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  1. Pearl98

    My friend is giving me a big surprise, they're buying a Fire Emblem game for me! Only problem is I can't chose which one I want most! I'm really enjoying playing Awakening on another friends 3ds, but Fates and Warriors looks really good... 

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    2. Pearl98

      Thank you for the recommendations everyone :D I think I'll do first come first serve type of thing when it comes to what I get, since it seems hard to find most of the games, but hoping for Awakening most (not going to go into how much I like Chrom xD) Plus on my friends game I'm at when you rescue Emmeryn. I'll be happy with Echoes of Valentia, I've seen the cutscenes and it's really good! Guess we'll see what I end up with in a few hours

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    3. Danny Felixe

      As someone who played and finished Echoes of Valentia... I really enjoyed it. It was definitely fun to play

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    4. Skye Prower

      I hope you enjoy whichever one you get!

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