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  1. Margred

    Can you recommend any new music to me? :) I am really happy to be back in here because I've really missed this place and all of my friends in here! ^^ I just read some old conversations and started laughing because there were some hilarious stuff that I didn't even remember anymore. Also do you guys have any idea of why I can't change my password in here? When I try to change it it just says that my current password is incorrect even though it isn't.

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    2. Thire

      While I can only truly recommend some personal favorites from Video Game Music (VGM) like Hiroyuki Sawano or Nobuo Uematsu, there’s a band called Sabaton that does historically-based metal. I could share some links if you’re interested.

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    3. Margred

      Video Game Music is good usually and I've been listening Sabaton for years already :D I really love their music and I'm actually going to see them on 23rd on this month ^^

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    4. Thire



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