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  1. Cy Dra

    So I decided to go the completionist route for base XV. I beat the Adamantoise, got the Regalia type - F, have another 2 trophies left for the platinum, and a boat load more sidequests. Then FFXV is done.

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    2. Cy Dra

      I have over 100 hours clocked in. It's okay. Lol.

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    3. Chromatic Terras

      I'm still on my MHW hype. I got all of KH, FFIV, Uncharted, Gravity Rush 1&2, Horizon NG+, and DS3 to do lol. I just need like a month away from work and friends to play games.

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    4. Cy Dra

      I usually work on one game at a time. The only problem there is a ton to do.

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