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  1. Cy Dra

    Can someone explain to me why the Souls games (Which includes Bloodborne) are allegedly so hard? Bloodborne is supposed to be the hardest in the series, but I've played way harder.

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    2. NMS

      It's because losers like whinning on the internet a lot. Said losers have given Dark Souls the infamy of being "Too hard". @Terras, While DS2 didn't feel like the previous game, it had a lot of good stuff. Wide selection of weapons and armor which are mainly good for Fashion (which is my MAIN concern. Usefulness comes next). There was also Powerstance which alowed weapons if different kind to be dual used and some weapons had special combos when paired... The Abyssal GSword Of Artorias had a delicious combo when paired with a sword or GSword.

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    3. Chromatic Terras

      FashionSouls is the only way to play indeed, NMS. i can't complete Bloodborne without a top hat and threaded cane combination. I just don't know about DS2. I bought the Scholar of the First Sin, and made multiple attempts to play through it, but in the end I just lose interest no matter how far I get. At this point the games are best for their lore and experience, but everything's already caught up in terms of difficulty, one way or another. Prolly just the fact that when it was first released, it was one of the hardest games around. Now it's just an undying meme.

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    4. Cy Dra

      I found the control was what made the game any sort of hard. However, I found Ghosts and Goblins on the NES way harder.

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