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  1. Archie Sonic Online

    Hello everyone!  You can call me SonicWindAttack, and as my first post here I wanted to share a huge project that I've been a part of for a while.  That project is Archie Sonic Online, a fan-driven continuation of the old universe of the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics, aka the Pre-Super Genesis Wave timeline.  Since I remember this website used to share the Archie Sonic comics online for free, I thought this might be a good place to spread the word about it.  We're a non-profit group dedicated to continuing the story of Archie Sonic before the 2013 reboot, by making an independent comic series not associated with Archie Comics, SEGA, Sonic Team, or any of the used element's creators.  Our current plan is to wrap up the storylines involving Mecha Sally and King Naugus, then continue with our own original story ideas from that point onward.  We currently have 4 separate comics in production: 1. Mobius Legends, a collection of non-canon test stories in order to train the writers and artists for the real deal. 2. Sonic the Hedgehog Online, our continuation of the "Sonic the Hedgehog" comic series, starting from issue 248 onward.  We'll be picking up from the end of #247, minus the Genesis Wave, and continue the story from there. 3. Sonic Universe Online, our continuation of the "Sonic Universe" comic series, starting from issue 50 onward (the original Sonic Universe #50 involving Shard and Metal Sonic will be retconned for our version of the story).  We will start off with a conclusion to the "Sonic Underground" series as was the original intention for the official comic, then start a new arc starring Bunnie D'Coolette and work from there. 4. Knuckles: Endangered Species, a rewrite of the original "Endangered Species" arc in the official Sonic comics.  Due to legal issues, the original arc was forced to be heavily edited, much to the dismay of many fans.  So we are going to be making our own version, replacing issues 244-246 of the official comic (#243 will not be rewritten as it was not heavily affected by the aforementioned legal issues) for our project.  We plan to include all of the characters that were forced to be written out of the original arc, and deliver a much more satisfying conclusion to the story.  This may or may not lead to more Knuckles miniseries in the future, nothing is set in stone yet. In order to accomplish these daunting tasks, we have assembled a team of talented writers and artists to work on these stories.  They will be made like an official comic, with our scripts first being written and edited, then penciled, inked, colored and lettered.  This is obviously a time-consuming process, but it is our hope that it will be worth the wait.  As one of the writers for the project, I can safely say we have some very cool stuff planned, and am looking forward to showing it off to the public.  It should be stressed that this project is not being made out of spite for the reboot of the official comic, we just want to be able to continue a story that we feel wasn't given a proper conclusion.  We currently have two issues of Mobius Legends finished, with a third one soon on the way, and we're also fairly close to finishing StHO #248.  You can check out everything we have over at our website, http://archiesoniconline.com/.  I'll wrap this up with a sneak peek of the cover for 248: Thanks for listening, and happy reading!
  2. Removed Characters?

    So I've heard that after the reboot happened, many characters were cut/killed off due to copyright issues with one of the writers. They all seem to be comic exclusives though, like Scourge or Fiona. Are there any of the older comic characters left, or do the newer comics just have the SEGA and SatAm cast?
  3. The Future of Archie Sonic at Risk?!

    I feel confident to write this thought and opinion without much problems. Mainly, I can't help but feel concerned over the future of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series. This is a legitimate feeling. as lately, I have noted that the Revamped Archie Sonic series has mainly been focused on adaptions of Sonic games (quite literally opening with 'Sonic Unleashed') this is understandable. as after "The Incident" that led to the New 52/Flashpoint reboot in the first place. Archie had to play things safe, and focus on official Sega properties given the loss of 90% of their original content. My main concern is AFTER then run out of existing material to adapt to..what's going to happen next?? I know they are trying their hardest to salvage the comic series. but, is the series really dying off? Is it only a matter of time before they'll HAVE to end the comic? I dunno. I'm just thinking out loud, and expressing my worries over the comic's future.
  4. Delays

    all right, i know you guys have asked me to be patient, and to a degree I have, but I still want to ask you guys this. Why do you think the comics are begin delayed. Before anyone says it, yes I know that they said it was due to printing, but I feel it's something bigger. also on one of the comic sites the next issues to come have been removed, so yeah, that's not 100% a good sign. Mod note: I'm really getting sick of these constant "why the delays?" Can we please stop with them? There are other things to do to occupy time instead of repeatedly ask about the delays Explanations were given here
  5. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11713265/1/Sonic-Freedom-Fighters-X-Super-Robot-Wars-OG   A crossover fanfic I wrote. Do read and comment. P.S. It is not complete. New chapters will come in future.
  6. top 4 sonic ships

    alright, i know this is going to get some people mad at me but because the sonic SCANF community didn't mind my which ships did you want to see list, i'll give you a top 5 ships that i ship from the sonic universe. and because i'm bad at intros let's just get into it. number 4 : sonic x amy (in the boom universe) sorry amy in the games and comic but boom amy seems a bit more mature and non stalker-ish or obsessed with sonic, i mean sure it's there but she keeps it a secret while game and other forms of amy mind as well hold a sign bigger then a billboard saying "I LOVE SONIC!" or "SONIC SENPAI NOTICE ME!" also boom sonic seems to have the same feelings as well. number 3: shadow x amy shadow is 50 years old my foot sonic fan base. Shadow doesn't look 50 and let's be honest, the age's in sonic's universe are complicated as all heck. if it wasn't for the characters just outright saying there name or it begin in there bio i wouldn't know what there age would be. And no i don't ship these two because of amy accidentally hugging shadow, i ship it because well, who's to say amy or shadow won't have more encounters in the future. also flynn if you make amy x tails cannon i swear to god I'll-techinical difficulties sonic  x blaze number 2  i don't mind sonic x sally that much, but something about sonic x blaze just shouts "that would work" for me. Maybe it's some of the shipping hints in the games, or maybe it's because looking back i kind of see blaze and silver as more of a brother and sister relationship, but i wouldn't mind one bit if these two got together. Sorry sally but that dude who headcannoned that you're not into anyone post genesis wave is onto something...not to mention you probably were brain washed by sega... sega: holding up men in black memory forgetting device  you never loved sonic the hedgehog f number 1: tails x fiona and tails x nicole i'm sorry guys but i can't decide. number 1 has to be a tie. tails x fiona because i feel bad for fiona fox. her betrail and slapping tails is because she was a train wreak, with a bad past and childhood begin left behind by the freedom fighters. If tails can just understand this, i have a feeling the two are gonna get together, or would have. besides, i see tails as a forgiving guy, and he didn't know about her past. nicole and tails because while nicole is an AI, who's to say she can't or won't become real someday? other then that the two are tech sabby and i know i'm not the only one in this fandom who wants to see tails cheer up or talk to nicole when she's feeling left out because she's an AI and not a real begin like all the others. If sega still doesn't want ships to happen i hope flynn can at least do that, and give the fans at least a close enough moment to a ship with the two, that and there isn't much evidence of the two begin anything more then friends, and standing next to each other doesn't count unless there blushing or something...on a final note now with fiona MIA, i definatly want this ship to become cannon in the comics.  sega: I'M AFRAID I'VE GOT SOME BAD NEWS! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is team random21 signing out. tell me which ships you ship and why and what you thought of this list, and if i should do more.
  7. Future issues of Sonic the hedghog

    after this story arch, ian flynn said that he was going to have stories that focus on the other characters. what stories would you like to see. for me, i defiantly want to see a tails and nicole story. weather it's like with nicole or espio or just a story of the two going on an adventure and all, i would like to see something of the sort. a story with knuckles or shadow would be good too, but what do you guys think? what stories would you like to see that focus on other characters.
  8. Who do you think is most likely to return?

    Sorry guys on here if topics surrounding mr.panders lawsuit are making you hate me, but one thing i can't help but ask is who (who was not made by panders) do you think we could see return in the comics again. we have storm back which took me by surprise, and i think/hope that others we may see include -ash mongoose -mina -li moon -snively -iron nicole. what's your say in this guys.
  9. so ships in the series can no longer happen due to archie fearing sega will take the license away from them (the comic book is more closer to the series.) if this situation ever blows over or ends, do you think we'll see couples in the series again?
  10. What would have happend?

    sorry i'm once again bringing up the ken panders lawsuit, but am i the only one wondering how the story would have played out if the lawsuit never happen? what are some things you think would have happen if panders never sued (or archie)
  11. Off panel funnies

    what funny off panel strips do you want to see in the future. i know it's 99.9 precent impossible but i want there to be one where tails is taking a picture/selfies with the distructic's or all the ken panders characters and ian flynn or sonic come up to him and say "what's the meaning of this!?!" and tails just shrugs saying "what? i know i'm not the only one missing them..."
  12. I was looking at Sonic and Tails age on SonicNewsNetwork and Sonic Encyclopedia and it says the current age for Sonic (after the second genisis wave) is still 17 while Tails age has gone from 11 back to 8. Why is that? Is their any proof? I really like Tails and i think he is one of the best characters in the series. I would like to see him evolve in age as well as character. He was soon going to turn 12 and later Sonic would turn 18. I know this isn't a big deal but when i saw Tail's age it really bothered me, I don't know why... Hopefully its just an error. For now i will just ignore and say he is still 11.
  13. The Archie Sonic Artist Thread

    Hey people, I've been wanting to start this for sometime. Here's where we can discuss about all the Archie Sonic artists who've drawn for the comic since the beginning till now. You can list who's your favorite, talk about their latest work and your opinions on each of them. Just talk anything about them. I'll start with who I can remember.. Art Mawhinney - I liked Mawhinney's artwork for the comic as he made everyone resemble their SATam designs. I always preferred him over Dave Manak when the two where the main artists for the series during the classic era. However I felt when the cast was updated to their Sonic Adventure designs he totally didn't fit the comic anymore, even mistakenly drawing Amy and a few others in their older designs at some points. Big blunder. He'll be remembered however for his classic work. Dave Manak - I wasn't really a fan of Dave's artwork but his artwork really had the "Archie" feel as he illustrated the Archie comics of Archie himself. But same as Mawhinney, I felt he didn't fit the book with the characters receiving their updated designs. His artwork got sloppy towards the end of his run. He was still a classic artist, won't forget him. Patrick 'Spaz' - WOW, simply that. Spaz was so awesome when he started out and his covers were so inspiring with all the details. I enjoyed his interior art too, his artwork for the Archives and Selects are like, whoa, he can really do many styles. But spaz fell out of favor when Sonic got his updated design, I think he still did the covers well until issue 89 where Sonic just looks off to me. Despite that I think his covers were fine until issue 100 (except 92 & 99), after that his covers weren't good anymore, he couldn't draw modern Sonic. Spaz didn't get better again until around Ian took over as head writer. His modern Sonic is now acceptable but it doesn't make me go "WOW!" anymore with his covers. I think he's up to do interior art again after seeing his Worlds Collide covers, he seems to have mastered it now but compared to his older artwork, it was much better then. I still mostly enjoy seeing his work however. Sam Maxwell - I actually enjoyed his artwork. He had style and was good with poses and hands but when he first started I found it odd that he drew the characters with blank faces and closed mouths when they were talking or having emotion. He improved to the end of his run and his artwork had more effort and detail. It's a shame he didn't come back after issue 87 as he got much better and I personally would like to see his direction. Maxwell is one of my average artists of Sonic to me. Manny Galan - I was didn't like Galan's work at first as he oddly drew Tails with a neck (LOL) among other awkward stuff. He started to do better after the End Game saga and I particularly enjoyed his work for Knuckles, he felt really suited for it. I suppose the flaw about his work is that he draws awkward mouths or poses. Not a favorite but likeable I would say. Steven Butler - I've enjoyed Butler's artwork all the way except a few issues. This guy's close to my top but not totally. He did a great job when he first started out and I can easily say that his artwork for issues 61 - 75 was his best for the series. After that he added more human proportions to the Sonic cast which I didn't mind but I can understand this is mostly why some people don't like his work. But I totally didn't mind as there was more details. I enjoyed his style until issue 233 where his artwork dropped in quality and I was disappointed. As I continued reading the passing issues I got so sick of his artwork I couldn't wait for Tracey to come back but to my surprise his artwork got good again with the Endangered Species arc. He deserves to stay and I continually enjoy seeing his work. The guy's also good with robots and machinery as one of the positive points. James Fry - I loved his anime style when he first started out. Seeing the Sonic cast in his style gave me a picture of what the archie characters would have looked like if they were in an anime. He does a good job doing interior work with the panel placements. At some points his artwork got real sloppy particularly with the Sonic Adventure Adaption and the Darkest Storm, the former is because the arc was rushed so it was understandable, the latter I felt it that there wasn't much effort but still decent. Overall I enjoyed his animeish work and I wished the guy was still around. Ron Lim - Oh man, the worst regular penciler. Hated this guy's artwork, no offense to anyone but really. Honestly speaking his artwork was actually good when he first started, just a little sloppy. His style was acceptable until issue 100 where it was the point I heavily disliked his artwork, it really got worst as the comic progressed. The only good thing I can say about his work is that he drew human characters well, Nate Morgan, Mecha Robotnik, etc. He just wasn't meant for Sonic but for human comics. If the guy had kept his pervious style I would have enjoyed it, now its just horrid for me to look at. Glad he's gone. Jay Axer - I really, really loved this guy's work for the series and he's one of my top. He really outshined Spaz during the bad period of the comics as Spaz's artwork deteriorated. His details were outstandingly fantastic in every way. I enjoyed all his frontis artwork he did during his run, it was something of the comics I miss and hope to see again. However he sometimes overdid his work with a little too much detail and he was more of an illustrator, that's why he doesn't do well in action poses. But in all honesty, he is the only artist that I felt who deserved to have stayed on. Its one big shame he didn't. A favorite of mine still.. Jonathan Gray - When I first saw Gray's artwork I was like "who is this terrible artist?" That's what I first thought, until I realized this guy really had style. I enjoy his artwork now, I have to admit it was hard for me to take the story seriously with his cartoony style. That's why he does awesome with off-panel! Way past funny guy and his style has improved now, I totally don't mind if he does a backstory once in awhile but I don't think he's suited for main stories. He has many funny panels and expressions in his drawings that make me wanna crack sometimes. He even draws the characters cute looking at times as well, and oh that Tails Doll.. Tracey Yardley - Who doesn't love this guy's art? He was the first inspiration for me when drawing Sonic as an artist. I was so heavily engrossed in his artwork when I got into the comics that I looked at everything he had for inspiration. He really is the artist who does best at expressions, some of the them are so unique I've never seen them before. However recently I feel Tracey's artwork has been real sloppy with issue 236, his covers are also like this. He still does Sonic Universe as awesome as ever and I love his writing. Although being one of my first inspirations in drawing Sonic he isn't my top actually, he used to be but I like Ben Bates' style better now despite similar art. Nonetheless, I still enjoy Tracey's work and he really deserves to stay until the end. He's the one artist whom I don't expect to leave the comic. Ben Bates - This dude is really a professional, I've fallen in love with his artwork when I first read issue 230 mistaking his artwork for Tracey until I realized so. Now I don't understand how I mixed them up. Anyway, checking the back issues he did I was impressed and he is currently one of my top and possibly favorite. I love how he draws everyone in Sega style, it looks so simple yet awesome. I even bought issue 224 after it was long released just for his artwork. He sadly hasn't been doing any interior art for Sonic recently and I'm looking forward to his future work for Worlds Collide and after. The cover of 253 has gotten me so hyped up about him again. I personally prefer him over Tracey but Tracey still does better in expressions. Yup, he's real good, inspiring and a favorite. Jamal Peppers - I didn't really notice Jamal's work for the series as it looked similar to Yardley's style and I thought he had a real problem drawing shapes for some reason. His drawing of heads just look weird. It wasn't until issue 242 with the Olympics that his artwork style changed and it looked real good, even inspiring. His Worlds Collide was amazing and I'm surprised he does Mega Man so well too. I realized his such a good artist and I look forward to him doing more issues, he really needs more spotlight. Evan Stanley - When I first saw her work I thought she had an interesting style, I'm starting to like her work but sometimes she does awkward gestures and her drawing of Sonic's and other's arms look too fat. I'm happy to see her work as the book hasn't had different artist styles in a long time. Tracey, Bates and Jamal's art look too consistent with not really much difference. Her style is unique and suiting for backstories and I'd like to see her do more. Lamar Wells - For me he's average but talented, his pencils always look better than the final inks to me for some reason but he can really draw Sonic and the cast good, although he mostly draws their hands looking too human like and not Sega like. He has a lot of good ideas for Sonic as seen on DA and I want to see him illustrate an issue as I can't really judge now. He's a rising artist and his work is looking good actually, looking forward to his direction. These are the artists who were memorable for me. I'm not even sure who to pick as a favorite, either J.Axer or Ben Bates, I can't even choose!!! Their both awesome! So yes feel free to discuss and agree or disagree but don't turn it into an argument please, you don't have to follow my post style also. Let's hear what everyone has to say on their favorite artists. ;)
  14. Website or Publish

    Hey, new here so sorry if there's something wrong with my post, but I was wondering what was up with Archie Sonic the hedgehog issue 257? Is the site not gonna upload it, or has it not yet been published? Just wonderin cus it's almost two weeks into the month and it usually pops up around the 4th -7th.