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  1. Chromatic Terras

    I wonder if I should change my name and appearance. I want to move on from auto-taking the same character and broaden my (endless) possibilities.

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    2. Skye Prower


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    3. Chromatic Terras

      I mean, we all have a passion for role-playing. I just have like 5 different versions of Knuckles that are on hiatus right now, and all the other characters I've made haven't been introducted because we haven't made any new stories and I don't wanna start one myself if it doesn't stay up. I can get into character, just don't wanna do it with Knuckles cause he isn't something I created.

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    4. Geoffrey St John

      Knux I get that, myself and Jest have a lot of our own creations and we want to use them. But I think if we find a character we have true passion for playing it will make us ready to do our own creations justice.

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