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  • Interests Favourite Colour: Red
    Favourite Movie: Dunno. Possibly Guardians of the Galaxy
    Favourite TV show: Doctor Who
    Favourite Band: Imagine Dragons
    Favourite Books: Inheritance Cycle
    Favourite Games: The Danganronpa games. And Pokemon
    Favourite Mobile Games: Brave Frontier
    Favourite Consoles: Nintendo Wii and Playstation 2
    Favourite Video Game Character: Yoshi
    Favourite Comic Character: Bean the Dynamite
    Favourite Interests: Dragons, Sonic the Hedgehog series and Pokemon

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About Me

Who am I?

I am Dylan! University-level computer science student, moderator of the forums and popcorn lover. I am also a hobbyist gamer, amateur artist one of the rp team on SCANF. I am also a master at being distracted so sometimes I don't get around to doing things I want to do. Oh yeah. And for some reason I have the most posts on here. Go me?


What do I do on the forums?

Mostly... stick around and talk (or roleplay) with everyone. Occasionally breaking from that to watch some things or draw something. I also watch over the forums to make sure the are being followed. So be good! :3

What do I do outside the forums?



Where can you find me?

Links to where you can find me are below. But if you want to see me on the forums, I am mostly found in the forum games (and most of the time rping) but feel free to send a pm if you want to talk


Life history: If you're interested ask :P


Friends: I could list them all. But I won't. Have a dancing Monokuma GIF instead