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  1. General Trash

    Why don't you post it on Russian Scanf?
  2. Ура, здесь не форсят фнаф! Здесь не фо- а, чёрт, Нидля всё опять испортил :с

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    2. Seviper the Fang Snake
    3. Shinomi-chan


      what? o_o

    4. yumallah


      Six years later I stumbled upon this and I just can't help but reply, sorry - basically, this guy said that at first he was very happy to see that nobody was forcing FNaF here, like people did back on the Russian board, but then he expresses his discontent that I (back when I was using my old account) came and ruined everything (e.g. started 'forcing' FNaF). Here's your long awaited explanation, lol.

  3. Freedom Planet

    This game was released five months ago, but the topic is still empty =/
  4. RING RING Telephone!

    Light Yagami is a killer and evil barbie zombie sky ghoul bloody monster!! BANKAI EVOLVE TO FLYING BIEBER CHEESE!!!
  5. Sonic Eggs

    Where can I load first issue of this comics?