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  1. Skye Prower

    I saw the preview cover with all the arms reaching towards the Chaotix.  It scream 'zombie' at me.  And yes, it is a Zombie virus.  They lose control, aggressiveness is their ONLY displayed trait, even to former friends.  It's just metal flesh rather than decaying flesh.

  2. ChaosKaiser

    I see you don't like zombie viruses.

    But I'm not sure it turn animals into zombies. They seem to be fully conscious, only more aggressive. And adding a Sonic Heroes 2-player mode-esque metallic skin.

  3. ChaosKaiser

    I've read until issue 14, and so far, things are fine. Artwork is impressive (and probably the main reason I'm reading the comic): clean linework, nice soft coloring. Story-wise, the comic is nice. I think Ian Flynn is veeeery slowly building up this narrative -maybe too slowly for my taste-. Interactions between characters are still on point and present very nice dialogues (I specially love the bromance? between Sonic and Amy), where the artists can show fun expressions from the characters.

    So far, the things I have really liked are the new "robotization" virus-thingy and the new villain: Doctor Starline.
    Also, I think I'm seeing a pattern in all the non-event issues: Sonic and an ally fight random villains. Just remember the episodes before the "Battle for Angel Island" arc. Issue 14 Sonic and Silver fought Metal Sonic and Starline, so the variety of stories falls flat.

  4. ChaosKaiser

    My brain is trying to assimilate that this film will be real. 

    So far, the only thing that has very slightly convinced me from these leaked content is part of the concept art... but, in my opinion, it is far from the best way Sonic could be redesign.
    Is in moments like this when I wonder why is this movie even being made...

  5. ChaosKaiser

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    I love it. The art is so pleasant, so clean... And watching one of your scripts (specially this one that I read time ago!) come to life in such gorgeous manner is awesome. Congratulations, Skye!

  6. Skye Prower

    Zoe blinked a little, groggily raising her head.  "F-five more minutes..."

    "Warning, warning, balance error detected," spoke the robot as it's leg began to give way.

  7. Pearl98

    Okay story time!

    Since starting FEH in July there are 2 OCs I've really liked, everyone knows I love Hríd but I never really mentioned the other one.

    Ever since the first book I've really enjoyed this character and even called them a butler at first (Thanks Xenologue 1 xD) then their identity was revealed and then didn't appear until he final chapter of book 2.

    October came and most of the OCs were released and I hoped they would release my 2 favourites. Of course late November came and Hríd was released! But no sign of the other... 

    These last few months since then I've secretly have hoped they would appear, but had no hope. Until today...

    2pm hit and I knew it was time for the Spring trailer, I guessed Marth and Caeda through the silhouettes and wanted Ylgr, but didn't really want much since here was 3 spring units from previous years I wanted. 

    But then when I looked at the thumbnail in the notifications on YouTube....

    I covered my mouth and screamed.

    Cause there on the thumbnail, was him. BRUNO! Bruno is finally home IN A BUNNY OUTFIT xD. I can now have both of my favourite OCs now!

    Oh and he's joined by his sister Pala and Marissa and Loki is a free TT unit.

    Soooo who's everyone going for? 

  8. Geoffrey St John

    Pokemon Research centre - Scabbard Town

    Annie slowly walked over to collect her pokeballs with Vanillite sitting on her shoulder.


    Jack walked forward and collected his pokeballs and held the one containing his first Pokemon in his hand which he was simply staring at.


    "Professor is anyone missing? If there is I will go looking for them" said Zeke as he walked towards Professor Pine.



    Outside Pokemon Research centre - Scabbard Town

    James noticed Charmy's flame and started to pet him on the neck to calm him down. "Didn't think we would see him again this soon. Maybe he is here to greet the new trainers this year" said James to Charmy in a calming town.

  9. ChaosKaiser

    -Sonic the Hedgehog, unknown island

    "Pheeeeww, good to see someone here..." the hedgehog said relieved "and yep, I bet you could help me with what's going outsi--" 

    The cobalt spiked runner stopped talking after noticing the young age of the yellow double-tailed fox he was talking with. "Wait... are you all alone here? This doesn't look the kind of place a kid should wander around..." he asserted before looking at the aircraft's engine.

    "...unless you're some sort of mechanic, I guess."


    -Tekno the Canary, Casino Night Zone 

    With all the chaos around her, and everyone involved in the fight against the machines, Tekno didn't know what to do. She felt guilty for the sudden capture of the old owl, but still, she felt that nothing could be done in a situation like that...

    Unless... she made use of the project she was working on. The reason she was so desperately looking for that stupid frog, the only test subject that seemed to not have faced any side effects from the serum.
    The same serum she always had a dose in her ring-like earrings.
    The very same serum she didn't want to use.

    Tekno took off one of her earrings, and pulled off a tiny tube from it. She opened it, and drank a single drop of the fluid.
    "This... this is more than enough. I'm going to regret this..." the emerald canary thought, and put her earring back.  Due to the extreme pressure Tekno felt, her heartbeat increased drastically when glanced at the prison pod once again. After feeling dizzy for a few seconds, when the entire place seemed to become illogically silent to her, Tekno talked to Vector and Chief Hoppington:

    "G-gentlemen... p-please, hold those... mechanic... things... a--aside...I'll take care... of the... rest" she slowly said with difficulty. Once Tekno fully recovered her senses, she felt different: a sudden pain crawled through every muscle of her body while the white of her eyes slightly darkened and the sapphire tone of the irises shifted to a purplish one. Then, without a second thought, the young canary charged to the pod, screaming, like an untamed beast eager to devour its prey.



  10. Thire

    Pokemon Research Centre - Scabbard Town

    Coming down the road leading to the research centre at a brisk pace was a young man with a Torchic on his shoulder.

    "We must hurry, I believe we missed the starting time!" he said to the Torchic which replied with a chirp.

    As he came up to the centre he noticed the large gathering of people in front of the building.

    "Hm? Perhaps this is the celebration for the new beginners." He thought to himself as worked his way through the crowd. The crowd started parting for a man in a blue coat as he walked up to the doors. 
    "Pardon me good sir, but whom might that be?" asked the man to a fisherman next to him. "That would be Champion Storm, the reigning champion of the Ganlo Region." the fisherman replied to the man. "I see..."

  11. Skye Prower

    "O-okway...," replied Stacey, running into the cell and shaking the occupants.


    "Disengage from my leg now," ordered the robot, trying to reach down to grab Seviper.  But it's hand was deflected by a blast from Ziona's weapon.

  12. Thire

    I'm late to the party as usual, but here I am!

    Player Character: Herishio "Shiro" Mitsurugi

    Name: Herishio “Shiro” Mitsurugi

    DOB: April 25th, 2001

    Age: 17

    Focus: To discover and better himself

    Talents/Skills: Martial Artist, minor cooking skills, adept at learning

    Starter: Torchic

    Description: Wears a white long sleeved Kariyushi shirt (like a Hawaiian shirt but with Asian designs) tucked in his white Gi pants and wearing a short red Obi (belt). Wears black Tai Chi shoes.

    Personality: Friendly, polite, modest, eager to learn, honorable

    Background: Mitsurugi grew up on Hontō, an island not far from the Hoenn region. He grew up with a Torchic named Chojin, who is his best friend and partner. Closely following in his father’s footsteps, he learned the island’s traditional Martial Arts from his grandfather as he grew up. As he became the age where it was customary for the boys to take a journey on the island to discover themselves, Mitsurugi decided he wanted to see the world for his journey. After convincing his father to let him go with support from his grandfather, he made his way to the Ganlo region where he and his partner plan to have the adventure of their lives.

  13. Seviper the Fang Snake

    Pokemon Research Center- Scabbard Town 

    Rob and Layla headed towards Nurse Joy and grabbed their respected cases.


    "Names Rob. Rob Conner! Other there is my sister Layla. She don't talk to people much." Said Rob grabbing his pokeball and releasing the Froakie inside it. The Froakie yawned as it emerged.


    Layla reached for her pokeball and released her new Chikorita which nuzzled her leg causing Layla to smile a bit.