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  1. Sonic SCANF Youtube channel?

    Actually a channel does exist but there is no videos on it. We couldn't sort out any projects to put on it.
  2. Sadly it is near that vile holiday of cheer that everyone seems to love so I must say once more.  BAH HUMSKUNK!

  3. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Today is the feline in the Fedora's birthday! So join me in wishing Danny Felixe a happy birthday!
  4. Ban the above poster

    Banned because if I don't we could end up in the walking dead.
  5. Ban the above poster

    Banned because as the one who holds the highest rank I declare this game alive!
  6. The Happy Birthday Thread

    I suppose I should have remembered to wish it here but happy belated birthday Skye! And happy birthday Seviper!
  7. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Oh it is the 9th of May. If I recall correctly it is the birthday if one Chromatic Terras. So Happy birthday friend!
  8. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Today is the anniversary of the birth of our ninja artist. Happy birthday Shinomi Chan!
  9. Greetings fellow Scanf members. I am curious about something, how many of you have actually had a chillidog? I have.

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    2. Redemption


      Chilli Dogs are my Fav

    3. Shinomi-chan


      Never had one, would be willing to try though.

    4. yumallah


      I've been wanting to make one ever since I was a kid, but never actually got around to doing it. YET!

  10. The last letter cycle

    This game is quite simple, all you need to do is post a word.   As an example is poster one says something like Sonic Then poster two will have to post a word beginning with C such as Chaos And poster three would have to say one starting with S.   But the word I choose is   Chimchar
  11. Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik

    Johnny Lightfoot, Mobotropolis "He will see me now? Thank you!" Said Johnny as he bowed to the guard and entered the room. "Greeting Your Majesty! I am Jonathan Lightfoot, but everyone calls me Johnny. Thank you for this audience" said Johnny as he bowed to the king.   Mighty and Skye, Feral Forest "Oh no! They must be under attack! We have to help them!" Shouted Mighty as he ran into the town. As he entered the burning town he picked up a car bonnet that had been broken off. He ran around town using the bonnet as a shield while trying to find any civilians he could help.   Geoffrey, Mercia As he was leaving town she saw a piece of paper fly past him into a near by bush. He ran to pick up the paper and saw it was a photo of Josh, Larry and their parents. "This photo, it must have blown out of the wreckage of their home. I should hold onto it so I can give it back to them when I catch up with them. Actually! Josh dropped off that letter from my dad, he went on an adventure with Chuck and maybe Josh went with them. If Josh went then Larry would have too. I should check out the ruins of Chuck's house to see if there is some clue to where they went" thought Geoffrey to himself as he went back into town heading for the ruins of Chuck's house.   E-series101Beta, Winged Fortress Beta had left the briefing room to prepare his troops. Once he had made sure that all were armed and prepared for the attack, Beta opened communication with the briefing room. "All forces prepared for the attack. Awaiting orders to begin assault" said Beta over the communication.   Ian and Larry, Badlands bunker Ian left Larry to do his training and headed to a room in the back of the bunker. The room he arrived at was a very dusty command centre. It had several military files scattered across the room. Ian ignored all the files and headed to a box near a doorway on the far side if the room. Inside the box he pulled out a file, "Enough time has passed, maybe I can get some answers at last" Ian thought to himself as he placed the file under his arm and entered the doorway.   Around half an hour later Larry's training was interrupted by Ian saying "How is the training going lad?" When Larry would look at Ian he would see, Ian wearing a dark green band around his head, a brown bandana tied around his neck, a camoflague t shirt under a sleeveless miltary jacket. He also had a belt on with three pouches on the left two on the right with a sword. On his back Ian had a backpack that seemed fitting for a camping trip.
  12. The Happy Birthday Thread

    While he doesn't come here much, I can't ignore his birthday at all since he is my oldest friend! Happy birthday The Jest!
  13. Greetings Scanf! With a new year I plan to update my Mobian mystery dungeon stories as my new years resolution. Did any of you make one?

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    2. Geoffrey St John

      Geoffrey St John

      Thire's teaching the class Shini. He already has all his belts.

    3. Thire


      lol I'm so good I have 3 black belts! One for my style of karate, one for work, and one for casual wear! XD

    4. Shinomi-chan


      Dude how-?! HOW?! TEACH ME SENSEI!!!!

  14. Last to post wins v3.0

    1 and 2 both became a RPM.
  15. Happy new year my Scanf family!

  16. The Happy Birthday Thread

    He may not pop on much but I get the feeling he will show up today. Clay Heartrend's anniversary of birth is this very day. Happy birthday Clay!
  17. The Happy Birthday Thread

    I have no idea of the timezone that ChaosKaiser resides in. But on the 26th of December, he was born so on the anniversary of that date I wish him a happy birthday. Happy birthday Chaos!
  18. Last to post wins v3.0

    By the power of Adminship! I hereby declare victory for the one who posts last!
  19. This is the second story in my Mobian mystery dungeon project. Allow me to begin the story of Nicole. -------------------- "We are gathered in this meeting to discuss Nicole's action in the recently revealed Secret Freedom fighters plan. At the time she was exiled and yet still aided in the forming and even helped restore a robot who was constructed by Dr Eggman. These actions alone is enough to charge with treason! However fellow council member Sir Charles also aided in those tasks and we have chosen to find him not guilty of treason due to the truth of our previous King. Our newly appointed council member and current King Elias has spoken up for you as he did for sir Charles. Because of this detail we have elected to not officially charge you with anything. Instead we are giving you three choices that will create an illusion of punishment in the eyes of the public" said Hamlin Pig.  "The choices you have will be given by our three guests in this room" said King Elias. On the left stood Sally Acorn who said "You return to your handheld device and join me on a mission to the other regions as a way to assess the condition of other kingdoms" In the middle was Hope Kintobar who said "You could come with me to GUN where we will work on a way to create a body for you and aid us against the Iron Queen's legion" On the right was Rotor Walrus who said "I am about to begin the reconstruction of the freedom HQ and secondary base for our teams to rest. Your help in the construction design and programming of the defences would be appreciated" "Those are you three choices which are each a mission that will take some time and create an illusion of exile" said King Elias. ---------------------- So my readers who will you choose to send Nicole with? Let's us find out!
  20. Mobian mystery Dungeon: Nicole's story

    It is about time to restore this old game. Sorry for the long delay. ______________________   Nicole quickly decided that Shadow's safety was more important. She returned to her handheld, "Shadow! Stop!" Shadow heard Nicole and quickly retrieved her handheld, stopping an attack by doing so. "Nicole, was your mission successful?" Asked Shadow. "I had to abort, I had to warn you that those boys have a nanite generator built into them. It absorbs energy used on them to create new nanites. And even if the bot is destroyed it will still generate them. A nanite magnet is also built into them, when a generator stops running it sends a signal that activates near by magnets and the nanites upgrade the bot that attracts them. If you kept attacking them then eventually they would evolve and overwhelm you. I couldn't let that happen" said Nicole. Shadow was shocked by what he heard, but quickly got his head together. "We need to blow this place up before these can be put to use" said Shadow when an alarm triggered. "Self destruct engaged. This facility will explode in 5 minutes. All robots evacuate immediately"   "It is too dangerous to let them escape. We have to stop them somehow. Can you lock down the factory if I hook you up to the system again?" Asked Shadow. "I could do that and set a door to a timer for you to get us out before it locks" "I have another way to get out of here. You will be able to download the files and lock this place down. I have our way out, trust me" said Shadow. ____________________   So now dear Readers, a new choice awaits you. What will Nicole do? Will she Insist they escape without accessing the terminal to lock in the robots. Access the terminal to lock the doors and set a timer for one of the doors. Or will she trust Shadow and download the schematics from the terminal.   What will you all decide? Let us find out together.
  21. Strange Dreams

    Those are some weird dreams. I am curious about what the other two dreams are now.
  22. Corrupt a Wish

    Granted but it is for someone else and you never learn what it was   I wish for a wish that was wished by a wishing well.
  23. Corrupt a Wish

    Granted but you can only drive people up the wall I wish for silence to be broken.
  24. General Art Thread

    That is a nice piece of art! I just wish I knew anything about that character but sadly I do not lol.