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    I would rather reread the whole Pre-Genesis Sonic than looking forward for another World Collide. I feel I have attained more literary enjoyment and benefits out of them than any of these crossovers.
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    "So those two tails allowed him to fly? That's convenient." Maxine thought to herself witnessing Miles descending from the sky. She then thought about where to go next. By the standard of her squad, it was not sensible to involved a civilian in a dangerous area, but looking at Mile, she noticed him as an ex-freedom fighter and a rather famous adventurer. The man's desperately looking for his son, who could have been anywhere. Therefore, it would worried him even more if she made a wrong decision.
    "We'll head to that fortress first. Maybe we can find some clues there. If we don't find anything, then we'll head to the city." Said her as she came to the most plausible conclusion.
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    "We'll meet again! I'm sure of it!" Arek spoke to Danny as he and his colleagues walked away. Soon, they are out of the company's sight.
    "I have to say, your new friends are rather cute, Arek. You should tell me about them." Said Ellen. Arek, meanwhile, nodded and smiled. "It's good to be in a city once in a while. Say, Seera, since we're here, what about we drop by Uncle Chuck's before we go home? I've always wanted to eat there." Asked Ellen to Seera. "I guess, but afterward, we should hurry home. There's still lots of works to do after all." replied Seera. The boss then turned to Arek, "I hope you do learn a lesson today, kid."
    "Yeah, sorry about it, Boss. I won't do something like that anymore," replied him quietly, before he put up his face to meet hers, "but I'm not giving up, though. Someday, I'll become a real freedom fighter. And if I fail to do that staying with you, then I'll have no choice but to quit.". Seera looked at the boy, rather surprised. He had a determined face, and his eyes told her he was not kidding. "Whatever." concluded her before she kept walking on. Arek, meanwhile, comfortably smiled a little. Ellen noticed that and giggled.
    Arek believed he still had a long way to go before becoming a hero. and ideally he wanted to become stronger together with his friends. A trip to New Mobotropolis was a short experience, but he knew it in his heart that it would not be his last.
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    "Not you, Dianne, I'm afraid it's me who's leaving now." replied Arek to Dianne, smiling sadly. "Guys, it has been very short times I've been with you, but thank you. It's really fun... and Coda," he turned to the robot, "I mean it when I told you about these people. I'm sure the Freedom Fighters can help your problem. They're really strong and cool!" Having said that, Arek quickly turned back and ran back to Seera and Ellen before he regretted anything.
    "Farewell then!" The three waved the company goodbye and began walking away from the hospital.
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    "I know. We're still learning to live together, after all." Ellen looked at the two mobains and smiled.
    Meanwhile, Seera got up after she comforted the young man. Arek looked up at her. "Before we go, can I say say goodbye to my new friends?" The feline quietly nodded in response. The young man then turned to the two young foxes who had accompanied him since he had left Furvile.
    "Dianne? Danny?"
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    1. For creating silly creepypasta. Exes and dolls keep popping in when searching for character images. It's very annoying.
    2. For nitpicking the quality of the games. Like RetroReview said, people will never be satisfied.
    3. For lacking of real quality fanworks. Aside from poorly done GMod and flash videos with bad & sarcastic jokes, there isn't a lot of stuff to enjoy.
    Still prefer this fandom over DBZ's fandom, though.
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    (OOC: A long conversation post. Please don't mind)
    Seera noticed the fox approaching her. "Oh, it's you again. Don't worry, it's just a family's business," spoke the feline in a seemly calm tone. It's more than apparent she's annoyed.
    "Look, kid, like I said, we're going home." She forcefully took Arek's arm, only for him to dismiss her again. "No, Seera! Just because you're stronger than me, older than me, and taller than me doesn't mean you can tell me not to do anything!" Yelled Arek. He has totally lost his temper. The boss sighed hopelessly in respond.
    "I wouldn't have to care one bit about what you do if you, you know, BEHAVE yourself. What's on your darn mind that tell you to leave the town without informing us?"
    "I was just trying to find some place to take extra jobs and promote our team. Am I wrong to do that?!"
    "YES, you are. Not only you're disobeying my order, but you're placing yourself in danger. What if you were unlucky and got yourself killed?!" Argued Seera, with Arek quickly responded. "You're over exaggerating things, again, Boss. Look, I'm okay now. There's nothing to worry about. See?"
    Seera started to lose her temper herself. "That's so beside the point, kid." Said her.
    "At least I was helping these people doing so! I thought it's our job to help out anybody in need for help?!" Arek desperately shook his head. He's trembling from overwhelming anger, and his voice started to crack.  "I have come to Northamer dreaming to become a freedom fighter, and I believed I could if I join you. I heard you guys were adventurous people always seeking out challenge and bad guys. Then six months passed... Six months! All you did was ordering me to do those chores and delivering chili dogs, never allowing me to go anywhere! Even when troubles happened nearby Furvile, you just told me to hide around like some sort of cowards! Seriously! What have I done... what have WE done, at all?!"
    Seera kept calm as Arek ranted on. She noticed that he was uncontrollably crying. "Kid, I understand how you feel." Seera gently put her hand on the boy's shoulder. "However, that doesn't change the fact your reckless stunt worried us. Haven't you seen how worried Ellen was?" Arek put up his face and looked across other mobians. He saw Ellen standing at the hospital's doors, almost crying. At that point, guilt struck him.
    "What I'm asking is for you to be patient. Our team just need some adjustment, that's all."
    "...Fine, you win, Boss. I'll go home." said Arek, finally calming himself down. "Good," replied Seera. She then turned to Tails and others. "I'm sorry if we've troubled you. We'll be going."
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    Maxine turned her head and saw Miles next to her. "A heck of a ride indeed...  I hope we never have to go through that again." thought her as she mildly shook her head. Afterward, Maxine to continue looking around.
    "Is this the past?" She wondered out loud. She then thought about what the two should do.
    "All right... first of all, we need to know where we are, and then where we can go... In the middle of nowhere like this, It could be dangerous to walk around aimlessly. We should find a high ground and take a look if we can spot roads or landmarks that can guide us." Maxine turned to Miles. "Mr. Prower, if you notice anything, please don't hesitate to tell me."
    "Let's move."
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    Maxine slowly opened her eyes as her feet touched the ground. It felt like forever since she jumped into the time portal. Her body felt totally numbed..
    "Where am I?" She looks around the place, but she saw nothing but sand. "Mr. Prower?"
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    If he really get such job, he should make an RPG (similar to Battle and Chronicle). Considering how long he has handled Knothole Freedom Fighters, teamwork and character development are probably his strongest points.
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    Happy birthday, Shadow, Dylan. I'm sorry I forgot to check this thread earlier.
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    "T-thank you." Said Ellen as she took the notebook back. "Are you talking about Seera? Oh, she doesn't hide anything, really. She was just being furious at Arek for leaving our home without telling us. She was really worried about him, you see."  As Ellen spoke, she become a bit depressed. "To be honest, she was never like that before."
    Outside the hospital appeared a feline dragging out her young canine subordinate like a doll. Arek, who got hurt further due to his boss, finally ran out of patient and threw his arm out of Seera's firm grip. The boy got slapped in the face very hard as a response.
    "What in the world are you doing?!" yelled Arek at Seera, who only stared coldly back at him.
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    I pray my heart they won't get carried away with the crossover idea too much. Having crossover over and over again hurts the main story's publications and the crossovers' characterizations (appearing in a huge story just to brawl in interchangeable panels is very underwhelming). Considering the paces of Pre-Genesis era, I don't think it'll be healthy for the comic.
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    "The question is, is this machine really Eggman's creation?": thought Maxine as she thought to herself the reason she's sent here. Miles, who went inside the time gate, has already disappeared. She now walked toward the arch and took a deep breathe.
    "Here goes nothing." Maxine briefly shook her head is anxiety. "Big sis, Mom... please look after me..." She stepped inside the machine. Soon enough, everything went white.
    <oc: Mr. Chosen One, please select your destination from here. I'll follow you. >
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    "You're right, we're really busy with our works. In fact, the kid has troubled you long enough. We should be going."
    Without a warning, Seera grabbed Arek's arm and walked away from the Freedom Fighters. "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!!" Arek tried to resist, but his boss's arm strength was too much for him and he slowly got dragged out. He looked at the company with a desperate look..They both quickly disappeared from the lobby.
    Ellen, meanwhile stood there and didn't know what to say. She followed her college, but then she turned to Sonic.
    "Erm... Mr. Sonic the Hedgehog, yes?" She once again turned red. She pulled out a notebook and hand it to him. "I-I'm a big fan of your! P-Please, c-can I have your autograph?!" She then bowed as low as she could.
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    Big Hero 6? That would be very awesome. I'm surprised Square got it licensed already considering how recent that show was.
    The only Kingdom Heart I ever completed was Kingdom Heart 2, though. I'll get PS4 later, so I'm looking forward to this one.
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    I'm very sorry. I sorted of skipped the sentence that says you're making a parody.
    Nevertheless, I still think the idea is risky. After all. There's also a chance your message won't get across the audience because of the "complete what-the-F*ck" story element. Things can turn out too silly or too offensive.
    If you're sure you know what you're doing, though, that's fine. Just go for it. I'll be looking forward to read your work.
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  18. arekpowalan added a post in a topic Vote: Does This Sound Like A Good Idea for a Sonic fanfic?   

    The very immediate problem of your fan fiction is it's too dark. Remember that grimdark in a supposedly kid-friendly setting like Sonic the Hedgehog (or cartoon animals in majority) will be easily subjected to criticism. I'm not saying it's not do-able, but you need to be extremely careful dealing with your story and you need to make sure you'll leave certain message or moral that can invoke positive reactions from the readers, toward the story, the characters, and toward you as a writer.

    Writing a "human god" character who's also borderline insane is a very tricky thing to do. you cannot just torture the animals graphically without a reason: there's a risk of you going too far that the grimdark overshadows the plot and the message you're going to convey. On the other hand, you cannot write this kind of story without taking a peek at a psychological aspects of the characters: things will go too light and will make the whole thing not interesting. Your narrative needs to generate enough tension and empathy to "hook" the readers to stay until the end.

    Personally, I don't recommend it. If you screw up by making characters too sadistic, out of characters, or/and even fail to deliver the meaningful ending and message to the readers, it's Sonic's reputation that will suffer the most. However, this is your choice. If you're really going for it, I recommend you reading some of short horror stories, particularly made by Edgar Allan Poe like The Black Cat or The Tell-Tale Heart, to enhance your techniques in writing the psychological horror genre.
    I wish you the best of luck and writing development.
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    Sticks is okay for me. especially consider the standard of the shows she's starring, She's also pretty decent in the comic. I wanna see her doing a co-op attack/move with Marine.
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  20. arekpowalan added a post in a topic The Happy Birthday Thread   

    Happy birthday, Locke! I hope you have a great year ahead for you!
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    Here's a journey how I became a university student
    When I was a kid, I played the Thai-language patched rom of Final Fantasy IV on an emulator. It gave me enough motivation to look for other Final Fantasy games in English. Soon enough I started played other RPGs. Since role playing games were heavy at language usages, my English grades became very great at schools. My English was outstanding enough I decided to master the language and joined EFL departments at the universities. Now I'm a second-class honored student on a master program.
    Due to the limited time tables, I'm no longer playing RPGs, but I'll always consider them a very important part of my academic development.
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    By this point, I feel that Sonic Archie is like that little unlucky kid in a JRPG who wants to prove himself, but got criticized and betrayed to the point he becomes physically and mentally torned up, yet he still insists to go on as he believes in a better future.
    Penders incident is exaggerated by this point, and I don't like it because it isn't even the comic's fault it had to reset. Sure, they could have done it better, but the new universe is not even that bad.
    I, for one, have enough patiant to wait for the comic to develop and prove itself worthy. Until then, I hope everybody can finally stop b*tching about Ken Penders.
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    "Yeah, we are colleagues. We are mercenaries of sort." Arek replied Coda happily. "That's Ellen. She takes care of the houseworks and heal our injuries," continued him as he pointed at the female dog.
    "And that's Seera. She's, well... difficult, but she's not a bad person, really. Shes really strong as well." As Arek pointed at Seera to introduce her, he got a bit uneasy. He lowered his voice doiwn and whispered to Coda's ears "You don't want to get to her bad side, though. She can be really scary."
    Seera's cat ears twiched. Of course she could hear her colleague gossipping on her and she's slighty annoyed by it. She said nothing, however.
    "Nice to meet you." Greeted Ellen to Coda.
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    "Time machine?!" Maxine thought loudly to herself. While it was possible to put two and two together considering the clockwork and the gate-like structure, it was still hard to believe there were really such things as time traveling outside that one story about Silver the Hedgehog.
    "Wait," She interupted Miles, "let me to go with you. At least let me help find your son." .Said her. The young police trainee was indeed worried about the lost child, though she was more concerned about the origin of the time machine. Somehow she believed that investigating this matter could help her get to solve the mystery about whoever had this old ruin revived.
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    I don't quite get it. Will it be a game? Will it be a toy line? I searched on Internet and the marketing was confusing. The packs seem to be made with real minifigs and bricks.

    Hoorey for DeLorean.
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