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    -Tekno the Canary, Casino Night Zone
    The jade canary started punching the pod uselessly. "No... c'mon, this... this can't be happening..."
    But her frustration would only increase once she rose her eyes and saw the titanic flying fortress over the zone. Inmediately, she saw the robots and pods all over the city. With a face that couldn't hide her dread, Tekno replied to Charmy "It did, kid... this place definately got darker."
    -Sonic the Hedgehog, Unknown Island
    "I have to get up there... but how?" the hedgehog wondered, still glancing at the airships. "Well, standing still in the middle of the beach will serve for nothing!" And once again he bursted into the center of the island.
    Not even getting close to sound speed, he noticed the airfield. "Huh... how convenient."
    After the sound of several more explosions piercing through the heavens, the blue hedgehog noticed one of the aircrafts falling, severely damaged. "That seems preeeeetty bad...Gonna need help if that thing has passengers. I might not be able to save them all..." he thought.
    The azure creature run to the airbase, without even caring about more than clear carelessness state of the base."HELLOOOOOOO! SOMEBODY HEEEEERE?? I need a hand... well, several hands could come in handy!" He yelled. "*cough* No time for puns, idiot!" he said to himself, before resuming his search for aid.
    (I'm back! Yaaay?)
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    Merry Christmas, guys and gals! Let me give you a present: my return to the forum!
    Yeah, this present sucks. You haven't been good kids this year...
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    I have no idea what Homestruck even is but I love the design of the hoodie girl (that I assume is you?)
    Also, the dream sequence reminds me of a character I created some time ago, specially the glass-eyes thingy. Well, actually, that might the only thing your and my character have in common...
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    Oh my gosh... this is going to be a beautiful madness... 
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    -Tekno the Canary, Casino Night Zone
    The green canary looked at the pod, trying to locate the frog she was desperately looking for. Next to her, the old owl that she talk to before resumed their conversation among the crowd:
    "Soooo... are the logs you were looking for inside that thing?" he asked, pointing at the capsule. "A young girl like you will need some help to lift that thing, but don't you worry, I'll help you!" 
    "You don't listen to anyone, don't you? I toldya I'm not looking for logs, you old man!" Tekno anwered, grabbing the owl by the sleeve of his blue coat. "And don't even thing of getting close to that machine, or else!" If the test subject was there, nobody should notice, not even an elderly bird who didn't seem to hear properly, and much less any of the curious civilians around her. Besides, whatever that piece of metal was, risking the physical integrity of such an elderly man was something Tekno wouldn't allow.
    "Yes, we have to get closer to it and take those wooden logs out!" the owl exclaimed, getting away from Tekno. Clearly age has deteriorated the owl's hearing.
    "Damn it... No! I've said that--" Tekno vainly said, as the owl touched the cointainment pod. The machine inmediatelly opened, a pair of arms grabbed the owl, and trapped him inside. "W-what the h-- HEY! Oh, no, no, no..." the canary couldn't contain her surprise and panic. As some people screamed in fear, others ran away from the now dangerous apparatus. 
    "H-hey, old man! Are you there?!" Tekno asked. "This... this is my fault... I... I have to fix this... I have to save this guy!" 
    -Sonic the Hedgehog, Acorn Archipelago
    After having examined the whole island and making sure there were no more pods or robots, the blue blur stopped his run in the shore. He needed to check out other islands, so that no more machines could harm the place or the animals in the area. but the large mass of water in front of him would not allow the hedgehog to get to the other islands easily.
    Nevertheless, that wouldn't prevent him from trying.
    "Alright, hope this works better than the last time..."
    The spiked azure creature charged into the water... and soon, with his shoes touching the water for barely nanoseconds in each step, he would find himself running over the sea. Underwater, the fish banks nearby distanced from the line the hedgehog was drawing with his resumed run.
    "Yes... YES! IT WORKS!! Whoooo-hooooo!! Now I have to keep it up..." he nervously said out loud. He knew that slowing down the pace, even just a milisecond, could make him end up alongside the fish... with the disability of not knowing how to swim. 
    "Keep..." said when he saw the coast line of the closest island. "..it..." his own voice motivated him to maintain the insane pace his feet were moving at. "...UP!!" finally exclaimed once he got to the beach of this apparently new and unexplored shore. "Ohhh, dear sand, I love you!" he yelled before kneeling and kissing the sand. He inmediatelly regreted this silly act of relief "Arghhh, *cough* that was NOT *cough a good idea... bleargggh..."
    Then he took a breath, and saw two colossal aircrafts in battle, as they seemed to make the sky tremble. "That's... new."
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    So, eight issues... and we're still in a "introduction arc"? I'm not liking this... 
    I'm loving the artwork tho: lively, energetic, dynamic. Evan Stanley is an artistic beast, and we can see she loves these characters. Also Matt Herms shows once again why he's been the colorist for so long. 
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    Long time not posting pics here, so here I go: 
    From our Mobius Reborn role-play, here comes... Tekno the Canary!

    The same emerald birdie we all know and love, with some tweaks to her design, just on her clothing.
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  9. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic General Art Thread   

    A new fellow artist! Cool pic
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    Have a nice celebration for your anniversary of birth, YOU SNAKEY SNAKE!!
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    Oh, OH, so this section still exists? Great, how many birthdays have I missed?
    Well then, better not miss this one... Congratulations for surviving another planetary cycle, beloved Scottish time-paradoxical fox!! 
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    As I see it, they haven't settled much... We as fans know who these characters are, but whoever doesn't know about the Sonic universe (not the comic, I mean the general concept :P) will think these characters don't have much to show or do, aside from Sonic himself.
    They don't need to throw a "bigger than a lifetime" story, just the beggining of a nice narrative, something more promising and engaging. C'mon, it's not that hard, considering who the members of the creative team are...
    Nevertheless, that last point, the fact that the Archie team is still behind this new series makes me keep hope alive (even if it seems otherwise!)
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    Out of all the actors that could play our dear Eggman, Jim Carrey seems one of the least fitting. Don't get me wrong, he's great...but not for Doctor Robotnik.
    Also, yeah, we need Robotnik to voice Mike Pollock... But IN REAL LIFE!
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    I feel like these comics are trying to hard to give a story with the very same tone the games recently have: we have an almost perfect Sonic, a bunch of secondary characters that doesn't do much (at least, not yet), a story that progresses very slowly, and...
    As Skye said, seems like they aren't sure who to aim this comics for, and that's a little concerning. I feel like Ian Flynn is somehow "tamed", considering previous stories he has written.
    Art is cool tho. I mean, it's Tracy Yardley, Jim Amash and Matt Herms we're talking about. These guys know how to handle this world and its characters perfectly.
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    -Amy Rose, Vanilla the Rabbit and Cream the Rabbit - Vanilla's house, Southeastern coast of Acorn
    "I know it is a very sudden change of plans, but I need to go to Mobotropolis as soon as possible!" Amy exitedly said. Vanilla couldn't hide her surprise after that statement. Still, she tried to give a response: "Amy, my dear, that's... errr... you know those predictions... are not... well...I don't see them as... the best way to decide your future..."
    But the young rascal hedgehog wouldn't change her mind that easily."This is why I came from Spagonia, Ms. Rabbit! To finally meet the one man that will change my destiny!" Amy claimed with passionate enthusiasm.
    Vanilla was clearly displeased by Amy's decision, and tried once again to dissuade her from travelling to Mobotropolis: "Yes, that's... encouraging, but maybe it's too soon for you to leave. Besides, if a boy is what you're looking for, in Mobotropolis you may find thousands of them that will try to-" 
    "How do you know it's a boy and not a girl?" Cream abruptly interrupted. 
    Both Amy and Vanilla looked at Cream. For a second, silence reigned in the living room, being finally broken by Amy: "Well, Cream, you see, I'm not simply looking for a friend, but for a more... complicated and deep relationship. I'm looking for someone who I can share my entire life with..."
    "Like mommy and me?" Cream asked.
    "No, not like that... more like..." Amy tried to reply.
    "A boyfriend, that's what Amy's refering to." Vanilla added.
    "Huh... but again, can't she be looking for a GIRL-friend?" Cream asked, still curious about why Amy was specifically looking for a girl. Silence is the answer she once again would find.
    "I... I know I'm looking for a boy, Cream. It's something you know once you grow up..." Amy claimed with determination, and so she headed into her room, ready to pack her luggage. This time, Vanilla didn't try to stop her neither to convince her from staying. She knew Amy was too stubborn to give up.
    Cream didn't quite understand everything yet. "So, what if Amy finds a girl that looks like a boy? Or a boy that looks like a girl?? Huh... love seems so complicated, mom!"
    "At first, it is, my dear, but only until you find the one person you can share your heart with..." The older rabbit answered, looking at a picture of a younger herself, Cream as a baby and a orange-magenta kangaroo.
    "...because then, everything becomes easy."
    -Tekno the Canary, Casino Night Zone
    "But lady, there are no logs over here... I think..." said a brownish old owl, that wore a blue coat and a pair of glasses that couldn't hide his dizzy-looking eyes.
    "No, sir, I've said a frog. A. FROG!" Tekno exclaimed to the old owl.
    "A flaw? Oh, young one, we all have flaws, but it is our duty to overcome them and become better people."
    Tekno sighed. She realised this man couldn't help her find that stupid frog... but maybe, the crowd that she could see from the other side of the street could.
    "Hey, what are those people doing?" the owl asked.
    "Don't know, but I'm about to find out!" the canary said before running towards the improvised congregation. Once there, she tried to make her way to the center of the "event", only to see a strange looking pod. "Maybe this is the thing that crashed last night and made my frogs go nuts. But, what is it anyway?" Tekno wondered.
    "Wait, what if... what if the test subject is there??" Tekno asked herself, with the intention of aproaching the machine...
    -Sonic the Hedgehog, South Island in Acorn Archipelago
    Before the sapphire hedgehog could even touch the pod, he heard something approaching. Mechanical sounds that he'd never hear before. Small raging wheels dashing over the grass, buzzing sounds getting closer and closer...
    "So I'm not the only curious one around here, huh?" the hedgehog said out loud. "C'mon, don't be afraid and show yourself, I won't hurt yo--"
    His words were interrupted by the sudden attack of a Motobug that made him fall on his back. After the pain of the hit and a few miliseconds of apreciating the fresh texture of the grass, the blue guy got up.
    "Okay, I changed my mind. I MIGHT hurt you if y--"
    The buzzing sound stopped over him, revealing its origin: two wasp-like machines that shot several plasma bullets to the hedgehog. With no hesitation, the blue blur evaded the shots with little effort.
    A bunch of Motobugs charged against the hedgehog, while a considerable group of red mechanical crabs appeared from behind the rocks. Yet, the blue speedster felt no fear. "Ohohoo... I see you brought some friends along, but even with that..."
    The hedgehog started moving at the almost ludicrous speed he was known for, making him look like an azure unstoppable lightning.
    "you're still..."
    He started rolling like a ball, and blasted the robots that were on the floor, shattering them into pieces.
    "no match..."
    Then, he jumped in the air, maintaining his "spinning" state, and obliterated the two Buzz-bombers with the same ease he destroyed the Motobugs, allowing himself to make a perfect landing.
    ..."FOR ME!! Huh..."
    With all the machines devastated, the only thing surrounding the blue hedgehog were a bunch of tiny animals of all kind: some birds, a bunny, a pig...
    "Hold on a second..." the hedgehog said, and after counting all the robots he had fought, he realised the animals came from the machines. 
    Then he looked at the pod. "These things... they were protecting that capsule..." 
    Outraged, he dashed towards the pod, and spin-dashed throught it, making it explode, and freeing the rest of the animals inside.
    "This... this is no good... I have to find out who made this to you ASAP." he said to the small creatures he unexpectedly rescued.
    And so, he rushed, creating yet another sonic boom, while the animals fell after the brusque burst of the air.
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    The recap was... sort of fine, using previous panels, but some text could have helped more. As for the roll-call... well... I could have made a better page layout. And I'm not a graphic designer. 
    Also, am I the only one that found odd that the character logos are just pasted over the panels, instead of being inside a box?
    What if the new villain is actually THE TALKING CHAIR?? Or a robot that transforms into A TALKING CHAAAAIR??! 
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    Absolutely agree with Skye here. The first four issues have been visually stunning (except for 3, I'm sorry for Jen-Hen, but she could do way better), but story-wise, they told us almost nothing. Issue 5 finally starts telling an actual story we can easily be invested on, and I would say it raises interesing questions revolving morality and justice! SPOILERS AHEAD:
    If the comic keeps this pace, IDW will have my money... if the comics ever get to Spain.
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  18. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Off-Topic Thread   

    Greetings, E-467619, welcome to SCANF!
    So... uncomfortable question here... why that name? ARE YOU A ROBOT??
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    Neither did Sega, apparently...
    Okay, so, trying to get a little back in-topic, seems like IDW comics take places in a post-Forces continuity. Considering these new comics are "more canonnical", could this mean that the following games are keeping this "remade" storyline, or do you think it will go back into "screw storyline, NOTHING MAKES SENSE"?
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    True dat.
    But a more organized canon would be more pleasant to talk about. I think. Maybe.
    Sonic Forces had the chance to "fix" part of the messed up timeline Sega has been giving us. 
    I've always seen a enormous potential in Sonic's canonnical storyline, but seems the writers in Sega don't know what they're doing. Which is weird and kinda sad, considering the story might be the one of the easiest tasks in Sonic's videogame creation?
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    I've read all the 4 issues, and so far, things are just fiiiiine... BUT I have some complaints.
    The art is great. Except for issue 3 (Jennifer Hernandez has drawn WAY BETTER pages than these, what happened?). The rest looked awesome, making the characters slightly manga-ish. Great coloring too.
    As for the script... meh. Character interactions were on-spot, they feel like their game couterparts, even better. Ian is still making a pretty good job on that. 
    But the storyline... it's just "Sonic goes to a town, meets a friend, they save the town, THE END". I haven't felt invested in the story. I know these have been just the first episodes, and were trying to appeal to a broad audience, including those that don't know these characters. But yet... I feel this could have been better. 
    Oh, and the action scenes... WOW, Outstanding. Sad thing is that most fight were against badniks (we knew the heroes would obliterate), and Rough and Tumble were not a big deal to me. Fun guys, hope to see more of them. 
    Tangle is cool looking, and her powers seem to have a lot of potential to be used in fight scenes. 
    Looking forward to see more of this new series. And hope this doesn't end up becoming just another way of advertising the games...
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    But... this has never been explained, as far as I know. This is a HUGE game-changer (pun intended) in the canon.
    So, how do they travel from one planet to the other? Why do they do it? 
    I think that's a reeeeeeally lazy explanation. They don't care about the lore this series has anymore. Which is a shame, considering how many possibilities they had
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    -Cream the Rabbit and Amy Rose, Vanilla's house, Southeastern coast of Acorn
    "Well done, Cheese! Now throw the ball back to me!" Cream asked. Inmediately, the blue chao took the beach ball and threw it towards the rabbit. Even being in the house's backyard, Cream seemed unaware of the raging waves and the dark clouds that kept the sky hidden. 
    "Chao-chao-cha-chaoooo~" the chao said.
    "Yes, I've noticed that too, Cheese. I'd like to know why mom let me skip classes today too..." Cream replied. "Maybe it's because of the weather?"
    "Oh, I almost forget about that! Thank you, Cheese! I know I can always trust you!!" Cream happily answered. Suddenly, she let the ball aside, got into the house and called out for Amy, while still being accompanied by Cheese the Chao.
    "Miss Rose! I have something that might belong to you!" the small rabbit yelled. Amy showed up just inmediately.
    "Oooookay, Cream, what is it?"
    "Errrr... this..." she said, taking a card out of her pocket. The card depicted a couple of naked mobians- one female and the other male- close to each other, holding hands. Behind them, a gigantic winged ring surrounded by seven gemstones could be seen. Under all of this, the only text that was written: "The Lovers"
    Amy quickly took the card from Cream's hands. "Errrr... hehehe... you shouldn't see these things..." the pink hedgehog nervously said.
    "Why, miss Rose? Is there something bad about your cards? What are those shiny flying stones? Where are those people's clothes? Do they USE clothes?"
    "I-- I don't know..." Amy replied, looking at the card. "I didn't use this card in today's prediction, so that means..."
    The hedgehog was lost in her thoughts. After a few seconds, she realised something, and like a thunderstrike, she exclaimed: "IT MEANS MY TIME HAS COME!" Amy smiled, and put her hands on the chest. 
    Cream was extremely confused, and looked at Cheese. The chao shrugged. "The time to take clothes off and wait for giant floating rings, like that card showed?" The rabbit asked, even more confused after realising what she just said.
    "Wha--Nno-no-no-no-noooo... It's time..." Amy replied, taking Cream's hands, and smiling at her, "...TO MEET MY DESTINED LOVE!!
    -Tekno the Canary, Tekno's Lab, Casino Night Zone
    "How do I find a frog in a place like this?" Tekno wondered while closing the metallic bars that secured the secret entrance to her lab. A poorly lit street full of trashing bins and containers. Nobody would venture into such a dirty and stinking street, specially living in a such a luminous and colorful city. "Maybe I could look our for a detective... are there pet detectives around here? Sounds like a silly idea, but who knows..."
    The flashing neon lights, gambling machine sounds and thunderous music welcomed Tekno once she got into the city center.
    "Compulsive gamblers, rich people who doesn't know what to do with their money... anyone of them could have taken an amphibious as a free souvenir. I guess I'll have to ask anyone that looks sober." Tekno thought.
    And so, she proceeded asking every single mobian she found about an hyperactive green frog with yellow eyes and orange stripes.
    -Sonic the Hedgehog, South Island in Acorn Archipelago
    Wherever that "meteor herd" might have landed in, the hedgehog felt the urgency be there to see. He couldn't just hold his curiosity captive as a prisoner of circunstances. Even having seen all the places and faced all the odd situations he had, witnessing this felt completely new to him.
     The closest he was to the landing area, the faster his heart pumped. 
    And so, in a matter of seconds, he was there: a cyclindrical pod welcomed the blue creature. 
    "So... this is all of it? Huh, it doesn't look as dangerous as I thought" the blue hedgehog said, relieved, but still curious. 
    And so, he approached the pod...
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    I have to read that manga... seems like the kind of story I might like. 
    One question, Shini, do you usually draw mobian versions of your favourite manga/anime? 
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    I... honestly don't see the "mobian" in that pic. She looks like a cute loli jedi to me. Something I never thought I would ever see...
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