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  1. Cy Dra added a post in a topic Games that you recently got   

    I got a new game... Again. This time I picked up a copy of Luigi's Mansion 2 Dark Moon. I loved the first game and didn't get the sequel until I memorized the first game. I'm enjoying the heck out of Dark Moon. I'm not too far in, I've only beaten the first mansion. I'm not tackling the second mansion until I find all the boos in the first mansion.
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  2. Cy Dra added a post in a topic What's Your Favorite Song?   

    So... I have a new favorite song. Not quite better than Old Man. But my new second favorite song is Springsteen by Eric Church. I saw him live and I can't get enough of his music.
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  3. Cy Dra added a post in a topic Games that you recently finished   

    I finally beat Paper Mario for the N64, after my last playthough seven years ago. However, I'm not quite done with the game yet. I am aiming for 100% (Curse my cleptomania!) 
    I used a neat little grinding area to get a crazy amount of coins so I could buy all the badges from Rowf's badge shop. I also used a guide to find all the star piece locations (I couldn't remember where they all were), so I could get the badges from Merlow. So I have all 80 badges.
    With getting all the badges, it requires getting all 160 star pieces as well, so that's something that was a bit of a pain even with a guide...
    The Chuck Quizmo stuff was just recalling all the subtle things about the game, which I answered all 64 questions.
    I also got every party member to level 2, but there is still a bit I have left to upgrade for Mario himself.
    All I have left to do really is do the Tayce. T sidequest, which is just recipes. I still have another 45 left to discover though. Sigh.
    Other than that, it's my favorite Mario RPG. The star spirits are fun to play around with, and some of the badge combos can absolutely break the game by making super bosses such as the Anti-Guy in chapter 4 an absolute joke, including regular bosses! If you're really good qith the power bounce, you can deal tons of damage obscenely fast. I love the game, it's also really beginner friendly. I have no problem recommending it to anyone who's looking for a fun game.
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  4. Cy Dra added a post in a topic Games that you recently got   

    I recently picked up a copy of L.A Noir for the PS3.
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  5. Cy Dra added a post in a topic Count to 50 before a mod or admin posts 2.0!   

    Oh hai! I'm back here! Oh shoot. I need a rhyme! Uh... Umm... I got nothing. Seven.
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  6. Cy Dra added a post in a topic Games that you recently finished   

    I finally got around to beating Super Metroid for the first time. Yeah, i'm a big Metroid fan that never actually beat Super. I dabbled with it now and then but never actually beat it, until 3:30 in the morning. So, my final run time was 4 hours (Not bad for a first time through the game and a pretty beat up Gamecube controller), but I think that might have been my cleptomania acting up, making me go for 100%. Oh well, fantastic game, though. I'm definitely going to play it again very soon.
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  7. Cy Dra added a post in a topic Games that you recently got   

    So I got more things. This time, for mobile platforms! I got... Five Nights at Freddy's 1 and 4 for my phone.
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  8. Cy Dra added a post in a topic What do you want in a STH game?   

    I know what I want from a Sonic game. The characters should be able to move fast, for one. Some of the newer 3d games, i've noticed that there has been a definite lack of high speed action. I think that's a requirement in a Sonic game.
    The story shouldn't be overly complex and convoluted... Sonic '06, I am looking directly at you! It's a Sonic game. Not Metal Gear Solid. The last really great title (In my opinion), was Generations. The story was goofy and lighthearted. That's the way I like my Sonic story. Which is one of the many reasons I detest '06. '06 was trying way too hard to take itself seriously, and came off as a gigantic mess.
    Two words: Level. Design. A main reason why I adore the classics, and hold them with such high esteem. You get rewarded with goodies for going off the intended path. Spring Yard Zone is a fairly good example. At the end of I believe act 2, that line of rings, you can nab an extra say 20 to 30 rings and an alternate exit to the stage. As much of it I dislike, Sonic '06 had some good level design. For the Sonic stages. It's one thing I will complement '06 on, is it's level design.
    To sum everything up in this horribly messy and disastrous post, SEGA and Sonic team have proved that they can make truly fantastic Sonic games. I have faith in them as a loyal follower. The Advance games, Advenyures 1 and 2, Generations, Colors. It's all my personal opinion, though. All in all, I just want a good game, lol.
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  9. Cy Dra added a post in a topic Games that you recently got   

    I decided to get a new game again. This time Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Final Mix! Decently priced too! I didn't have to sell my arms this time! So I am now the proud owner of both 1.5 and 2.5 Final Mix! Now to wait for 3.
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  10. Cy Dra added a post in a topic Games that you are currently playing   

    Guess what i'm playing! Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. I just started, so I am not really far in.
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  11. Cy Dra added a post in a topic Games that you recently finished   

    Just finished Zelda Minish Cap. My first 100% run to boot! The figurines were kind of a pain in the neck  (100 mysterious shells, what robbery of my hard earned rupees)... But anyway, I still think it's a great origin story of Vaati and the Four Sword. Great game in general, actually. 
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  12. Cy Dra added a post in a topic Games that you recently finished   

    I actually beat Advance Wars 2 finally. The finally battle with Sturm was really easy. I was kind of disappointed. 
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  13. Cy Dra added a post in a topic Games that you recently got   

    I got another couple games today. I got Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster as well as Resident Evil 6. So I expanded my PS3 collection again.
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  14. Cy Dra added a post in a topic Games that you recently finished   

    I beat Link to the Past. I haven't played it in a long time, so I was a little rusty. I did get 100% though.
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  15. Cy Dra added a post in a topic Favorite Sonic Zone Theme Song From the SEGA GENESIS   

    I've always liked Marble Zone. Even though it's like "Who turned up the Mario in here?". I just love the all the Genesis soundtracks for Sonic.
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