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    9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors Fan Dub Casting Call!
    Hey guys! I'm working on something big, a fan dub of the visual novel puzzle game, 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors! I've got most of the roles casted already but there's four I haven't found people for yet, so I've made a casting call, which you can find here!
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    Top 10 Games I PLayed in 2015!
    Hey guys, I finally made a countdown! It's on the top 10 games I played in 2015!
    Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdYyxqCZ_ps
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    Alex sat there, down on one knee. He stared at Metal Sonic, with shock and anger in his eyes, he couldn't believe how quickly things went down hill. Metal Sonic was getting closer and closer to the emerald, but Alex knew he couldn't stop him at this point. He began to breath, calming himself, he sheathed his swords and steadied himself, thinking to himself there's always another chance. Metal Sonic grabbed the emerald and left, not even looking at Alex again. Alex got down on both knees, a shot of pain at every movement, then moved into a sitting position, and fell asleep almost instantly, his last thought being, "Dang, this world is crazy."
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    Finally jumping into the RPing here!
    Name: Alex
    Birthday: May 25
    Age: 18
    Planet: Earth within an alternate dimension
    Birthplace: Another Dimension
    Residence: Wanderer
    IQ: Slightly above average
    Occupation: None
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: height-6'3" medium length brown hair. Wears blue jeans, a t-shirt, a black hoodie, tennis shoes, glasses
    Element: Darkness and Light
    -Darkness: He can command darkness using it as projectile blasts or channeling it through his body like in his fists allowing his punches to do darkness damage, or he can channel it through his whole body boosting his dark power(In this state he can't use other elements and is weak to Light). When his fists are charged with darkness can perform an attack like falcon punch except with darkness
    -Shadows: Can control shadows forming them into spears, shields, and other weapons. Due to them being shadows, they quickly fade away after one or two hits/blocks. When a shadow is used it will reappear at where it was pulled from but it can't be used again till the next day. Can also go through shadows and summon things through them, though he rarely used this any more except transportation.
    -Light: He can also control light, being able to make projectile blasts, making a flash of light to distract his opponent, charging his body with it(works the same as charging with darkness except weak to Darkness). He is also able to use it for healing though he hardly ever using it. When his fists are charged with light can perform an attack like falcon punch except with Light
    Chaos Control: including Spear, Lance, and Blast (requires a chaos emerald)
    -Special Elemental Swords: 4 identical swords that can connect into dual swords[like Darth Maul’s lightsaber]. He channels his elemental power through the swords to fire small blasts mimicking machine guns along with channeling the power through the blades themselves
    -Dragon Scythe: A scythe styled after a dragon. This is a fire weapon.
    Forms: Super
    Info on form: Activated by collecting the 7 chaos emeralds. Increases his speed and strength, grants the power of flight, and increased chaos powers. However it doesn't make him invulnerable, just more resistant to attacks. It also will eventually time out and he will transform back to normal. Some very powerful attacks may knock him out of super form. (abilities are weaker than normal super forms due to being a human)
    Personality:Normally calm and happy, but in the heat of battle can become very serious. Tends to care about his opponents, leading him to try and not kill them.
    Fighting Style: Doesn’t really have one established style
    Background: Alex is a super human from another dimension. He was investigating a mysterious signal when he came across a portal that sucked him up. He then woke up on Mobius, with the portal nowhere to be seen.
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    Surprise! It's the return of Shadow!
    Shinomi-chan is definitely next
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  6. Shadowxx25 added a post in a topic Guess the next poster!   

    Nope! just me!
    Skye? Is that you?
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  8. Shadowxx25 added a post in a topic Guess the next poster!   

    Wrong! It is I, making my debut in this game!
    Nack, where you at?!
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    Thanks! I just updated it now, and I think I may try a bunch more that I've heard were good too, or I'll just finish Assassination Classroom because I may or may not be addicted to it.
    (and just to make it clear, I want people's suggestions)
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    well, I guess I'll post mine then
    it's not always up to date with what I've watched and the scores I give them.
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    A couple days ago, at the request of my sister, I started some new anime specifically, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and Ore Monogatari, and I freaking love them so far, I'm looking forward to watching more. I also started Overlord (which after only two episodes looks like it's gonna be interesting) watched all of the dub for No Game No Life (soooo good) and have started Durarara X2 Ten (looooove it).
    Question, who all uses myanimelist? is it fine to share them here?
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    Hello everybody, Shadowxx25 here! I'm a big time gamer, anime fan, and overall freak, I mean, my youtube channel is evidence of that. Anyway! I came here after hearing that this site has all the comics, which I have yet to read any of, from my good friend and your admin Shadow, a.k.a. Bokxie! Well, now that I've introduced myself, off to marathon anime for another couple days.
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