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Sonic the Hedgehog (2019 Movie)

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Insomniac aren't working on a Sly Cooper game. No-one is. Last I checked, there's been no word on a new Sly game since Thieves in Time.

And since Rainmaker Studios (the guys that animated the Ratchet and Clank film) ditched the Sly movie project last year, effectively killing the movie before it was even made, there'd be no point in making any form of tie-in.

Sorry to burst the bubble, but a Sly movie (and any video game connected to it) ain't happening. There's the proposed TV show, and that's it.

Well there goes my hopes and dreams... the tv show BETTER be GOOD quality CGI and none of that usual crap.

From the looks of it, the animation studio that are set to create this series are the same ones behind Sonic Boom (among other things).

So I'd imagine that the Sly series will have a similar level of animation quality to those shows.

That's kinda bad still ._. I mean why can't the dudes have similar budget to CGI MOVIES. So good.

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