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  1. The latest comics showing up on the Archie Comics Android app are SU#94 and StH#290. I've looked it up, and there are newer issues, so where are they?
  2. So i am trying to figure out the timeline and the order of reading the comics since alot of them mostly the early issues have come back out in a release. While I havent followed in a few years i have gotten back into wanting to read the series. I know theres some isse with having to get some other issues that are yet to be released, but what is the exact timeline of events that happens? 
    It seems now with the special im reading theres now a pre something timeline a future timeline and the sonic universe timeline in the far far future. It isnt making much sense but the only one I can tell that is in its own is the sonic boom timeline. Any help regarding this and where some of the new characters like nicole came from? Thanks. 
  3. So I've heard that after the reboot happened, many characters were cut/killed off due to copyright issues with one of the writers. They all seem to be comic exclusives though, like Scourge or Fiona. Are there any of the older comic characters left, or do the newer comics just have the SEGA and SatAm cast?
  4. In the latest Sonic Universe comic, there was a hint that King Max would be dissapointed if GUN did something questionable, and there's the whole "Snively begin a part of gun" they may bring back some bad blood. Do you guys think that this may be a hint to GUN vs. the freedom fighters in a captain America or uncut version of "House of Cards" (Where everyone chooses sides and where they stand.)
    I wouldn't mind if it was either of the two. I don't really like GUN as they just seem to have a vibe of begin the bad guy. Let's also not forget all the cars there big dumb truck destroyed in Sonic Adventure 2.
  5. I know that the comic ending is a negative topic, but let's turn it some what positive. How would you like the comic to end?
    I want it to end with one big showdown and then somewhat a happy ending, like everything is at peace or is going to be very peaceful from this point on.
  6. Post on Tails and Sonar in Comics

    By teamrandom21 , posted
    Been a while since I've made a topic.
    Now hold it, I know this looks like a shipping post though I do ship these two it's not.
    All's I want to know is do you guys want to see tails have an adventure with Sonar or story arch with Sonar the green fox? I think it would be neat and interesting. I kind of want Sonar to be like this one new character from STC-O where she's in love with tails, but at the same time I just want to see Tails or the freedom fighter members interact with the group Sonar's in and eventually confront them when they find out there also working for eggman.
  7. Post on Lupe's storylines in Comics

    By teamrandom21 , posted
    what stories or plans would you like to see for Lupe the wolf in the sonic comics? In my opinion, i'm hoping that there's either a new wolf pack formed since the concept is from sonic SATAM, or she simply joins the main team freedom fighters with sonic, sally, and others.
    what do you guys think?
  8. serious question: how long do you see archie's sonic the hedgehog series lasting.
    i know this is going to sound crazy, but i legit believe it will last anywhere from 600 issues to 1,000 issues. not kidding.
  9. http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/07/16/archie-to-release-sonic-boom-comic-book-series?abthid=53c6a1bcbb04cfeb2800000c

    If you aren't filled to the brim with excitement, you probably died eleven minutes ago.

    Post away, all!
  10. Post on Website or Publish in Trash

    By Angelus Lapis, posted
    Hey, new here so sorry if there's something wrong with my post, but I was wondering what was up with Archie Sonic the hedgehog issue 257? Is the site not gonna upload it, or has it not yet been published? Just wonderin cus it's almost two weeks into the month and it usually pops up around the 4th -7th.
  11. Kinda wondering. Is it possible to put in the Sonic Dash/ Sonic Jump and/or any of the exclusive stuff available in the Magazines and Digest?

    I've only seen 3 issues of the magazine and the 3rd had the exclusive Sonic 4 story so why can't we have the other exclusives?
  12. Archie should use some of the scrapped characters from various sonic things and put them into the comic.
    Like Nazo from Sonic X.
    Or Honey from Sonic Fighters.
    Cameos aren't good enough for me.
  13. Post on Nights into Dreams in Comics

    By Jasae Bushae, posted
    Out of curiosity, is anyone here a fan of Nights into Dreams? It was admittedly a bit back, but for a while there Archie had a couple mini series going with the character that promised some interesting directions (which sadly never were delivered due to low sales of the comic)

    It is sorta tangentially related to Sonic comics admittedly, with the largest reference being Saffron Bee's nightopian friend but surely there is at least one or two people around who have heard of it.
  14. Okay comics of sonic and megaman are now on the route of World collide...
    What do you guys think about it?
    In part 4 the fight between them finally ended... the next 8 parts are going to be interesting.
  15. I downloaded comic 245# but it won't open. is there something i don't have?