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  1. Simon Arty added a post in a topic Ken Penders Topic...   

    Major news everyone, it seems Penders is hinting at another lawsuit in a recent tweet of his. You can read about it here: http://www.tssznews.com/2015/10/20/ken-penders-hints-second-lawsuit-in-tweet/
    Honestly if this really happens again it will be utterly ridiculous, what did Archie do to make his pipes explode again? The comic has been rebooted and no longer feature his characters, then it must be the reprints?? But even those are trying to avoid reprinting his material, they've changed the graphic novels title arcs or avoid featuring his characters on the covers. Sonic Legacy and Knuckles Archives have already been cancelled obviously because of this, if Sonic Archives gets cancelled I'm going to be very P*ssed because that is the only graphic reprint series reminding that I'm still willing to pay for.
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  2. Simon Arty added a post in a topic Sad moments   

    I remember reading Mobius: X years later where Sonic's kids were wiped out from existence because of the altered timeline, while the final print's panels of Sonic crying were sad to see the original has even more feels, just check out Tracey Yardley's DA scraps to see what I mean. Family death, especially kids, is no laughing matter.
    People like Lien-Da and Fiona Fox's backstories were sad to read as it was what made them turn evil ultimately, they wouldn't be if they had a good childhood. I was empathetic to Fiona more and I wish she hadn't turn evil, couldn't blame her though for all that's happened.
    Character deaths throughout the series were very sad but the one that hit me the most was Nate Morgan. The poor guy really didn't deserve to die, he was brilliant intellectually yet his crappy luck made him suffer so much from both Overlander and Mobian alike. His death was chilling to see and so utterly frustrating no one cared after that.
    Let me think of other significant character deaths:
    Hope's family dying was a very tragic one. Like Nate, it was chilling to see them get Roboticized, whats more by their own relative, none other than Eggman himself. Reading issue 105 itself already gives you so much feels.Tobor's story was another sad one to read. Got his identity swapped with his enemy for the reminder of his life and never seeing his family again, only to come back briefly and end up dying.I felt sad to see the Ancient Walkers die as the storylines involving them were so interesting in the older issues. Ian Flynn wanted to remove them as they were God-like characters, thus not wanting religious stuff in the series from what I remember.Mecha was another character I felt sad to see go. I personally liked her and being completely loyal to Eggman till the end caused her death, I mean she self-destructed under Eggman's orders despite being wrongly accused! Just wanted to put it out that I never cared for Tommy Turtle and I was happy to see him go, I mean almost everyone including Ian Flynn hated how they brought him back from the dead to join the Freedom Fighters and it was done so forcefully that made him so pathetic. Ian made a good decision to kill him off, at that time all the fans were waiting for it.Locke was a interesting character in the series and it sucked personally to see him die, I mean it was weird, him and Knuckles' relationship was written well and it felt empty without him in the series after that. I always felt he was never dead but that he's just somewhere out there to be found again.Remington crying over the demise of the Brotherhood of Guardians. I mean we never knew if they were truly dead or not because what is known was that they were tossed into the Twilight Zone by Dr Finitevus. It made me think for the other Echidna characters who died around the same time too, most perished by Eggman's Egg Grapes, they were all were classics in the older issues I loved.While the idea of Charmy Bee being a prince was the only idea from the old continuity I disliked, it was nonetheless tragic to see his entire colony killed along with his family. Aside from Saffron Bee they never found any survivors.Geoffrey thinking that Hershey is a goner was more than enough to feel sympathy for. The poor skunk only joined Naugus because he has nothing important in his life left, only to realize Naugus is just as twisted as any other villain is, so chilling to see him get possessed and being technically "erased" from existence when the Genesis Wave hit. What fan who read the comics before the reboot wouldn't feel devastated to know so many beloved characters got wiped out by the wave?
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  3. Simon Arty added a post in a topic General Art Thread   

    Really appericate your comments guys! :) I'll post up more Sonic art whenever possible, I'm glad you all liked it.
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  4. Simon Arty added a post in a topic General Art Thread   

    Yup! I drew heavily from references and the comics I had, all done in my own poses however. Alot of Steven Butler and Tracy Yardley influence I suppose..  :D
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  5. Simon Arty added a post in a topic General Art Thread   

    Hey guys, it's been awhile since I last came here. I thought I'd tease you all with something:

    Ta da, since last year I've been sketching out the entire main cast of Sonic Archie prior to the reboot. Planning to place them all together when I'm done and I'm far from finished. Hope you like it! :)
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  6. Simon Arty added a post in a topic Ken Penders Topic...   

    What on earth seriously, signing and selling an issue he completely had nothing to do with. I wonder if Ian has even heard of this, I'd be ticked if someone sold my products you know.

    Oh word that image Penders made is horrible, he really needs to take art classes. I'm only an art student in college and I can see all the mistakes on it, bad coloring choices.
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  7. Simon Arty added a post in a topic Ken Penders Topic...   

    My word, this is utterly Meanieed. I knew he would do something pathetic like this, pah, I'm sure his fanbase would understand how we feel now. How much more nonsense will he come up with? Possibilities are endless with his so called 'logic'. Well thank you Penders for screwing up the comics that Ian and Archie had to reboot and now screwing up your own characters. The negativity towards you is obviously because your ideas are stupid and you've got to change them, not to mention your ego centric personality. Selfish derp, the comics are going to die all because of you, cared for nothing but your own creations, it was never about Sonic in the first place, you never played any of his games! That's why you took Sonic Chronicles the wrong way when they simply paid homage to the characters you made, not stealing them you dumb ass.

    Yes I still don't get how anyone can respect or support him. His meddling has been seen from the very beginning, first ruining SATam's 3rd season and next with Archie Comics then his very OWN comic, which will utterly fail. Look at what's happened, he went around ruining people's happiness obviously of jealousy because SATam and Archie would have better business than him. Sure the attentions all on him now, but like I give a hoot about his boring work. Doesn't even know how to write a proper good story.
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  8. Simon Arty added a post in a topic "After The Credits" - A New Archie Gimmick?   

    I know, forgive me sounding too negative, it's not easy to forget the past 20 years of the comic straight away. Trying to look at the brighter side of it least I'm still reading the book and that it hasn't been cancelled. The reboot's okay, I do like the redesigns a lot and it's the only change that I support of even though I'll miss their old designs.

    To be on topic, I'm guessing now the endings to each issue are now simply from another character's point of view or something? Just that they conclude the same way. I feel that somewhat.

    I think that be great help, very appreciated. Unless the uploaders are able to get both issues and place the alternate ending at the very back of the same issue.
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  9. Simon Arty added a post in a topic "After The Credits" - A New Archie Gimmick?   

    Kinda interesting but I mostly feel this is money grabbing honestly. Makes me more glad I stopped buying anyway since I can just read them here. The recent lawsuit has left me in utter despair, I'll only be buying the reprints to show Archie I AM in no support of the reboot, it's my opinion I hope you understand friends. I'm still reading the comic just not buying them anymore as I used to.
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  10. Simon Arty added a post in a topic Ken Penders Topic...   

    I'm sorry, I appeared to misunderstood what you said. I don't hate it too, just .. heartbroken like you said. I think Ian is going to reveal what will happen to Shard, since he has a lot to fill us on all the characters who are involved in the King Naugus arc.

    Btw, if I may, I quoted someone who summed this mess up perfectly:

    "The stage has changed. Back in the old days of the book, it was like the old west. You had no idea what to expect and the world was full of potential. Now though, we are back to that point but there's not nearly as much left to imagination because the idea of Sonic and his world and friends is alot more well defined and they can't get away with as many oddities. Everything's gotta fit the current set. Worse yet for someone like me, I'm not especially fond of SEGA's modern interpretation of Sonic. Besides that, to everyone who was with the book before the purge, everything new is going to be compared to what came before. For me, this particular fictional universe lost alot of it's soul and no matter how much New you add, it's still going to miss the Old."

    100% in agreement like seriously.
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  11. Simon Arty added a post in a topic Ken Penders Topic...   

    You have a point Locke, but like I said it will take me a long while to get over it, thanks man. I'm just not happy with the reboot as some people are, I hope you understand I have my opinion while you can have yours.

    No they didn't have it planned, Ian had never thought of it. I mentioned before Ian had stated many things had to be changed and he intended for issues 230 - 250 to be the Freedom Fighters Fall while issues 251 - 300 were to be the Freedom Fighters return and back in action. The current issues are somewhat like the original idea but now in a rebooted world, without the climax for many things like Naugus', Gefforey's, Hershey's, Mecha Sally's fate, etc.. They obviously did it because they lost a large sum of the cast and places, the rebooted world has no Penders-created material whatsoever.

    If you're all not aware Ian made a topic about his cancelled ideas for the original road to 300 which he will reveal before Summer. He will reveal the climax for the whole Naugus and Mecha Sally arc among many things. Here's the post: http://www.bumbleking.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7231 They never intended for a reboot at all but for the story to continue as it was.

    Ian also revealed that "Endangered Species" was supposed to be a happy ending and Doctor Finitevus was to be a HUGE player on the road to issue 275. All these ideas sound so awesome and it makes so mad Penders ruined it.
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  12. Simon Arty added a post in a topic Ken Penders Topic...   

    What in the world, seriously?! Wanting to go after SEGA after 10 years without realizing his artwork is inside? This is more than enough proof how twisted this man is and how much attention he is yearning from the fan base since he lost his spotlight after leaving as head writer for the comics. And he just had to come in and screw everything up for Ian, poor guy had to rewrite his script up to 300 again because of his stupid claims. Am I the only one who is still soooo incredibly angry over this mess? Really hard to get over it, the reboot has been so boring for me so far, nothing special and the whole "countdown" isn't as exciting as I thought it would be, only the covers look awesome.
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  13. Simon Arty added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)   

    So this new arc will be Sonic just chasing a train? How boring. Hopefully it will go beyond my expectations because the solicits always have wrong information, they need to come up with better plots. The SEGA variant covers have been terrible from the beginning, this is such a good example.

    The style for the main cover is kinda cool but it isn't as interesting as the pervious one, they should always make covers that get fans hyped up with good action and relates to the story of the arc. Better than Gerg Horn's bland covers though.
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  14. Simon Arty added a post in a topic What happened to Amy's Parents   

    That's exactly what I feel too, I don't mind it at all. I have this funny feeling Sally nor Amy will be getting their memories back because they have relatives who are Penders characters who they obviously cannot and should not remember, it will cause a lot of problems if they do. I think Sally will be more of a problem since she would want to know what has happened to her family since her roboticization. Funny thing is that Sonic remembers and he doesn't appear to care of what has become of his parents in this new world, weird to the max.
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  15. Simon Arty added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)   

    Tsk, SEGA and their mandates... SIGH, depressing year for the comics having characters banned from the comics to a reboot which is obviously just to avoid the Penders material like a plague. Seriously..

    Anyway you reminded me, Ian mentioned that story arcs will now be shorter. Are you all happy with this decision? Just wondering..
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