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    I'm pretty surprised there isn't a thread about this already but here it is.
    If you don't already know what #GamerGate and #NotYourShield is, watch this:

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    Noted. Though I'll go ahead and say this: Not everyone in the revolt should be represented by a few trolls because that's really all they are, a few trolls taking advantage of a serious movement. I could easily say I discredit the opposing side because of some of the lovely things we've been called by the more radical people opposing it (worse than ISIS, hope we all get ebola, misogynist, neckbeard, manchild, etc.) along with that lovely tweet Anita made saying that men are the reason for school shootings, but I don't. Why? Because it doesn't represent them entirely. Granted they say these things because they truly believe in them out of a result of being misinformed by MSNBC and what have you, I don't immediately discredit a group for one's actions. Instead I discredit the individual. I only hold respect for those who hold respect for me.
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    I apologize. Can you say your reason so I can add it as an option?
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    Well put.
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    Apologies for the lack of updates recently, been busy with Drama Club and my upcoming trip to Orlando so things have been pretty busy as of late.

    If you guys want some kind of update, I've been working on something I like to call "Chaos Mode." After a certain period of time spent in a battle (or for story purposes), certain characters will be able to enter their Super form temporarily (or for the entire battle, again, for story purposes) if they have a Chaos Emerald equipped. You get more Emeralds to use on certain party members as the story progresses, but there are only seven so you'll have to decide who's Super form will help you most in an upcoming boss battle or what have you.

    In Super form, all of the character's stats are increased substantially and they have a new arsenal of skills that are either jazzed up versions of their usual skills, or new ones entirely. Also, the Super forms are technically their own class, so they have their own method of using skills, "Rings." Without the use of skills, a character can stay in Super form for 10 turns. If you use your skills however, you sacrifice some of the time you have in Super form, so you could either not use any and deal increased damage for ten turns, or you could go into Super for one turn to cast that really powerful skill you need to turn the tide of battle, again it revolves around decision making.

    This Saturday's gonna be the only day I've had 100% to myself in a while, so I'll spend it on brainstorming new ideas to compensate for the lack of activity lately.
    Also if you have any sort of experience with RPG Maker VX Ace, game design, sprite-making or music composing and you'd like to help me out on Project Archie (working title), my Skype name is srauscher2 and I'm accepting applications at the moment. If you apply, please go ahead and list any projects you've worked on before, if you do have experience to begin with. (If not, don't sweat it, I don't mind.)
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    Your Animation Pet Peeves
    This thread's for the animation fans on this forum.
    I personally dislike it when a studio just uses Flash alone. You see, Flash is a tool for animation, not for the animation alone. When you just use Flash, the animation tends to look lazy and soulless.

    I mean look at this. LOOK AT THIS. Your animation's supposed to IMPROVE with twenty years of age and an extreme advancement in technology and budget, what the heck.

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    Playing around the the concept of a Support class. I have the stats and such planned out, the only issue is what would be the name of the method in which they use their skills?
    Maybe Worry, where it's like Momentum only the more full the meter gets, the more effective all buffs/heals are and it fills with how much damage everyone in the party takes.
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    "Companions" would be the most likely contender for an alternate name.
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    Yeah, it does sound pretty intimate like you said, but limiting who can and can't get married would be a risk because I'll probably get some hate mail from people who ship two incompatible characters.
    I may omit gay marriage in general but that would only make me out to be a homophobic bigot and that's no good really.
    Again, this idea will likely be scrapped entirely.
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    New concept: Character marriages

    Inspired by Fire Emblem Awakening, the more battles two characters are in, the closer they get to each other, and eventually you have the option to marry them. In addition to certain character marriages leading to extra sidequests and alternate endings, there is another mechanic to it that's kind of a handicap and a benefit:
    If two married characters are in the same battle, they each get various stat upgrades depending on what class they are. For example: If a support character is fighting alongside their husband/bride, they heal 40% more to their wedded and 20% more to everyone else.
    However, if one of the wedded characters fall in battle, the other gets that marriage buff reversed, so instead of healing an extra 20%, a support character would heal 20% less than normal.

    I'm not sure if I want to make all the characters bisexual since that would mess with the canon more than it already has with marriage in the first place, in fact I may even scrap this idea later down the line.
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    You know, this sounds like a potentially crazy idea, but what if we combined our projects? Like, we worked together to create an RPG based on the entire comic, rather than one side for each project?
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    Wow, thanks! I'll likely try finding someone who can make unique sprites for Project Archie (working title), but in case I need a last resort, this'll come in handy.
    RPG Maker VX Ace is also definitely going to be what I want to work off of, at first anyway. As with the 3D models, an independent engine would be preferred, but not likely.

    Also I'll try coming up with more concepts and classes right now, sorry for the lack of new content announced. Things have been pretty draining this week so yeah.
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    It'll most likely be sprite-based, with designs inspired by the Sonic Advance games. 3D models would be pretty hard to get for a fan project, I'd imagine. If I COULD get 3D models though, I would be ecstatic, but alas.
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    That information would only help if you actually have managed to get professional help on a non-profit fan project.
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    Good point. I'll definitely consider it now.
    Only problem remains: where am I gonna get the team? Maybe I should open up an application thread once I have a concrete concept laid out? Maybe I should ask a few more communities, though I'm not sure if anyone else'll help out a 16 year old with no experience in game design or directing.
    I heard the guy who did the remastered Sonic CD port and mobile Sonic 1 port may be open for work, but getting a relatively big name like that would require some kind of salary which I don't really have the ability to give.
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    Like I said, this is still highly conceptual and needs some time and thought to develop into a full-fledged game. Things like balance and variety will be dealt with when I get to it.

    Everyone being a fusion class is very likely.

    By the way, on that Support class idea. I'm currently working around it and will have it made eventually. The only characters I see having this class so far are Amy and Dr. Quack.

    (One last note, Power = Fighter.)
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    Now that you mention it, starting at #130 wouldn't be a bad idea, the only problem is I want to omit Penders from it entirely for reasons that shouldn't be too hard to pick up.

    Also, after a few moments of thinking I came up with a solution to the potential balance issues of the fusion classes. There would be a main class, and a sub class. So let's take Quick Man for example once again, his main class would be speed, but his sub class will be robotic. What this would offer would be that he has the stats of a speed character, and the skillset of a robotic character.

    A Fighter class would be a good idea, too. Medium speed, low defenses, high physical power, a glass canon of sorts. They would probably use Stamina, which would work like the Brave/Default system in Bravely Default, where they could do multiple attacks + skills in one turn, but it would make them immobile for a certain amount of turns depending on how much Stamina they use. As for the skills, they would all be self-buffs like increasing defenses, attack and curing status ailments like poison. Fighter characters wouldn't need any extra offense moves, they have enough power from their regular attacks to justify this.
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    Idea: Sonic Archie RPG based on STH issues 160-251
    So this is a game concept I've been thinking about for a while now, and I have some concepts and mechanics already planned out. Not sure if I wanna commit making this an actual game yet but if I could get some people to help plan, code, and design, maybe it could be a reality.

    All the characters would belong to different factions, and they would be listed as such:
    Mobius (The Freedom Fighters, Knothole, New Mobotropolis, others)
    Moebius (The Suppression Squad, Kintobor, others)
    Megaopolis (Eggman, Dark Egg Legion, others)
    Misc. Good
    Misc. Evil
    Dr. Light (Mega Man crossover)
    Dr. Wily (Mega Man crossover)

    This list is not final and is subject to change at any time, maybe the Mega Man crossover will be omitted entirely.

    Classes/Skills + Fusion Classes
    At the moment I only have two classes planned out. In addition to factions, all the characters would belong to different classes, each with their own attributes, strengths, weaknesses, and usage of skills. Moreover on usage of skills, all the classes would have a different way to cast magic/use skills in battle. The two classes I have planned are:

    Speed characters, like Sonic and Scourge, are typically the fastest attackers in the game and do decent damage, but tend to have low HP and defenses. The way they would use skills is through Momentum. Every time a Speed character attacks, they gain a stack of Momentum. Momentum can be stacked up to 5 times, and using a skill would consume all stacks. Skill effectiveness would be based on how many stacks the character has, so while Speed characters can use Skills whenever they want, the skills won't be very effective/won't do much damage, and some of the more powerful late game skills would require all 5 stacks to be used.

    Robotic characters, like the Robot Masters, would have high damage and decent defenses, but low speed. They would use Energy to cast skills, which is probably the closest thing to regular Mana seen in many other RPGs. They have a set pool of Energy with some skills costing more than others and this Energy can be replenished with items, as well as spending a turn to recharge your energy.

    You may be asking "What about robots depicted as fast, like Quick Man?". That's where fusion classes come into play, where a character can belong to two classes at the same time. Some classes combinations can be stronger than mono-class characters, like how the Speed class covers for the Robotic class's typically low speed. Not sure how the skill system would work for Fusion Classes yet, but I'm thinking maybe fusion class characters have skills from both classes as well as both methods of using their respective skills.

    Tell me what you think of this idea. Can it work? Should it be made?
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    Alright yeah, a general cartoon topic would work.
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    Other Comics/Cartoons board?
    Can we get a board for discussing cartoons and such other than Sonic? I mean I know we technically have the Off-Topic board, but I don't know, if there's a board for talking about non-Sonic games, why not a board for non-Sonic comics? (And cartoons? I usually kinda lump them together, but that's just me.)
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    >With Me by All Ends is #1
    Good taste.
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    The Big SMITE Thread
    What is "Smite"?
    Smite is a moba (multiplayer online battle arena), but a bit different from the more popular League of Legends and Dota 2.
    In Smite, you have a third-person camera rather than an isometric view and just about everything is a skillshot, even the basic attacks.
    You control with the WASD keys rather than click around. If you want more information, go to: http://www2.hirezstudios.com/smitegame/home/sidebar/game-info/about-smite

    This thread is dedicated to finding other players and making your own teams, maybe even show off your recent matches if you wanna get a bit narcissistic. So... yeah, Smite thread.

    I'm sorry, I can't resist:

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    Honestly, this is a really tough decision.
    Nintendo is my childhood and Sega is my adolescence. I think I just love them both equally.
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    All those are pretty good, yeah.
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