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  1. Games that you recently finished

    Oh yeah. I can second this game was amazing. I played it I think close to the end of last year? No spoilers but it really throws some really great curveballs and by the end I was really missing some of the other parts of the game. The people behind this game clearly put a lot of effort I actually played it twice to get all the achievements and even after that I know I still missed some cool stuff with the game. Played some of the DLC which is tough but fun. Would play more to finish those achievements but alas, I don't have as much time
  2. Danganronpa

    As a big big Danganronpa fan... the first game definitely took me by storm, I wasn't sure the second could beat it. Buuuut it definitely holds it own as a fantastic sequel and I actually ended up liking it more than the first game If you play it yourself, word of warning, the mini games are much harder than the first game so expect a bit of challenge with them ;)
  3. Danganronpa

    Wanted to make this topic since there seems to be a few here who play or have played this game series. And also because I wanted somewhere to write chapter by chapter feelings for the new one For those who haven't played, Danganronpa is a detective-y visual novel game made by Spike Chunsoft. It consists of 3 main titles (Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair and Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony) and one third person shooter spin-off (Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls). There are also a couple of animes from this Generally you play as a high school student with an ultimate level talent trapped in an enclosed area with a group of other ultimate level students and a walking talking stuffed bear telling you that you need to kill each other then face a class trial in order to leave. Your character needs to look at the clues and solve who killed one of the fellow students in order to survive. And you also get time to interact with the other characters in your class to build up friendships which you gain perks for doing so I will be posting thoughts on the V3 game as I go through it but feel free to also talk about your experiences/thoughts on the series if you'd like 
  4. Sonic SCANF Youtube channel?

    Can confirm. Nothing came about on the English side
  5. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday Seviper!
  6. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Surprised no one's said anything but happy birthday Skye!
  7. Hi guys! Dylan here! So in the olden days of SCANF this was one of the most popular party games here. It was constantly updated and noted down who the winners were. Now it's not as popular. I think part of the reason is it's too hard right now and hasn't been taken care of like it used to be. I'm here to make it great again So... rules are simple -Start off at 1 -Count up in 1's -Count up to 50 -Do it before a mod or admin posts -There is a 2 day waiting time before us staff members are allowed to stop you -If you succeed, the target value will increase. If you lose enough times, the target value will decrease again -You can post what you want. Keep in mind though I'll be kinder if there is more than just you putting in a number. However we may all have different tactics -Have fun Times the staff lost: 1 Count to 20 winners - 07/011/2016 -NMS -Shinomi-chan -tiny260 -Thire Time the staff won: 2 Dylan: 2 Start off at 1. Good luck everybody!
  8. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Ah whoops. Didn't make it yesterday A late happy birthday to you Shinomi. Hope you had a good one!
  9. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Oooh! Happy birthday!
  10. Merry Christmas all!

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    2. Skye Prower

      Skye Prower

      Merry Christmas!

    3. Geoffrey St John

      Geoffrey St John

      Bah HumSkunk!

    4. Thire


      To you as well Danny boy!

  11. Count to 50 before a mod or admin posts 2.0!

    5???  I don't stop you guys much, but you gotta count properly! Start again!
  12. Mobian mystery Dungeon: Nicole's story

    A little trust goes a long way. Soooo trust gets my vote too
  13. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Thanks guys
  14. My week: 

    The shower heavily leaks into the floor below which was supposed to be fixed Wednesday but the plumber didn't show up so got moved to Sunday where they said they couldn't fix it as the problem is with the sealant which we don't have cover for. This is my only bathroom in my house. Thankfully I can use the bath. 

    The leak has affected an electric socket making it spark and smoke and trip the breaker even when nothing is plugged into it and reached the point where I have to cut electricity to that entire floor because it's a massive fire hazard (and something I can't help doing anyway as if I try to turn it on for the floor, it immediately trips again). 

    As the electric socket was next to my wooden bed, I moved  the bed away from the socket. One of the underparts holding the bed together came loose in the process causing the bed to fall apart at 4 in the morning to make it my second night of no sleep (the first being due to my fear of the fire hazard in my room). I also can't use my fan while I sleep with it being summer and some of the hottest days of the year this week. Yes. I still need to sleep in that room. The couch is too weirdly shaped for me to sleep on. As my room has my computer I have not been able to work on my master's project due in a month either.

    I also was supposed to have a gas safety check on Friday but they pretty much came in and told me the boiler is been siliconed to the wall by the landlord and they can't take it off to check over it properly until the landlord fixes it. 

    And to top it off, ALL the fuses in the kitchen have blown (including for the fridge where our food is) but I can't leave the house because an electrician is supposed to show up to fix the fire hazard in my room within the next hour and a half (however I have heard nothing from them so I'm worried I'm going to have another no show). At least I have a gas stove top so I can cook SOMETHING for dinner. 

    Hope you all are having a great week

    1. yumallah


      Well, suck to be you, I suppose.

    2. Danny Felixe

      Danny Felixe

      Accurate right now

    3. Thire


      Yikes! Sorry to hear your situation my friend. I hope they get themselves sorted out so you can get those fixed soon.

  15. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Hey! Happy birthday you crazy snake! Hope you have a good one
  16. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday Skye!
  17. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday CT! Hope you have had a good one and continue to do so
  18. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday! Hope you've had a good one!
  19. Mobian Mystery Dungeon: Bunnie's story

    Ask about the brother
  20. Just want to say, hope you all are staying safe 

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      Me and my family are all doing good so far. I hope everyone else is doing good too.

    2. ChaosKaiser


      Here everything's fine, but it's been recommended not to leave our homes. So it's time to team up against boredom!

    3. Shinomi-chan


      Whoopp surprisingly Corona did nothing to my ordinary life hahaha... ha.. ._. ..... ha. ;^;

  21. Fan Characters (Wanna see what ya made!)

    So some people have probably seen I have a new name and pic. Here's the full pic Trying to draw more like I used to. Already drawn a couple of my random OCs to practice Soooo... the idea is control over machines. Technomancy sort of thing. Because... that is kinda what I do anyway irl xD Because I like trying different looks, I may change how my character looks. Thank nanites within his body for that
  22. Time for a change

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    2. Danny Felixe

      Danny Felixe

      What do you mean? I've always been in control. No one else. I've always been here like this. Mwahahaha

    3. Thire


      Change is everywhere.

    4. Danny Felixe

      Danny Felixe

      Oooh. I can see

  23. Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik

    Liza, Casino Night Zone Liza looked around at the incoming robots "There are many of us here and we are doing a good job at holding them off. I expect that's why they're coming for us" she answered. "We're going to get overrun if we don't retreat, however. Even with more help" She eyed Rouge while saying that -------------------------------------------------- Marine the Raccoon and Blaze, Downunda "Right, let loose the sails! Prepare to cast off!" Marine called out as she climbed on deck of her ship Blaze followed her up but made no move to do anything Marine looked over "That means you! As captain here, I have important captain work! You do everything else!" she exclaimed "Oh, of course. I don't mind. I just haven't travelled on these before" Blaze replied "You haven't? Hmm... well I suppose I can show you one time... but you have to do it yourself afterwards!" Marine said "Of course" Blaze answered "It's 'aye aye, captain'!" Marine exclaimed Blaz gave a small smile "Aye aye, captain" she replied
  24. Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern

    Pokemon Research Centre - Scabbard Town "It's not just ambitious! It's true!" Danny said to Lynda Lynda just laughed and continued fawning over Finn Danny watched for a moment "You clearly don't believe me! But I will prove it!" he insisted "Of course!" Lynda said smiling not looking up
  25. Sonic the Hedgehog (2019 Movie)

    Okay... I was not disgusted by the design... which with the fur and separate eyes is not there... but it's close enough that it doesn't distract me As for the trailer itself... I mean... the humour is kinda eh to me but I suppose it's a little more for kids. Music makes more sense than Gangsta's Paradise Would I see it? Potentially. I was unimpressed by Detective Pikachu's trailer and I really enjoyed that film