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  1. Chapmic added a post in a topic It's over, isn't it?   

    Oh what the heck. I can't lie to myself. I'm signing.
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  2. Chapmic added a post in a topic It's over, isn't it?   

    I know, but it's just another online petition among countless others that will just fail and won't even reach SEGA. But if they still want to do things online, then people who want to save the comic should organize together instead of doing small actions by themselves that won't even be noticed.
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  3. Chapmic added a post in a topic It's over, isn't it?   

    Online petitions don't bring legal obligation. You could have every single living person signing it, yet it could just be ignored. That's the reason I never sign any. You're that much desperate to save the comic ? Then have the guts and start a proper petition with real signatures that can have a real legal impact.
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  4. Chapmic added a post in a topic Sonic Forces (Xbox One, PS4, PC & Nintendo Switch)   

    Don't give me false hope SEGA. As a Marvel and DC fan, it's easy to know what infinity means for me.
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  5. Chapmic added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)   

    Maybe not. It could still go to another company, or SEGA could even make it's own comic. Noticed how the Sonic Mania animated trailer looks exactly like the style used in the latest classic comic issues ? The Sonic Forces tone being similar to SatAM and early Archie ? And most of all, that infinity symbol at the end of the gameplay trailer. Could Archie losing the comics at the same time be more than a coincidence ? You should know that in fiction, most of the time, infinity is related to alternate realities. You know, maybe it's time to accept the end of an era full of problems, and welcome a fresh start. The two new games could even be part of a cross-media story.
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  6. Chapmic added a post in a topic Regarding the Comics   

    You know, if you want them free, there is still this.
    Not gonna give you a direct link, by respects for Archie, but you can easily figure it of yourself. And also because there are adults fan comics, and I'm not responsible for what you'll do there, so you've been warned. The only problem is that they take forever to upload new comics. I think they're always two issues late if not more.
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  7. Chapmic added a post in a topic Regarding the Comics   

    Good think I downloaded every issue then before getting to Comixology, especially for Fleetway. But now I should definitely make a backup, and I'm still not sure about buying the "Penders" issues until it's finally stated that those issues being sold don't break the "agreement" anymore.
    Apparently there is no Spanish Comixology, but maybe you can try the European website ?
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  8. Chapmic added a post in a topic Games that you are currently playing   

    I'm currently playing the Ace Attorney series. Done 3D Trilogy and Investigations. Almost finished Investigations 2's third episode. Since this is obviously the fan translation, I'm playing it on my phone so I can play it like on a DS.
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  9. Chapmic added a post in a topic Ken Penders Topic...   

    Yet that's paradoxical considering Matt Groening always complained about lawyers being everywhere, when you see the results of Archie having lax lawyers.
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  10. Chapmic added a post in a topic Ken Penders Topic...   

    You got it backwards, Bongo's lawyers didn't persecute fans. That's my fault actually, I wasn't clear enough. What I meant is that they wouldn't allow Bongo Comics to publish fan arts in the comics unless they were given full rights by the persons who made them. It's the opposite of Youtube.
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  11. Chapmic added a post in a topic Ken Penders Topic...   

    The thing I liked least is Mick McMahon's design. The drawing themselves aren't bad, but he barely changes character's facial expressions. Anyway, let's not go too far away from topic. Back to Penders. No matter what we think or say, the fact is that Archie never made him sign any document saying his work could become their property, so his creations were always his, which also means that any revenue from reprints and use of his characters after his departure without his consent was illegal. The real people to blame are Archie's careless and stupid lawyers from the time. Want an example of good lawyers ? The ones at Bongo Comics. They wouldn't allow them to publish Simpsons fan arts unless the persons who made them state that they become Bongo's property.
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  12. Chapmic added a post in a topic Ken Penders Topic...   

    Homage is a one time thing, what I'm showing are litteraly parts of the main plot and going for multiple issues. I know for sure since I read the whole comic. And I'm not pointing at the BBC for the cancellation, what I meant is that Sega probably put an end to it because it took too many "inspiration" from other works and wasn't original enough. I mean come on, that story with Metal Sonic and time travel to prevent one of Robotnik's machines to take over Miracle Planet was litteraly called "The Sonic Terminator." And don't make me start on the Marxio Brothers. Shortfuse is litteraly an "Iron-Squirrel". A giant ancient alien ring to travel to other worlds. Look, I like this comic, but those are all plot elements, you can't call them mere references. Of course there are some stuff like that in the Archie comic, but those were mostly easter eggs or one time stores that were just alternate universes.
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  13. Chapmic added a post in a topic Ken Penders Topic...   

    While not related to Penders himself, this post talks about what he's complaining about since years, so I guess it's the right place for it, as this discussion is also about legal issues and stolen content and design. I put it in spoilers, it's kinda big due to links been changed into inserted media.
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  14. Chapmic added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)   

    Well, since both series were delayed, the website is one comic ahead for each of them thanks to the accidental temporary digital release.
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  15. Chapmic added a post in a topic Comic release dates   

    It's a game that was supposed to be released mid-February, the true successor to Mega Man, but it got delayed for stupid reasons, like bugs in online mode, so they delayed the whole game even though it could easily be released as a temporary singleplayer only.
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