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  1. Whoever is drawing the expressions on the characters for the Fighters arc is doing a great job

    1. Shinomi-chan
    2. HyperMetal50


      I think she's my new favourite artist on this comic. her art makes it 70% more enjoyable.

    3. BrayPlays (Formerly CyDra)

      BrayPlays (Formerly CyDra)

      I'm really enjoying the Fighters arc! I'm kinda bummed out that it's almost over.

  2. Aww,the smug Sonic at the top is gone now

    1. Danny Felixe

      Danny Felixe

      Whoa... where did he go?

    2. Cinescense


      Don't know,they also took out the Windmill Isle baner from Unleashed

    3. Lena Stan Account

      Lena Stan Account

      To the hotdog stand I told y'all about.

  3. Woah...everything is so different.But it's different in a nice way,I like the smug Sonic at the top the most.

  4. I like how the site changes its look to go along with the seasons/times.Nice touch.

  5. I can't wait a month to see Honey the Cat in STH Archie comics,this has gotta come SOONer

    1. ViciousPhantom


      Yeah, I really want to see what they do with her. There's no previously established personality for her,so there's nothing to work off of.

  6. Wait so if the Master Emerald is shattered,where does Tikal go?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Centaur Man

      Centaur Man

      Well...no violence in the comics - It will stay as a mystery!

    3. Danny Felixe

      Danny Felixe

      Probably to hang out with Chaos and the Chao somewhere

    4. Lena Stan Account

      Lena Stan Account

      Their in my house. God she sure is good at playing video games! :P

  7. Those new Sonic Boom trailer gave me some more hope for the games,looking more forward to the 3DS version though because it looks and sounds more like a Sonic game to me.It's a new take after all though so I'll just have to wait till I get the games I guess.

  8. That first issue of Sonic Boom was pretty nice,I'm really starting to like Sticks for that off panel alone

  9. Ooh neat,everything is all spooky like.Have an enjoyable Halloween to anybody that reads this.

  10. Well this sucks,Sonic Boom is gonna premiere on Saturday at 7:00AM..guess I'm gonna have to get up early that week

    1. BrayPlays (Formerly CyDra)

      BrayPlays (Formerly CyDra)

      If I can find it in my listings, i'll record it. No chance i'm missing it!

  11. Oh man,Archie knows exactly what it's doing with that shipping cover...it'll be fun to see how the fanbase reacts to say the least. http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/852/878/09b.jpg

    1. BrayPlays (Formerly CyDra)

      BrayPlays (Formerly CyDra)

      Well, seeing how it's the Archie comics, the obvious answer is Sonic and Sally. The games; Sonic and Amy, UNLESS they bring in Sally (Which I doubt would happen, but it would be awesome if Sally was introduced in the games).

  12. Oh man so much new Boom info,it's looking a lot better now.I was already looking forward to the show a bit but all the more now with the new trailer.The game looks a bit more polished now as well which is nice.

  13. tfw you don't own a single Sonic plush...Darn

    1. Danny Felixe

      Danny Felixe

      I got one only recently. It was a great decision

  14. Oh man all this new revealed comic stuff is great.We're getting a Sonic the fighters arc,Breezie's back,and Nicole gets her own arc.Also I must say Nicole has a great looking 3D render