BOARD RULES - Please read

By Shadow in Sonic SCANF,
Welcome to Sonic SCANF. To keep this place enjoyable for everyone, we have these basic rules set in place. Breaking the rules will result in a punishment from the staff (moderators/administrators), consisting of either you having your posting rights revoked, leaving you in read-only mode, or your account being suspended. (the time of suspension depends on how heavy the offense was) The rules are, as follows: Use proper English grammar; it doesn't have to be perfect, but at least show some effort in your typing. If English isn't your native language, that's fine, there is a lot of non-native speakers here, so some mistakes are understandable. Don't post one-liners like "lol", "me too" or "I agree" and nothing else. If your reply doesn't contribute anything to the discussion, it might be a better idea to not post it at all. Don't bump old topics if you have nothing meaningful to say. No excessive cursing. Also no porn or shock content. Don't backseat moderate, we have a "Report" button for that. No multiple accounts; only one account per person, please. No flaming or trolling. Please respect other users, including the staff. Don't ask when the new comics will be released on the site. We expect it to release it as fast as possible after the original release, so please be patient. The staff may change the rules at anytime as they see needed. You can also suggest changes/additions to the rules in the thread. That's all. Follow the rules, be smart, and you'll fit in our great community no problem.
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