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Just went through a rebrand, but it's still                                     me!


Hullo, i'm formerly Cy Dra, but you can still call me Cy, if you like!


In all actuality, my name is BrayPlays, but you can call me Bray!



I'm your resident ninja and rhymer person thingy. If you're a Sonic fan and you enjoy people mindlessly rambling like idiots, please feel free to check out my YouTube channel thingy; which will not only have gaming videos, it will also have music based videos! My favorite character from old-school Sonic (Aside from the main character) is Sally (I'm probably one of the biggest Sally fanboys you'll meet). Wow i've been here for more than a year and I missed my own anniversary? Well, I have prepared a small speech thingy for this occasion!



So... More than 5 years. Holy jalapeño! What can I say that isn't thank you? You all have been so nice to me in my time here at SCANF! There isn't much for me to say. I could sit here listing off everyone that has made me feel welcome and comfortable, but you would all be here all day! So, all I have left to say now is I hope to have another fantastic year!



Just you see, i'll probably forget my next anniversary, too!