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About Me

Who am I?
I am Danny! Tho I tend to go by Wyverdrak in other places. And if you're an oldie on the forums like I am, you'll know my previous name on here too. But Danny or Wyverdrak is what I prefer. Software engineer, moderator of the forums and popcorn lover. I am also a hobbyist gamer (more Dungeons and Dragons than video games at this point but I like both), very amateur artist, one of the rp team on SCANF. I am also a master at being distracted so sometimes I don't get around to doing things I want to do. Probably one of the few staff members who still watch this site too

Where's the avatar from?
The avatar is my OC, Danny Felixe in a mobian look. And as a two-tailed fox as part of a joke (my default tends to be a squirrel). He kinda exists more outside the Sonic-verse at this point but because the little drawing skill I have stems with mobians, that's how I usually draw my charries. This avatar pic was gifted to me by Chosen One

What do I do on the forums?
I used to just chat or roleplay with the peeps here. Now I'm more active offline. But I come back to clean watch over the forums to make sure the are being followed. So be good! :3

What do I do outside the forums?


Where can you find me?
On the forums? Being all sneaky and spying without saying much. I'll respond to a PM if need be tho. Outside the forums? That's just for my friends to know ;)

Life history: If you're interested ask :P

Friends: I could list them all. But I won't. Have a dancing Monokuma GIF instead