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  1. Am I the only one getting a security warning when I go to Sonic Fan Games HQ ?

    1. Thire


      Weird, it almost seems like an intrusive ad but I guess it’s not accessible right now.

  2. Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW comic)

  3. So, concerning IDW's Back to the Future, latest issue was June 13th, and there doesn't seem to be any upcoming  issues after the next trade paperback in August as it is absent of their September solicitations, nor any mention of hiatus, cancellation or conclusion, there's just nothing. Has anyone any idea on what's going on ?

  4. Interesting, now they are teasing Sonic Mania Plus in the end credits of Sonic Mania Adventures, maybe we should keep an eye on that.

    1. Chapmic


      Actually already revealing a bit in episode 2, as I noticed Encore Flying Battery has Wing Fortress color palette. So since the outside will most likely look exactly like Wing Fortress, do you think they'll also change the zone name and the music ?

  5. It begins, first issue is released on Comixology.

    1. Skye Prower

      Skye Prower

      Actually it began last week. There were some early issues given out at a con.

    2. Katmuffin


      Will it be posted here? (Not like I could see it)

  6. I'm really surprised no one has mentioned the comics are back on the website yet. Don't tell me I'm the only one who noticed, that's impossible.

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    2. Katmuffin


      I think I've found the problem, when I look at the news page, I'm apparently not signed in, but when I switch back to the forums page I am. Also when I try to sign in from the news page, it doesn't work. Is this something I need to contact the Admins about?

    3. Chapmic


      Actually you can't access them from the forum, you either have to be on the news or gallery pages. Can you sign in from the gallery Katmuffin ?

    4. Katmuffin
  7. Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW comic)

    Pre-orders are available on Comixology if you live like me in a country where it probably won't be released. And with that, Archie Sonic is gone now, it's too late to get them legally. Although if you bought them, you still have them in your library to read, but I'm not sure if you can still download them without the store page, glad I already did. Still should work on the app.
  8. I found a proof that Christian Whitehead's remasters of Sonic 1 and 2 were also supposed to be released on PC, or at least Christian wanted them to be. If you connect a PS4 controller, and you press "X" (probably "A" for XBOX ONE) on the main menu, a popup will appear and ask you to confirm if you want to quit the game. This clearly has no reason to exist in a game not supposed to be released on PC. You can always count on Sega to take the worst decisions.

    1. Thire


      Well that’s a shame, I for one would’ve liked to have played those on PC.

  9. Alright, as I was afraid of, in terms of story, Sonic Forces' advertisement was just huge hype for nothing.
  10. It's official guys, Ian Flynn is confirmed to write the IDW Sonic comics. It'll launch on April 2018 for a special event with the first four issues being released in the span of four weeks.


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    2. Chapmic


      As a company that received our money, (and quite a lot from me when the "hiatus" started) I think they owe us at least an official statement coming directly from themselves, not others. We don't even need details, just an announcement. You may not agree with me, but in my opinion, this is a total lack of honesty. And it turns out that one of the antonyms of "honest" is "untrustworthy". Have you considered the possibility that there might be people who've read the comic that are still waiting to know if it'll continue or not ?

    3. Danny Felixe

      Danny Felixe

      What would be the point of an official statement? Anything they say is either 1: Already been said. 2: Not allowed to be said. Or 3: None of our business. And as for have I considered there may be people still waiting? Yes. And I highly doubt if they cared that much they wouldn't do a quick google search to find 'oh. It's cancelled'. If they haven't realised then they really don't care enough to be looking this up on the many places that have said it

      I just feel like people treat Ian Flynn or Archie as a whole as some kind of devil worshipping cult when it's not. Maybe I would if I had paid a subscription or something but I doubt I would be as mad as I keep seeing people being. It's a business. And there are certainly bigger businesses out there that have done much worse and are less honest than Archie that don't get this kind of hatred. And that's what really bothers me

      This will be my final point on the matter. This is supposed to be good news advertised and it's kind of turned into some petty argument from what was supposed to be a joke about SEGA not liking the reboot and so forcing another. I do take partial blame for that and so I'm going to stop replying here

    4. Geoffrey St John

      Geoffrey St John

      I have missed most of this discussion but as someone who bought the comics every month I can honestly say AI am mad at Sega and Archie but I do not hate them at all. All I wish to do is give the new comic a chance to earn my support as Ian Flynn did.

  11. First they don't let Christian make his Sonic 3&K remake, supposedly because of copyright issues with the music, which is clearly a poor excuse since they still sell the original unaltered on Steam, and now, they backstab the team with Denuvo. And apparently, Aaron Webber and his team weren't aware either, which might explain why it wasn't mentioned on the Steam store page. Even more incredible is that SEGA was literally implying it was their fault. Edit: Oh man, Christian tried to warn us. https://twitter.com/CFWhitehead/status/896047063024025602
  12. Well it's finally listed on the eShop. I wonder why it took so long considering some games are listed even before they get a released date.
  13. Making an Effort

    They're still available on Comixology, along with Mega Man, but I don't know for how long. Maybe they still have to catch up with the news since the cancelled issues are still listed as coming soon. But for those who still want them, this is probably your last chance, and it won't be cheap. Good thing I still have backups from here since the Knuckles series is incomplete. Of course you can still get them for free on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tails_(character) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kick-Ass_(film) (again not saying it directly because of adult content, but you'll have to go there if you want the rest of Knuckles issues anyway), but you won't unfortunately get the quality of the digital releases. And if you get or already have them on Comixology, make sure you download them AND have a backup just in case.
  14. Did you notice ? Despite the game getting released in pretty much two weeks, Nintendo still hasn't listed it in the games that come soon on the eShop. Kinda feels a bit selfish in my opinion.
  15. It's over, isn't it?

    Are you sure you've read the whole news ? Sega will eventually give us news on a new Sonic comic. One that won't be in constant legal problems. And really guys, don't only see the bad things. Good stuff might come out of this. We could even get an official expanded universe. New stories expanding the universe all the way from Sonic 1, maybe even before. Wouldn't you be excited to finally have an official Sonic and Robotnik first meeting ? And, come on, I'm pretty sure that a group of dedicated fans will eventually make a fan continuation. Fleetway got one, SatAM got one, Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity got one that will also have a conclusion to Underground as originally planned. Only AoStH didn't have one, but it never really had major plot anyway, and "Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine" can actually being considered as a conclusion to it. Unofficially, none of the big adaptations were really dead when you think about it. Although SatAM is going through a hell of a hard time since quite some time now. Edit: And there you go. I told you. I knew it would be fine. And they chose the company I had in mind to replace Archie.