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About Me

I am Geoffrey St John. A man no one can ever hope to understand. I can be kind and then cruel. Or even be creative by writing a parody song lyric from the point of veiw of a Archie character.


The Skunk's friends:

Dylan: "The cat in the hat" Dylan is a kindhearted guy with a great love of dragons. He is a bit of a nerd but so is everyone else. He has his moments of shyness but there are less now than there used to be. 

Skye Prower: "The Lego Vulpine" Skye is a great guy who has a vast knowledge of many Science fiction shows. He like Lego and foxes. He is one of the top roleplayers here.

Seviper: "Poison tooth Python" An insane and ver entertaining friend. Seviper our resident Pokemon nut. This slithering soul is one of our quartet of craziness.

The Jest: "The Un-bear-able" The most loyal and kindhearted guy you could ever meet. The Jest is my oldest friend here.

Chromatic Terras: "The Psychedelic one" A creative and great friend. He enjoys a vast amount of things and would give any role play a good try.

Shadow The Hedgehog: "Mr Spiny Gloom" A complete collector of metallic replica

Shadow: "Cheery Cheerson" A cheerful and enthusiastic individual. Cheery is the cause of the randomness we bear within the party zone.

Shinomi-chan: "Ninja baby girl" The strangely unique chatterbox. A member of our Quartet of Craziness.

NMS: "The Metal Maniac" A robotic fool. The robotic one of our Quartet of craziness.

Chosen One: "The Crazy kid" A missing mate. Chosen One is one of the few inactive and missed members.

Sweet_lil_Eliza: "The Chocolate Fairy" A candy obsessed girl. The final member of our Quartet of craziness.

Thire: "The metallic Kirito" He is a funny guy who has a skill for making lego weapons. He is more than willing to role play but he has no experience in doing so.

ChaosKaiser: "The comic-AL Mr Rose" Chaos is a fun guy to talk to. He has some role-playing skills and is a good artist. 

KatMuffin: "The edible feline" Kat is a less active member but she is the mastermind behind an rp which has been going for nearly a year. By simply be herself she has earned a spot in my list a friends.

Clay Heartrend: "The Me-Klein-nical" Clay is a funny guy and a brother to another friend. He is great fun to talk to.