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  1. Spark_Volt added a post in a topic Archie App No New Sonic Comics   

    This would be a similar site to Archie Sonic Online, but picking up at the end of the comics, instead of expanding on pre-genesis.
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  2. Spark_Volt added a post in a topic Archie App No New Sonic Comics   

    I didn't necessarily mean multiple users working on one series, but rather, a site hosting multiple alternative continuations.
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  3. Spark_Volt added a post in a topic Archie App No New Sonic Comics   

    Maybe we need a community of fan continuations to the series...
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  4. Spark_Volt added a topic in Comics   

    Archie App No New Sonic Comics
    The latest comics showing up on the Archie Comics Android app are SU#94 and StH#290. I've looked it up, and there are newer issues, so where are they?
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  5. Spark_Volt added a post in a topic Regarding the Comics   

    My first experience with Sonic was the comics. I found the Sonic Archives graphic novels a while back at Barnes and Noble. Occasionally I would pick up the next book in the series. I got to the point where there were no new books being carried there. Then I got into the modern comics, which I could find at grocery stores. I would try to keep up, but only a couple grocery stores carried them, and we didn't always go to those stores. Occasionally, I would miss one or two comics. I got a subscription to the comics, but that subscription ran up and I didn't know it. This was around the time of Worlds Collide. I stopped thinking about it, until my sister told me that she used this website to keep up. So I came here to check it out. I was able to get caught up with the comics, and I didn't have to worry about missing any, or my subscription running up. Any time I heard about part of the storyline that I hadn't seen, I'd find the comic and read it to see it for myself. I always knew this site could be taken down any day, but I got so used to it, that I wasn't expecting this. Now I'll have to find a way to keep up with the comics. This was such an easy way to read them, and I would gladly pay for a membership if Archie started their own version of this.
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