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  1. I just fully beat Sonic Frontiers in 3 days and I had an ABSOLUTE. BLAST. Has anyone gotten the game? What do you think? We need to make a topic on Frontiers for sure.

    1. Thire


      I love it so far! It's basically everything I've been wanting in a Sonic game (minus the crazy jank that happens most of the time.) 

      The combat is hands down my favorite part, the scripts were done extremely well. No offense to the Japanese devs but we've need Flynn on the dev team longer.

    2. MajinTails


      I think we have a Frontiers thread, it's just super dead and didn't even get all the updates prior to launch like the russian forum thread.

    3. MajinTails


      And by updates, I mean we stopped getting updates and more pre-release material like ads, trailers, and first looks that we saw elsewhere