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    Scabbard town - Behind the crowd
    Blake quickly pulled the brake on the jeep."Jack this crowd is too big. I can't drive you the rest of the way. You will have to find another way there. Sorry son" said Blake.
    "Don't worry dad. Charmy can take him the rest of the way" said James as he threw out a Pokeball to reveal a Charizard. Charmy, Jack is gonna be late to collect his first Pokemon if he doesn't get there soon. Get him to Pine's lab as quick as you can! Now go!" Said James which caused Jack to undo his seat belt as Charmy quickly took off and grabbed Jack from the back seat.
    Charmy and Jack then flew over the crowd towards Pine's lab in quite a fast pace. Charmy let out a loud roar knowing people would hear it.
    Pokemon Research centre- Scabbard Town
    "Professor it is my pleasure! Do you have any other tasks for me to perform this morning Sir?" Asked Zeke as he dusted off his pants from the fall. "Oh we have some arrivals! I will go and greet them on your behalf" said Zeke who approached Danny and Linda before Pine had a chance to respond.
    "Greetings, I am Zeke. Aide to Professor Pine. Are you two here to recieve your first pokemon?" Asked Zeke.
    Scabbard town - Behind the crowd
    Annie reached the large crowd outside Pine's lab and she shyly began to make her way through it being careful not to hurt Vanillite or damage Pine's delivery.
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    Jack, James and Blake- Just outside Scabbard town
    On the road just outside Scabbard town a jeep was on its way to Professor Pine's lab. Blake was driving and James in the passenger were perfectly calm but Jack in the back couldn't keep still.
    "Hurry up! Hurry up! I want to get started already!" Yelled Jack from the back of the jeep holding his worn our bag in his arms tightly.
    "Calm down Jack! We will be there soon enough. If you rush this you will miss the most important feeling a trainer could ever get! The feeling of knowing that you are about to get a new best friend and partner who will be with you all the way to the end!" Said James. 
    Hearing those words calmed Jack down. "James you used to be more impatient than I am. Did you miss that feeling?" asked Jack.
    "No bro I didn't. When I got to lab for my Charmander fear took hold me causing me to freeze in place. I was frozen in place for over an hour, unable to move a muscle. The professor thought I wasn't coming and was about to go into town when he saw me standing there looking scared" said James.
    "You were scared? But you were so confident that you will be a great trainer and a Champion one day. Why were you so scared?" Asked Jack.
    "I realised that I was about to start a journey where I was on my own and had no one to protect me. And I was also responsible for my Pokémon too. When I was never any good at looking after you" said James.
    "D.. do you think I will be any good?" Asked Jack sounding very nervous.
    "Of Course you will! I felt that way but the Prof saw me so scared that he went back inside to collect a pokeball. Then I heard him say. You must be James, allow me to introduce you to Charmander. It was then he let it out of the pokeball and at the sight of it my fear melted away" said James.
    "Your fear just melted away seeing Charmy for the first time?" Asked Jack.
    "Yeah, and the feeling I had in that moment I will never forget. It helped guide me to who I am today. So I am sure the second you see your Chimchar. All of your fears and doubts will just disappear" said James.
    "Your brother is right Jack. The moment you see your first pokemon, everything changes in your heart. So just sit still savouring every second until you see the best friend you can ever have" said Blake.
    Zeke- Pokemon Research center, Scabbard Town
    Zeke entered the room but was focused on his clipboard that he accidentally walked into a near by table. Zeke fell down and a pokemon treat fell out of his pocket. Zeke snapped out of his trance and picked up his clipboard and the treat. The lillipup saw the treat and ran to Zeke causing him to giggle. "Want this treat? Then get it!" Said Zeke as he threw the treat in the air and the lillipup jumped up to catch it.
    Zeke approached Pine slowly while watching his steps. "Professor, I have completed my morning checklist. I have also contacted Cafe Vanilious and placed your usual order. Annie will  be delivering it when she arrives to register as a new trainer" reported Zeke.
    Annie- Cafe Vanilious, Scabbard Town

    Annie was in her room packing her bag ready for her journey. Vanillite was sitting on her bed smiling as it always did. Once finished, Annie picked up Vannilite and walked down the stairs and into the cafe.
    "You all packed now Annie dear?" Asked the woman behind the counter. Annie nodded and approached the counter.
    "Mom are you sure I should be doing this? I mean I am the one who created our famous Vanillice puffs" said Annie sounding nervous. Her mother's face lit up with a smile.
    "That is exactly why you should be doing this! If you could create a masterpiece like that with just Vanillite as inspiration then what else can you create with other pokemon to inspire you. But no more arguments. Zeke phoned in Alistair's usual order so be a dear and deliver it for me" said Annie's mother. Annie nodded and picked up the order before leaving the cafe and heading for the research center.
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    Forum members I am happy to announce the winner of the contest.
    We had three entries so put your hands together for these artists.
    In third place:
    In Second place:
    And the winner is:
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    Today is the final day to submit your entries. If you haven't done so already please hurry.
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  5. Geoffrey St John added a post in a topic The Scanf Art contest   

    All entries must be sent to me Via Pm.
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    Ian St John, Mercia
    Ian thought about Geoffrey for a moment then turned to look at the door. "Chuck, I can't leave here now. My life has not always been as peaceful as it is now. And in secret I have longed for a new adventure. I planned to head off but every time I am almost ready to leave... Geoffrey comes and asks advice on how to help one of the orphans. Ray, Matilda, that Tails kid and so many others. If I go see him now, I know he will say something that will stop me joining you on this." Ian looked around and found a pen and blank piece of paper. "I'm borrowing these, I need to leave my son a note." Ian wrote a note for Geoffrey and folded the paper up so only the name Geoffrey could be seen.
    "I'll ask one of the boys to drop it off at my place before we leave in the morning. I have all I need in my tool bag anyway." Ian sat down and waited for Chuck to finish his preparations for the trip.
    Mighty, Feral Forest
    Mighty heard Skye's warning and dropped the bumper. He curled into a ball to avoid the bot's grab. Mighty waited a moment to cause the bot to stop, giving him an opening to strike. He picked up the bumper and swung it hard at the torso of the bot.
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    I am afriad it must be a picture. It would be unfair to allow a comic because that would be multiple pictures in one when only one entry is allowed per artist.
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  8. Geoffrey St John added a post in a topic The Scanf Art contest   

    It is gone the 12th but I am unsure of the amount of participants  I have. Can you confirm if you have entered.
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    Lets get this going! Entei is claimed for Jack!
    Name: Jack Brian Pyrian
    DOB: 14/04/2008
    Theme Song:
    Focus:Contests and Gyms
    Talents/Skills: Jack has a basic knowledge of pokemon habitats and can identify several different pokemon tracks. He has some knowledge in pokemon treatments he learned from helping his mother. He can tell when fruit is ripe and is pokemon are suffering from status problems by sight. Jack has some experience in riding pokemon.
    Starter: Chimchar
    Description:Jack is a small boy who likes to hide his Red hair in a beanie hat. He wears fingerless grey gloves, green camo pants he tucks into some steel toe capped boots. He wears a plain black t shirt and an unfastened navy blue Jacket which is too big for him. His backpack is a large black one which is quite worn out.
    Personality: Jack is a boy who is sensitive about his size causing him to lose his temper if people call him Shorty or Shrimpy. Although he can lose his temper quite frequently he doesn't have a short fuse and is quite calm minded overall. He considers all pokemon his friends unless they appear evil. He prefers to catch only fire types and has inherited a unique view on evolutions.
    Background: Jack grew up with his parents and Older brother James in Galleon town. Jack's mother works in the Pokemon center and his father is the Pokemon Ranger of the near by swamp and caves. Jack would often accompany his mother and father to work and as a result has gained some valuable skills for his journey. His brother is five years older because his mother fell ill for a few years after James was born. James left for his own journey several years ago and recently retired to return home help his ageing father with work so Jack could have his own journey.
    Name: Annette "Annie" Cole
    DOB: 05/01/2007
    Age: 11
    Focus: Battles
    Talents/Skills: Cooking and making Pokemon food.
    Starter: Vanillite
    Description: Annie is an average sized girl with Blue hair tied into a ponytail. She likes to wear a black dress and her white fur coat her grandfather gave her.
    Personality: Annie is very shy around new people and is often too shy to speak up if she notices anything. She has a large love for ice Type pokemon.
    Background: Annie is the Daughter of a cafe owner in Scabbard town. She prefers to handle the dessert side to the cafe. Her mother said that Annie has to go on a journey to help discover new ideas for the cafe.
    Name: Zeke Hawthorne 
    DOB: 05/01/2004
    Age: 14
    Focus: Undecided
    Talents/Skills: Vast knowledge of pokemon and  hty pe of habitats they live in.
    Starter: Litten
    Description: Zeke is a white haired biy who wears glasses. He wears a white lab coat over his t shirt with a mega ring on it. He looks just like every other professor Aide.
    Personality: Zeke likes pokemon that evolve more than once. He finds watching evolutions more enjoyable than anything else. His desire for understanding pokemon and the power of evolution lead him to becoming an aide to Professor Pine.
    A npc for me
    Name: Nurse Joanne "Joy" Pyrian
    Age: 36
    Professon: Pokemon center Nurse in Galleon town
    Description: She is a typical Nurse Joy in appearance with the exception that she wears a home made mom of the year badge that looked like a fire.
    Personality: Joy is a kindhearted and extremely generous Nurse. He is very serious in pokemon care and often will lecture her sons if they make care mistakes as James learned at his own cost. She is also a very concerned mother constantly asking her family of Joy's to tell her when her sons were in their centers.
    Species: Happini
    Type: Normal
    Level: 24
    Ability: Serene Grace
    Moves: Pound
    Species: Chansey
    Type: Normal
    Level: 68
    Ability: Natural Cure
    Moves: Double-slap
    Heal Pulse
    Healing wish
    Species: Audino
    Type: Normal
    Level: 40
    Moves: Double-slap
    Secret power
    Species: Wigglytuff
    Type: Normal
    Level: 53
    Ability: Cute Charm
    Moves: Sing
    Defence curl
    Name: Blake Stuart Pyrian
    Age: 40
    Professon: Pokemon Ranger of Galleon town
    Description: Blake is a red haired man who wears old camouflage gear and old worn out boots.
    Personality: Blake is a wise man who strives to protect the Pokemon near the town he lives. He often pushes himself too hard and it has resulted in a back injury causing him to have to recruit an assistant.
    Name: Bloodhound
    Species: Houndoom
    Type: Fire and dark
    Level: 45
    Ability:Flash Fire
    Moves: Roar
    Thunder Fang
    Name: Skippy
    Species: Skiddo
    Type: Grass
    Level: 25
    Ability: Sap Sipper
    Moves: Razor Leaf
    Take Down
    Name: Gogass
    Species: Gogoat
    Type: Grass
    Level: 35
    Ability:Sap Sipper
    Moves: Take Down
    Vine Whip
    Name: James Pyrian.
    Age: 15
    Professon: Assistant Pokemon Ranger in Galleon town
    Description: A long red haired boy who wears a blue ranger jacket over a white t shirt. He wore black pants and green boots. He had black fingerless blokes on his hands and a red Bandana tied across his forehead.
    Personality: James is an honest and loyal guy who tries to protect every pokemon. He tends to prefer fire types over others.
    Name: Charmy
    Species: Charizard
    Type: Fire and Flying
    Level: 53
    Moves: Flamethrower
    Seismic Toss
    Wing Attack
    Name: Dasher
    Species: Rapidash
    Type: Fire
    Level: 49
    Ability:Run Away
    Moves: Agility
    Flare Blitz
    Name: Mags
    Species: Magmorter
    Type: Fire
    Level: 51
    Ability:Flame Body
    Moves: Thunder Punch
    Confuse ray
    Sunny day
    Name: Howler
    Species: Arcanine
    Type: Fire
    Level: 50
    Ability: Intimidate
    Moves: Roar
    Thunder Fang
    Extreme Speed
    Name: Searly
    Species: Simisear
    Type: Fire
    Level: 46
    Moves: Solar Bean
    Fury swipes
    Flame Burst
    Claiming Flint of Sinnoh Elite four.
    Let me just say this now before I forget. I claim Jessie James and Meowth from Team Rocket and Flint from the Sinnoh Elite four. Skye already knows my intentions.
    Their teams are as below
    Flint's team(Taken from the game)
    Species: Infernape
    Type: Fire and Fighting
    Level: 71
    Moves: Flare Blitz
    Thunder Punch
    Mach Punch
    Species: Rapidash
    Type: Fire
    Level: 69
    Ability: Run away
    Moves: Flare Blitz
    Solar Beam
    Sunny Day
    Species: Houndoom
    Type: Fire and dark
    Level: 68
    Ability: Early Bird
    Moves: Sludge Bomb
    Dark Pulse
    Sunny Day
    Species: Flareon
    Type: Fire
    Level: 71
    Ability:Flash Fire
    Moves: Overheat
    Quick Attack
    Giga Impact
    Species: Magmorter
    Type: Fire
    Level: 73
    Ability:Flame Body
    Moves: Thunderbolt
    Hyper beam
    Solar Beam
    Team Rocket's Pokemon (based upon Anime used attacks and basic abilities)
    Species: Meowth
    Type: Normal
    Level: 30
    Ability: Pickup
    Moves: Scratch
    Fury Swipes
    Jessie's Pokemon
    Species: Wobbuffet
    Type: Psychic
    Level: 30
    Ability: Shadow Tag
    Moves: Counter
    Mirror Coat
    Species: Pumpkaboo
    Type: Grass and Ghost
    Level: 30
    Moves: Leech Seed
    Dark Pulse
    Shadow Ball
    Species: Seviper
    Type: Poison
    Level: 30
    Ability: Shed Skin
    Moves: Haze
    Poison Tail
    Species: Yanmega
    Type: Bug and Flying
    Level: 30
    Ability: Speed Boost
    Moves: Sonic Boost
    Ancient Power
    Steel Wing
    Silver Wind
    James' Pokemon
    Species: Inkay
    Type: Dark and Psychic
    Level: 30
    Ability: Suction Cups
    Moves: Tackle
    Foul Play
    Species: Mime Jr
    Type: Psychic and Fairy
    Level: 30
    Ability: Soundproof
    Moves: Tickle
    Teeter Dance
    Species: Carnivine
    Type: Grass
    Level: 30
    Ability: Levitate
    Moves: Bullet Seed
    Vine Whip
    Name: Stuart "Sparky" Jones
    Age: 29
    Profession: Claymore City Gym Leader
    Description: Stuart is a skinny man of avarage height for his age. He wears yellow overalls and a pair of rubber gloves. He has a tool belt around his waist with all his tools. He has short blond hair that always seems to stick up no matter what he does.
    Personality: Stuart is a guy who is very unpredictable. When ever he gets an idea he runs off to do what ever it is. Unless he is battling a challenger, then he would write it down and try to speed up the battle so he could get to work. Even though he is often a joker when it comes to battling he is very serious. Stuart prefers one on one battles.
    Background: Stuart grew up in Claymore City where mechanics caught his attention at age eight. When he turned ten his dad gave him a Shinx as a present and the pair battled alot becoming strong. Stuart never left the city and began to learn from the town's mechanical experts where his skills as a trainer were noticed and at age 27 he was asked to be gym leader. Since then he has aquire three new pokemon he uses to battle while his Luxray guards the gym.
     Pokemon Team (Maximum of 6)
    Species: Luxray
    Type: Electric
    Level: 40
    Ability:  Intimidate
    Moves: Tackle
    Thunder Fang
    Species: Shinx
    Type: Electric
    Level: 10
    Ability: Intimidate
    Moves: Tackle
    Species: Pichu
    Type: Electric
    Level: 10
    Ability: Static
    Moves: Thunder Shock
    Tail Whip 
    Sweet Kiss
    Species: Dedenne
    Type: Electric/Fairy
    Level: 10
    Ability: Pickup
    Moves: Tackle
    Tail Whip
    Thunder Shock
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    Banned because I have little to say and so much to do.
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    I will look into this again when I am home.
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    I was unable to do anything about the status bar. If anyone wants a new member title please contact me personally to receive one since that is the only way I could find to give any out. I have also made it so members are free to edit their notification settings to remove any kind they wish.
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    Yes Staff can enter and I can not hold off the contest for one artist.
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    The Scanf Art contest
    Hello dear members I have decided to host a contest for all our artists here. The contest is for you to draw a halloween themed picture. You can only enter one drawing and all entries must be sent to me before October 30th at 20:00 in UK time. Anyone interested must state so in this thread before the 12th. I hope to get many participants.
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    It is not possble to draw more than on person at the same time. I'd have to draw one brother at a time.
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    Who said I was referring to just one?
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    True but I am "A real Stinker"
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    Interesting. I can see you actually like your brothers because they do not look stupid at all. If I could draw I would make my brother look stupid in my drawings.
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    Then show us that! Let us see your drawing skills.
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    Nice work Silvori!
    How about a real challenge. Can you draw a robotisized Geoffrey St John.
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    Nice drawing Kayph. I wonder if you could draw your brothers in that style.
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    Banned because everyone here has "mental problems"
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    Neither is your brother but he gets on fine here. This is a community of friends and you are a welcome addition. If you have any questions feel free to pm me.
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    Wait we have a third!? Haha welcome Kayph!
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    I realise I was the one who started this but now I recommend that Silvori opens a new thread called "Silvori's requests" for drawing requests like this in the future so this thread doesn't get flooded in requests.
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