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  1. ChaosKaiser

    Truth is, we had PLENTY OF TIME to win this. But we didn't... We let time flow, with no intention of coming back here. Users dared to think that no administrator or moderator would come here to break the chain.

    Now look. Look at this disaster. This... dramatic turn of events. After more than a year, an admin, none other than Shadow himself ,showed up and broke the chain. This rusted, forgotten chain that I refuse to let disintegrate. 

    With that said, it's time to start a new journey, that may end on another defeat, or maybe, just maybe, can come to a close being an undeniable success:


  2. BonnitoPlay

    I don't dream very often. I'll tell you first about the ones I dreamed about a long time ago.

    First dream. I'm at home. My family was on the street. I decided to go out to them and observe that something is wrong with the garden... I come closer and see that there is no garden! Instead, the sea. Turning to the left, I saw what looked like a skate pad. And someone was riding there. I couldn't see it, because the platform itself was far away. The only thing I saw was a blue silhouette that looked like Sonic. I am surprised by what I saw, I want to show it to the others. That's when I Wake up.

    Second dream. My family and relatives are visiting my grandfather. Everyone's talking about something, but I'm just running around the fence. I stopped and looked up at the sky. And there's a balloon flying. A flying saucer flies near it. She was flying toward the skyscrapers that had suddenly taken hold. I told the others about it. Suddenly I find myself at the very skyscrapers. To them is the railway, which rolled futuristic trains. After looking at all this, I wake up.

    The third dream. Nothing special. I was just flying over the garden.

    Fourth dream. I find myself near my house. Then something happens, and I start dodging the robot's attacks, managing to attack it. And I dodged high jumps (which did not always work). Unfortunately, I woke up before I beat him.

    And here is a dream that I had today.

    I'm driving along the highway at high speed. Suddenly I start to take off, as if I have prescribed RIPAZHA. It ends with me crashing into a pole. Then I got out of the car and ran. At this point, I gained super-speed. As I ran on, I saw hills. I jump at high speed right between them. Suddenly everything stops and I'm suspended in midair. Then I hear the words: "Enough, you deserve a new trick." At the bottom of the hills begin to rattle explosions. Then I land in the water. Again, someone said something like: "Welcome to Chemical Plant!" In fact, it was a place similar to the Hydrocity Zone. And on the background of so generally began to play music level of Labytinth Zone! I walked around the place for a while, and then I woke up.

  3. Jumala

    Okay, Knuckles deserves all the love, but I hope that, if the character is introduced in the sequel, he comes with all the echidna lore and Chaos Emeralds stuff. 

    Still... shouldn't Tails be the priority? 

    And how do they plan to introduce Jaleel White? As a cameo?

    They've already set up the echidna lore coming at the start of the first movie, so I think that it will definitely be explored in the second chapter of the story.

  4. BonnitoPlay

    Yes, there will be a sequel. This was confirmed by Paramount Pictures and Sega Sammy on may 28, 2020. The same team will work on the film, with Jeff Fowler directing, Pat Casey and Josh Miller writing the script. The film is currently under development, so a decision regarding casting or the start date of production has not yet been made.

    Here is a source.

    Josh Miller also shared ideas for a sequel:

    "I'm just hinting that we want to bring in some other characters from the games. But really it's all about loving Knuckles."

    He stated that he would like to have Jaleel White, the voice actor for Sonic in a/s "Adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Sonic SatAM", star in the film:

    "I hope this isn't a spoiler for those waiting for the movie, but I really want to bring in Jaleel White somehow...".

    Later Ben Schwartz (voice of Sonic) announced that the film should be released on April 8, 2022 in his Twitter account:

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  5. BonnitoPlay

    "Like it says in the book, we are blessed and cursed."

    "What f!&!!&! book?"

    "Same things make us laugh, make us cry."

    - Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  6. Veveingtonious

    Granted but it's just an act. Like it always is in human nature.


    I wish every single human I befriended didn't just make it like I don't even exist if I decide not to start a convo with them first, instead waiting for them to start one for once. So much for being friends. That word is worthless. All of them are worthless to me too if they are gonna act like I have no worth.

  7. ChaosKaiser

    Oooooohhhh, so that's why the hair looks like that! Now it makes more sense to me. Great choice then, considering the character could have a 3D anime model in an hypothetical RPG videogame.

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  8. Jumala

    Oh, wow, I had no idea there was (and could ever be) such a topic here on SCANF! I'm actually very much interested in this, as anthropology very much ties into my other interests, such as history and linguistics. Yes, it is in fact true that many ethnic groups that most people wouldn't exactly consider 'white' are, in fact, caucasoid in race. For example, the Habesha people of the Horn of Africa, as mentioned in a picture above. They are 'black' (dark) in skin color, yes, but if you take a closer look at the facial features and bone structure of many Ethiopians, Eritreans, and Somalians you will see that they are much closer to the Arabs or even some Southern Europeans. Hell, many of them are even lighter in skin color, too, that other subsaharan Africans. Habesha people who go abroad often get asked if they're mixed, because of their caucasoid features yet distinctively dark skin color. Then there are the so-called 'peripheral races', such as the Uraloid race in Northern Russia, which has features of both the Caucasoid and the Mongoloid races. Lots of interesting stuff to talk about in here. Sad that that the original poster hasn't been active since 2015, lol, I doubt anybody else over here is interested in this.

  9. Silvori

    Thank you @ChaosKaiser, there are parts of each Sonic design that I really like. I wanted this one to fit somewhere in the middle.

    As for the hair style, Yes I wanted to have it always going to the side. When I was working on the design I was thinking about if Sonic were in an RPG like Dragon Quest or something similar. I used the sonic head silhouette as inspiration. I was like what if his quills went to the side? Then this happened.