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  1. The latest comics showing up on the Archie Comics Android app are SU#94 and StH#290. I've looked it up, and there are newer issues, so where are they?
  2. Post on I have a question in Comics

    By WatseOfSpace64, posted
    So I've been reading the Archie Sonic comics lately (currently finished issue 76), and to be honest, they just don't really interest me. I understand that it's basically a comic book version of Sonic SatAM with it's darker tone and drama, but I just can't really get into it (not saying it should be super wacky and filled with cringe-worthy puns like back when the comic first started, but still). 
    However, I've seen bits and pieces from some of the newer comics (specifically the ones that take place after the reboot), and they seem more up my ally from what I've seen so far. They seem to be a perfect blend of comedy and action, and I appreciate the little references to the SEGA games.
    I'm intrigued to quit reading the older comics and begin reading the new ones, but at the same time I wanna see how things unfold in the Sonic-verse. So I don't know, should I keep reading, or no?
  3. I've seen that this very obscure comic is not on the site even though it's somewhat of a sabrina and Sonic the hedgehog crossover. I have scans to that short comic so, anyone object in posting that in the Specials section or something?
  4. Do you guys think that Sonic mega-drive is going to get a spin off comic? I know they said there's a good chance if there are enough pre-orders, and personally I'm hoping we get it. Nothing wrong with a little vintage Sonic and begin honest here Tails looks super kawaii
  5. though i'd ask this question, and apologize if it's in the wrong place but, what do you guys do to kill time or keep you're mind distracted while waiting for the next archie sonic comic? 
    I try to do things like read other comics or keep myself busy with other things. What do you guys do?
  6. This question is probably going to get under the skin of mods and others on here, but I have to ask it. If Archie basically loses the license to do Sonic comics, do you believe that it will go on unofficially like with sonic the comic?  
    For me, I think the answer is obvious. Archie's Sonic series has just as big, if not bigger following as Sonic The Comic, and I can see if not Ian Flynn, fans doing what there doing now with lost hedgehog tales, banding together to make it happen or go on. I wouldn't mind this either cause as you know, and as mods have pointed out I'm one of those people who doesn't really let go of the old world, but if the comic goes on unofficially, whoever is in charge can do whatever they want, bringing back certain characters included. 
    Sorry if this seems negative but I had to ask, and to be fair this seems very possible if the series were ever to die, given the small but still large fan base for it. What are your thoughts guys? Would this seem very likely to happen if the comics go? Comment below your thoughts.
  7. what do you guys think archie comics will do for sonic's 25th anniversary? Other then a special comic or issue, i don't really know if there gonna do anything other then that celebration wise.
  8. well this one may get me in some hot water with you guys, here me out on this one. (that and the mods and people on here do seem fairly nice so it's not like i'm going to get blasted with people saying horrible troll like things.)
    Don't get me wrong, I see where the one moderator is coming from when he said it's best to just not have ships because people will be butt hurt, and what Ian flynn said about the fandom ship wars.
    captain: sink that ship boy!
    if flynn felt like it would be safe to ship in the comics again (unless it becomes a sega mandate), do you think tails x nicole should be cannon? I don't really see anyone else in the comics for tails now that fiona is gone for good (and though i ship her and tails it would have to be when tails is older and stuff, so in the future).
    Wave is the same, and keep in mind nicole doesn't really have an age, as she is an computer, and she could possibly turn herself into tails age. there's no denying that, and nobody said it would be impossible. also there's a part of me hoping that there's some truth to tails begin part (i forget there name but there a fox with many tails and live for 1,000 of years) that would make things interesting since nicole could live as long as her programming is still running. and show of hands who would like to see tails a part of team dark? 
    i raise my hand but nobody else does because you're all not here at the moment
    ok then...so tell me guys, what do you think? should tails and nicole happen and be a thing like sonic and sally, or no.
  9. so as we all know, conquoring storm is coming back to the comics (praise the lord). After the eggman arch, what would do you think she'll be doing or when do you think we'll see her again? i personally hope it's soon, and she's turned into a bit of an anti-hero. what do you guys think?
  10. Post on No more comics? in Sonic SCANF

    By david41159, posted
    Has been like 2 weeks and no uploads. Is something going on with the site, or with archie?
  11. Post on Ian Flynn in Comics

    By teamrandom21 , posted
    so just out of curiosity here, what do you guys think of Ian flynn as a writer? I like his writing but dispute what dylan says i still feel like somethings missing from it in the today comics. i also don't like reports of what he can and can't do with no if's and's or but's, but that's a whole other conversation.
    tell me what you guys think
  12. Post on Archie movie? in Comics

    By teamrandom21 , posted
    the same ken panders who's sending out wired tweets told me something intresting today. there was going to be a movie based on what he did on the comics. he had the backing of a producer of the animated x men series, and the project was meant for 2011. this sadly didn't come to be as one of the supporting people passed away.
    what do you guys think of all of this?
  13. hey guys, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but i want to ask you guys: how do you think tails and mina got together to be married in 30 years later. one theory i have is ash just simply moved on or saw tails and mina getting closer and closer and just left to heartbroken to break up with her in person.
  14. sorry if this is off topic or in the wrong place, but i can't help but ask, what do you guys think of sonic the comic online?
  15. if you got a job at archie to write for the sonic comics, what would you do? for me, it would be to expose characters we don't normally see, and try to bring fleetway super sonic or some form of sonic begin evil in his super form into the comics.
  16. Sorry guys on here if topics surrounding mr.panders lawsuit are making you hate me, but one thing i can't help but ask is who (who was not made by panders) do you think we could see return in the comics again. we have storm back which took me by surprise, and i think/hope that others we may see include
    -ash mongoose
    -li moon
    -iron nicole.
    what's your say in this guys.
  17. so ships in the series can no longer happen due to archie fearing sega will take the license away from them (the comic book is more closer to the series.) if this situation ever blows over or ends, do you think we'll see couples in the series again?
  18. now I know what you guys are thinking, team random come on now, panders won, you should know this by now. Well, panders said he doesn't have Fiona fox's rights. I know other writers characters have been taken out, but would it kill Archie to maybe ask the writers permission to use there characters or reintroduce Fiona? 
  19. Post on Darker subjects? in Comics

    By teamrandom21 , posted
    probably going to get me in trouble on here, but should sonic the comic or universe tackle subjects like suicide and depression by having some of their characters deal with problems or be in situations that would make them deal with those problems. I know it's sonic, but there are teens and older people read the comics, and the comics can get a way with a tab bit more.
  20. It has come to my attention that certain Archie issues in the of the Comics section
    have pages that are either incomplete, or "corrupted" with black boxes that shouldn't be there.

    When time permits, the admins really should correct these errors by re-uploading the original image files.
    Pages that need fixing are 12, 13, 14 and 15 of Sonic the Hedgehog #5.
    and, 20 and 21 of Sonic the Hedgehog #43
  21. teamradnom21 (me): hey guys! glad you could make it.
    in room with everyone from the comic series, even panders characters
    knuckles: so what's this meeting all about?
    teamrandom21: well, i want you all to be a part of something...a fan fiction series.
    scourage: what!
    sally: come on now teamrandom21, no offense to you or any other fan fiction writers but, well, while some are good, there are those stories that are just...
    scourage: horrible! terrible! madness! like a bad fever dream acid trip.
    teamrandom21: look guys i know this is bad but come on now, i'm tired of the comics begin ruined because panders wants lara-su to be in some comic (or manga as i call it just to clown honk panders off) that looks like a very bad fever dream after reading all the knuckles comics. no offense knuckles.
    knuckles: none taken.
    teamrandom21: that and come on guys, don't you want to work with each other again, all of you.
    everyone looks around at each other
    scourage: well i do want to live up to my promise of "big plans" for sonic's world.
    fiona: and i do miss tails a bit...
    teamrandom21: exactly! come on guys, so what if this is fan fiction? i'm tired of the comics and other great things suffering either cause sega goofed up or panders wants to pull a lawsuit card. all's i ask is for you people to be a part of this fan fiction series for the fans, by the fans!
    scourage: and panders can't sue us cause it's just fan fiction, and we're not making any money off it.
    teamrandom21: yes! (sadly) but yes, now come on, let's do this! are you ready?
    everyone: yeah!
    teamrandom21: then let's do this! for the fans!
    everyone: yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. alright guys, i've talked about sad and dissapointing, now let's add some positivity to the mix. what are do you think are some of the most cute and touching moments in the sonic comic's?
  23. sorry i'm once again bringing up the ken panders lawsuit, but am i the only one wondering how the story would have played out if the lawsuit never happen? what are some things you think would have happen if panders never sued (or archie)
  24. alright, i know this is going to get some people mad at me but because the sonic SCANF community didn't mind my which ships did you want to see list, i'll give you a top 5 ships that i ship from the sonic universe. and because i'm bad at intros let's just get into it.
    number 4 : sonic x amy (in the boom universe)
    sorry amy in the games and comic but boom amy seems a bit more mature and non stalker-ish or obsessed with sonic, i mean sure it's there but she keeps it a secret while game and other forms of amy mind as well hold a sign bigger then a billboard saying "I LOVE SONIC!" or "SONIC SENPAI NOTICE ME!" also boom sonic seems to have the same feelings as well.
    number 3: shadow x amy
    shadow is 50 years old my foot sonic fan base. Shadow doesn't look 50 and let's be honest, the age's in sonic's universe are complicated as all heck. if it wasn't for the characters just outright saying there name or it begin in there bio i wouldn't know what there age would be. And no i don't ship these two because of amy accidentally hugging shadow, i ship it because well, who's to say amy or shadow won't have more encounters in the future. also flynn if you make amy x tails cannon i swear to god I'll-techinical difficulties
    sonic  x blaze number 2 
    i don't mind sonic x sally that much, but something about sonic x blaze just shouts "that would work" for me. Maybe it's some of the shipping hints in the games, or maybe it's because looking back i kind of see blaze and silver as more of a brother and sister relationship, but i wouldn't mind one bit if these two got together. Sorry sally but that dude who headcannoned that you're not into anyone post genesis wave is onto something...not to mention you probably were brain washed by sega...
    sega: holding up men in black memory forgetting device  you never loved sonic the hedgehog f
    number 1: tails x fiona and tails x nicole
    i'm sorry guys but i can't decide. number 1 has to be a tie.
    tails x fiona because i feel bad for fiona fox. her betrail and slapping tails is because she was a train wreak, with a bad past and childhood begin left behind by the freedom fighters. If tails can just understand this, i have a feeling the two are gonna get together, or would have. besides, i see tails as a forgiving guy, and he didn't know about her past.
    nicole and tails because while nicole is an AI, who's to say she can't or won't become real someday? other then that the two are tech sabby and i know i'm not the only one in this fandom who wants to see tails cheer up or talk to nicole when she's feeling left out because she's an AI and not a real begin like all the others. If sega still doesn't want ships to happen i hope flynn can at least do that, and give the fans at least a close enough moment to a ship with the two, that and there isn't much evidence of the two begin anything more then friends, and standing next to each other doesn't count unless there blushing or something...on a final note now with fiona MIA, i definatly want this ship to become cannon in the comics. 
    this is team random21 signing out. tell me which ships you ship and why and what you thought of this list, and if i should do more.
  25. what are some things you want to see happen in the future for the comics. this goes for story lines, characters, or anything else you'd like to see happen in both STH and SU