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  1. General Art Thread

  2. I always hear how people think its awful. But honestly it was much better than the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube era of Sonic games, the framerates on those were really awful. It didnt help to change to 60hz, it was just horrible to play and had no fun game atmosphere. Now Sonic 2006 may not be perfect, but it certainly was an improvement over that generation of Sonic games. I am just saying. Just a shame SEGA jumped off the stage after this, most likely because people complained. The internet man i tell you : I
  3. Sonic Adventure 2

    Well its an old game from 2001. But i still think it sorta holds up in my view. It was amazing for its time though!
  4. Sonic series reboot

    I hope for god's sake that never happens. I have nothing against the fan reception of people who like the american cartoon off Sonic series, and i don't want to result into insulting and calling those who want them obsessive nerds. But if they wanted to do a reboot "Which have been a little trend recently like Tomb Raider", then i'd suggest where Sonic & Knuckles left off and ignore the Adventure series. Although i generally like Sonic Adventure and some 3d games, but considering the classics are liked by all then it seems like a good place to start in my personal view and just have a simplistic but organic and original designs and make it interesting ^^ Edit: But i don't want that though. I am glad that SEGA tries to make each Sonic game interesting. If i want to play old games i'll do just that. Even if some Sonic game isnt perfect, atleast they add something new which i like. So i am quite happy even if its not like 100% gold! But its Sonic so in my opinion its fun. I am either way always glad to hear news of a new Sonic game. The complainers will complain, and i will just wait and enjoy when a new Sonic game comes out ^^
  5. Mac, Windows, Or Linux?

    There is a good chance that maybe Linux will dominate Windows in the future. If they will annoy users with the future versions of Windows. Considering Windows 10 is the last OS Microsoft is releasing and just plans to upgrade it. And Mac is just overprized in general. Linux on the other hand is free and you can do whatever you want with it. The only fear is if Microsoft plans to lock laptops, PCs or those stuff to not change OS. Which makes it impossible to install Linux. Basically the reason is that Steam has released lots of games on Linux on Steam. Also SteamOS is a new feature that lets you play on any OS(You dont need to change to SteamOS. But its a feature that lets you basically play the game on any OS). Although i have heard there is some bugs, but if that becomes canon and works then i think more will go over to Linux. I think the reason why people don't want Linux is simply because PC hardware and Windows does best in games and Linux hasn't really reached out there yet. And some programs that is still beneficial on Windows. But i think that Linux still has a chance of becomming really good if it strives for it.
  6. General Anime/Manga Thread

    I am currently on a series called "Baccano". I got interested in it because of the interesting Mafia style it has in the show. Soon done watching the series. On the 4th disc so its very interesting i feel
  7. Music thread

  8. Your favorite Gaming Quotes.

  9. I thought they were joking when they said Tails doll was in the game, since making weird gore jokes on Sonic or Sanic in some cases have been a thing recently. But nope, it actually exists. I like the soundtrack in the game though, maybe it is short but seems enjoyable
  10. I ask because i've never seen it re-sold. Like it doesn't exist on Steam, Xbox 360, PS3. Nothing. You can find it on PC on Amazon.com or something, but it doesnt seem they aknowledge it too much. Do they treat it like Sonic 2006?, or don't they just care so much for it. I personally like it though. Its kinda fun and interesting ^^. Much more fun to run than driving a car either way  
  11. If you choose to play as Knuckles you get this robot guy flying this machine, instead of eggman 0:20 - 0:38   3:02 - 3:31
  12. What i mean by this is that. You have a country, it has built itself up and is prosperious because of people who have worked hard for it, they have a system that works. Now the idea of welfare is that if people are jobless then they can get welfare until they get a job to earn themself. Although the idea is good, the question is, is it beneficial for society itself?. Being on welfare myself i completely hate it, although i am in trial for a work though which i am thankful for. Although its the idea that you can get paid without working, which to me feel dishonest. And its not actually helping people psychologically, because you really feel little worth when you can just get it without having to earn it yourself. The reason some societies have this is the fear... basically fear that people may commit robbery or other crimes because of being poor or being thrown out by their parents or something. So i really doubt the ideal is to help people in general in terms of their own worth, but to help them from themselves, although some may argue that it helps people in a society in general.. so i guess you could use that as an argument. But its not that though mostly, it is the case of people from undeveloped 3rd world countries who can just come on over and just chill while society pays for them, the problem with this is one "political problem" and two "the economic infrastructure will collapse". This is where the system is flawed. The problem is that making a country have a system like that, and making it attractive for refugees who have bad religious and ethnic conflicts, which will in one case create a political struggle but also a economic collapse in the society itself. Lets say this is why it is a bad system to use in a nutshell. Its also one of the main reason why i don't hope Bernie Sanders win aswell in terms of the election. I also heard Ayn Rand opinion on it. I mean i don't think she is a hypocrite. Thats like saying some certain car engine is bad while driving it, just because you don't like the engine doesn't mean you shouldn't use it. But to improve on it, that's why opinions exist. I am curious to what you think though?
  13. General Art Thread

    I just made Sonic again. Well i tried the tracing program in gimp. I am gonna use it from now on. Seems easier using digital tools with it with crisp lines from tracing hand drawings : 3
  14. General Art Thread

    Some gif