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Hullo, i'm Cy Dra, but you can call me Cy!





I'm your resident ninja and rhymer person thingy. If you're a Sonic fan and you enjoy people mindlessly rambling like idiots, please feel free to check out my YouTube channel thingy; which will not only have gaming videos, it will also have music based videos! My favorite character from old-school Sonic (Aside from the main character) is Sally (I'm probably one of the biggest Sally fanboys you'll meet). Wow i've been here for more than a year and I missed my own anniversary? Well, I have prepared a small speech thingy for this occasion!





So... More than 5 years. Holy jalapeño! What can I say that isn't thank you? You all have been so nice to me in my time here at SCANF! There isn't much for me to say. I could sit here listing off everyone that has made me feel welcome and comfortable, but you would all be here all day! So, all I have left to say now is I hope to have another fantastic year!





Just you see, i'll probably forget my next anniversary, too!