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  1. Cy Dra

    Can someone explain to me why the Souls games (Which includes Bloodborne) are allegedly so hard? Bloodborne is supposed to be the hardest in the series, but I've played way harder.

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    2. Chromatic Terras

      I've beaten all but Dark Souls II (it was made by a third party and I'm not just getting the same feeling compared to the others) multiple times and they're really fun. Just when I first started it felt difficult trying to figure out where to go or how to face certain bosses without a guide cause they really don't explain anything to you. Now I make it a point to beat them before looking anything up.

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    3. Shinomi-chan

      Because kids these days have no patience and get angry for no reason? HAH try and play Celeste! My death count made me hit my head (literally)

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    4. Skye Prower

      A mix of being heavily skilled based rather than button mashing, and a complete lack of handholding, or any tool tips.

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