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Found 2 results

  1. Tails and Nicole for the comics?

    well this one may get me in some hot water with you guys, here me out on this one. (that and the mods and people on here do seem fairly nice so it's not like i'm going to get blasted with people saying horrible troll like things.) Don't get me wrong, I see where the one moderator is coming from when he said it's best to just not have ships because people will be butt hurt, and what Ian flynn said about the fandom ship wars. captain: sink that ship boy! if flynn felt like it would be safe to ship in the comics again (unless it becomes a sega mandate), do you think tails x nicole should be cannon? I don't really see anyone else in the comics for tails now that fiona is gone for good (and though i ship her and tails it would have to be when tails is older and stuff, so in the future). Wave is the same, and keep in mind nicole doesn't really have an age, as she is an computer, and she could possibly turn herself into tails age. there's no denying that, and nobody said it would be impossible. also there's a part of me hoping that there's some truth to tails begin part (i forget there name but there a fox with many tails and live for 1,000 of years) that would make things interesting since nicole could live as long as her programming is still running. and show of hands who would like to see tails a part of team dark?  i raise my hand but nobody else does because you're all not here at the moment ok then...so tell me guys, what do you think? should tails and nicole happen and be a thing like sonic and sally, or no.
  2. top 4 sonic ships

    alright, i know this is going to get some people mad at me but because the sonic SCANF community didn't mind my which ships did you want to see list, i'll give you a top 5 ships that i ship from the sonic universe. and because i'm bad at intros let's just get into it. number 4 : sonic x amy (in the boom universe) sorry amy in the games and comic but boom amy seems a bit more mature and non stalker-ish or obsessed with sonic, i mean sure it's there but she keeps it a secret while game and other forms of amy mind as well hold a sign bigger then a billboard saying "I LOVE SONIC!" or "SONIC SENPAI NOTICE ME!" also boom sonic seems to have the same feelings as well. number 3: shadow x amy shadow is 50 years old my foot sonic fan base. Shadow doesn't look 50 and let's be honest, the age's in sonic's universe are complicated as all heck. if it wasn't for the characters just outright saying there name or it begin in there bio i wouldn't know what there age would be. And no i don't ship these two because of amy accidentally hugging shadow, i ship it because well, who's to say amy or shadow won't have more encounters in the future. also flynn if you make amy x tails cannon i swear to god I'll-techinical difficulties sonic  x blaze number 2  i don't mind sonic x sally that much, but something about sonic x blaze just shouts "that would work" for me. Maybe it's some of the shipping hints in the games, or maybe it's because looking back i kind of see blaze and silver as more of a brother and sister relationship, but i wouldn't mind one bit if these two got together. Sorry sally but that dude who headcannoned that you're not into anyone post genesis wave is onto something...not to mention you probably were brain washed by sega... sega: holding up men in black memory forgetting device  you never loved sonic the hedgehog f number 1: tails x fiona and tails x nicole i'm sorry guys but i can't decide. number 1 has to be a tie. tails x fiona because i feel bad for fiona fox. her betrail and slapping tails is because she was a train wreak, with a bad past and childhood begin left behind by the freedom fighters. If tails can just understand this, i have a feeling the two are gonna get together, or would have. besides, i see tails as a forgiving guy, and he didn't know about her past. nicole and tails because while nicole is an AI, who's to say she can't or won't become real someday? other then that the two are tech sabby and i know i'm not the only one in this fandom who wants to see tails cheer up or talk to nicole when she's feeling left out because she's an AI and not a real begin like all the others. If sega still doesn't want ships to happen i hope flynn can at least do that, and give the fans at least a close enough moment to a ship with the two, that and there isn't much evidence of the two begin anything more then friends, and standing next to each other doesn't count unless there blushing or something...on a final note now with fiona MIA, i definatly want this ship to become cannon in the comics.  sega: I'M AFRAID I'VE GOT SOME BAD NEWS! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is team random21 signing out. tell me which ships you ship and why and what you thought of this list, and if i should do more.