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  1. NegaMetallix

    Well, it's finally happened. I've officially got a PS4 at last! Now to get some games for it...

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    2. NegaMetallix

      Thanks for the suggestions, guys. Not sure if I'm gonna ask for friend requests just yet. Maybe once I have some more games. :)

      I've been trying to get into Final Fantasy for a while, but I can't figure out a good starting point. Not really a Digimon fan, sadly, so I think I'll pass on that one. Just Cause 2 was a favorite of mine on Xbox 360, so I'll gladly give the third one a shot someday. As for Destiny, I don't quite have the money to constantly be subscribed to the game.

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    3. Thire

      Actually, you do not need a subscription to play Destiny so long as you're ok without multiplayer.

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    4. NegaMetallix

      Oh, really? Hmm, I might give it a go if I find it cheap, then. My first priority is getting some of my PS3 games 'upgraded', if you will.

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