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  1. Cy Dra

    So how about that Sonic Mania Plus? Mighty and Ray are back! Good to have 'em back! :D 

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    2. NMS

      Hmmm. Will they play differently? Mighty is basicly Knux with more power and less knux. :P Ray is like gliding knux with less knux. Basicly the update is Sonic Mania & Knux Mania.

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    3. Chapmic

      Bit of a long post coming, but since the topics are pretty much dead for now...

      That Q&A was also full of hope. Even though that isn't definitive confirmation, this physical release shows that when Aaron says he'll pass on the message, they're actually listening. So the PC release of Christian's remasters might still happen. And Izuka saying that they have him working on something might even be this, or maybe finally Sonic 3, or even a new game ? Even though he didn't give a clear answer, when that kid asked about Sonic & Knuckles Collection music, I think that pretty much confirms why we still don't have the remaster. If you look at it, the only re-releases that include the original track were unaltered versions. The PC version was reworked, and it had different musics. So I think the licence they had is only allowed for the original build they can still release as long as it's left unaltered. A new build would require a new licence, since the track is also remastered. I don't think it would expire though, as those weren't actual licensed pre-existing songs, but specific arrangements instead, and since the original is still on Steam or in compilations, they obviously still have that license. So Sega still owns them, but at the time of licensing, who would have thought of a remaster of the game, of any game ? And since even never officially confirmed, we all know part of it is licensed from Michael Jackson's compositions, it certainly became costly like hell since his death, so don't blame SEGA saying they don't care.

      Also hearing that they will reorganize the teams to work on specific type of games will definitely be better than what it was until now, different teams fighting on how to make the same type of game, only difference being if they are main games or spin-offs.

      And finally, they handled that panel way better than for the 25th anniversary, so we probably can hope for more improvement in the future.

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    4. Chapmic

      Or perhaps, they had to renew it every time, and can't afford it anymore, since the console release of the Genesis collection won't apparently include S3K.

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