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  1. The_Duck added a post in a topic Games that you are currently playing   

    Final Fantasy III (DS remake)- Okay, so I used to always watch my brother play Final Fantasy games growing up, but never played them myself. So a couple years ago, he got me FF2 for PSP, and FF3 for DS for my birthday. I have since beat 2, but just got around to playing 3 recently. I'm still about halfway through, but i've been working on it. I actually played around on the original NES rom of 3 years ago, but never beat it. So now i'm going to!

    Sonic Unleashed (PS2)-Bought if for my birthday 2 years ago and got halfway through, but since my brother and I shared a memory card, when I moved away, he kept my data. I have since bought my own memory card, and so I actually have to start over. But i'm super excited about finishing this one, because I saw him beat the Wii version, and it looked really fun. And I actually like the werehog's gameplay, what I played of it anyway.

    Sonic Rivals 2 (PSP)-Bought this one about a year ago. I finished Tails and Silver's stories, and got halfway through Shadow's. But now finishing it is a matter of getting my game to actually work. The little disc cartridge was cracked when I got it, but I managed to get it to work after taping it back together. But lately it hasn't wanted to work, so I need a new outer cartridge thing for it. The game itself it cool though, I enjoy a fun little racing game every now and then.

    Pokemon Ruby-I'll say it now, I'm probably not gonna get the remakes. I liked gen 3 for what it was and playing a remake just wouldn't be the same. But I won't get off topic about that. The reason I'm playing this one again right now isn't for the main story, I actually already beat that a little while back. But I once got 50 wins in the battle tower on this verison, before I knew anything about raising your pokemon's base stats, and used awful guys like Solrock and Sealeo. Not even Walrein, just Sealeo. So I wanted to raise up a good team, and see if I can beat the battle tower agian, now that I know what i'm doing. I think I can do it!

    Lunar Silver Star Harmony (PSP)-This is actually the 3rd(?) remake of the game Lunar: The Silver Star, originally for Sega CD (later remade for Playstation, GBA, and PSP). I never played the original versions, but my brother had the PS version, and I watched him beat that one. I got the GBA version a while back and beat it, but I wanted this one, because the gameplay is more true to the original version (the GBA's battle system was a bit simplified), and because it's voice acted, like the original. Only with new voices, which takes getting used to. The interesting thing is, the title theme for this version is the same song as the PS version, sung by the same lady, only with re-written words. It's kinda weird.

    Out of all of those, I'm most actively playing FF3, but I'm working on all of them as I can. I like to try and finish one thing before I start another, but it doesn't always happen.
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  2. The_Duck added a post in a topic Pokemon!   

    Wow, I haven't kept up with the show and movies since the Shaymin/Giratina movie, but reading that song title, I kinda want to watch that movie now! Not because i hope it happens or anything, but it'd be nice if they changed it up and made something suspenseful like that happen! (trying to keep it spoiler-friendly by not saying it).
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  3. The_Duck added a post in a topic Which was your favourite Sonic Universe arc so far? (If you read it)   

    One of my favorites was Treasure Team Tango of course, but I think everyone's said all that there is to be said about that. We all love Bean here.

    I also like the Silver arc, and the Secret Freedom (since #41 was the first issue I saw at the bookstore a few years ago, even though I never read it until recently, the cover was already nostalgic because I recognized it). Any story with Silver in it, I really like, because he's actually a really cool character in the comics. I don't know, I just feel like I can sort of relate to him. Just in the sense of being thrown into a terrible situation that isn't your fault. But they way he deals with things, and just his personality is cool. (I know, I'm bad at reviewing things, all I can say is "it's really cool!" lol).

    I also must say I liked the Eggman arc, because of how it really brought out what a bad guy he really is. Like, he's a REALLY bad guy. If you thought he was a joke before, this is where you get proven horribly wrong. It left me actually wondering how it would end, up until it did end, of course.

    Also gotta say I liked the Tails arc, because Tails Adventure is one of my favorite games. It's just a fun little game to go back and play every now and then, and so it was pretty cool seeing Speedy get some "screen time". And since that kind of led into the Babylon arc, I'll have to mention that too, because it was kinda cool, and threw me off seeing just how competent and scary Speedy's dad can be. Kinda like with Eggman, if you thought this guy was a joke because of how silly he looks, then you were wrong about him too.

    In short, my top favs would have to be Treasure Team Tango, Tails Adventure, and Secret Freedom Fighters.
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  4. The_Duck added a post in a topic Pokemon!   

    I don't know yet if I'm excited for Ruby/Sapphire remakes or not. On the one hand, I wish they'd quit doing remakes and make a new game or something, but on the other hand, I really miss secret bases the way they used to be. And even though I've been playing since Red and Blue, Ruby (or Emerald) was my favorite version, next to Silver. So maybe I'll still end up getting it.

    So anyone else have amazing luck with shinies on X/Y versions? I only used to have 3 shinies back in the day on my Silver version, (a Swinub, a Meowth two years later, and a Houndour the next night!). Then a few years later I got a Bidoof on Pearl, another couple years later and I got a Drowzee on Soul Silver. Replaying Ruby sometime after that, I found a shiny Spinda, and then an Onix (on Soul Silver again) a few months after that. Never found one on White, but on White 2, I got a shiny blue stripe Basculin while training a guy. And all of those were over the course of about 10 years.

    Just since playing X version, I've gotten about 10 MORE on top of those, the first being a Goomy. Later ones (some only days apart from eachother) included Haunter (who's now a shiny Mega Gengar!), Jigglypuff, Togepi, Foongus, Vanillite, Boldore, Wingull, Trevenant, Gulpin, and then ANOTHER Foongus! I've gotten too many, and now I don't even know what to do with them all! And that's not couning the shiny Scatterbug and Clauncher that I accidentally hatched! (The Clauncher was even on my birthday, so awesome accidental birthday present!)

    Anyway, I didn't mean to brag about my shinies, I just love talking about them. Well, especially the original 3. Because I had a Murkrow with me for the first 4 I caught anyway, so he's always been my lucky pokemon. And then when my battery died in my Silver version, it took my first 3 shinies with it :( so I decided to breed another shiny Houndour on X, and it took me a solid year. But i ended up hatching it on April 6th, the exact day that I caught the original, 11 years ago! So that was pretty cool. even made sure it was bred in a level ball, the same kind of ball I caught it in back then.

    Okay, I'm done rambling now.
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  5. The_Duck added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (2019 Movie)   

    Hearing that it was part live action threw me off too. I've never really liked that style, but maybe just Eggman will be the live action part? Since he IS human and all. I dunno, but I'm really hoping it's going to be great. Fans have been wanting a GOOD sonic movie forever, don't ruin this chance, Sony!
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  6. The_Duck added a post in a topic Strange Dreams   

    I had a rather strange dream last night, that I let my hamster, Sir Galaham, out of his cage to play, and he was crawling around all over my shelf and being cute. Then suddenly, all the Hamtaro characters were there (little cartoon hamsters) and then we were all on some kind of mission together to go get lots of Cheez-Its to give my brother to cure his cancer. Because his doctor had called us and told us that a recent study had shown a link to Cheez-Its diminishing cancer cells or somthing. And so we did, and he got better.

    But don't worry, in real life, he became cancer-free after his surgery a couple years ago.
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  7. The_Duck added a post in a topic Sonic Boom (Cartoon)   

    I actually like Sticks' voice! I don't think it sounds that annoying actually, but, to each his own, right? Anyway, for some reason it reminds me of Dulcy's voice from SatAM a little bit. Who was also Suzy from Rugrats. It's NOT her, but it reminds me of her, a little. I think I'll grow to like her anyway. We haven't had a new character in a while.
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  8. The_Duck added a post in a topic Strange Dreams   

    Huh. Well guys, those are definitely some strange dreams. I'm one of those people that has very strange and vivid dreams too, and I started keeping track of mine a good few years ago now.

    A lot of my dreams used to be about someone trying to tell me something. It was always someone different in every dream, sometimes a family member, sometimes a favorite video game character. But they'd always be trying to tell me something important, only I could never hear what they were saying. I guess they must've been trying to give me helpful life advice, but I had to realize it for myself. Because now I don't have those dreams anymore. And I realized one day, that while you can tell this kind of advice to younger people, they'll never truly understand it until they realize it for themselves. Then it made me think of those dreams I used to have.

    I also used to have very vivid dreams about flying. Once, I was flying a small red bi-plane (pretty much just like Tails') over a football field at night, and I could feel the wind, and it was a fun feeling, being able to control the plane. Another time, I was a dragon, and I could actually feel the way my muscles moved me through the air, and the wind blowing through my fur, and I was going so fast. I think I went up into space. But it was the coolest feeling ever.

    And then, this one time, I had a just absolutely silly dream. Me and my friends (which included some Sonic characters, and I think a couple pokemon) were lost on an icy mountain. And it was a huge icy mountain, that seemed to stretch up into forever, into the dark, cloudy, snowy sky. We were exploring this mountain for whatever reason, and about halfway up, we came across what appeared to be a meat flower. They were rather large flowers, with 6 pedals made of hamburger meat. The stem looked like a crunchy rawhide bone, with leaves made of beef jerky. (lol, leaf jerky!) On the little stamen things in the middle, there were orange balls on the end, that may have also been some kind of meat.

    So Charmy Bee decides to fly up to one of these meat flowers, but when he gets close to it, the pedals start moving, and there's a bright flash of light, and then he's gone. Then Espio mentions a legend about how the middle of the meat flower is actually a portal to the meat dimension. As the group is discussing this, one of the younger characters (either Cream the Rabbit, or someone else anyway) decides to go after Charmy, and gets sucked into the meat flower. So then me and one other in the group (either Espio or my brother, or somehow both) decide to go in after them.

    After being pulled into a crazy, meaty, dimensional vortex, we land in a weirdly cushy meat floor. Well, I do anyway, since we seem to have been separated. And it really is a meat dimension. The ground is meat, the mountains are meat, even the clouds, up in the yellow gravy-looking sky are also meat. Then, up at the top of a meat-mountain, I notice Charmy is about to fall, and appears to be having trouble climbing. I think he's also being rained on by meatballs. (At this point in the dream, I actually remember thinking to myself, "wow, the bowl in Persona 4 that leads to the meat dimension really was real! There's enough meat here to go on forever!") So then I went on to help Charmy. Climbing the meat mountain was a little awkward at first, but not that hard. When I got to the top, I pushed Charmy up onto the cliff so he wouldn't fall, and while I was still hanging on the meat cliff, I saw Cream fly up out of nowhere, and her and Charmy started flying around in circles. Then Espio/my brother runs up, saying he found Cream and that we should leave now. Then we somehow used Chaos Control to escape the meat dimension before an oncoming meatball storm. And I don't remember anything after that.

    *whew!* Well, that was a bit longer than I remembered. Next time I'll have to tell you about the bathroom labyrinth dream.
    (transposed from my journal, because I went into detail about what I remembered from the scenery, and it was more descriptive that way).
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  9. The_Duck added a post in a topic Playing Sonic CD again, help me out!   

    Yeah, I'll be Darned if I can find the robo machines in Wacky Workbench. That place is pretty wack.
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  10. The_Duck added a post in a topic Playing Sonic CD again, help me out!   

    So I don't NEED to get the time stones then? that's cool, because I really suck at the special stages. Although I'm sure I'll get good at them if I play them enough.

    I didn't think there was any point to going to the future, so that's good to know. It seems like most of the future signs are there to generally screw me over when I'm trying to get to the past, and I accidentally pass one while trying to run fast enough. Or while looking for a place to run fast enough.
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  11. The_Duck added a topic in Multiverses of Sonic the Hedgehog   

    Playing Sonic CD again, help me out!
    Hey guys! So I'm playing Sonic CD again for the first time in probably 16 years. So naturally, I have a few questions.

    I know for each level, to get the "good future" you have to go back in the past and destroy the floaty thing that's 'somewhere' in the level. That much I know. What about the projecter thing that shows an image of Metal Sonic, which you can also blow up? What does that do? I've got the good future without blowing that up, so is it just extra bonus points?

    If you have to go to the past to find the thing to blow up, is there any point in going into the future, from the present? Or is it just there to throw you off from getting to the past? Can you do anything important in the future?

    Also, I forget the significance of the Time Stones. (That is what you get from the special stages, right? wasn't it something different than chaos emeralds?) I have a feeling I need them to get a "good ending".

    I know I could just go read a FAQ or something, but I figured I'd ask here, because well, that's what forums are for, right? Let's get some activity up in here!
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  12. The_Duck added a post in a topic Top 3 best Sonic games by your opinion.   

    Well, it's very hard to pick a top 3, since I like just about every game in the series for different reasons. But here goes:

    1: Sonic Adventure 2 - Because this game introduced Shadow, who is my very top favorite character, next to Tails, who has been my fav from the beginning. I really liked the gameplay; it was really fun (addictive, even) and the levels were very well designed. I also like how Shadow and Rouge fit into the story very well, and didn't just seem like new characters that they just thought up on the spot. I also found raising Chao to be weirdly addictive and really fun. But I suppose everything else I feel about this game has already been said.

    2: Sonic Rush - Come on, who doesn't love Blaze? She's an easily-angered, but loveable hothead with a sense of responsibility, kinda like a certain echidna we all love, eh? Although her character is a bit more dignified. And I love her outfit. But enough about that, and onto the actual game. I love that it was the first game in quite a while to play more like a straight up classic Sonic game (not that I don't love all the newer styles of gameplay), but added the interesting features of newer games, such as rail grinding and the tricks you can do when jumping. The special stages, I could do without (I've never liked the Sonic 2-style special stages, although Sonic Colors DS did them in a tolerable way). But the story was interesting enough, by Sonic standards, and the game itself, put simply, it was an engaging experience. And although I only played it for the first time about 3 years ago, it's already a classic that I fondly go back to every once in a while.

    3: This one's hard to say for sure, but I actually really liked Sonic Unleashed (PS2 version) - While I haven't actually finished it yet, I did watch my brother beat the Wii version, which is pretty much the same as the PS2 version. From what I have played of it though, I actually find the Werehog levels to be an interesting change of pace from the usual "just fly through every level at top speed". It gave the game a sense of strategy, and it's just plain fun taking two monsters and bashing their heads into eachother. However, I can't say that the regular Sonic levels weren't great in their own right; everything about this game, I find really fun, and the music is some of the better in the series, I think. Also, this game introduced Chip, who became my top favorite side character, never to be seen again.

    Well, I guess that about does it. Although after reading The Jest's description of Sonic Adventure, I'd have to agree, and put that one pretty high on my list.
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  13. The_Duck added a post in a topic General Art Thread   

    I didn't know where else to put this, but I guess it qualifies as a form of 'art'.

    In our current bout of way past "cool" weather, I decided to get out there and slap this guy together. All "hail" Shadow!! (Actually, it's Sonic, I just wanted to make that pun.)

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  14. The_Duck added a post in a topic Your Favorite Boss Fights   

    That's hard to say, but mine would probably have to be from Secret of Mana (SNES). The Mana Beast. For one, because of his spoilerific identity. Two, it was actually a challenging fight, considering in that game you can only hold 4 of each item. And since theres only one item that revives your characters when they die, you have to use the 4 you can carry carefully. Also, you had to use your MP wisely for that fight, as you only got the 4 MP restoration items as well. And three, it had a really epic soundtrack. Not just for the final boss, but really, the whole game.

    If you've never played it, it's definitely worth checking into. It's actually up to three players!
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  15. The_Duck added a post in a topic Pokemon White 2 / Black 2   

    Of course, with X and Y being out now, I'm playing X more (that's the version I got). But before them, I was mostly playing White 2. That was the first version since Silver for GBC that I actually completed the pokedex on, if only just to get the Shiny Charm item. Using that, I was finally able to breed my most coveted pokemon ever, a shiny Sealeo. I know he's not that good of a pokemon, but he's my very top favorite pokemon, out of every generation. At least he was, until Meowstic came around (the male version that is, he's just too cute!)

    I really liked the story of B/W and B/W2 though. By pokemon standards anyway, it seems like they were actually trying for a change, and it felt like more than just "beat gym leaders, become champion, the end". I liked that the gym leaders themselves actually had a role in the story (albeit a minor one). That's the one thing I've really wanted all along, is for them to actually be as important as the series makes them out to be. But they went back to being nobodys in X/Y. I don't even remember half the gym leaders in those versions.
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