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  1. Silvori added a post in a topic Silvori's requests   

    Thank you!  
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  2. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Silvori's requests   

    Cute work Silvori!
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  3. Geoffrey St John added a post in a topic Silvori's requests   

    Metal Eclipse looks awesome! You are a great artist Silvori!
    Do you think you can draw tails looking very upset/depressed because he is staring at a legionized Fiona Fox?
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  4. Silvori added a post in a topic Silvori's requests   

    Here is the request for Geoffrey St John and Skye Prower, in that order.  

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  5. Thire added a post in a topic Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik   

    Shard, Boat to Mobotropolis from Downunda
    Hiding inside a crate, what a way to get around. It had to be done though. It was dark and only had a couple small spots of light poking through. Thankfully Shard had good night vision. Nothing to do but wait... again... wonder if there's something to pass the time with...
    Access: Internal memory database: Populating list...
    Maybe if it can repair itself, the database can defrag and be accessed?
    3 Items found
    Welp, better than nothing.
    1: Mission Log Now we're getting somewhere! Size: 510b ...or not...
     Interesting... but that only raises more questions than was answered.
    2: Archive Could be something interesting in here.
    3: Legal information? Why would a robot need this? 
    Lots of information but nothing that truly helps at the moment...
    Elias Acorn, Casino Night Zone
    "Take that!" Elias yelled as his sword sliced through a robot. He heard his comrades in arms also fighting behind him when he notices Rouge the Bat. "Well, well, well. If it isn't the 'Flying Gem Thief'. Come to steal the hearts of machines too?" He jokingly reacts. "No time for playtime though, it appears that there is a large congregation of bots headed for the center of the city."
    He also spots a familiar face in the groups of robots. "...no, no please don't let that be who I think it is..." He pulls out a pair of binoculars. "Whoever did this, I'm gonna personally kill that son of a-" he gets cut off by a group of flying robots. "But you get to go first!" He yells again as he readies himself.
    Josh, Larry, and Charles, Kearney Airstrip
    "If it's alright, I'd like to come with you Uncle Chuck." said Josh.
    "Larry?" asked Chuck.
    "Actually, I think I'll stay with Mr. St. John. Where it will most likely be safe." replied Larry.
    "Are you sure Larry? We probably won't be back for a little while."
    "I'm sure. Just promise me you keep an eye on him Uncle Chuck!"
    With that, it was decided. Josh and Chuck rented a vehicle and started on their way.
    Josh and Charles, road to Knothole
    "So why'd you leave Larry behind? I didn't think you'd do that."
    "He should be okay with Ian, him and his son both help us out all the time. Not that you don't!"
    "Oh, I know exactly what you mean."
    After driving for a while, Chuck decided to ask something he's always meant to ask.
    "Josh, may I ask something a little personal to you?"
    "As long as I get to do the same."
    "Tough bargain! Very well..."
    Chuck thought for a moment.
    "So, do you know what your father does for a living?"
    "...not really. All I know is that it's something that has to do with Grandpa's past. I asked one time and he said he'll tell me when the time is right."
    "Hmph, not what I thought he did at all..."
    "Alright Uncle Chuck, my turn. What's in Knothole that you needed to do that Ian refused to come with?"
    *sigh* "It's where I used to live, don't look at me about Ian though. That would be something you'd have to ask yourself. I'm only going for something I left behind that might help us later."
    "Really? Alright then. "
    They continued on with small talk to their destination...
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  6. Silvori added a post in a topic Silvori's requests   

    I'll work on getting these requests done by Saturday. If any thin else comes to you my then feel free to comment and I'll draw it for the next batch.  
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  7. Thire added a post in a topic Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern   

    Pokémon Research Centre - Scabbard Town 
    Hearing that they already started, the man with the Torchic quickly walked into the building. He sees all of the other trainers and their Pokémon knowing that he was indeed late.
    While he was looking around the room, he noticed someone who looked important. The professor, perhaps? It looked like one of the other trainers had his attention when he was about to introduce himself. So he decided to simply wait to the side until he can get a chance to speak with him.
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  8. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Games that you are currently playing   

    By popular demand (nah, just a friend of mine asked me to do it), I'm finally plaing a Pokemon game: Pokémon Leaf Green Edition. Arceus have mercy on me, 'cause I suck at stragey games...
    It's the first Pocket Monsters game I'm planning on finishing (at least beating the League). Wish me luck. I'll need it. Although I'm playing it at my friend's house, week after week. Although this guy is basically a walking Pokemon strategy guide. Although it's emulated and I can save and load the game anywhere and anytime I want. Even with all those facilities I might fail miserably. 
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  9. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Silvori's requests   

    As we are getting close to Halloween, how about Classic Sonic and Tails dressing up as each other?
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  10. Geoffrey St John added a post in a topic Silvori's requests   

    Nice work Silvori. Glad to see you back again. I await Metal Eclipse eagerly.
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  11. Silvori added a post in a topic Silvori's requests   

    here are a whole lot of drawings I was suggested a while back.
    Geoffrey St John suggested metal Eclipse and mecha Antoine. - I realize now that I didn't draw metal Eclipse but rather mecha Eclipse. Maybe I can try drawing him as a Metal form for the next time.
    Thire suggested Shard in his “Chillin’ “ pose, and Nicole hacking an Eggman terminal.
    The rest are suggested by people who follow me on youtube.

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  12. Silvori added a post in a topic Silvori's requests   

    Hello it has been a while since I've come on here. I've been a little busy with other things and life, but i'm currently working on drawing a pile of request pictures that you guys and gals suggested. I'm still taking suggestions.  If there is a sonic character (It could be your sonic character and/or an official character), from any of the series, you would like to see me draw feel free to let me know. I'd like to share more art in the future. Please make sure to keep your suggestion simple when you describe it.
    I will possible be posting some drawings today or tomorrow depending of when I get them done.
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  13. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern   

    Pokemon Research Centre- Scabbard Town
    Tony continues to admire Turtwig as Amora looks back at the professor.
    "I have to speak with the professor about something real quick," she says looking back to Tony as she started walking. "This may be the best time while everyones getting situated with their new pokemon." 
    Tony gives her a nod as he continues to play with Turtwig. Amora then walks over to professor Pine, hoping to grab his attention. 
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  14. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik   

    Casino Night Zone: Vector
    Vector leaps out the crater, towards Elias and starts giving his all at the robots, not holding back on his punches as he tears throw their metal. As he takes another bite out of one, he looks up to see the hoard of robots making their way towards the city center towards them. He freezes for a moment in hesitation as a robot tries to blind side him before having its chest drilled out from behind as Rouge spirals in front of Vector.
    "That hesitations the same reason you haven't been able to catch me yet, sugar," she says to him as she swings a small brown bag over her shoulder.
    "W-what are you ding here??" Vector asks in confusion.
    "The same thing I always do,"she replies with a wink. "But these robots have started to become quite a pain for me. How bout you and the boys call off the hunt for me in exchange for my help?"
    "That's not my call to make," Vector says, puffing his chest out as he walks in front of Rouge. "But I'm not gonna turn down a helping hand to stop this madness."
    Rouge smirks as she looks back to see the police Chief climbing out the crater as well, only able to give a sigh as he wasn't in the mood to deal with her too.
    Angel Island- Knuckles & Tikal
    Knuckles follows Tikal through the forest for a while before the two of them make their way to an open area with ruins that seemed almost pyramid like. Knuckles is left in awe as he looks around at everything.
    "What is this place?" he asks quietly.
    "These are the old ruins of the Echidna race, hundreds of years old...it's where I lived all this time."
    "Do you think pieces of the Master Emerald fell here?"
    "Ye-no. I-I mean possibly, but that isn't what I wanted to show you. Follow me."
    Knuckles looked a little confused but listened to her anyway as they made their way down the small hill into the ruins. He looked around curiously from the stone streets to all the buildings that were till standing.
    "You were here by yourself all this time?" he asks Tikal as they continue walking.
    "Unfortunately so. I don't know what happen to my family when I was younger, but once I learned to understand the hieroglyphics, I knew this would be a safe place for me to continue to stay. However there was one thing that always worried me."
    "Which was what?" Knuckles asks as Tikal turns into one of the larger buildings. On the inside the sun shines through a break in the ceiling, revealing a large wall of pictures.
    "The story of Chaos, the God of Destruction."
    Storm continues his travels throughout the forest, both cautious and concerned with what he had seen earlier. He needed to find out where he was, as well as a way to get into contact with Wave to make sure she was safe. The only issue was that everything around him seemed barren. Even the wildlife didn't seem like there was many around. All he was able to notice so far was a few birds and whatever that thing was earlier. 
    Wing Fortress: Gamma
    Gamma listens to the Doctor talk while looking between him and Zero. He keeps the assumption that Robotnik was still unaware of his newfound consciousness and decided it was best not to mention anything just yet. He wanted to ask for new orders as well, however he knew normally that he was programmed not to talk unless acknowledging the doctors presence or responding to him. HE could only sit in silence until spoken to again, just as his older brother Beta was doing.
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  15. Jumala added a post in a topic Steven Universe   

    Oh, well -
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  16. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern   

    Storm's eyes looked around, resting on the trainers who were fawning over their new pokemon.  With a smile, he stepped inside and away from the doors quietly, not wanting to disturb the precious moment between trainer and pokemon.  His eyes met the surprised ones of the Professor, but Storm just gave a small smile and a nod.

    The Professor turned back from the door, shaking his head at his assistants blunt yell.  Meanwhile, nurse Joy headed over towards Amber.  The young girl had given another cry as her egg had started to crack. 
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  17. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik   

    Tails, Island

    At first, the young vulpine’s eyes narrowed somewhat at the Hedgehogs comment.  But then his face broke into a proud grin as his work was praised.

    “Thanks, it’s the first time I’ve been allowed to do work,” he blurted out without thinking.  He quickly continued, hoping the Hedgehog didn’t notice what he’d said.  “Uh… you said you needed help?  What’s your name?” Tails asked, his namesakes wagging nervously behind him.


    Robotnik, Wing Fortress Repair Bay

    Robotnik looked down at where Gamma’s arm had clamped to his own.

    “At least your damaged memory banks remember who is in change,” he muttered slightly irritated.  “Now Gamma, listen carefully.  I don’t know what happened down there, but you lost one of the biggest prizes this world has to offer.  Fail me again, and you’re on the scrapheap, understand?”

    He turned away from the robot as Zero arrived.  Out of the corner of his eye, Robotnik noticed the service robots rearming Beta.  “Well Zero, what is it?”

    “You wanted reports of any Mobians displaying unusual abilities.  We have detected one in Casino Night Zone,” Zero reported, handing over a tablet to the rotund Doctor.

    “We have?” exclaimed the Doctor with a twisted grin.  He watched the video playback, watching the green Canary tear one of the prison pods apart with her bare hands.  He shifted to the current video feeds, seeing the canary still there, with a group of other Mobians.

    “New orders Zero.  Instruct all forces in Casino Night Zone that capturing that Canary is now Priority One.  And those with her as Secondary Objectives.”


    Casino Night Zone

    Across the city, the robots disengaged from their current tasks as they turned and headed towards the city centre, intent on capturing Tekno and those with her.


    Skye, Feral Forest

    “I’m NOT a kid!” Skye shot back a little angrily as they ran.  “You… really have no idea what’s going on, do you?” The wolf was quiet for a moment as she caught her breath.  “That pod… it turns people and creatures into robots like the ones we fought.  And they fell all over the world last night.”  She took another gasp, running hard.  “Mobotropolis, that’s where they’re heading.  It will be safe there.  Unless…. Unless that is where HE is heading…”


    Sleet and Dingo, Mobotropolis

    Two guards rushed down the hall towards the throne room.  The seemed surprised to find Johnny in the corridor.  One headed past, the other walked right up to the rabbit and confronted him.
    “You!  What are you doing here?  Civilians are not allowed in this area of the palace.  Leave now!” he demanded.

    The other guard almost slammed open the doors to the throne room.

    “Sire, the radio reports,” he gasped, his fear overwhelming the usual decorum.  “We received one message from Feral Forest saying it was under attack, we’ve lost all contact with Casino Night Zone itself.  And… our agents outside the city… they manged to get one message through…” The guard gasped for breath.  “The city is under attack.  A massive ship from the sky, and armoured soldiers, twice the size of any Mobian.  They were trying to capture as many Mobians as they could.”

    “War is indeed coming,” said King Acorn grimly.  “If they have stuck Casino Night Zone, we will undoubtedly be next.”  Seemingly calm, he turned to the Captain of the Guard.  “Alert every solider.  And begin preparations for an evacuation.  But do not warn the civilians yet.  Do not create a panic if there is no need.”  The Guard bowed and headed out.

    “As for you two,” the King continued, turning to Sleet and Dingo.  “Your ship, how potent is it?”  Sleet considered for a moment.

    “It is the match of anything in the skies, and can outfly any biplane.  However, against the behemoths this Robotnik has, I suspect it would be as much use as a balloon.”

    “You are saying these large… airships are too powerful to stand against?” the King asked.

    “Yes,” Sleet replied bluntly.

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  18. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    We got a new FEH channel and with it our Haloloween units were revealed! And 3 of them are characters not in FEH yet!
    The 2 who are in FEH are L'Arachel, who's dressed as a mad scientist, and Hector who is holding a VERY adorable little Lilina (it's Binding Hector!) 
    But now foe the 3 not in the game yet...
    From Tellius we have Rolf and Illyana!
    But the best of them all....
    From Magvel YES, MAGVEL! IS DOZLA!  
    Finally a new Magvel unit after pretty much 2 years.... Oh yeah Hector's red L'Arachel is green Illyana is Blue and Dozla is colourless. Rolf is our free unit
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  19. Geoffrey St John added a post in a topic Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik   

    Mighty, Feral Forest
    Mighty gave a smirk but when Skye rushed for the door he quickly followed her and grabbed a large stick on the way just in case another robot attacked.  "Alright, jokes aside for now. Where we heading kid?" Asked Mighty as he ran just behind Skye.
    Ian and company, Mobian Badlands
    Ian thought about it and decided. "I'll pass on joining you Chuck. Though I am not hanging here, there is somewhere near by I am gonna check on. You boys can go with Chuck, come with me or hang out here. Up to you two" said Ian as he prepared himself for a hike.
    Johnny, Mobotropolis Castle
    Johnny had lost sight of the group he was following but kept walking around. "Where have they gone! Those two can not be trusted!" Said Johnny to himself as he reached the hallway which contained the room The King, Sleet and Dingo were in.
    Ray, Mercian Shelter
    The orphanage staff and the orphans had reached an old war shelter. They took refuge inside and tried to settle everyone down. However Ray woke up and started to panic. "Where am I? This is not my room! I gotta get back! It is too scary here!" Shouted Ray. The staff tried to calm him but they couldn't. It was at that moment another orphan punched Ray. "Shut up! It is bad enough we saw our home burn to the ground. You are making it worse!" said the Orphan which caused Ray to remember what he saw and pass out once more.
    Geoffrey, Sunset Valley ruins
    Geoffrey tried to stealthily move around the village which was now in ruins thanks to the robots "searching" for villagers to capture. He had been looking around for some time but found no signs of anyone. He continued his search as stealthily as he could.
    Beta, Wing Fortress
    Beta recieved his new orders from Dr Robotnik. Beta then plugged in to recharge while requesting to rearmed while inactive.
    Ray, Mercian Shelter
    Ray woke up and everyone else was sleeping. He saw his chance and rushed out of the door. He made sure to close the door behind him. "I am coming home now! Where I will be safe!" Said Ray to himself and he ran the way he thought home was. He tripped over something and when he looked he found a shiny stone. "Ooh nice stone! I think I will hold onto it" said Ray as he picked up the stone and started running again. He kept running and tried to stop when he saw a hole ahead of him. He managed to slow down but he fell over again falling into the hole. He hit a metal pod at the bottom of the hole and it grabbed onto him. "Hey! Let me go! I just wanna go home! Let me go!" Pleaded Ray but the pod took no notice and started pulling him inside. Ray threw the stone he picked up inside the pod to make it let go but that had no effect and he was pulled inside. The pod closed and Ray started crying inside the darkness.
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  20. Pearl98 added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    Dragalia Lost is getting another crossover but it's with one everyone was least expecting.. Mega Man!  
    Also Ephraim can go to Hel. I've used 250 orbs for him ON WEEKLY REVIVAL. And oh look I got pit broken at 6.33% by Delthea then again at 5.33% by Ishtar...
    Oh speaking of Hel Thrasir's our next mythic hero
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  21. Geoffrey St John added a post in a topic Guess the next poster!   

    Someone who needs to be saved is not worth saving.
    Do you disagree Dylan?
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  22. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Manga Recommendation   

    Cool, but I think there's already an Manga an Anime thread you can post your recommendations in... Actually, here it is: https://en-forums.sonicscanf.org/topic/164-general-animemanga-thread/ 
    I'm sure a lot more people will read that if you talk about this manga there. Heck, maybe someone already knows about it!
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  23. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Guess the next poster!   

    CHAOS REIGNS SUPREME for just about a minute or so.
    Sooooo, perhaps it is time for a certain stinker to control this madness... will Geoffrey save us from ourselves?
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  24. decock541541 added a topic in Off-topic   

    Manga Recommendation
    I recommended risou no himo seikatsu manga and This is my favourite manga.
    Any one Manga Recommendation?
    Check: http://www.yomanga.info/manga/risou-no-himo-seikatsu
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  25. Dylan added a post in a topic The Happy Birthday Thread   

    Aww... thanks all
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