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  1. Silvori

    I put three in one for this one. I also finished rewatching the adventures of sonic the hedgehog. that inspired the drawing of Sonic with the chilli dog.


  2. Thire

    Pokémon Research Center 

    As the champion walked through the door the man with the Torchic peeked in from behind. 

    “Say, aren’t you one of the new trainers?” The fisherman asked. 

    “Hmm? Oh yes I am. But I do not wish to interrupt anything.” The man replied half-distracted. 

    “Well, just don’t dawdle so long that they go on without you!” Suggested the fisherman. 

    “Tor-chic!” Chirped the Torchic. 

  3. Thire

    Josh, Larry, Chuck, and Ian, Mobian Badlands

    The group had been in the airplane Chuck chartered for almost a whole day before they landed to refuel and rest at a small town called Kearney. 

    “Ugh, I can barely stand up...” moaned Larry who was shakily making his way out of the plane. “It’s definitely been a long time since I’ve sat in place THAT long...” also moaned Chuck. “Well I thought the ride over was fun! And to think we’re on another continent!” Expressed the very adventurous Josh.

    “Thanks for the flight over Tabby, I’ll contact you over radio when we’re on our way back.” Thanked Chuck to the pilot. 

    “Anytime Charlie! Just remember that these things ain’t got the best range on ‘em.” Replied the Pilot. 

    “So where are we going now, Uncle Chuck?” Asked Larry. “Knothole Village, there’s something there I need to do. Now Ian I know that area isn’t really somewhere you wanna be so if you and the boys want to hang out here then I’m fine with that. I won’t be gone long...”


    Elias Acorn, on the edge of the Mobian Desert 

    *Sigh* ”I hope everyone made it out okay...”  After Elias narrowly managed to Escape from the City, he had been driving his Jeep toward the east. The desert soon turned to forest and he hoped to avoid another run-in with more bots.  “Well, maybe with luck I’ll run into a settlement or something. Wait a sec...” 

    Elias grabbed the radio. “Hello, anyone out there?” He tried a few different frequencies but got no answer. “Damn, I was hoping the forest wouldn’t interfere with the signal...” grumbled Elias. 

    He started on his way again when he heard an explosion followed by a yell. 

    “That can’t be good!” Elias shifted gears and floored it in the direction of the yell...


    Shard, Downunda  

    Arriving at a dock, Shard kept a low profile and stuck to the shadows. 

    Searching for suitable vessel... 

    Where was it headed though? It’s tracker located a faint signature coming from another continent to the Northeast. 

    Looking around the docks, it overheard a conversation from a captain and one of the dockworkers. 

    “...alright, an’ where ye headn’ to?” Asked the dockworker. 

    “Mobotropolis. It’s just some cargo for the King.” Replied the captain. 

    “Sounds good Cap’n. Bon voyage and smooth sailn’!” Said the dockworker. 

    Mobotropolis? That name sounds familiar. Whatever the case, it seems that ship was headed to where Shard needed to go. So it found an inconspicuous crate loaded onboard and stowed away.



  4. Thire

    My theory is here in the UK we only get 2 seasons

    Warm season (summer) and cold season (winter). We've just finished cold season

    That actually rings true for here too. Winter is a regular -10°F on warm days and 95°F on cold days in Summer...

  5. Seviper the Fang Snake

    Charmy, Casino Night Zone


    "Whoa. Hope she'll be okay." Said Charmy putting his goggles over his eyes.


    Charmy looked up into the sky. "Things are looking bad. Hopefully these things don't show up at the hive. Mom, Dad, Mello be safe."


    Antoine, Mobotropolis


    Antoine finally arrived at Mobotropolis. "Mobotropolis hasn't changed much since I was last here. Maybe I should go back and give the Royal Guard another try."


    Antoine headed towards the palace.


    Bean and Bark, Feral Forest


    Bark slowly began to regain his consciousness and slowly got up.

    Bean took off his Battle Bird Uniform and chucked it in the bushes. He then put a red neckerchief around his neck. "I've kept this thing forever. I had it tied around my arm so you know I could be that one guy the everyone knows...but not everybody likes individuality."

    The two began walking through the forest.


    Mordred Hood, Castle Hood, Mercia


    "Sire. A couple of your men discovered a D'Coolette in your territory...but he escaped their grasp." Said Mordred's assistant.

    "Have them killed. What is the next order of business?" Said Mordred.

    "Evacuation of Castle Hood. Due to the reports of walking metal things." Replied the assistant.

    "There is no need. Who would oppose Mordred Hood? King of Mercia." Said the cobra taking a drink of some wine.




  6. Dylan

    My theory is here in the UK we only get 2 seasons

    Warm season (summer) and cold season (winter). We've just finished cold season

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  7. Shinomi-chan

    Science Shinni. Science. And a whole lot fire pixie squids 

    I mean I was gonna say Dark Magic but sure.

    Where I live, we get all four seasons in one day sometimes...

    Lucky. I WISH we had autumn here. (like ASAP.) We do get it but, it's just such a short time...

  8. Seviper the Fang Snake

    Pokemon Research Center- Scabbard Town 


    "A grass type?" Asked Rob curiously.

    "Well grass Pokemon are very attuned to nature and have great healing properties. It'll be a great help in my dream of becoming a Pokemon Doctor." Replied Layla picking up Chikorita and holding the pokemon in her arms.

    "Froakie and me are going to be unstoppable in my dream to become an awesome trainer!" Said Rob as Froakie climbed on to his shoulder.

  9. Dylan

    Pokemon Research Centre - Scabbard Town

    "I didn't take you for a Fennekin lover" Lynda said to Danny

    "Well I'm going to be a better trainer than you! And I'll prove it by starting with the same Pokemon as you!" Danny replied

    Lynda smiled

    "Good luck! Finn and I will be ready!" she replied

    "You named it already?" Danny asked

    "Yep! I've been looking forward to this a while. I knew what I was going to name him before I arrived" Lynda asked. "What are you naming yours?" 

    "I don't need to name my Fennekin. He'll be known as the strongest Fennekin in Ganlo!" Danny stated

    "Ambitious aren't we?" Lynda asked with a grin

  10. ChaosKaiser

    Yea, of course! Props to both of you! 

    Is there a way to see more work of this artist? Because I love that style, like I said, it's SO clean and the colours flow sooooo well... It looks great, outstanding, amazing, you get it...
    The tumblr account you posted apparently belongs to an website/app designer, not a comic artist, so... is it the same person?

  11. BlurryDawgo

    Kinda got a weather mix-up over here in southern Blighty at the moment. One day it's sunny and nice, and the next is a chilly ten Celsius. Heard that the Scots have it worse.

    Also, hey long time no see.

  12. Seviper the Fang Snake

    Sun's been shinning and I just been laying in my hammock. Now if I could just get my sidekick to make me tropical drinks and play the ukulele...

  13. ChaosKaiser

    I shall not let your brave efforts to resurrect this thread be in vain, my fellow companions!

    *AHEM* Well, here it's been... cold? I mean, not as cold as other winters, but, you know... Also, in Spain winter season isn't nearly as cold as in other places... 
    And then Christmas came, and, well, same as other years... I dunno, pretty standard winter, I'd say.