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    cartoons (mostly old cartoon networks and Disney but eh.. There are many good old cartoons)

    horror movies/stories, Creepy Pasta

    Mysteries, Unknown places, anything mystical

    Vocaloid (games and songs)

    drawing (mostly Sonic characters own and original characters) though I've tried practicing drawing people too

    Writing Fanfics

    Everything that has to do with ghosts, fairies, zombies and such (so anything Supernatural or magical)

    Making New friends. (so if you want to talk to me then just send a message!)

    Hugs :3 There can never be too much hugs

    Red color or anything red

    Depends.. But sometimes Role-Play (If it is light role-play since I'm not really good at it..)

    Watching different youtubers videos (Jacksepticeye, Anime Man, Akidearest, Channel Awesome, Nostalgia Critic, Domics, TheFearRaiser, Nigahiga, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Laeppavika, Jordan Underneath, Peanutbuttergamer, Caddicarus, Scarfulhu, Cinnamontoastken, Jontron, Brutalmoose mostly but if you know other great youtubers I'd be more than glad to hear about them :) )

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  1. Shinomi-chan

    The normal every day life of an Otaku:

    - You lose 3 anime due to them ending

    - You gain like 5 more because of the new anime release (or possible Second season)

    - You have no time to watch all of them, and you still have a lot of older ones to watch before that

    - You focus on other things like internet, drawing, video games, watching other shows besides anime

    - You wonder why you have no order in your life

    - You just cry like a baby.

    - Repeat.

    1. Thire

      This is truth.

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    2. Shinomi-chan

      Oh so true, so much emotion, so much devotion, yet veeeery little development.

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    3. Shinomi-chan

      I mean I have had anime on my list for now.... 3 years. STILL I haven't watched them. o_o It is horrible

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