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  1. Geoffrey St John

    Pokemon Research centre - Scabbard Town


    Jack just stood there with his eyes glued to the poke ball that held his first pokemon. 


    Annie held a poke ball in her hand and Vanillite sat on her shoulder. "Guess you should go into one, huh!?" said Annie as Vanillite jumped onto Annie's face causing her to drop the poke ball and Vanillite then jumped onto it and let itself get captured. Once Annie realised what just happened she smiled and sent Vanillite out again.


    "Alright Professor. I will be right back with the missing Trainer" said Zeke as he headed out the door but stopped almost straight away when he saw the guy with a Torchic. "Hey you there with the Torchic! If you are a new trainer better get in here. We have already started!" Shouted Zeke.

  2. Skye Prower

    This is actually really good news.  You don't change a release date on the fly.  There's a lot of prep, marketing, and of course MONEY tied into it.  So the fact they're changing it shows that they think it will be much better to do what could be a significant redesign.  And maybe, just maybe, that someone actually cares about this film...

  3. Jumala



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    The episode you were talking about is called "Starcrushed", and Mina never wanted to harm humans in any way, she only wanted to rule them. Now that she has no powers and is at constant threat because, well, most monsters want her DEAD, working with human authorities who most definitely will not be okay with monsters is the most rational choice for her. This really could be a very great plot for a movie - Star, Marco, Eclipsa, Moon, all their friends and the entire monsterkind, along with like-minded humans and Mewmans, fighting together against the world authorities. That's quite interesting, won't you agree?

    Also, now that magic's really gone, the only biological difference Mewmans have from humans is the fact that they can have colors such as blue, green and purple as their natural hair colors. Aside from that they're exactly the same.

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