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  1. It's been a while!! How is everyone? :)

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    2. Cinescense


      welcome back princess

    3. Princess_SallyAcorn


      I'm doing well too, and thanks for your concern :)

    4. Sonic The Hedgehog

      Sonic The Hedgehog

      Welcome back Sal!

      and I'm doing fine ^^

      How about you? :)

  2. I finally finished Cream's challenge!! I've been trying for like 6 days in a row, I guess :P

  3. The beginning of season 6 (Adventure Time) is so cruel.. Finn's real father turned out to be a total jerk and because of him Finn lost one of his limbs,, but even though, I hope it's temporary :'(

    1. Princess_SallyAcorn


      Wait, does that mean you've never watched Adventure Time?

  4. I got my report card yesterday, and it turned out that I lost 6 more marks :(

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    2. Danny Felixe

      Danny Felixe

      You can do it. I know you can. Next time

    3. Cinescense


      Being a princess must be rough,huh?Such high expectations I imagine

  5. Lol, a website I know has changed its background to MLP as an April fool :P They even changed the name of the show to "Pony Shippuuden", and the episodes are in .. Japanese I think, I'm not sure. Btw, that name is based on Naruto Shippuuden, lol :P

    1. Centaur Man

      Centaur Man

      Do you mean the webside SpinDash.de? Cause they got this April fool...

    2. Princess_SallyAcorn


      No, another one :P

  6. It's raining outside!! It's been awhile :) btw, 4 days left for my birthday.

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    2. Skye Prower

      Skye Prower

      Happy birthday in advance!

    3. Princess_SallyAcorn


      Yup, 30 mar :) Thanks everyone.

  7. For the third day in a row, I did a ridiculous mistake again!! What's annoying me is that I knew the right answer, but I still chose the wrong one :(

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    2. SeriouslyStupid


      Hey, don't sweat it; those kinds of mistakes just happen sometimes. I'll go by Dylan's sentiments that things will go better next time.

    3. Princess_SallyAcorn
    4. Cinescense


      Being a princess doesn't sound so easy

  8. Next week is the beginning of exams ,, again :(

    1. sweet_lil_Eliza


      Awww Darn, sucks. Study hard and make sonicscanf proud =P

  9. A new Tom & Jerry show!! YAY!! :P

  10. Sonic universe 61!! No offence, but I'm not interested :P

    1. SeriouslyStupid


      I don't hold a particular interest for most Sonic Universe issues so you're not alone.

    2. Princess_SallyAcorn


      Really? Then, HIGH-FIVE !! :P

  11. I'm finally done with stage 4 and waiting for the global progress :) Btw guys, what are your highest scores? Mine is 1,577,950.

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    2. Chosen One

      Chosen One

      Umm...well, I feel the same way as Cheery, mine is 49,347,020....not to brag...I'm not that type of guy...

    3. Cinescense


      Well If i could but In.My high score Is the equivalent of all of SEGA SAMMY's earnings last years divided by the square root of pie,then multiplied by 5 and divided by 10...so like 500,000

    4. Spark Falls

      Spark Falls

      I just looked at my post and I'm just going to say I'm not trying to brag either and to me any score higher then 200,000 is a good score in my book

  12. Is it just me? Or Rouge's Global challenge is actually faster than Silver's?

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    2. Princess_SallyAcorn


      No, it's not over yet. 8 days left, but stage 3 is almost done on the global progress.

    3. sweet_lil_Eliza




    4. Princess_SallyAcorn


      You're right, LET'S DO IT !! :P

  13. We're going to finish the 2nd term before I turn 16 :P