Orbs until I finally got Helbindi however I have used less then 50 Orbs on the performing arts banner and already got 5 star focus Inigo and Olivia!
    Got very lucky with the legendary hero banner too! Got my 2 main targets within 100 orbs! 
    Also next month the legendary hero is confirmed to be a red unit with the water element. To me that screams one of 2 characters. Corrin or Hríd. I had a look at the chart and I'm guessing one of the 2 remaining water elements is Hríd while the remaining wind unit is Ylgr. I think November's I confirmed to be a blue wind unit...? I need to do some research xD 
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  6. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    The Muspell Trio are summonable as of tomorrow Now all that's remaining of Book 2 main characters are the remaining Nifl siblings... I know there's also Surtr and Bruno / Zacharias / ??? (Seriously how many names does this guy have?) But I think Hríd and Ylgr are most likely first. I definitely think Ylgr will be this month's Legendary Hero which is confirmed to be blue and next month is going to be red, unless they do a twist and give us 2 in one banner
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  7. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    RIP Laegjern but I do have to say the ending was absolutely beautiful between Fjorm and Hríd (and Ylgr for like a split second xD) however it is confirmed that Fjorm has indeed been slowing dying this whole time at least she held on and didn't die during the story I guess? Well now to wait for book 3!
    Oh yeah my predictions also came true about Helbindi saving Ylgr and Veronica and we saw Bruno again!
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  8. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    Finally my very first partner in any Fire Emblem game is in FEH! Flora is pretty cool too I guess but honestly to me Felicia is the superior twin.
    Another thing that caught my eye was Laegjern's line at the end. Is she going to sacrifice herself to save the captured princesses? I was expecting Helbindi to be the one to do something like that.
    Well anyway I hope book 2 ends off well but definitely may need to remember the tissues, I have a feeling it will be like the chapter when Gunnthrà died.
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  9. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    Not going to lie, the 4th and 5th part had me confused on who was the real one and who was fake... people say Loki was Hríd when Fjorm woke up then turned into Alfonse or Loki who was Alfonse was trying to trick Fjorm into thinking her brother was the traitor. I actually thought it was Fjorm through the confusion until Loki appeared and my prediction was right xD
    Poor Helbindi I had hoped his sister was a prisoner along with the real Ylgr and she would appear at the end but guess not... 
    Also interesting that Hríd is still burnt and sweating a lot when the datamine had pics of him normal. Well anyway next chapter is the finale Hope they can save Veronica and Ylgr in time! And see Zacharias again
    Team Ephraim is in the finals of the voting gauntlet If Lyn won the other battle then I guess it will be a battle between which GBA Fire Emblem game is better 
    Wawawawait WAIT. BOOK 2 MAY BE ENDING THIS WEEK EITHER THE DAY BEFORE OR AFTER MY BIRTHDAY There's new banners on both of the days! Then there are quests for book 2 possibly indicatingnit ending!
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  10. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    Sorry but I'm on team Ephraim xD Speaking of him, I got both of the sacred stone twins as 5 stars today and 5 star focus Chrom! Had  to jump at the chance while it lasts! 
    Well the next rollover thingy is 40 minutes away and we have the New banner and next chapter! Still holding onto my prediction
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  11. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    Gunnthrà was killed by Surtr, not before giving the Order of Heroes the ability to possibly take him down which didn't end up working so maybe it was her? We have seen the one who is definitely Ylgr is alive in chapter 9. 
    If we are going to 13 chapters like book 1 then we should be expecting the finale next month / early November
    Also people datamined the New update and got upcoming events and the stats of the GotHW characters and Hríd's expressions without the burns and sweat and omg he so adorable when he smiles xD The chapters titles where revealed and 12-5 has the traitor being revealed
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  12. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    Next chapter of Book 2 of Fire Emblem Heroes is coming this week!   includes Genealogy of the Holy War characters too. Fjorm's line in the trailer has me interested on what's going to happen. Loki is  also appearing as she is in the battle so I'm keeping my prediction that "Ylgr" is the traitor but she is actalually Loki in disguise and Fjorm's line is after she reveals herself. Of course I'm also excited to see more Hríd too xD 
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  13. Pearl98 added a post in a topic Games that you are currently playing   

    As I recently got into Fire Emblem, I have mostly been playing Awakening, Fates Birthright, The Sacred Stones and the GBA game without a secondary title (has Lyn) hoping to possibly buy Warriors next week. 
    Although they are darker then most games I play (especially Fates and Awakening) they are all very enjoyable, have yet to finish any of them but almost finished Awakening
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  14. Pearl98 added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros!   

    A new song has been uploaded to the website, and it honestly shocked me that it's a remix of the castle theme from Fire Emblem Heroes! I was honestly not expecting anything from that game to be in smash! 
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  15. Pearl98 added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros!   

    Well I need to get a Switch first (RIP a 3DS version) but I'll definitely be playing it as soon as I can! Not sure if I will stick to Bowser and Mega Man as my mains, might change it up depending on the new fighters
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