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  1. Authors note: Allen is not my character, she is a character made by Gloria (Rondineviola). I have gotten her permission to use her character in this story.

    The south Pacific holds something that not many people know about. Something that’s not on any map made at the time and something that very few know about. It’s not a sea creature, or a giant underwater portal, but an island. Kokko island finds itself being nothing more than a speak in the large South Pacific Ocean.
    The island had a main land, and then some off shore places. The main land held things like mountains and caves, even a river while the off shore area held little to nothing exciting. As stated before, not many people knew about this island, and the few that did keep it a secret. The island to them was like the ultimate resort, nobody knew about it, and for the most part it was free to go there.
    Of the few people who knew about this island was a side kick of a blue hedgehog, Tails the fox. As fun as it was to tag along with Sonic, Tails thought it would be best to take a break. Sonic did seem somewhat annoyed that the four year old tagged along with him, and kept following him everywhere he went. With his plan Tails flew back to the island he was very fond of…
    Up on Polly Mountain, there was a group of birds that lived there. Polly mountain was a popular place for these birds, as they felt it was a nice area where they could land and relax before taking off to wherever else they wanted to go, or simply stay. After all, the island was in the perfect spot, it was always warm and barely any storm clouds came near the area.
    While most came in groups, one came alone…this one being a bird named Allen. Dispute the name, Allen was a female, at the same age of Tails Allen really didn’t know much about her past, let alone how she got on the island.
    All that was known about Allen to the other birds was that she didn’t exactly have a clean slate. Things would go missing in the birds pockets, food would be there one second, and then gone the next. Any kid that messed with her would also get a rude awakening as well. Her days may have been full of goofing off and stealing things, but little did she know she was going to be a part of an adventure in the future…
    Tails didn’t really travel far on Kokko Island. Besides the bullies and people who would call him a freak over his two tails, he had everything he needed in the house he made for himself. It wasn’t big and it wasn’t much, but it would be wear Tails would build inventions and work on things. It was a hobby of his.
    Tails pulled up a chair and began working on his robot dog he nicknamed t-pup.
    “Who needs friends when I can make one?” he said to himself.
    Meanwhile up Polly mountain, Allen’s days of stealing things were about to finally catch up to her. While lying against a tree, she heard footsteps approaching her.  In front of her stood 3 very unhappy birds. Allen only opened one eye to look at them, before closing them again.
    “How may I help you boys?” she said in a snarky tone.
    “Yeah, we’d like our stuff back…” one of the birds, an eagle, said while stepping closer to Allen. Allen responded back with a short “ha”.
    “What makes you goons think that I would give you guys you’re stuff back…let alone the fact that I have it?”
    The eagle picked up Allen by the collar and pulled her close to his face.
    “Whoa, whoa, whoa now buddy, you wouldn’t hit a girl would you?”
    “Funny, seeing as you have a boy’s name…” said one of the other birds, a blue hawk.
    “Now, now, we can settle things peacefully…” Allen said, before poking the eagle in the eye and running off.
    “Yo ed! You ok?” the pigeon bird said.
    “What the hell do you think? GET HER!”
    Allen ran as fast as her little legs could carry her as she heard the footsteps of the birds behind her. It didn’t help that these boys were older than her. Allen found herself rolling down the hill before landing near a house. Not wasting any time, Allen quickly got into the house.
    Dispute Tails being in the house at the moment, he was asleep, curled up on a ball on the couch, exhausted from all the work he did working on inventions. It did drain a lot out of him.
    “Where’d she go?” Ed asked.
    “I don’t know, you think she might have gone into that house?” the pigeon responded.
    “Probably…I don’t even know who the hell would live down here…”
    “What if it’s some creepy old dude?”
    “Shut it Pete.”
    The two looked around the house, before hearing something off in the distance.
    “That must be her…”
    The trio left, going off into the direction that the sound came from, completely ignoring and not even looking further into the open window that Allen got into. Allen whipped the sweat from her forehead and decided to take a look around the house.
    “I mind as well call this place home…no way are those 3 goanna let me back up to Polly Mountain in piece…”
    While exploring the house however, Allen found out that she wasn’t the only one here. Allen almost jumped and let out a scream as she saw Tails on the couch, curled up sleeping. Looking longer caused her panic to turn into awe as she approached the sleeping fox.
    She couldn’t help but find it cute how Tails was curled up in a ball sleeping. He looked so peaceful. Allen carefully started petting the fox, almost as if he was a dog or cat. Tails seemed to not mind at all, smiling in his sleep as he was getting pet.
    “This fox kid is cute…really cute…” she thought to herself. After petting Tails for a while, Allen looked outside of the house. The area around it wasn’t that bad, a bit better than the rocky hills of Polly Mountain.
    “Sorry Polly Mountain, but I think I’ll be sticking to this place from now on…” Allen said to herself.
    Tails awoke from his slumber before the sun rose. He looked around to find that it was a sort of dark blue outside.
    “Mmmmh, man…working really drains me…” he said to himself. He got up and stretched before going outside to catch some fresh air, and splash some water on his face. On his way out, he spotted Allen, who was up against a tree asleep.
    Tails went over to tap Allen on the shoulder.
    “Hey…you ok?”
    Allen opened her eyes and almost jumped as she saw who stood before her.
    “OH…oh…uh…hi…” she said awkwardly.
    “Ummm…hey, what’s your name?” Tails asked.
    “Allen? Isn’t that a boy’s name?”
    “So? You have a problem with that!” Allen said, jumping to her feet and getting in Tails face.
    “Oh…no, no, I like it.” Tails said. Allen blushed a bit at the statement.
    “Um…well, thanks…” she said.
    “You’re welcome…”
    “Uh…by the way, do you mind if I stay here? I’m sort of in some hot water at my home.”
    “Where is your home?”
    “Just up the mountain. I live around Polly Mountain. How I got there I don’t know, I just know that I’ve been there since and have…well, sort of gotten myself into some trouble.”
    “What kind of trouble?” Tails said, cocking his head to the side a bit.
    “Nothing really bad…just…stole some stuff…”
    Tails gave a bit of a disapproving look at Allen. Before things could get awkward, Allen quickly changed the topic.
    “Have you been here your whole life?”
    “Well yeah, sort of…this is sort of a vacation spot for me. I arrived here after helping my pal Sonic defeat this evil guy named Doctor Robotnik.”
    Tails nodded.
    “Lucky fox, he’s gone on an awesome adventure beating up some guy with his friend and I was stuck here doing nothing but steal from the other idiots on this island.” Allen thought to herself.
    “Anyway…I was goanna go near the stream and wash my face off, you want to come with me?”
    And with that, the two new friends made their way to the lake, both feeling a bit more positive after meeting one another.
    On board a giant ship, sat the Grand battle Kukku. The bird sat at his chair thinking to himself. He was deep in thought, with himself.
    “What seems to be the problem?” one of the battle Kukku birds asked.
    “The problem is trying to find the chaos emeralds!” the grand said, slamming his fist down. “These things are something I desire greatly! Imagine how much more powerful we would be if we were able to get all of them!”
    “I think I know where there’s at least one of them…”
    The grand turned around to face Dr. Fukurokov. Grand wasn’t exactly pleased to see the mad scientist. He was just that, mad, and the Grand didn’t have time for the scientist crazy idea’s.
    “What now…” Grand battle kukku said in an annoyed voice.
    “I believe I found one of the 7 chaos emeralds. It’s on an island, a small little island known as Cocoa Island. I’ve done my research of locations of the emerald, and this place is where it should be. I’m almost certain!”
    “Alright…we’ll go there…but I’m warning you right now if we don’t find anything…you’re done for.” The grand said, pulling the doctor closer as he did.
    “Yes sir…”
    The grand battle kukku ordered the ship to fly towards the island.
    Dispute her attitude at times, Tails and Allen seemed to get along really well. Tails and her would explore the other parts of the island, while trying to avoid the bullies. Allen would head up to Polly Mountain only with Tails as his sort of protective person, although most of the time it doesn’t work out for her.
    Things were going smoothly until Tails saw a giant ship coming towards the island. This caught him and Allen off guard.
    “What the heck?” Allen said.
    “That’s one big ship…”
    The two watched as the ship landed near the island, just off the coast of it.
    “I got a bad feeling about that ship…” Tails said.
    Tails feeling was right. As soon as the ship landed, the Kukku army got out and started charging towards the island.
    “I want that island searched inside and out! I don’t care what you have to do or what you have to destroy! Find me the chaos emerald that’s allegedly on this island!”
    Grand battle Kukku gave a cold glance back at the scientist as he said allegedly.  Dr. Fukurokov gave a nervous smile as he saw the Grand Battle Kukku look at him.
    The Kukku army birds swam towards the island, and once on it, started throwing bombs everywhere.
    “What the heck was that?” Allen said, looking around panicking.
    “I don’t know, sounded like an explosion!”
    The army continued to throw bombs, looking all around at the holes they made to see if there were any chaos emeralds underneath.
    “You guys find anything?” one of the birds said.
    “Keep looking!”
    Tails started flying up to the sky before Allen stopped him.
    “Tails what are you doing?”
    “I’m going to check out whatever that noise is!”
    “What? Are you crazy?”
    “I’m sorry Allen, but I need to protect this island. It’s like a second home to me.”
    With that, Tails flew off, leaving Allen looking up at him worried.
    “That fool!” she said to herself, before chasing after him.
    Tails saw from above the birds that were throwing bombs all around the island, followed up by them searching the ground.
    “What the heck are they doing?” Tails said to himself. He continued to follow the birds around until they reached near the lake.
    “You think one of the chaos emeralds would be in the lake?” one of the birds asked.
    “Well, there’s only one way to find out…”
    “Oh no…” Tails thought to himself.
    Before one of the birds could drop the bomb, Tails quickly swooped down and grabbed it, before dropping it down on the army birds, sending them flying.
    “What the hell!” said one of the battle kukku birds.
    “Who the heck do you think you are throwing that bomb at us!”
    “My name is Miles Tails Prowler, and I’m not going to let you destroy my island…”
    “We’ll just see about that!”
    One of the birds grabbed a bomb and tried throwing it at Tails, only for Tails to catch it and throw it back at him, causing him to jump out of the way, almost being hit by the bomb. Allen watched on threw some bushes, impressed that the two tailed fox (about her age), was standing up to the army of birds.
    “Wow…” was all she could say.
    Tails flew away causing the birds to chase after him.
    “Get back here you little brat! Nobody bombs us and gets away with it!”
    One of the army birds slowly got up in a cave, holding his head.
    “Erm…damn that stupid fox. The Grand Kukku is going to kill us if we continue to get are butts kicked by that little twat!”
    The bird looked around, trying to figure out where he was when he saw something shinning nearby. Grabbing his attention, the bird quickly ran towards it.
    “Please be what I think you are…please be what I think you are…” the bird said running over to it quickly.
    He quickly grabbed it and indeed, it was what he thought it was: a chaos emerald.
    “Yes…Yes!” he shouted, echoing in the cave.
    The bird quickly stumbled out of the cave and looked around.
    “Finally…a chance for me to gain some recognition and fame from the other bird brains!”
    Just as he was about to take off, Speedy flew down and grabbed the emerald.
    “Hey!” the bird shouted up. “I found it first!”
    Speedy just stuck his tongue out and flew off back to the ship.
    Allen ran around the island looking for Tails. She looked up in the sky and around her.
    “Tails! Tails where are you!” She shouted, looking around quiet franticly. She finally saw him up on a tree.
    “Come on you freak! Come down and face us!”
    “Make me!” Tails said, crossing his arms, sitting on top of the tree.
    Just as one of the birds was going to throw a bomb up, the sound of a plan from up above could be heard. Tails looked up and saw the giant Battle Kukku ship.
    “What the…”
    “It’s the ship, looks like we gotta get back!” said one of the birds. Before flying up the bird threw the bomb at Tails, just in time as it caused him to fall down from the tree.
    Allen ran towards where Tails was, but before she could get there, the gust of wind knocked her back into the ocean.
    “Help!” she shouted as she tried to stay above the water. Every time she popped up she would see the ship take off and the island get further and further away. The tide was too strong…
    “Leave it to my son to find the chaos emerald while all you idiots goof around!” the battle kukku shouted at his army.
    “But-“ spoke up the army bird who originally found it.
    “NO BUTS! As disappointed in you guys as I am, I am glad to have this emerald…” he said, putting it in his hand and looking at it with a wide smile.
    “I can feel the power from the emerald in my hand…” 

  2. While I'm not the biggest fan of the reboot, I do like the concept of the new world that was made. Don't get me wrong, I miss the old Archie characters, but sometimes more is less. With that said, what are some things that you would have liked to see if the comic still continued.  Right off the bat I feel having the comic go to 1 story per issue instead of 2 would have drawn me back in, as having 2 stories felt distracting and like too much was going on.
    Story wise I would like to see Tails and Sonar (the green fox) interact with each other. Shipping aside I feel the two would just have good "work together" chemistry, and I'd like to see her be a part of Tails sky force team.
  3. Inspired by Frostryu's topic on Antoine, today I would to talk about Sonic, particularly, how he is being considered "The Hero of Mobius" in Sonic Archie comics.

    We know a hero is a person who achieves great things. In case of Sonic, he is one of the few mobians who have special talents powerful enough to wipe the floor with Dr. Robotnik's army and to fight Robotnik himself one-on-one, even killing him off at one point. However, in the comic book world, classical heroes like Superman and Batman need to showcase other dominant traits other than "beating up bad guys" to make them legitimate heroes. For examples, Superman is known mostly his idealism, compassion and down-to-earth personality and Batman is known for his intelligence, determination and his overwhelming desire for justice. Sonic Archie has over 280 issues, and like Superman and Batman, I believe there's a reason behind this success aside from Sonic being a mascot character. 
    What I would like to ask you is simple: describe how you feel about Sonic of the Archie comics. Discuss how Sonic in your opinion has proven himself as a good or bad protagonist, what we like or dislike about him, and ultimately what makes him a unique hero. In addition, if you write or draw him, in what angle you would like to express or explore him. Here's my opinion for the starter:

  4. Although the fans of Shard the Metal Sonic may be very vocal, there aren't nearly as many as I would hope, so fanart of Shard is pretty scarce. I decided to dedicate my time playing Minecraft to Shard, but there were no good Shard skins. So, I made my own. It's not perfect, especially in the shading department, but I figured I'd share it here anyways.
  5. What do you guys think has been some of the best we've seen of Sonic this year, along with some of the worst? For me, the best news includes Sonic 2017 and mania.
    The worst comes from things mostly because of the fan base, the bad side at least. I don't mean to harp on them all the time, but when a fan base makes fun of a cancer survivor and causes drama every other week, you will have problems...

    "Lady Alison is the "fraternal" twin sister of Queen Aleena of the kingdom of Mobodoon.
      Alison is (in many ways) the polar opposite of her sister in personality, behavior and beliefs.
      unlike Aleena, who treats everyone, from Nobility to Peasantry, as equals.
      Alison is a more traditional royal in that society demands "Separation of Classes".
      due to the fact that Alison and Aleena had conflicting social views,
      the two sisters often didn't get along too well, and began to drift apart as the years went by.

      when their parents, King Maverick and Queen Sophia, died prematurely from a sudden illness.
      one of the sisters were chosen as a successor to the throne of Mobodoon.
      despite being the same age (Seventeen), Aleena was chosen as the new queen over Alison
      as Aleena was technically older than Alison by only "five Minutes".

      Needless to say, Alison wasn't too pleased that her was to be queen, and not her.
      a displeasure that only worsened when Aleena decided to make some "changes" to the kingdom
      (banning the use of money in favor of a barter system, making all people equal, ect.)
      disgusted that her own sister was throwing away years of tradition, Alison left the kingdom
      (vowing to return to "clean up her sister's mess" once Aleena's reign as queen failed.)

      Alison made a new residence in Soleanna, the only known human monarchy on Mobius.
      and, during that time was quite surprised when Aleena's reign lasted at least a decade
      until the Robotnik War started, and Queen Aleena and her family became wanted fugitives.

      By the end of the Robotnik War (and, the beginning of the new "Eggman War")
      Alison decided to reunite with her sister upon learning she had married a human, and had a child with him as well.
     When she arrived, Alison became infatuated with her sisters husband.
      finding Alan Zander to be the personification of a "Shining Knight" 
     It wasn't long until Alison became envious of her sister.
     jealous that SHE had the perfect husband, and a child who was famed for being the first "Mobilander"
    Consumed by the "green eyed monster", Alison hatched a scheme claim Alan for herself.
    Pretending to want to spend more time with her sister and niece,
    Alison took Aleena and Tiana on a picnic out in the Green Hills on the outskirts of the city.
    Alison then used a portable trans-dimensional device to send them both to The Void,
    and, hired some Dingo Mercenaries to make It look as if she was ambushed.

    Alan was devastated upon hearing of the "tragic deaths" of his wife and daughter.
    and, despite feeling mildly guilty herself..Alison continued with her deception,
    taking advantage of Alan's broken heart, and manipulating the man into falling in love with her.
    in a few months, Alison finally had what she wanted. Alan had married her,
    she had become Queen, and her pregnancy promised a new "hope" for Mobian/Human peace.

    Unfortunately, Alison's scheme unraveled when Aleena and Tiana
    miraculously returned, and revealed her deception to a very shocked Alan.
    trapped, Alison confessed her crime, and true intentions.
    but, she was remarkably forgiven for her transgression..and, offered a second chance.

    Alan re-married Aleena..and, Alison was invited to live with them.
    Alison's daughter was born, and raised (for the time being) to believe that Aleena was her mother.
    despite her crime, Aleena gave her sister permission
    to re-marry Alan should anything ACTUALLY happen to her.'


     This is my newest idea for my Sonic Fanon that I feel will be successful.
     the creation/introduction of Queen Aleena's Sister.
     Firstly, I can't take full credit for the design of the character.
     a majority of it is based on a prototype character design for Queen Aleena herself
     back when the show Sonic Underground was still in development: http://drawloverlala.deviantart.com/art/Proto-Aleena-447331434
     I made some alterations here and there.
     But, at heart, the character's look is completely drawn from source material.

     In terms of personality, Aleena and Alison are meant to be perfect opposites royally.
     with Aleena being an "Idealistic Queen", and Alison as a more "Realistic" one.
     Alison is in no way a bad person..she just has very dated beliefs in how a Queen/Princess SHOULD behave.
     and, one that quite obviously conflicts with Aleena's more Fair and Modern beliefs.
     Ironically, the only canon character who is similar enough to her is Sonia Hedgehog (Sonic's Siser)
     who due to her aristocratic upbringing, can sometimes come off as "stuck-up" and "snooty"
     yet, she isn't a horrible person, either.

     based on the theory that Aleena may not be a full bred hedgehog (she has no quills)
     I made Alison's mixed species more apparent that Aleena presumably is.
     I classify Alison's species as a "Hedgemouse" (Half Hedgehog, Half Mouse)
  7. So I've heard that after the reboot happened, many characters were cut/killed off due to copyright issues with one of the writers. They all seem to be comic exclusives though, like Scourge or Fiona. Are there any of the older comic characters left, or do the newer comics just have the SEGA and SatAm cast?
  8. I've seen that this very obscure comic is not on the site even though it's somewhat of a sabrina and Sonic the hedgehog crossover. I have scans to that short comic so, anyone object in posting that in the Specials section or something?
  9. [Scourge of Speed, Part I] It was nightfall in Central City, the capital of the United Federation. a storm had descended upon the metropolis, bombarded the many human citizens with heavy, frozen rain. as the citizens went about their business..the rainfall suddenly slowed, and briefly paused. Suddenly, twin streaks of light blurred down the highway. scaring some people. one was blue, and the other was green. the streaks sped down the city streets, effortlessly zig-zagging around cars and people. the blue and green streaks soon began to bash into each other, creating shockwaves in their wake. the green streak then broke away to another street..leaving the blue streak speeding alone. the blue streak finally stopped at an empty four-way street..revealing itself to be a hedgehog. a Mobian hedgehog wearing red-and-white sneakers, matching shorts and white gloves. his emerald green eyes darted around as he looked in all directions. "now, where'd he go-GAAH!!" a green blur suddenly hit Sonic from behind, knocking him down. as he looked up, he saw a green hedgehog clad in black leather and red sunglasses approach him. the hedgehog looked ALOT like him. "gotcha, blue." said Scourge. Sonic grumbled as he rose up, facing his evil twin. "What are you DOING here, Scourge!!?" demanded Sonic, angrily. Scourge smirked smugly as he pushed up on his sunglasses. "oh, not much. terrorizing people, spreading Chaos and Mayhem. leaving YOU to eat my dust..the usual." Sonic gritted his teeth, growling low. Scourge then snickered as he continued to speak. "Well, Actually..I *do* have something important to do: Reclaiming some "lost property." "Lost Property?!" said Sonic, puzzled (and, mildly annoyed.) "My girlfriend. You know' Fiona." Sonic scowled darkly at Scourge. "oh, COME ON. Don't be like that." began Scourge. "She double-crossed you, and your stupid friends. you have no reason to do her any favors." "It's true, she did betray us." said Sonic, solemnly. "she betrayed me..and, my best bud. (looks at Scourge) but, just because I don't like her..It doesn't mean I won't protect her from you." Scourge made a *gagging* gesture. "Your self-righteous nobility is revolting, you know that? Good god, your about to turn me GREENER than usual, here!" Sonic lunged after Scourge, attempting to punch him. but, Scourge simply side-stepped at super speed, evading the attack. he then swung kicked Sonic in the back of the head. Sonic fell to the ground again. he groaned, feeling dizzy from his mild concussion. Scourge just smirked as he looked down at his counterpart. finding his weak and vulnerable state amusing. "I could do this all day, you know." began Scourge, as he pressed his boot against Sonic's back. "Nothing makes me feel better than tearing your ego down, and proving how better I am than you.  BUT, I am feeling generous..for ONCE. So, just tell me where Fiona is. and, I *MIGHT* leave you alone." Sonic groaned as he tried to rise up. "n-nnn-Never." Scourge grinned evilly. "Have It YOUR way." Scourge grabbed the back of Sonic's head, and rose him up. as he readied to bash the blue hedgehog's head into the concrete pavement..the falling rain suddenly slowed. Scourge paused, and looked around as the hundreds of raindrop suddenly froze in mid-air. "what in th-ERRK!!" Scourge was suddenly struck in the head by what felt like a punch from Sgt. Simian. he was knocked backwards, and skidded along the pavement. the green hedgehog looked, and saw what looked like a red lightning bolt departing. Sonic also looked..and, saw Scourge's red sunglasses laying on the ground near him. one of the lens was broken, the other showed visible cracks. As Scourge rose back up, the red lightning bolt returned. It passed Scourge several times, inflicting blow-after-blow upon him with each pass. the last pass flung him away again. knocking him flat on his back. Angry, Scourge quickly got up, and saw the red lightning bolt speed off, then suddenly stop. he stared at what appeared to be a red humanoid with glowing red eyes. neither Scourge, nor Sonic could properly make him out. as his body appeared to be blurry. but, ONE thing was apparent: Whoever It was, It was a speedster..and, It was HUMAN. "who..WHAT *ARE* YOU!!?" exclaimed Scourge, enraged. the red figure remained silent. which gave Sonic, and even Scourge the creeps. "How are you able move that fast?!" demanded Scourge, again. "and, WHY are you attacking me!!? Don't tell me your another one of Sonic's do-gooder friends." the red figure finally spoke..but, In a distorted, almost demonic sounding voice. (("IF YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW THAT..YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO CATCH ME.")) Scourge glared at his mysterious attacker, shocked and appalled at this "challenge." "WHAT DID YOU SAY!!?" the figure responded by speeding off down the street in a red lightning streak. Scourge immediately gave chase, trailing a bright green energy trail behind him. Once both were gone, Sonic attempted to stand up..but stumbled back down. It was at that moment a yellow lightning bolt sped over to him. Sonic looked up, and saw a human with spiky blonde hair and, dressed in a golden yellow suit and wearing goggles. "b-billy.." mumbled Sonic, still feeling fatigued. Billy lifted his goggles up over his forehead. then, knelt down and helped his mobian friend up onto his feet. "sss-S-Scourge. I was..fighting him, but then something. something FAST, came and-" "yeah." said Billy. "I know." Sonic looked up at Billy. "Do you know what that thing was?" Billy sighed as he frowned, looking down. [Freedom HQ, Station Square] [An Hour Ago..] an automatic door slid opened, and in walked three people. two human males, and one mobian female. "So, what's the situation, Sally?" said Alan Zander. "Scourge, the Evil Sonic, is on a rampage." explained the Mobian Princess. "That sounds like just another Tuesday." replied Alan. "Not this time." said Sally. "We have reason to believe that Scourge has a specific goal in mind." "I trust you have an idea on what that goal is." "yes." said Billy. "Fiona Fox." Alan stopped short at this, and looked at the two. he then walked over to a computer console, and brought up some files on the HD display. the large screen showed images of a female mobian fox. and, varied data regarding said mobian. "Fiona Fox. Mercenary, Thief, Terrorist." began Alan, professionally. "served under the Destructix, and Suppression Squad. currently serving probation under Prowler's watch." "We believe Scourge has come back for her." said Sally. "Does Fiona know?" asked Alan. "No. In fact, when I mentioned Scourge's name, she seemed close to a panic attack." said Sally. "Why's that?, I thought they were "close." "WERE" is the keyword, sir." said Billy. "Based on Fiona's testimony following her *surrender*, Scourge was abusive, controlling and more of an Extremist, than a typical punk." Alan brought up another data file on the computer. "Considering his recent reported activity that has left FIVE towns in ruins, and numerous people dead, injured or missing..I can't really blame her for being scared." Sally grumbled. "look..I am going to be frank, here. I *DON'T* trust Fiona. and, I NEVER approved of the decision to give her community service, instead of life imprisonment. but..as much as I hate her for what she's done, even I shudder to think of what Scourge will do to her if he ever finds her." "I'm more worried about my Step-Son, Sally." said Alan. "now, Where is Sonic??" "Last I heard, he's been hot on Scourge's trail since he passed through Westopolis." said Billy. "Where are they now?!" said Alan, looking at Billy. "Our High Velocity scanners detected two targets headed in the direction of Station Square. BOTH moving well over Mach 1." Alan nodded. "Meaning if Sonic and Scourge aren't here by now..they will be soon." Alan looked at Billy and Sally. "This has to stop. NOW. and, if Scourge really is behaving more aggressive than usual..I don't think Sonic can handle this alone, this time." Billy sighed, looking down. he then stepped up. "I'll go. I'll back Sonic up-" "Billy, NO!" exclaimed Sally, grabbing his hand. "You're still recovering from your recent encounter with Zero. You are in NO Shape to take on that monster!!" "But, Sally!, I-" "I have to agree with the Princess on this one, William." said Alan. "In your current state, Scourge would kill you. you need to be in your PRIME to even have a chance at beating him." Billy looked at his leader. "Then, what do you propose we do!? there are no other Speedsters around that can help us!" "What about Mina?, she's ALSO a speedster." said Sally. "She is also still learning to use her speed. a Trainee, she wouldn't last five seconds." said Alan. "What other choice do we have!?" said Sally, mildly frustrated. Billy was about to say something..when he suddenly paused. tapping his chin, he pondered over something..then, finally spoke up. "actually..Now that I think about It, there is ONE other Speedster that we could turn to." Alan looked at Billy..who gave him a look. "No." "but, Sir-" "NO. It is out of the question!" said Alan, sternly. "I am NOT letting that Monster go free." "He may be our best hope at beating Scourge." retorted Billy. Sally looked at both men, a puzzled look on her face. "who are you talking abou-" "He Is ten times WORSE than Scourge is." argued Alan. "EXACTLY." said Billy. "meaning if anyone can finally put a stop to Scourge's rampage..It's HIM." Alan turned, and faced Billy. "Have you forgotten what happened the LAST TIME he ran free in Station Square!?" said Alan, looking Billy straight in the eye. "Half the city was wrecked, and YOU ended up on life support, DESPITE your hyper-metabolism.  It was AGONY to capture him, and we were lucky to figure out how to CONTAIN him!" "I haven't forgotten anything, sir." said Billy, sternly. "But we're in a desperate situation..we don't have any choice." "EXCUSE Me!!" exclaimed Sally, annoyed. "Could someone PLEASE explain to me what this is all about!?" Both Alan and Billy looked at each other..then, Alan exhaled sharply. "follow me." As Alan walked off, Billy and Sally followed him as instructed. *billy. what are we-* *It's better to show you, than tell you, hon.* Alan and Billy led Sally through a door, and down a long corridor. they soon reached a doorway, and began to walk down a long stairway. when they finally reached the end..they were met up with large security door. "this..this Person you were talking about." began Sally. "He must really be dangerous." Alan glanced at the mobian chipmunk..then, looked away. "you have no idea, Ms. Acorn. but, your about to." as Alan approached the door, Billy did the same. they stood at each side of the door, facing identical consoles. "Ready, Billy?" asked Alan. Billy nodded. "Ready." "Then, on three." began Alan. "One..two..THREE!" Alan and Billy pressed the red buttons in front of them simultaneously. a beeping sound was heard, followed by the door opening with a hissing sound. as the three stepped inside a large chamber..Sally stopped short, and gasped at what she saw. In the center of the room were four metallic arches generating a force field. and, within the dome..was a standing humanoid figure in a red suit whose body looked blurry. Sally has seen something like this before. as a speedster, her husband' Billy, had demonstrated the same "blurred image" ability. but, what REALLY shocked the mobian princess, was how remarkably similar that this figure looked to her husband. In fact, they were almost EXACTLY alike. "b-Billy.." mumbled Sally, still in shock. Billy looked at his wife. "w-Why does the p-person in there look like you??" Before Billy could answer, Alan spoke: "His name is Will. Will Gilvenzan. and, he comes from the same place as Scourge." "Moebius?!" said Sally, looking at Alan. "yes. he is the "Evil Billy." replied Alan. "He appeared around the same time Scourge first started heckling you.  he went STRAIGHT after Billy, with the doubtless intention on killing him.  their fight resulted in 60% of the city being severely damaged, with hundreds of people either dead, or injured." "by the ancient walkers.." muttered Sally, awestruck. "It was a struggle for Billy to even keep up, much less land a hit." continued Alan. "By the time we were finally able to subdue him, Billy was in a state of near death.  even WITH his accelerated healing, we had to put him on life support. took him over TWO WEEKS to recover." Alan finally turned, and faced Billy again. "He almost KILLED you, Billy. and, *YOU* want me to set him loose!?" Billy was silent, bearing an unreadable expression. Finally, he responded to his leader in a stern, calm tone. "If you have a better idea, I am all ears. but, right now..That "Monster" is our best hope at stopping Scourge." "And, what makes you think he'll even cooperate?!" retorted Alan. "Buns Rabbot and Doctor Kintobor aside, the inhabitant of Moebius that we've met thus far HAVEN'T been famous for their Trustworthiness." "Billy." spoke up Sally, who looked at her. "Alan DOES have a point. If this "Will" is worse than Scourge is, we may literally be trading one evil for another." "I can understand that." said Billy. "But, this is the one time I think we CAN trust a Suppression Squadron." "and, why do you think that?" asked Alan. Billy looked back at Alan. "Because..when I fought him seven years ago, he told me How he got his speed, and WHY." Alan crossed his arms. "Alright..I'll humor you: WHY?" "I got my speed because Brass wanted Sonic dead,  and Sobolov used me as a test subject so they could find a way to kill him." began Billy. "Yes, we already know that." "Well, WILL told me *between beatings* that HE forced a scientist in his world to give him super speed.  because he was jealous of Scourge, and wanted to be better than him..at "Everything." Alan raised an eyebrow at this. "Are you saying that Will..your Evil Self, has a personal grudge against Sonic's evil self?!" Billy nodded "Yes." Alan exhaled at this. "wow. That Mirror Universe never ceases to amaze me. You love Sonic like a Brother, and Will apparently hates Scourge's guts." Alan looked at Billy. "So, if Will really does hate Scourge..why did he come after you??" Billy exhaled. "he said..I was the Warm-Up. Practice for the "Main Event." Alan crossed his arms, and exhaled sharply. "It seems almost too good to be true." "It's the Truth, sir." said Billy. "Oh, I believe you, Billy..but, I still don't like the odds." continued Alan. "Even if he DOES go after Scourge, what will stop him from going after YOU, again!?" Billy exhaled sharply. "nothing. But, if we don't do this..Sonic may die, and THEN we'll all be in serious trouble." Alan groaned at this. *yeah..and, Aleena and Bernie will never let me hear the end of It.* Sally walked forward, gazing at the machine that kept her husband's evil counterpart contained. "What is this thing, anyway?!" Alan walked near Sally. "I forget what Professor Thornedyke called It. But, It's suppose to negate speed. trapping anyone in a super slowed state, akin to suspended animation." "How did he even manage to construct something like this at the time of Will's attack??" asked Sally. "Well, I will admit that we lifted the original designs from Sobolov's private notes." said Alan. "He altered the design so it's be more "humane", and less..LETHAL." Sally looked at the machine again. "So, This was going to be used on Billy." "AND, Sonic, eventually." added Alan. Sally looked long and hard at the still blurred visage of Will. while he resembled her dear husband, she had to admit..he made her blood run cold. the red he wore made him look as if he was covered in blood. and, his red goggles only made his eyes seem demonic. Sally grimaced, and swallowed hard. "sally." Sally looked as both Alan and Billy looked at her. "You are the only neutral party here. It's up to you to decide on what we do." Sally looked at Alan..then, Billy. then, WILL..then, Alan again. finally, she sighed sharply. and, spoke up: "Nobody knows just how dangerous these people are more than me..I agree, this Will DOES seem worse than Scourge is. but, that's just It: Will is WORSE than Scourge. He could very well be our damnation, than our "savior." (sighs) but..Billy is right' We are desperate, and don't have the luxury to overlook ANY chance that we might have." Sally looked at Billy. "I don't like this..but, if this is the only way. Then, you have my support, hon." Billy looked at Alan..who, exhaled stressfully. "this is such a mistake." "I'm not arguing that, but-" "I know' We have no choice." said Alan. "I just hope the rest of the world will see It that way." Alan then stood aside. and, gestured his hand over to the control console of the containment unit. "We had this programmed so that only YOU could switch It On and Off, Billy. If you are sure about this..Go for It." Billy looked at his wife..who gave him a warm, but concerned expression. he finally breathed out, and approached the dome where his evil counterpart was being held. he took a moment to look within the dome..and, stared at the blurred visage of his other self. he froze fearfully as memories of his first encounter with him flashed within his mind. "Billy." Billy looked back at Sally..who looked at him warmly. "(whispering) it's okay." Billy smiled weakly. he then huffed as he returned to the console. with his hand shaking, he reluctantly placed his palm upon a glass plate. the place flash as It scanned Billy. "DNA SEQUENCE CONFIRMED: GILVENZAN, WILLIAM NORAN." spoke an electronic voice. "POWER DOWN SEQUENCE ENGAGING." With a hum, the pulsing energy dissipated..and, Will finally collapsed onto the ground. Alan, Billy and Sally all kept their eyes on the now unfrozen, but still contained prisoner as he struggled to get up. as Will stood in a kneeling position, Sally noted that Will had reddish-orange hair, instead of blonde. and, as he lifted his goggles up, she also saw he had Green eyes, instead of blue. Will looked upon his audience..and, grinned. "My letter from the governor finally come in??" said Will, with sarcasm. Sally felt chills run down her spine. despite looking, and sounding like her husband. the way he spoke made her feel..uncomfortable. like being in the same room as a serial killer. Alan walked up, looking at Will. "Will. we are prepared to make you a deal for your freed-" "Yes, I know." began Will, cutting Alan off. "Pineapple Head" is giving you trouble, and you want ME to take him down a notch." Alan looked surprised. "How do you know tha-" "Because while I may have LOOKED frozen in that stupid machine of yours..  I was fully AWARE of everything that was happening!!" "oh." "SEVEN YEARS..in a super slowed state." continued Will, as he stood up onto his feet. "If I wasn't ALREADY a "dangerous psychotic", I would have gone INSANE from the boredom!!" Alan sighed. "Will. We are aware of your apparent hatred for Scourge. Help us stop him, and we'll set you free." Will crossed his arms..and, chuckled. "So, you're asking me to do something that I was already planning on doing, anyway. HAH!, It's like a cop asking a convicted thief to rob a bank!" "It DOES seem rather redundant whenever you think about It." said Sally. It was then that Will looked straight at Sally. "Sally Acorn, right?" Sally cringed. not liking that the "Evil Billy" was focused on her. "I see that my Counterpart's doing well for himself if he bagged a sweet prize like you." Sally grew pale. "h-How did you-" "Your wearing a wedding band, your staying close to Billy.  AND..I heard you address him as "hon" earlier." said Will. "I'm Psychotic..NOT Stupid." Will then looked over at Billy. "Kudos to YOU, Bill. I must admit, I also found Alicia Acorn kinda hot. especially when she cracked that bullwhip of hers-" "CAN we stay on track, here!?" said Alan, getting impatient. Will looked at Alan. "You need me to fight Scourge. THAT, I get. but, I want a bit MORE than that." Alan eyed the red-haired man. "Like what?!" "You let me out, I beat Scourge to a pulp..THEN, what??  Once I've done my part, you send my twin to put me back my Slo-Mo Cell." Alan scowled, growling low in his throat. "what do you want??" Will smiled wide as he approached the force field dome. "I think you already know." Alan growled again. "you want us to destroy this containment unit." "You'll re-build It..Eventually." began Will, as he walked away. his hands behind his back. "By then, I'll be LONG GONE." "and, free to do God knows what." said Alan, disdain in his voice. Will grinned as he glanced back at Alan. "then, have fun trying to beat Scourge on your own.  Because UNLESS my "Absolute" freedom is guaranteed..I'm not doing anything." "You really expect us to believe that you'll pass up the chance to fight Scourge!?" began Billy, walking up. "You told me yourself how much you hated him, how much you wanted to BEAT him!" "Yeah, I did." began Will, approaching his counterpart. "and, I was more than happy to do just that the very moment I first got my speed.  BUT, I was willing to wait first. Test out my new powers on you..THEN, go after my true enemy." Will then struck the force-field dome with his arm, making It pulse. "then, you stuck me In this thing for seven years..which to ME, felt like SEVENTY.  so, believe me when I say this: If I've waited THIS long to get what I want..I can wait a bit longer." Billy grimaced as Will smirked, turned around, and walked away again. he looked at Alan..who sighed sharply. "Alright, FINE. (grumbles) you've got a deal.." Will smirked as he turned around, and looked at his audience of three. "then, what are you waiting for? Let me out, so I can kick Scourge's spiny green ass." Alan sighed as he nodded to Billy. Billy reluctantly approached the console again, and placed him palm upon It. (("DNA SEQUENCE CONFIRMED: GILVENZAN, WILLIAM NORAN.")) began the computer voice. (("FORCE-FIELD DEACTIVATING.)) the energy dome finally dissipated..and, the second after, Will sped out in a trail of red lightning. ..and, pinned Billy to a wall. "HEY!!" "GOOD LORD!!" "WHAT ARE YOU-!?" "apologies, Billy." began Will. "but, you and I STILL have unfinished business." Billy glared at him. "b-but, we had a Deal!!" "and, I will keep It." said Will. "but, *NOBODY* said I had to fight Scourge "right now." Sally glared at Will in disgust. "why you sneaky, two-faced-" "and, Besides.." continued Will, ignoring Sally. "I need a little "warm-up" before I combat Scourge. (looks at Billy, and smiles) and, since you gave me such a good workout last time, I see no reason why that should change." Billy scowled at Will, his eyes flashing yellow. Will just grinned, his own eyes flashing red. Billy then shoved at Will, knocking him back with his speed enhanced blow. With his goggles now on, Billy then charged in a trail of yellow lightning, and rapidly punched at Will. Will took some punches, but then caught the last, and threw a single hard punch at Billy, knocking him backwards. Will then put his goggles on. the two continued to fight. their images blurred, and moving like yellow-and-red lightning bolts. Will then suddenly grabbed Billy, spun him around super fast, and threw his body into the containment unit console. destroying It. as Billy groaned in pain, Will smiled sinisterly and sped over to the containment unit itself. he circled in a streak of red lightning, destroying the entire machine in a matter of seconds. Once done, Will sped over to Alan and Sally. he bore a smug look on his face as he began tossing a part in his hand. (("SORRY. IT'S NOT THAT I DON'T TRUST YOU")) began Will, his voice distorted. ((IT'S..WELL, ACTUALLY, YEAH!' I DON'T TRUST YOU.")) Suddenly, Will was tackled by a yellow bolt. Billy grabbed Will, throttling him angrily. (("STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!")) said Billy, his own voice distorted. (("RELAX..")) said Will. (("I'M NOT GOING TO HURT THEM. ONLY YOU, AND SCOURGE ARE IN MY SIGHTS RIGHT NOW.")) Will then brushed Billy off, and attacked him again. he threw a punched, then seemed to disappear, and RE-appear behind Billy. striking him in the back. Billy then began to rapidly twirl around in place, countering Will's repeat attack. Billy then charged after Will, who did the same. as the two speedsters collided, a shockwave knocked Alan and Sally back. as they moved at super speed, attacking each other, yellow-and-red lightning bolts began to circle the room like a cyclone. Alan and Sally stood close at the center. watching as multi-colored electricity sparked around them. Sally tried to look, and see ANY of them. but, they were moving so fast, they resembled living lightning bolts instead of living people. Suddenly, the red bolt shot out of the room. the yellow bolt followed. "COME ON!" said Alan, as he and Sally ran out the room. the two ran as fast as they could up the long corridor. but, even at THEIR top speed, they knew It'd be far too late. And, when the blaring alarm sounded..they knew this was true. "dammit!, I knew this would happen!!" cursed Alan. "Don't be so hard on yourself. We were desperate!" said Sally. "and, In our desperation, we've open the flood gates to an ever GREATER devastation!!" Once the two reached the nexus of Freedom HQ, they found the room in ruins. the same yellow-and-red lightning bolts were circling the room, damaging parts of It with each pass. random people were ducking for cover, trying to avoiding the sparking electricity. from Billy and Will's perspective..the surrounding world was moving in super slow-motion. they ran along the walls, and tackled each other. each trying to overpower the other. the two finally accelerated at such a tremendous speed, that they both shot through the ceiling like bullets through glass. outside, above ground. they BURST straight through the roof of a manor estate. twirling like a multi-colored vortex as they shot into the sky high above. at the height of their momentum, the two stayed suspended in the air. Finally..they plummeted down in a free fall. unable to use their legs, both Billy and Will quickly spun both arms around rapidly. generating twin wind funnels, that began to slow their descents. once they were low enough to the ground, they both dropped. upon landing, Will performed a flying kick at Billy, knocking him down. (("WELL, BILL. IT'S BEEN REAL. BUT, I'VE GOT TO GO KNOW.")) began Will. (("I'VE GOT A HEDGEHOG TO KILL.")) with that, Will sped off into the city in a red lightning bolt. scowling, Billy chased after him at equal speed. [To be Continued..]
  10. Do you guys think that Sonic mega-drive is going to get a spin off comic? I know they said there's a good chance if there are enough pre-orders, and personally I'm hoping we get it. Nothing wrong with a little vintage Sonic and begin honest here Tails looks super kawaii
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    Though it's not set in stone, one of the users on ASO is friends with Jon Gray on facebook, and he said the following.
    "I got to work w/ so many wonderful ppl during my time on Sonic the Hedgehog and w/ so many wonderful talents including drawing my own stuff. It's a shame that I'll probably never see my Sonic artwork from Sonic collected anywhere, but that's not really my fault soooooo~~~❤️❤️❤️"
    While it's not conformed, it is looking a bit black for sonic archives. Legal trouble from the infamous lawsuit may be the cause of this, and it could be that Archie is doing this to avoid any more legal lawsuits. what do you guys think?
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    now before anyone says it no I'm not talking about an Iron nicole, I'm talking about Nicole going bad or doing something that would be deemed bad in a story arch that would get her in hot water. What would you guys think if we had something like that in the comics?
    “no! it’s not possible! This project is a waste!”
    The following came from a scientist yelling at a scientist in a red lab coat, with a mustache. This, begin doctor robotnik.
    Doctor Robotnik sighed as the other scientist walked out. He couldn’t help but be somewhat frustrated. All’s he wanted to know was if there were any other worlds out there that he could get to. He just wanted his portal to work.
    For 10 years he worked on it, wanting it to work, wanting to get something out of it, but alas, it just wouldn’t work…
    He signed, and looked over his plans once more. He tried to think of what he could do, what sort of energy he could use to have the portal open.
    “there’s gotta be something…” he said, looking over his notes. Just something I can add to make this work, something that can turn the portal on and take me to some new place, away from the corruption and chaos of earth…
    He sat back, trying to think, looking over his reports. The most successful time begin it opening up, but closing very quickly, and from then on never working again. He looked at the diamond he used for it. Crystal clear, enough to see thought.
    “Why won’t you work for me?” he said to it. For fun, he put it into the energy port. Suddenly, the portal opened. Robotnik fell back scared, not sure what to think. He wanted to call the others but was worried that it would go out by the time he came back. In a quick motion, he grabbed his notebook and pen and ran thought the portal.
    White light was all robotnik could see, till he heard a voice.
    “uh…hey, you ok?”
    Robotnik’s head was acing, he looked around. His eyes soon fell on a hedgehog, blue and with green eyes, looking at robotnik.
    Robotnik let out a surprised gasp, then regained himself.
    “I don’t believe this…” he said to himself.
    “uh…where am I?”
    “why, you’re on mobious of course!”
    “yeah, I guess you’re a foreigner, wouldn’t be a surprise, we don’t really know much about you humans, but we’ve studied you, well, not really me, I don’t really go to school.”
    “uh…do you have a name?”
    “yeah, sonic, sonic the hedgehog…” the blue hedgehog said, putting out his hand.
    “names, robotnik, doctor robotnik.” The man said, putting out his hand for sonic to shake.
    “sorry about me just crashing in, I’ve been working on a little project of mine, a portal that would take people to other worlds, and I guess this is the one I landed up in…”
    “huh, interesting. A portal that could take you to other worlds, neat…”
    “yeah, I used a crystal to get to the place, which is strange how it just now worked, seeing as thought my other attempts didn’t do so well…”
    Sonic’s eyes lit up.
    “crystal…what did this crystal look like.”
    Robotnik scanned thought his notes, trying to look for a picture of it that he had.
    “I know I had a picture of it in my notebook somewhere…” he said, scanning thought his notes…
    Finally, he found it.
    “ah! Here it is…” he said showing sonic the picture of it.
    Sonic took a look at it.
    “huh, we have these kind of things at our world…their called chaos emeralds…we don’t really know much about them though…well, I don’t…”
    “oh, and what do these emeralds look like?”
    “sort of like the one in this picture, only they are different colors, such as blue, yellow, green, so on and so on. There’s at least 7 of them out there in Mobious, but no one knows where they are…”
    “I take it their rare around here?”
    “yep…say, you got a place to sta-aw who am I kidding, you just popped up here, so of course you don’t…come with me, I have a nice place that we can hang out at.”
    Robotnik followed the blue hedgehog. He couldn’t help but somewhat like the world around him. True he would probably miss home, but at the moment he was too caught up in what was in front of him. It was like earth, but with barely any cities and all animals. Animals that could walk and talk sort of like in the movies…
    “well, here it is…” sonic said. Before robotnik stood an shack that was made out of wood.
    “sorry it’s small, I like to travel a lot…” he said.
    “something I wish I could of done more of, but this does make up for everything.”
    “well, I suppose I could give you credit…” sonic said, heading into the shack and sitting down on the couch, “I would have gone crazy doing all of that.”
    “I know, but I couldn’t help it. The scientist back at my place where jerks, they kept mocking me about how I was crazy for trying to invent something like this…”
    “well, I hope this can be the start of a great friendship…” said sonic. “I wouldn’t make fun of you, and I’ll try to be a good friend.” He said.
    “thanks sonic…” robotnik said, smiling.
    The two spent most of their days exploring the world around them, with Sonic showing him around. The two explored caves, lakes, and so forth and so forth.
    Eventually, though, this had to end, on a tragic day. It was another day, sonic and robotnik were exploring, when in a cave, the two saw a light.
    “yo, you see that doctor?”
    “yeah…it’s a light…”
    Doctor Robotnik slowly approached the cave.
    “be careful…” said sonic.
    Eggman slowly approached it, and then grabbed it. It was a crystal, a green crystal.
    “sonic…I think we found a chaos emerald…” said robotnik. Sonic ran over quickly. He grabbed the emerald, and he couldn’t believe his eyes.
    “this is it, this is the emerald, a chaos emerald…I DON’T BELIEVE THIS!” said sonic, sounding excited.
    Sonic held it for a bit, but as he did, it started to glow.
    “woah…” sonic said.
    “is it supposed to do that?” robontik asked.
    “I don’t think so…”
    Before the two knew it, the emerald glowed even brighter. Robotnik was suddenly flown back, thrown back far away. Sonic just stood there, for a second, seeing his quills turn from blue to gold. He felt energy thought his body.
    It stopped finally, as it did, sonic looked around.
    “robotnik? Robotnik?”
    Meanwhile, robotnik found himself in an abandon smog city, factories all around him. He wasn’t sure if he was on the same planet. He didn’t know why though, but he was mad, he was angry.
    “those Darn scientist…I’ll show them…”
    He got up, dusting himself off, and began to explore the city around him.
    “this planet…will be mine, and so will those chaos emeralds…and when I get back…I’ll give them hell…”
    The emeralds corrupted his mind, the once sane robotnik had lost it, and now wanted revenge and much more on those who had made fun of him and mocked him.
    He was a changed man…and not in a good way either…
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    all right, i know you guys have asked me to be patient, and to a degree I have, but I still want to ask you guys this. Why do you think the comics are begin delayed. Before anyone says it, yes I know that they said it was due to printing, but I feel it's something bigger. also on one of the comic sites the next issues to come have been removed, so yeah, that's not 100% a good sign.

    Mod note: I'm really getting sick of these constant "why the delays?" Can we please stop with them? There are other things to do to occupy time instead of repeatedly ask about the delays

    Explanations were given here
  15. Greetings,
    This post is one of my first posts in this forum. So I guess you can call me a noobie at this time lol. Anywho, the name is Rell, and I'd been a Sonic fan going back to the Sega Genesis days (along with the first two cartoons). In fact, I believe that Sonic is the best video game mascot ever. Anywho, I had been working on my on Sonic the Hedgehog fan fic for a number of months now. At this point in time, I'm currently on break from writing Sonic fan fics because 1) I'm waiting to see how the current story line ends 2) I find the current story line a bit frustrating (with the second Sonic/MegaMan crossover splitting it up) 3) I'd been working on my Yu-Gi-Oh! fan fic (and I'm almost done with that). At this point in time, I'd written 19 Arcs (or chapters) for my Sonic fan fic, and I'd written 6 different fan fics (with a 7th on its way in the coming weeks). What I would like to do is post those Sonic fan fics (and maybe the others) here in the forum.
    Basically, my Sonic fan fics will hold true to the events that occurred and will occur in the Archie's Sonic comics. The only difference is that I had added new characters & stories to the equation. Another difference is that my fan fic will mostly focus on my characters and how they interact with the canon characters, along with the roles they have in the canon storylines. Furthermore, I'd incorporated my own stories into the fan fic that doesn't change or alter the direction of the canon storyline as well. What I would like to do is post my Arcs on a weekly basis. All my fanfics are up on on other forums and seeing that this is purely a Sonic forum, I would like to post them here. If anyone is interested in reading them (and/or my non-Sonic work), feel free to post your interests here.
    With that out the way, I'm glad to be here & I hope to hear from some of you soon. XD
  16. This question is probably going to get under the skin of mods and others on here, but I have to ask it. If Archie basically loses the license to do Sonic comics, do you believe that it will go on unofficially like with sonic the comic?  
    For me, I think the answer is obvious. Archie's Sonic series has just as big, if not bigger following as Sonic The Comic, and I can see if not Ian Flynn, fans doing what there doing now with lost hedgehog tales, banding together to make it happen or go on. I wouldn't mind this either cause as you know, and as mods have pointed out I'm one of those people who doesn't really let go of the old world, but if the comic goes on unofficially, whoever is in charge can do whatever they want, bringing back certain characters included. 
    Sorry if this seems negative but I had to ask, and to be fair this seems very possible if the series were ever to die, given the small but still large fan base for it. What are your thoughts guys? Would this seem very likely to happen if the comics go? Comment below your thoughts.
  17. No where not talking about the comic this time. There's a rumor on the street that says we may be seeing the sonic series go though a reboot. If this rumor became true, what would be your reaction, and what would you like to see come from it. For me, one thing I'd like to see is the original cast staying mostly the same, and the SATAM crew finally becoming cannon to the video game world, add in other characters we don't normally see like Bean and Bark, and you get what i want out of this reboot, IF it happens...
  18. Post on Lupe's storylines in Comics

    By teamrandom21 , posted
    what stories or plans would you like to see for Lupe the wolf in the sonic comics? In my opinion, i'm hoping that there's either a new wolf pack formed since the concept is from sonic SATAM, or she simply joins the main team freedom fighters with sonic, sally, and others.
    what do you guys think?
  19. what do you guys think archie comics will do for sonic's 25th anniversary? Other then a special comic or issue, i don't really know if there gonna do anything other then that celebration wise.
  20. serious question: how long do you see archie's sonic the hedgehog series lasting.
    i know this is going to sound crazy, but i legit believe it will last anywhere from 600 issues to 1,000 issues. not kidding.
  21. In the issues right now, Eggman has people joining him because people are tired of fighting and putting up with him, however, Orbot asked the interesting question of what he would do if the plan backfired. What do you think will happen when it does and more importantly, when do you think people will rise and disband from Eggman, if it were to happen. 
  22. big house blues for poor scourge
    "probably cause I didn't use proper grammar on this stupid site."-scourge 
    Scourage's POV
    I mind as well stay in this dang jail for the rest of my days. Things just aren't the same anymore. So what if I lost my temper and was about to go ape Poop on the rest of my crew? All's I wanted to do was get back at sonic and those Darn freedom fighters and now here I am, barely feeling like myself let alone an anti-sonic in jail without any of my other team mates.
    this straight up sucks!" I said punching my hand into the wall.
    When I did get here it was to look for sonic, but instead I found shadow. I didn't mind picking a fight with that dude, I'd figure I'd give him a run for his money, but even in my super form I lost, and it felt like it didn't take much either.
    "at least I don't get bullied around here..." I said to myself, sitting down and eating.
    To the jails credit nobody really messed with me, probably because I had no profile. At least in the old world I was known as Scourage the hedgehog, the anti-sonic. Now, here, I'm just a nobody.
    "The therapist would like to see you..." said one of the guards, letting me out. I just went along with things. No use trying to escape in a world I don't feel I belong in.
    "Scourage the hedgehog I presume?" said the therapist. The dude looked old and was a pig, wearing glasses with a suit. Just my luck, I get a pig for a therapist.
    "come, have a seat..." he said in a German like accent.
    "my name is doctor pork, I shall be you're therapist that you will talk to on a weekly basis to get better and get out into the real world."
    "hell no..." said scourage. "I have nothing out in the real world. My team is gone, I'm not even from this world! I have no place!"
    "nonsense, I'm sure you have a place in this world, you just need to get out of trouble that you've been in. speaking of which, why not tell me about yourself."
    "very well..." I said. I sat back and explain my whole story. Well, at least most of it...I eventually got up to when I was planning to get revenge on sonic.
    "so me and my gang weren't exactly having the best of luck at the time. We had everything but me and Fiona would get into arguments here and there."
    Scourage: what do you mean I'm selfish?
    Fiona: crossing arms we helped you out of jail, and you barely thank us, let alone treat us with some respect...
    "I started losing it when the portal that was supposed to take us to sonic's world wasn't working. I was about to flip out on everyone when suddenly a giant light flashed over us. Next thing I knew, I woke up, but something didn't feel right, the events before felt all like a dream. I then ran into shadow who I remembered from before and picked a fight with him."
    I told him the whole speal about how me and shadow fought and I lost, he wrote down notes and called my story interesting.
    "I also see we need to work on angry issues."
    "yeah, whatever..."
    "now, now Mr.scourage, I know it's hard but trust me, a little chatting will not hurt anyone. After all, didn't it feel great to get all that stuff off your chest?"
    "yeah...a bit..."
    "very good, see you next week."
    "if I even make it till then..." I thought.
    behind the writing
    Scourage: oh well, I may be in jail, but at least there's no other alterative sonic's in this one, let alone that warehog.
    Fleetway super-sonic leans on scourages head while eating a carrot
    Super sonic: what's up doc...
    Scourage: you gotta be kidding me...
  23. apologize to any mods if this topic is in the wrong place or area.
    do you guys think that there should be anther sonic riders game? i know the last game sucked (because some idiot wanted to make it with the connect.) but i think that there should be anther game, on the wii or nintendo NX, that doesn't use any motion control.
    characters would be:
    metal sonic
    doctor eggman
    sonic the wearhog
    and maybe even some of the satam characters like sally and rotor.
    what do you guys think? should we see anther sonic riders game, or was the last so bad you'd rather not want seconds.
  24. so earlier today, i watched BW ross (a guy on youtube who talks about wrestling and sonic comics.) and he mentioned that at the end of worlds unite there was a hint at a 3rd one. what do you guys think of this?
    personally, i really don't want anther worlds unite or worlds collide. unless it's like my fan fic crossover with sonic and nights into dreams or freedom planet if archie and sega and the company that made freedom planet can work something out. other then that and maybe sonic boom i'm not really looking for anther big crossover with everyone from who knows where, and i think the same can be said for archie as Ian (the great bumbleking) said the licenses for everything cost money and stuff.
    but what are you're guys thoughts. should anther worlds unite happen, or shouldn't it.
  25. act 1
    Even in mobious sonic and the gang would find themselves facing harsh winter weather conditions.
    “uh…I hate this weather.” Said sonic going into the Freedom fighters HQ, shivering.
    “well no wonder! Put something like a jacket or snow gear on sonic! You’re going to get a cold!”
    “she’s got a point sonic…” said sally. Sonic just ignored the two. He didn’t know why but amy and sally where getting on his case lately about things.
    “hey tails, any sign of eggman.” Sonic said going over to tails.
    “no, surprisingly he hasn’t really been up to much…”
    This was more than true. Back at eggman’s layer he tried thinking of a good plan to defeat sonic and the freedom fighters.
    “something the wrong doctor eggman?” asked orbot.
    “yes! I bet those freedom fighters are wondering why I haven’t attacked them.”
    “well, why haven’t you?” asked orbot.
    “because I’m tired of failing orbot! I want something that can help me defeat sonic or give the freedom fighters a run for their money, not just a bunch of badniks going in and falling more for the over 9000th time.”
    “well, it is a good idea to sort of strategize some sort of idea that will really work.”
    “yeah, you’re right, but what…”
    A portal suddenly opened up in doctor eggman’s layer.
    “what is the meaning of this!” said doctor eggman, standing back in fear.
    Back at freedom fighters HQ, nighttime had fallen. sonic and tails went out and looked at the stars, just to get there mind off things.
    “you feeling better bud?” asked sonic.
    “yeah…” said tails. “I’m glad shadow got maria back, though it would have been nice if he asked us to borrow the emeralds, or just told us the situation.”
    “we probably wouldn’t have believed him to be honest…”
    “well, I hope more of those we lost in the old world come back.”
    “same here. Stupid genesis reboot. No wonder we’re keeping an eye on eggman more closely.”
    Just then, Nights came down from the sky to greet sonic and tails.
    “hey sonic, hey tails.”
    “nights! Long time no see.” Said sonic.
    Sonic and tails knew nights fairly well. She was a dream guardian who would try to chase away bad dreams from those who had them in mobious.
    “I’m glad I ran into you two, I need your help.”
    “ok nights, we’re all ears.”
    Back at doctor eggman’s layer, wizemen the wicked had entered doctor eggman’s layer.
    “who the heck are you!” said eggman.
    “I am wizemen the wicked. I’d like you’re with something doctor eggman, something involving getting rid of that hedgehog and his gang.”
    “I’m all ears…” said doctor eggman with a smile.
    act 2:
    Sonic and tails lead dreams into the freedom fighters HQ quietly as just about everyone was asleep.
    “so what do you need our help with?” asked sonic.
    “you know the chaos emeralds that you have in this world?” said nights.
    “wizeman made something similar to it in the dream world, known as the dream emerald. Because of it, he’s become very powerful.”
    “so he made something like a chaos emerald in the dream world and is using it?”
    “I know it’s hard to believe, trust me, but it’s true. It’s because of this power that I’ve been banished from the dream world. While I can survive in the real world for a while, without me protecting nightopia bad things will happen…”
    “how are we gonna get into the dream world though?” said tails.
    “as long as I’m around and you two are asleep, the portal is there. I can’t enter it with you however, every time I do I get knocked back.”
    “well then, let’s take care of this wizman!” said sonic.
    Outside the freedom fighters window was Fiona, bean, and bart lessoning in.
    “huh, dreamtopia.” Said Fiona. “and can enter dreams as long as where near her…”
    “come on Fiona you’re not going to do this are you?” said bart.
    “you bet I am! Come on guys, tails is still head over heels for me. I bet with enough flirting and convincing he’ll be a part of our little group, and trust me, we need him.”
    “well if you say so.” Said bean.
    “trust me, I know what I’m doing, that and you two owe me for failing me during that bank robbery.” Said Fiona.
    “true…” burt said back.
    “now then, ready some shut eye?” asked nights.
    “yep.” Said sonic.
    “sure.” Said tails.
    “now keep in mind the two of you may be split a part in this dream world. If this is the case try to stop some of wizemen’s evil minions in other parts and meet up at his zone.”
    “got it.” said sonic giving a thumbs up before he closed his eyes. Tails, sonic, and Fiona outside closed their eyes and slept, all going into the dream world.
    Back at eggman’s base, wizemen explained everything to eggman.
    “so you want to use some of my robots to stop the hedgehog?” asked eggman.
    “yes. Trust me on this deal eggman, for if I control all the mobion’s dreams, they will not want to sleep, and find themselves tired, tired enough to get captured by you.” said wizemen.
    Eggman’s smile was bigger than a kid on Christmas eve.
    “that plan is genus!” said eggman. “badnik’s! enter the dream portal and do anything and everything to stop sonic the hedgehog and any of his friends who join aside him! This plan is too good to slip up on or fail!” said eggman.
    One by one, the robots entered the portal. Eggman smiled in glee.
    “this time I win sonic…”
    act 3:
    Sonic’s story
    sonic arrived in the dream world, sadly without tails by his side.
    “be safe wherever you are tails…” he said after calling his name. He looked around the place. It looked sort of like the green hill zone but with rings floating here and there, and the sky was grey.
    “huh, wired. This is the dream world though, so I mind as well get used to it while I’m here…” he said. Doctor eggman’s robots came out of the hills and started attacking sonic.
    “well, here goes nothing…” he said.
    Sonic easily destroyed the robots as usual, however, they rebuilt themselves and started attacking again.
    “oh great, one of my few worst nightmares would come true in this world.” Sonic once again smashed the robots into pieces, only for those pieces to not only rebuild but multiply into more robots.
    “I’ve seen enough mythiagical stories to know where this is going…” sonic said before dashing off from the robots.
    Sonic got away from them only to be stopped by wizemen.
    “running away already are we sonic?”
    “I take it you’re wizemen” said sonic.
    “a hologram, but yes, I am wizemen, the one and only. If you’re here, I take it nights has told you about my little dream emerald…”
    “you bet…”
    “and if you think you’re going to take it from me then you’re dead wrong hedgehog, even if doctor eggman wasn’t working with me I would crush you and you’re two tailed buddy in a matter of minutes. I’d do it quickly but what’s the fun in that?”
    “why am I not surprised eggman is working with you?” asked sonic, with his arms crossed.
    “spilled beans or not, you’re going to be splattered all over the place if you don’t turn back now mr.sonic.”
    “no way.”
    “suit yourself…” said wizemen disappearing. Sonic continued to run though the dream land.
    “I better either find tails or get this dream emerald before he gets hurt.” Said sonic, as he continued to run towards wizemen’s castle.
    Tails story:
    Tails awoke on the ground with his head throbbing a bit.
    “oh my head.” He looked around. The land he was in was wired. Everything was made out of food. The hills where cheesecakes, the sun was a giant cookie, tails couldn’t help but take some bites from the sweet food hills.
    “well, this makes me glad that I tagged along in this adventure.”
    Tails blood went colder than a normal winter day. He turned around to see Fiona standing by.
    “w-what are you doing here?”
    “before you say it, no, I’m not just a part of this dream. Me, bean and bart where outside snooping, when we saw what was going on. So I decided to join you’re dream and here I am.”
    Fiona got closer to tails, who backed up a bit before Fiona grabbed him and put him close to her.
    “admit it big guy, you’re glad I’m back and crossed over from the other world. You want me, I know you do.”
    The sad thing was, Fiona was right. Tails didn’t know how she regained some of her memory, but he wish she didn’t.
    “it’s all coming back to me now, You little pesky fox. You had a big crush on me. I might not remember much, but that’s what I remember the most. Now how about you and me ditch this dream world, and you join me, bean, and bart.”
    “no…” said tails calmly.
    “oh I don’t know tails, that actually sounds like a good idea…”
    Tails and Fiona looked up to see Reala laying back in mid-air with his arms crossed looking down on the two.
    “and who are you?” asked Fiona.
    “names Reala, enemy of nights. Word in the dream world has it that some wild animals from mobious have decided to come and have some fun, along with trying to get a certain dream emerald wizemen has.”
    “dream emerald?”
    “this is why I wish you didn’t barge in…” said tails.
    “don’t be so fast to say that tails, you just may need her…”
    Reala sent a giant dark ball at the two, tails jumped out of the way.
    “hey what’s the big idea!”
    “sorry Fiona, but no people from sonic’s universe/zone/whatever allowed. Wizemen’s orders. Now then, let’s put you and you’re girlfriend to the test tails.
    “she is not my girlfriend!” tails said back angrily.
    “not yet…” Fiona added. Tails just gave her a look, then grabbed her hand and ran as Reala thew more dark balls at the two. The two hid behind the giant chocolate mountain.
    “come out come out wherever you are…” said Reala.
    Reala spotted them, but didn’t reveal it to them. Instead, he decided to give them a bit of bad news.
    “gee, this food does look delicious. Shame this food also makes people sleepy.”
    Tails got worried. “he’s gotta be bluffing” he whispered to Fiona. Sadly, he wasn’t. Soon, tails and Fiona started feeling sleepy. They tried to stay awake, but soon found themselves sleeping side by side, holding hands.
    “aw, how cute…” said Reala, grabbing the two and flying away with them.
    act 4:
    Sonic’s story
    Sonic continued to run though the dream land.
    “he’s getting closer…” said wizemen. “but not for long…”
    Before sonic knew it the ground beneath him turned wet and slippery. Soon, water was under him. Sonic tried swimming but sadly this was one thing he didn’t know how to do, even with sally trying to teach him how to.
    “what’s the big idea!” said sonic, trying to stay a-float.
    “what’s wrong sonic? A little water bringing you to a hault?”
    “not cool wizeman…”
    “oh boo hoo, I though hedgehogs were supposed to swim…oh well, enjoy the water sonic!”
    “man I wish I had a boat.” Sonic said, still trying to stay above the surface. Soon, a motor boat appeared near sonic. He quickly got in it.
    “thanks for the boat wizemen!” he said.
    “that wasn’t me…that was you. You wished it up, and dreamed it.”
    “well, I think things are going to be a bit easier from here on out…” sonic said with a smirk.
    “you know what, you’re right sonic, here, let me make things more challenging.”
    Giant waves started heading towards sonic’s boat. He quickly put the boat in gear and started driving threw them, hoping the boat wouldn’t tip over.
    “hold on…I’m not done cranking up the waves just yet…” said wizemen. Indeed he was right, the waves got bigger and bigger.
    Sonic thought up of a sub and got in it quickly.
    “wise choice sonic, only thing is, I’ve got a little friend for you to meet…” said wizemen. Sonic heard a whale moan.
    “oh you gotta be kidding me…”
    Soon a giant whale with red eyes headed towards sonic’s sub.
    “mep…” said sonic. He put his hands tightly on the steering wheel of the sub and put the petal to the metal. The whale chased him down, managing to bump into the sub a couple of times, trying to crash the blue hedgehog.
    “you’re not going to catch me you over grown mammal!” he shouted back.
    “that’s what you think!” said the whale.
    “oh great, it can talk…” sonic said rolling his eyes.
    “well of course I can talk this is a dream!”
    The whale got more and more closer to crashing sonic. Sonic was heading to land though, almost reaching it.
    “almost there…” he said. The whale finally pounced on the sub. The sub started sinking lower and lower.
    “not this time!” sonic jumped out and managed to escape, and just made it to land.
    “sonic 2, wizemen 0.”
    “Don’t get too cocky now sonic, you still haven’t reached my castle, and I know 2 ladies who are going to make sure you don’t!”
    Wizemen threw a giant orb at sonic, while it didn’t hurt, it did take sonic to a strange place full of blocks leading up. He was also wearing PJ’s.
    “ok, who turned on the wired switch?”
    sonic turned around. Looking at him were a giant sally and amy rose, looking angry.
    Tails story
    Tails woke up tied up to Fiona fox, who was also starting to wake up.
    “wakey wakey love birds…” said Reala.
    “ugh…” said tails
    “you two are my prisoner’s now. You can’t escape, and I’m not going to let you escape and try to get the dream emerald. Worst part is, you two are most likely going to be trapped here forever…”
    “what? You can’t do that!” said tails.
    “oh I can. You two may be awake here, but in the real world you’ll be in a coma, never to wake up.”
    “that’s what you think jack! I’m one dangerous fox, just ask my pal here.” Fiona said confidently.
    “you two made a mistake coming here. In this world anything is possible, including me winning.”
    Reala left the two in the room alone. This took tails by surprise.
    “strange, I thought he would stay in here and keep watching us.”
    “just goes to show how crummy of a villain he is…” said Fiona, who then got out a knife she had in her back pocket and got her and tails free.
    “come on big guy, unless you’d like to stay in a coma for the rest of your days I suggest you work with me.”
    “very well…” said tails, grabbing fiona’s hand as she pulled him up.
    The two left the room, only to find Reala there waiting for them….
    “sorry for leaving the room suddenly, just in case you thought I was going easy on you, here’s some robots from good old doctor eggman…” Reala said. Doctor eggman’s badnik’s charged at the duo. Fiona and tails  took them out, but just like with sonic they built themselves up and multiplied.
    “I’m surprised doctor eggman hasn’t come up with such a great plan like this…” said Reala.
    “just great, now what?” asked Fiona.
    “come on…” said tails grabbing her hand and running. Reala chased them down along with the robots. The two then went into a room and closed the door.
    “put stuff in front of the door! I’ll try looking for an exit…” said tails.
    “you got it, just one problem…there’s nothing in here.” Said Fiona.
    Indeed she was right. the room was blank.
    “you think there’s a chance I can dream up a door to get out of here?”
    Reala banged on the door.
    “come out love birds…it’s time to face you’re doom…”
    “at this point it’s worth a try…” said Fiona with a worried look.
    “you can’t hide in there forever…” said Reala jiggling the door handle.
    act 5:
    Sonic’s story
    “look you two…” sonic said looking nervously up at the two giant women. “I don’t know what this is all about but I can assure you it’s something I’m willing to discuss after I go defeat wizemen.”
    Amy slammed her hammer down on the block sonic was standing, sonic jumped out of the way and started claiming the stairs to get away from them.
    “Come back sonic, I just want to talk!” amy said angrily, slamming her hammer down on anther block.
    Sally joined in on this slamming her fist down on a block.
    “Get back here sonic! All’s amy wants to do is talk to you!”
    “I’ll talk to her when she puts down the hammer!” said sonic. He soon regret saying this, as the two started slamming blocks like nobody’s business.
    “me and my big mouth…” said sonic.
    “wouldn’t be the 1st time you used it to hurt me sonic the jerkhog!” Sally shouted.
    Sonic eventually saw the door out.
    “bingo.” He said. He quickly ran to it and made it just before amy or sally could grab him. He panted catching his breath.
    “alright wizemen…what next…”
    “well, glad to see you finally could make it…” said wizemen, with his arms crossed looking down on sonic.
    Sonic looked around. The place he was at was dark, there wasn’t much light other than a few white lights and wizemen himself.
    “welcome to my castle…”
    “not really a castle, more of just a dark place.” Sonic said.
    “exactly…” said wizemen. “this is where all dreams come to die, and where you’re going to be for a long time…I may not be able to kill you, but I can make sure that you’re in a coma for the rest of your days…just like with what Reala is trying to do to your poor pal tails and his friend Fiona…”
    “fiona?” said sonic.
    “a Fiona fox. You wouldn’t believe the people you’ll meet in the dream world.”
    Sonic was more than worried now. Even if it was just a dream form he didn’t want the poor fox to deal with the same heart ache the real one had caused him.
    “alright wizemen, I think it’s time you tell me where the dream emerald is…”
    “if you want it, you’re going to have to defeat me for it…”
    Sonic spin dashed at wizmen, but he disappeared before any contact was made. He tried again but once more wizemen wasn’t there.
    “the old disappear before anyone can hit you trick huh?” said sonic.
    “yes…it’s quite useful, especially to idiot hedgehogs like you…”
    Wizemen soon blasted a combination of shadow orbs and doctor eggman’s robots at sonic, sonic tried to dodge them but he wasn’t so successful.
    “give up hedgehog, you have no chance here in my world…”
    “jumping to conclusions a bit too soon now are we?”
    “I don’t think so…” said wizemen, blasting more orbs at sonic. Sonic imagined up a rock to hide behind.
    “there’s nowhere to run or hide sonic…” said wizemen. He soon appeared right in front of the hedgehog, causing him to yelp a bit, and tossed him.
    “you’ve failed hedgehog…”
    “one little toss won’t put me down…” sonic said stumbling too his feet.
    “how about some spikes then…” said wizemen, grabbing sonic and tossing him into a pit of spikes. Sonic though up of a platform to save him at the last second.
    “there’s gotta be something I can do to defeat this guy…maybe I can turn super…” he thought.
    Sonic dreamed up of some emeralds. He then closed his eyes and tried to channel the super form, but nothing happen.
    “shame the power up won’t work in this world…” said wizemen throwing anther orb at sonic. Just then, sonic got an idea.
    “I know something that will thought.” He closed his eyes. Once more anther orb hit sonic, and anther, tossing him back a lot.
    “face it sonic, you’re not leaving this place with what you came here for…”
    “funny thing is…” sonic said reveling that he had the emerald, “I already have it…”
    Wizemen couldn’t believe his eyes. There it was, the dream emerald in sonic’s hand.
    “how…” he asked.
    “let’s just say it came to me in a dream.” Sonic said. The emerald glowed and a door with an exit sign in wired shapes and different colors appeared. This was perfect timing, as wizemen was 200% angry.
    “IF YOU THINK I’M GOING TO LOOSE TO YOU THIS EASILY HEDGEHOG YOU’RE WRONG!” he said. His floating hands tried grabbing the hedgehog but sonic dodged them.
    “and if you think you’re going to kick my friend Nights out of this world for good then YOU’RE wrong.”
    Sonic jumped thought the door and immediately woke up.
    “sonic you ok?” nights asked.
    “yeah.” he said, showing he had the dream emerald in his hand.
    Tails story
    Tails and Fiona made it thought the door, which then disappeared. They found themselves in a white area, with nothing other than shapes and outlines of hills and other objects.
    “how do I get myself into messes like this?” tails said.
    “oh cheer up, I’ve had it worse.” Said Fiona.
    “how so?” said tails, giving her a dirty look. “besides, you’re the one who had a powerful group and betrayed the freedom fighters.”
    “you don’t know why I did it thought…why I truly did it. you see tails, I was a wreak. You’re freedom fighters abandon me at doctor robotnik’s camp, I never found my parents, even when we got back to anti-mobious Scourage was acting like a control freak. To the genesis wave’s credit it happen just when he was about to flip his stuff and attack us again.”
    Tails sighed and felt like the biggest jerk on the planet. He didn’t know that Fiona went thought all of that, but hearing this made him understand what made her snap. He went over and hugged Fiona tightly.
    “I’m sorry…” he said.
    Fiona was a bit shocked, but at the same time touched by the fox’s hug.
    “it’s ok tails, you didn’t know, and I was in a bad state of mind at the time.” she said, petting the fox on the head.
    “how touching…” said Reala.
    “great…this clown again…” said Fiona.
    “insult me all you want, but “this clown” is going to be making sure you’re here for a long, long, time.”
    Reala started throwing fire balls at the duo, who got out of the way of them in time.
    “I think it’s time we take this jerk out together…” said Fiona, putting her hand out to tails.
    “let’s do this…” he said grabbing it. tails then flew to the sky, dodging the fire balls. Fiona leaped and kicked Reala right in the face, knocking him down.
    Fioan then kicked him once more.
    “You messed with the wrong foxes freak.” She said.
    “you really think I’m going to give up so easily?”
    Fiona punched him back once more, sending him flying.
    “ugh…” he said, holding his head. “fine…but be warned…don’t be surprised if wizemen wants you’re head on a silver platter.”
    He then flew off. A door then popped up with the word exit over it.
    “I guess this is the end of our adventures…” said Fiona, walking over to the door with tails.
    “and that we’re going to have to be enimies again…”
    “maybe…who knows, maybe if you press the write buttons, I’ll be a good girl again…” she said booping the foxes nose.
    “see you soon…oh, and here’s my apology gift for slapping you…” fiona grabbed tails and kissed him right on the lips. Tails kissed back blushing, and after that, she parted…
    “apology accepted…” he said, before walking though the door.
    Fiona woke up. She got up and started walking.
    “so what happen?” asked bean.
    “oh nothing, nothing that interesting.”
    “so did you convince him to join our side?” bart asked.
    “you could say that…” said Fiona. “come on, let’s see who else decided to join me in this world.”
    Back at freedom fighters HQ nights thanked sonic and tails greatly for stopping wizemen.
    “it was our pleasure.”
    “thank you for also saving Reala too tails.”
    “no problem..” tails said.
    “well, I’m heading back to the dream world, see you two hopefully soon.”
    The duo waved and said goodbye to nights, as she flew off.
    “so tails…did you see anybody you knew in the dream world?”
    “uh…no…” tails said nervously. Before sonic could grill him anymore, sally and Nicole walked out to them.
    “what are you two doing out here?” asked sally.
    “and what’s that in your hand?” asked Nicole.
    “it’s a long story…or dream in this case…” said sonic.
    Later that night
    Fiona fox watched the moon and thought to herself.
    “sorry to leave you again tails, now’s not the time to be around me. she said to herself. “once again I’m a wreak, and all because I broke my own “can’t count on anybody” rule. Thanks a lot scourage…” she said, trying to stop a tear from falling.